Ajeossi goes scary… ( ̄▽ ̄)º & Timeline blogging!

안녕 친구를! v^^. Hi~~~ *welli welli*

Ajeossi was really scary today. I mean like… a lot! ><
Yeah, you know how he was in his worst phase a little over a week ago. Now guess what happened today! He was the niceness in person! Okay, once again. He`s frightening nice since over a week, but today he surpassed himself by far! I`m not kidding!
Today he asked me if I want the half of HIS breakfast. (⊙___⊙)
… … …. ….. …….. ……… WHAT!?

I still cannot believe it my self! I was like “WTF! WTF! WTF!WTF! WTF! WTF! OMG SUN! TOTALLY BIG WTF-NESS!!!!!!!!” in my mind. I thought he was kidding. But he was actually serious about that. I denied and had to run into another rum to my older Junior to tell her!

=_= Since he was so nice for a long time I already told my dongsaeng yesterday that Ajeossi wants something. He MUST want something! Nobody is so nice without ulterior motive! so I said to her “What does he want? Money? For the new shop of his girlfriend?”
Today I came to her and told her: “-It- (our codeword for Ajeossi) wanted to share his breakfast with me!!!! D:< ”
her: “D:< OMG REALLY? He must have actually lost it…”
Me: “I told you he wants money… =__= There is no other explanation. I`m sure tomorrow he comes and asked me if I can lend him”

Really, he contunes to be scary. I`m really curious when he will be a b*tchy b*tch again.
ㄱ-ㄱ I don`t trust him.
I only eat with Oppa, my older or my younger junior.

Okay, not something regarding my last JYJ dream ^^ hehe… the ones from the concert in Berlin!
Yeah, Emmy read it an it looks like she was surprised by my dream. I mean, that I know JYJ in my dreams.
well, first: It`s a fangirl dream, of cource do I know them Photobucket
and second: I worked on coming to know them in my dreams! I already had several JYJ dreams and we somehow grew closer with every dream (JYJ & Noona)

It`s really cool because the ppl in my dreams always remember that we`ve meet before and they remember on what level our friendship is.
I mean: Looks at Siwon in my seminar-dream. 😉 We already meet one time before and he knew.
I`ve met JYJ totally often in my dreams and out of all k-ppl in my dreams they are the ones who I know the best.
yessss, kill me cassiopeia *lol*

After all, I`m so super thankful that my dreams are not these kind of totally unreal fangirl draeams like… “my bias and I married and had our fairytale honeymoon on the Philippines” or so *facepalm* Good that my dreams are not like that! It wouldn`t suit me anyway because I`m just not that kind of fangirl.
The secret of my dreams and wae they always feel so real is that they are more down to earth. Of course, even my dreams are simply fangirl dreams but: At least they are good fangirl dreams and not totally super unreal ones! (you know what I mean? I hope so! I`m so bad in explaining things! >.> )

Recently, I told my Mom about my HanGeng dream. You know, the one when I was outside with my mac, sitting in a park and then HanGeng appeared, we talked and let our MAC & iPad connect to chat… but then Mom interfered ><
I told my Mom that this dream felt so super real because it was not blurry at all and it… just felt real because everything was clear. I told her the whole story and then told her that I, after waking up, wanted to yell at her because she disturbed my chat with Han. ^^° Yeah, good thing I realized that it was a dream a moment later but Mom laughed very much about that I was about to yell at her because I thought it was real. XDD

Aaah, and #justsaying: I updated my k-dreams site with even the newest dream (the Berlin concert one) I want to put some little happenings on this site too and also my long-ago-past-dreams. Maybe I can remember my first k-pop dream… but not sure about that. But one thing is for certain: It was about SHINee ^^

Yo, now let`s check in the news from yesterday and let`s read my tl togehter!

— Don`t forget! You can still vote for HanGeng as one of China`s 50 most beautiful people!

