Déjà vu aka GDA story part 2! , V-day with #JYJinSpain , 포세이돈 에피소드10 + more fandom weirdness!

안넝 친구를…

No, I don`t want to begin a long talk about the KYHD re-buy topic and HoMin and the GDA again. Especially since I told you that it was the last time when I did it for the second time a whole ago. And I still stick with it. I only heard something interesting while talking to one of my ELF friends yesterday.

To tell you what it was let`s take a look at what was said about HoMin and the GDA thing back then: I heard that some ppl think that, if HoMin will not win the GDA, SME will dump them.

Now yesterday my ELF friend told me she heard the exact same thing about SuJu! *facepalm*
The ppl who were crying out sooo loud because of HoMin haven`t sold enough about SuJu are now the counterpart to the ppl who cry out loud because of SuJu maybe not winning the GDA?
Okay, let me say one thing: WHAT?!

What is that? Now it`s said that SME will dump SuJu if they don`t win the GDA? hm, let me think. Hearing this is a FREAKING DÉJÀ VU! (because of the dumping HoMin rumor)
So now SME will dump SuJu too if they don`t win? Oh? They try to let their best idols die out for sure then, eh? First TVXQ, not it`s SuJu…
What if SNSD would win? So they would disband both, TVXQ & SuJu? And who knows! Maybe the SONEs say that SME will disband SNSD if they are not able to win the Golden Disk Awards! And what`s with SHINee then? They are far from having a real chance to competede with those 3 bands right now so SME should better disband them right away, only according to that logic. *facepalm*

And where exctly in all this are the rest of SM singers? *cough* BoA, Kangta…

WOAH! WOAH! Photobucket STOP THE NONSENSE KIDS! This is becoming crazy now! Like in… way too cray!

One question: Where in this logic are the contracs that SME would love to extend beyond all eternity for them?
Aigoo… they want these contracts to be super long so bad that they would even love to have them under a contract after they`ve died! (if they would only be allowed)

So: Has everybody lost it or what?! What`s wrong with you ppl and most important: Who`s always making this sh*it up?! I mean: Where does it come from?
Just one word: Unbelievable!
It`s not the end for one of them even if no single band of SM wins the GDA. I already posted the GDA winner list in the HoMin GDA-entry from back then. But I will tell you again: If SME would always have disbanded/throw away/dumped every of their bands that was not able to win the GDA so they wouldn`t have one single band left anymore.

I`m really curious now. Are all ppl that dumb or are they only acting like this to see how the rest of the fandom reacts? Is this a new joke of the stans again or what? It`s too crazy! Time is not good for fandom! And this dosen`t only goes for Cassiopeia. Maybe other fandoms don`t suffer our pain but in every fandom there are way too many rumors, immature kids and ppl who bring up such sh*t these days!
I mean: How dumb are they? Oh yes of course, bands like HoMin & SuJu would be thrown away by their agency! … which is actually making damn good money with them like… with no end!
HOW DUMB ARE YOU!?!? WHO ON EARTH IS SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THAT, EH?! It was already unbelievable when I first heard about this reagarding HoMin but it became even more unbelievable when I heard this about SuJu!
Once again we have ppl running around like chickens with their heads cut of because of nonesense!
Disbanding or dumping a band which is one of their greatest money sources… does this make any sense to you kids? NO! MAKES NO SENSE!!!
You really think SME cares more about an award than about the money they can make in future with these artist (and they will win the award next year anyway, even if they don`t win this year)? NO! MAKES NO SENSE!!!!
We all know SME is after money like they are after nothing else and soon they will be able to sell everything to any price to everyone with SuJu too – just like they can with TVXQ now!

DAMN! I`m already going into rage with this nonsense! Can you stupid ppl just shut up for a while? I`m reading so much sh*t on the net these days, it`s not even normal anymore! GNAAAAAAH!!!!!! Photobucket AAAARGH! NO! JUST NO! 나는 cannot keept it low! SO MUCH NONSENSE!!!!
Since when makes it sense to throw the ones you make money with the most away?! SINCE WHEN?!
Whoever made this up: ARE YOU THE STANS OR WHAT?! WTF!!!!!! It appears that some ppl in the fandoms are seriously going insane or already lost it completely. GOD DAMMIT! What`s the point in thinking such things?

