JYJ had an enormous Twitter session…; 포세이돈 에피소드9 (Poseidon episode 9, 1/2) & Junsu for 엘리사벳

*bursts in*
Photobucket @ all!

안녕 친구를! =D

first of all I want to share this thing with you:
Yeees, look at WHO RTed this Photobucket 우리 시원오빠! Once again: The koreans got the thing right! 😉 aaaah, I`m still always surprised by them. and… it hurts so much that you cannot find guys like them here. >_> what a shame (for the european guys of course!)
OTL: #4everalone (yeah well, better 4ever alone as to have another bad realtionship with an idiot who`s not matching my ideals a bit… ㄱ-ㄱ seriously! )
I was like “KYAAAAH!” when I saw who RTed this into my tl! aaah, Siwon, when will you stop being way too perfect for this world? Tell us WHEN? It will kill me someday. Really.
I`m not even a 100% ELF and can barely stand it. Ai… how are the 100% ELFs able to stand it? Hard years of training? Because they are used to it? I wonder! ;D
@Patricia: OTL tell me your secret! Unni wants to survive too! xD

Yeah well and… how was Emmy able to survive SM Town in NY? I mean she almost dies by only looking at photos of Changmin and yeah, now that she`s back she almost died by looking at photos of changmin again XDD *loool* [-Sangmi`s logic- mode on] And I thought, since she survived to see HoMin in person, she can deal better with Minnies pictures now but oviously things have gotten even worse XDD From bad to worse? From worse to worst? IDEK![-Sangmi`s logic- mode off]

Oooh and talking about surviving things: 1.) I listened to “Survior”, our OT5 theme song, on repeat yest! (and to a lot of other DB5K songs) _&_ 2.) I wonder how we all survived this totally unexpected floading of JYJ tweets! I mean…
— OMG! They were all 3 online at the same time! *dies*
— They tweeted all 3 at the same time! And on top of all OUR “same time” (european time! I finally did not miss the whole fun and was able to read it live =D ) *dies*
— and they tweeted so much like… a whole freakin’ damn lot! *diiiiiiieeeeeessssss*
It made my day! Their Twitter session yesterday was kinda enormous for their standards! How many tweet were it again? 30, right? aaaah, cannot remember when they had such a long convo! (well, maybe back then when JJ & Chunnie had their “sentimentals” Photobucket )

The only bad thing today was that… -> Super Junior’s Kyuhyun got threatened with a knife in Spain
T.T wae? Wae always Kyu? He really has not that much luck… but at least (and this THANK GOD!) he`s lucky enough to always get away in the end.
OTL I only say car accident… >< But with Kyu`s car accident, where he got hurt so badly, I don`t only connect the bad thing itself. When I think of this happening and how he luckily was able to recover again I think of Sungminnie in that Radio Show and how Kyu was calling the studio 🙂 He was still in the recovering process but he called there and they talked about the second album and it was there when Minnie and Kyu said their “saranghae” to each other live in that show Photobucket this was just so awwww! And since I watched the video of this show I always remember it when it comes to Kyu`s accident. (well others were involved too but it was the worst with Kyu)

Then it was said that Jaejoong will visit Shanghai in December to meet fans.
oooh, Shanghai? China? 1.) Lucky fans will be so happy! 2.) China this year… video on the web… JJ almost was run down by chinese fans who freaked out like there`s no tomorrow… errr… this leads us to 3.) I`M SCARED!
and I was even more scared when Jing Yee said she maybe wants to go to China to see JJ D:< This crazy vid of hundereds of ppl who all had lost it and almost smashed JJ together with his security on the wall of the hotel was… uhm… way too scary.
This also brings back memories of HanGeng and his fanmeeting in Indonesia… it was about to become the same scenery but luckily HanGeng managed to escape while it was possible.
Aigoo… seems like “luckily” is the word of the day today!

I saw something interesting yesterday: GACKT’s Hollywood debut movie, “Bunraku”, to be released in Japan
eeeh? I`m seriously lacking of information! I never knew GACKT was shooting a movie! O: … but I really like it! OMG! Story sounds interesting! I want to watch it! I think this movie could be worth watching! + GACKT looks awesome!
and… I`ve read on Amazone that this movie is a little bit like “Sin City”. aaah, I love Sin City! Not that often, but I like to re-watch it from time to time. Maybe I`d like Bunraku too.