Yeah well, since the last time we checked the voting is pretty obvious in the meantime:韩庚 Han Geng is #1!!!! HECK YES! THAT`S EXACTLY LIKE I LOVE TO SEE IT! =DDD
This 吴奇隆 Nicky Wu guy (sorry Nicky, I don`t know you ^^°) is close second! and… the poor #3, 黄晓明 Huang Xiaoming, is far away from the results of the first two with 3%. errr…. ouch. That kinda hurts. I feel sorry for person 3!
The total number of participants is 3,004,095 ppl. *_* wow. And I voted 2 times for Han ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But not Sina says I cannot vote anymore. Well, fine! but at least I made it 2 times 😛
but…. =.= *eyes this Nicky Wu guy* YAH! Don`t ya dare to surpass my Geng! =_= *continues to eyes this guy* I`m warning you! I mean it! =.= *is still eyeing this guy*

— Hyun Joong told us something ^^ : If Kim Hyun Joong were invisible, where would he go?
*lol* well, wae I`m not surprised by that? haha! At least he`s honest.

— SM said their Live Tour Photobook will be released November 3rd!
Yeah well, I don`t think that I will buy it. But I wanted to share ^^

Okie now! it`s time to read my tl! ai… I hope it`s not too long. I want to have dinner soon *haha*
— Oh yeah I forgot to tell you right away: SHINee will performe at the korean culture fest in London next week on thursday! Everyone in LONDON, REJOICE! Photobucket
Please cheer a lot for my SHINee kids!
— *scrolls down her tl…* oh, mr. Egg was back! *continues to scroll to reach the end respectively the start*
OH NUUUUUUUUU! I missed Henry!? WAEEEE?! Wae, world, wae? Wae are you so cruel to me!? I bet he posted something either cute or hilarious! *continues to scroll down* japanese Unni was on as well… DAMN! >< … *scrolls* okay, Emmy, Natali & AllKPop are spamming my tl LIKE BOSSES! XDD *scrolls* OMG! How long is this tl? You ppl want me to die? (becaue I will not be able to have dinner soon with such a tl XD ) *scrolls* D: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I missed JJ as well!? Oh my cruel life… TT__TT *scrolls* *lol* okay… tl is too long, twitter won`t load it anymore. Okie, so I will read it fromt he JJ tweet on. *starts reading*
— JJ: “jj를찾아라^^ *pic of JJ in streets of spain*” (Find JJ) Okie oppa, I will find you! *klicks on pic* THERE! *points on Oppa* *^w^*
— *looks at second pic JJ posted* Damn, this person even looks good only sitting on a bench. Let me go and cry my heart our because JJ will always be prettier than his fangirls *goes away to cry in a corner*
… — several moments later — *coaugh* okay, I`m done. Let`s move on!
— *sees another pic JJ posted* OH HEY! There`s Junsu! Photobucket *smiles like an idiot*
— *___* oooh. Rain is too awesome with his fans: Rain handwrites a letter to his fans
If I would be his fan, I would cry now!
— UWAH! Junsu tweeted, but… Baby, couldn`t you say something more than “..” XDDD *lol* Okay, the pic is nice so you are forgiven XD
— eeeeh?! Hyukjae mentioned CAssiopeia & ELF in one sentence! Cool! ^^ ah, and it`s about SHINee but… ottoke? The translation is too weird! >__<
— aaaah, ye! There was this super pretty pic of Yesung from the concert in NY: Super Junior’s Yesung reveals pics from SMTOWN LIVE in New York
— *loool* It`s so true that it hurts: quote: > “A short fanaccount for smtownnyc: I didn’t go” < LMFAO yeah, that`s it. (my cassiopeian body and my ELF heart still hurt because I will never be able to attend something in NY or Paris *sighs*)
— *loool* Donghae XDD Wae you are mean to Hyukjae? XD Quote Donghae: “은혁이 부럽지 않다 !! ㅎㅎ 은혁아 보이니 ?? 특이형 없는 휴가는 휴가도 아니야 ㅎㅎㅎ 은혁아 넌 졌어!! (-Not jealous of Eunhyuk !! ㅎㅎ Eunhyuk-ah can u see ?? It’s not a real holiday without Teukie hyung ㅎㅎㅎ Eunhyuk-ah you’ve lost!!-) *picture* ” Ts! Donghae, you only want him to call you ;D (OTL: I`m glad they all enjoy their week of vacation!)
— aaah yeah, that`s cool! -> TVXQ’s Changmin to dub ‘Paradise Ranch’ for Japanese DVD release
AND THE DATE FOR KOREA RELEASE IS NEAR! It was said it should be the 4th november! OMOOOO! I`m waiting for this DVD! Bring it out! ㅠ~ㅠ
— oh, brother tweeted too! hm. Brother, what is “AneCan” ? Photobucket
— ah haha! HENRY! XD –> “thank u to all the parents who came n supported ur kids at the show! saw a lot of u there hehe ….tell ur parents i said that!” I`m sure they did.
^____^ what a henry-like thanks message! And he wants SMTownToronto? Aah, how cool is that!ß
— hey! Mr. Egg spams us with yoochun ^^ Yeah, John, we know how great Uri Yoochunie is! 😉 …. no wait! He spams us with all 3 of the boys! Even better! OMOOOO! *_____* Junsu….. *_________*
— KYAAAAHH!!!! SIWOOOOON! You had Dinner with 성재형!? ME LIKES THAT!!!!! Photobucket
— *LOOOOL* WHAT DA—! XDD AH HAHA!!! Leeteuk: “Love me like there`s no tomorrow…” *haha* You know, Leeteuk, you shouldn`t say that to ELFs and Cassies with an ELF heart ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you make it that easy for us then…
— Quote Marta Unni: ” homin stan: “ot5 never care for Homin” jyj stan: “ot5 never care for JYJ” =.=” seriously… then wth u think I am doing in this fandom if according to u jyj/homin stan I don’t care abt any of them? if I didn’t care for them I wouldn’t be worrying so much abt them. I wouldn’t get so mad when u bash them. I wouldn’t be crying for them…
DAMN! right! This is exactly what I said: HoMin stan says so, JYJ stan says so… and it all MAKES NO SENSE! Not if you look at it one and one and not if you look at it as a whole thing… oO WEIRDNESS THROUGH THE ROOF!