Nobody doubts that HoMin or SuJu would be a little sad when they don`t win the GDA because they worked hard and their sales were good. But really! To say the band that dosen`t win will be dumped by SME… DOES THIS EVEN SOUND RATIONAL TO YOU!?
This is truely very much beyond far fetched!
All this stupidity in the fandoms makes me go crazy! I can berely take it!

When my ELF friend told me about that I was about to laugh at first. Then I thought “HOHO! Surprise, surprise! Perfect déjà vu! Same story, name changed.”
And even for the matter about the sales of SuJu there was a text around that told us where to buy to increase the sale numbers… oO WHAT DA FACKNESSSSSS!
Ppl finally need come back to their sense!

SuJu did well enough and as it is now, I believe they could very well win the GDA this year!

Waaaae, oh wae not think first and then MAYBE think of running round like chickens?
If ppp would think first then there wouldn`t be a need to act like a -chicken-! But ppl rather prefer to run around first and then #NeverEver think at all *facepalm* I pity our poor fandoms to have such ppl in the inner circle.

The number of ppl who need to be slapped is increasing… ㄱ-ㄱ so not funny.
*looks at ppl who need to be slapped* Please get in line and wait there, stans were first, chickens are second. Oh, don`t worry, noona will slap you all (–> OTL for making being a fan more complicated as it has to be). Just get in line.
Okay now, *calls* NEXT PLEASE!

AISH!!!!!!! Photobucket

ts… stupid kids! This needed to be said! The next thing they bring up is that SuJu tries to destory TVXQ and that ELFs and Cassie should better be enemies or what?! Photobucket well, WHO KNOW?! Things are weird in fandoms these days, this could very well happen!

But now let`s have the litte “in ya f*cking face stans for the 237582374998293858th time!”- V-day!

Yuchun signed and wrote -always keep the faith- T^T

HA! See, stans? OT5 v-day with #JYJinSpain here! *starts to moonwalk* Photobucket V-DAY!
More k-pop stuff:
Natali RT-ed this into my tl today:

*LOL* XDD ELF & SONE! XD OMG! The whole SM fandoms are hilarious! we are the wildest group XDD my, my… looking at it: It`s so true! ^^° chaotic SM fandoms.

XD How VIP(Big Bang FC) is looking at SM! But it`s really sooo true! SONE is the FC who`s somehow ELFs natural enemy.
What SONEs said: “of course Sones will reject since SNSD and Sones always get treated poorly by Elfs (DC 2008, DC 2009, GDA 2010)” aah, so there were some incidents at Dream Concerts before? I never heard about it. ^^
On that board I`ve read all this SONEs keep asking why cassies and VIP`s side with ELFS. Well, regarding Cassiopeia siding with ELF… *raising her eyebrows* is this really a question? These two FCs were like best friends since a long time. And VIP? I think ELF, VIP & Cassiopeia get along well together too. So the answer is told.
But on that board the ppl weren`s even sure of this whole story was true, so readers don`t get into rage because of this. I`m only telling you the weird things I`ve read ^___^
I`m, as a Cassiopeia, looking at SONEs critically. I would not say I hate them because I really don`t know about SONEs, but somehow this FC is strange to me. And I would always protect my ELF friends when push comes to shove. Especially against SONEs. It`s somehow natural to me. But as long as SONEs don`t say anything against us I will not say anything against them. Eeeeasy guys, eeeeasy~~ Everything is fine! 😉
And while we are talking about Fanclubs right now: I`ve read something weird that appeared to had happened early in 2011: i-SONEs were all crying out loud because some k-ELFs supposedly had something going on against B2ST and Beauties in collaboration with k-VIP, k-Cassiopeia, k-Hottest, k-Shawol and k-Primadonna (FT Island FC)… oO eeeh? never herad about that! Really. Has anyone heard about that??? Oo