So, what else is new?
I had a long walk with the dog. A calming, mind clearing walk with the dog ^^ When I came home I started to clean up the mice. You know, cleaning their toilette corners, their food bowl, give then straw and hay. Mice were excited and Noona happy because of excited mice so: complete success! Photobucket
Aigoo~~ my little ones are so cute when they are hyper!(^◇^)

Today my last part of my Googims order arrived! aaah, so great! I love their things! When I have money again, I will empty this shop`s stock! XD Nah, just too many great things! But as most of you guys know: I have to watch my money a little. Journey to the JYJ concert will cost me enough & with our apartment…
p.s.: I`m wearing my new Googims jacket right now and when I`ve put on my hood before mom looked at me like “…” and then like “XD *HAHAHA* *laughs* how you look!” me was like “… -_-” thanks mom… *not funny*”
AISH! ME . WAS . COLD . OKEH?! *Junsu style* It`s a person`s natural reaction to put on the hood then! btw… DON`T LAUGH AT ME MOM! WHAT DA HELL are you laughing at me for, eh? oO *confused* since when does this look funny to you since I`m feeling cold? O_o
nah, anyway: Talking about the concert: I started with the preparations this week! I`m slowly filling my googims bag with the things a cassie/a woman needs & what I want to bring for Stephi Unni and my #소울메이트 (#soulmate).
Well, after I`ve met my soulmate my bag will be almost emty XD The most things in it will be for her.
@ Stephi Unni: I will bring a little present for you too! well, 4 little presents to be exact. Nothing special, just something to eat and: You will never be able to guess what it is! HA! ;P
@ Cynthia: I will give you the same 4 little presents among with your other things but I won`t tell you either what it is!
@ Stephi & Cynthia: You two have to wait and then see! I haven`t talked about what I will give you so far, so I will stick to it for the time being 😉 But I can assure you: You will like it very much! All women like such things!

The day before yesterday I watched Poseidon Episode 9!
aaaah! thank god! Everything turned out better as I expected! Luckily (oh! there is the word of the day again!) everything wasn`t like I thought!
So JooMin is not a real traitor. yeah, basically it appears so but he and JeongRyul have made a secret plan!

포세이돈 에피소드9,
Part 1 of 2


Section 9 was out to catch the bad guys! TaeSu running away from the bad guys was kinda funny because they were so many but not able to catch him. (and he even ran away with a little scooter XD )
But in the end Section 9 reached TaeSu and helped him. JeongRyul was about to catch Chang Gil. … OMG FINALLY!!!!

Yeah, but what did this bad guy Chang Gil do? He jumped from that bridge or reservoir dam thingy whatever to… swin away? oooh please!
Of course he got caught!
After a longer fight with SuYun & SeonWoo the two coast guards finally had him nailed down. (I have to admit, this guy was good! Brought trouble to SuYun AND SeonWoo who were attacking him as a team).
Section 9 Leader씨 JeongRyul joined the party. Aaaah, what a moment! You could only think “Will he pull the trigger or not? Will he? Will he not? JeongRyul >< don`t do something stupid now!”
Well, it has to be said: All 3 of them (JeongRyul, SuYun & SeonWoo) have personal business with this guy. He killed JeongRyul`s wife, he killed SuYun`s father & he killed SeonWoo`s former -female- partner MiWon). The situation could have turned out bad because especially JeongRyul holds a mega big grudge against that guy… Luckily (again! Word of the day for realz!) for Chang Gil the Section 9 Leader behaved. Well, maybe he should thank SuYun and SeonWoo then.

Instead of beating him up and/or kill him they brought him over to the rest of his man who were already cought by the rest of section 9 members.

Aaaaaaand the SSAT was on the spot asap to take care of the whole party of bad guys ;D
*lol @ the way they tied them up XD *

Uri pretty Siwon~~ ^^
oooh… *-* and the glitter-like background makes it even more perfect.

Chang Gil staring at JooMin…
Uuuh! If looks could kill!

…but JooMin only glared back.

JeongRyul & JooMin, looking cool ^^

*___* TaeSu & JeongRyul in front of this reservoir dam/bridge thingy. It´s 대to the박!

Smiling JeongRyul Photobucket He should smile like this more often.

Yeah, that`s it for today so far.
Now let`s take a look at my timeline! (yeees, it`s 08:27pm and I haven`t seen twitter for one single time today! *dies). I`m sure my t-list, or at least my soulmate, is already wondering about where I am.
*starts reading tl now*

— aaah ye. Emmy is already missing me >< I knew it! I should have told t-list that I`m writing the blog first today!
— *scrolls down* aigoo… was my t-list at it again? giving me a killer tl today AGAIN? Photobucket *faints* t-listers! It`s friday, show some mercy! ㅠ~ㅠ *continues scrolling* … T.T *is still scrolling* … *scrolls like a mad woman* … TT__TT no mercy from t-listers today! … TTTT____TTTT cannot cry enough. WHAT A KILLER TL! *dies*
but okay, let`s read it as good as I can:
— *lool* XDD DORKS! This was already a while ago, but we know AllKPop is slow sometimes: Choi Siwon and Lee Sung Jae have a guys’ night out
Well, althought they were slow: I didn`t knew that photo! ah haha! amusing!
— “JYJ’s spanish experience… seriously #대tothe박 ~” *lol* ooooh yeah! *haha* all of a sudden JJ used Mr.Egg`s dae to the bag thing yesterday XD hilarious!
— DAMN! Some lucky fans meet the boys in barcelona. Feel blessed girls! *envys*
— ooooh, this zodiac account is the best! soooo true!
1.) A #Virgo woman will find it very hard to accept that she is wrong. The fact is, most of the time she’s not. (ㅋㅋㅋ TRUE!)
2.) A #Virgo woman cannot tolerate someone coming late, dressing sloppily, not minding table manners, etc. (>< TRUE! I`m easily annoyed by ppl who cannot act according to the “rules” – especially the table manners thing!)
3.) A #Virgo can be the tenderest lover and the most cold enemy at the same time.
4.) A #Virgo is neat and tidy and their life is always on schedule. (^^ my t-list already knows this!)
Too cool. That zodiac account… really! I can totally see myself in their description!
— *facepalm* XD ah haha! Siwon! You make me smile every day. *giggles* DORK!
— *LOL* My t-list is aaaaall “대to the박” XDD JJ! What have you done! XDD All I see is 대to the박!
— aaaah! so that`s wae the second half of my tl is all “Elisabeth”! Junsu will play the character of “DEATH”. cool. *giggles* but I only remember from the Musical Concert DVD that “Elisabeth” was the name he couldn`t pronounce *pinches Junsu* My cute baby, seriously! Photobucket
That`s the picture:

Just… WOW! What a great pic! Junsu looks phantastic! Better than the guy who played the DEATH during the musical concert >.> BUT OF COURSE I FEEL LIKE THIS! IT`S URI JUNSU HERE!
But I still wonder about the german on korean musical posters… wae use “Das”? The rest is in english or errr… what is it when it`s korean hangul and german?… korman? >< OMG SUN! MAKES NO SENSE! But back to the topic: When the rest is in english, so wae not use “the”?? Wae use “Das”? I wonder, I will never understand, but I kinda feel honored! ^^ and now let me stare at this promo poster for a little longer! ^_____^

— (several stares later…) —

okie, back! Done with staring! So what else is new in the tl? *starts looking again* aaaah… ㄱ.ㄱ Natali and Emmy are talking about weirs things again… >///< aigoo…
— Quote: “It’s okay, we don’t blame those who don’t understand the meaning of ‘OT5’ that Supports All Five Members. We know what we’re doing =) ” DAAAAMN RIGHT, BABIES!
— KYAH! they even use “Tod” in the character description? =D *excited* YAY! Maybe a certain cassie friends wants to start learn german (again) now? Photobucket Emmyyyy~~
OTL many cassies will learn this german word now because of Junsu! Thanks baby! ^^ (because, let`s be honest: NORMALLY NO ONE CARES ABOUT GERMAN LANGUAGE! *facepalm* like… at all! so I always wonder wae it is teached in korea or USA oO )
— Aaaah, Junsu`s hair looks so nice! I`m sure Junsu will do a daebak job with elisabeth! It will be “대to the박” XD
— THER IT BEGINS! Koreans adapted the word “Tod” into Korman (?) and natali read it XDD
— FINALLY! I`m at the HanGeng part of my tl! … ah, the Yishion winter pictures! ^___^ Han so cute!

(click to enlarge!)
ooh, Junsu, this musical will become super daebak with you! 엘리사벳 화이팅! 준수야 화이팅! 아자! 아자! v^^.
— here we go with a new episodes “K-Pop hits YouTube” again! -> SNSD’s “The Boys” is the 3rd most viewed MV on YouTube
but… DAMN! >____< I`m not a big SNSD fan but… WAE HAS THE BIEBER KID TO BE ON #2, BEFORE THEM?!
Annoys da hell outa me!!!! Photobucket
— from JYJ press conference in spain: “They say they would love to collab with european artists.”
ok. 1.) no, there`s no need to do so. You don`t have to, my boys. We won`t kill you if you don`t to it. No one ever expected this from you. but… 2.) as long as it turns out better than with kanye west >__<
— from JYJ press conference: “They say they want to rest and visit more of europe” GOOD! In europe they can at least realax without “hiding like a criminal”, like JJ said. *sighs* Poor boys. I appreciate it to be more quite here for them. Really. they can feel at ease that way and relax. that`s good!
MYNAME debuts on Music Bank with “Message” was just looking randomly at it. well, okay. New group. hm. was okay ^^
SNSD wins K-Chart + Performances from October 28th’s ‘Music Bank’ (+the rest of Music Bank performances)

okie, through! was a hard piece of work! my tl was such a killer today… I cannot even! tl was 100000000982837849739809 miles long. No kidding… and I already skipped a lot.
Yeah, BUT: I have a relatively long blog entry now! I will got o bed, my work is done. ^^

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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    OTL poseidon taking over your life! thanks for the cap of siwon…i enjoy the view!

    do u like the blonde hair and style on junsu?? he’s gonna be all dark and manly *O*. which i think he’ll enjoy playing a lot!

    • Sangmi says:

      aaah, emmy! =D hi! *huggles*

      Yeah, I like Junsu`s hair on these Elisabeth posters. ooh, it`s cool! As you can assume: in the meantime… I want to TOUCH IT! XD

      *haha* oh yeah, poseidon is taking over my life for sure! I cannot stop watching and spamming about it ^^° I`m happen when you like it. Just want to show the blog readers what I´m doing the whole day so this is in what it results in the end: caps of the drama I`m watching.

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