OTL!!!!!! “Fandom is widely thought to be a shared experience, but sometimes being a part of Cassiopeia can be more personal than anything else.”
In other words: =_= say the wrong thing and I will kill you! My fandom is freakin’ complicated, I have to deal with too many way too stupid ppl and too much hate. I will lose it quickly if another person comes over with another stupid comment! Photobucket That means: I`M SO NOT COMPOSED THESE DAYS AND I HAVE SO NO PATIENCE LEFT FOR SH*T/TRASH TALKING PPL! I CANNOT EVEN!!!!!! Photobucket
p.s.: I will probably eat you alive, don`t take it personally.

Okie. Phew. Through. THIS WAS ONE HELL OF A TL TODAY! SICKness man! *brian style* And twitter wasn`t even able to show me all of it XDD my killer tl killed twitters display abilities today! Photobucket

And now, hehe… you know what time it is, né?
Here we go!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
How cute! OMOOO! This is so cute! =DD And the truth is: Kangin didn`t just play with Leeteuk`s face for this short moment… this was just one moment 😉 ah haha! Kings of Fanservice, seriously! (not only KangTeuk, I mean SuJu in general)

“KyuMin of the day”:
*LOOOOOOL* XDDDDDD KyuMin, seriously, WHAT exactly are you doing? It`s the most funny and at the same time cute thing I`ve seen in a long time XDDD

“YeWook of the day”:
aaah, what are you talking about? Photobucket Maybe about the silly thing KyuMin did today to be worthy of their place in this couple series XD

Seriously, KyuMin are the most crazy couple! But YeWook is still my no.1 couple in SuJu!
@Patricia: I bet yours is KyuMin ;D

and now: I will go to watch POSEIDON EPISODE 9 NOW! =D

Just the latest news before I go: I have almost all of my Googims things now! Today I went to geht another 4 things fromt he customs office. Now only one shirt is missing!
I just want to say: ALL OF THE THINGS ARE FREAKIN’ DAEBAK! Mom complimented me on my nice jacket ^ω^ I Love googims! Just too cool! *#HappyFan because of clothes from Korea =D *

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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