It seemed all to be between k-fandoms! But SONEs complained about the fact that it was somewhere said that they would participate in this thing too and so the`ve gone wild like “we don`t like stuff like this”, “we never said we participate in it” & “as if we would side with ELFs”… WTFnessss! I never heard about this but it seemed to be a big deal for them. (although no one was sure if this was true in the first place or which fandom is really involved in this).
The background story of all this was totally weird and it was something about “BEAST FC stole someones FC color so we will treat them with 10 minutes of silence at Dream Concert” or something laughable like this. I couldn`t figure out clearly what the deal was but it appeared to be complete nonsense of some immature, maybe butthurt, kids…
What da fack FC color? Somehow this action was called “‘position against Beauty’s using other fanclub’s colors'”. errr, yes. I can assure you, even if they would have tried to involve i-fandom in this: I`m friends with 2 beauties and I don`t care what color they are using. I don`t even know their FC color because it`s simply not that important. oO There are many shades of every color so I highly doubt that, even f they would use some shade of RED, that it`s necessacry to fight about such a nonsense.
I don`t know if this stupid “mission” of these immature k-fandom kids ever took place but this is how weird fandoms can act so… this totally suits the GDA story like… A LOT! *facepalm* STUPIDITY TAKES OVER THE WORLD FOR REALZ, KIDS! THIS IS THE PROOF!
OTL this story is the most laughable matter I`ve heard about this year. Really. Some ppl should get a life rather than thinking about how they can make being a fan more complicated for others.
Why should I be interested in other FC colors? I don`t even if someone would use red – as long as it is not our red I`m fine with it. There are enough different shades of red out there so: so trouble! Same goes for blue or green. Why do ppl even bother with such laughable things? I am the only one who thinks fandoms act way too childish these days?
If this whole story is true and this really happened with k-fandoms: It`s so stupid >_> too laughable, too ridiculous. My, my… reading this SONE board (by chance, it appeard on google result list) surely was interesting, but WEIRD!

The power of K-Pop, ppl: SHINee’s London concert tickets sell out in a minute

Super Junior’s Yesung looks like a prince in his latest selca
Yesung: “When I’m bored, I stare off into space in a daze.”
well, I`m doing this when I`m bored AND when I`m thinking deeply about something ^^
anyway: This pic is… 대to the박! *____* Prince Yesung for sure! WANT TO TOUCH HIS HAIR! *dies*
Ooooh cruelnessss! I want to touch Yesungie`s hair so bad ㅠ~ㅠ How cruel to post such a beautiful pic into a hair obsessed person`s timeline!

Aaaand more SuJu-ness: Eunhyuk`s “Promise With Childhood Friend Kim Junsu To Never Smoke And Drink”
aaaah! Another one who can be welcomed to our club! Come, Hyukjae, so come to Junsu`s and Noona`s side now! Photobucket aaah, I`m so proud of you! Not I like you even more! *hugs Hyukjae* Good boy!
So cool that he`s keeping that promise! I promised this to myself when I was a kid and I`m still keeping it too. Ai! Good to know Junsu and Noona are not the only ones who are able to be like this!
*looks at her soulmate* @ Cynthia: YAH! You should promise me that you will never drink or smoke too! Would make Unni feel better!

oooh, what is that? *curious* A new rumor regarding the lawsuit? -> [The Korean and Japanese Lawsuit][The signs of taking a new turn]

Something funny as counterpart to all my rant before: [ENG SUB] Eunhyuk thoughts about EunHae/SJ couples & the reasons why fans like it – EunHae
*LOOOOL* OOOH YHEAH! Kinda embarrassing hearing them speak about our imaginations but they got that right, we fangirls are just like that! ^^ My ELF heart is truely happy!
Top comments on this on YouTube: “sooo i don’t think i heard any denials in there…” XDD & “We did not “think” you and donghae are together, You mean “WE FOUND OUT” 8D” LOL oh yeah… *eyebrows wiggle*
Another really good comment was: “this host always wants to know about the suju couples…

when sungmin and donghae were on, he was asking about skinship and poor hae was practically outed for his affectionate behaviour towards eunhyuk….

silly boys!!”
*ROFL* THAT`S true! Just watch this! This is the show this comment talks about:

:3 I love this host! XDD And Sungminnie told us EVERYTHING! I can only repeat myself by sayins: tHanks minnie~♥♥♥ like… a lot! :3

And now, the pics from…

에피소드 10


The thing with SuYun went well last minutes: she was stopped before she could leave the Section 9 bureau. phew! lucky JeongRyul & SeonWoo!
But they went to discuss the matter in JeongRyuls bureau.
SeonWoo thinks it would be best to clue the team in.

JeongRyul thinks…
…but he wanted to wait a little longer. So SeonWoo agreed for now.

Later, the phone of Chang Gil was repaired and SuYun went to hear about the results with SeonWoo.
After seeing the phone ID she went straight to the monitoring room to pay her friend JiAh a visit…
The number was located at a industrial park nearby…
SuYun was very confused. With ther father dead, why was his phone still used and located there? She rushed out of the bulding to check it, SeonWoo followed her.
They were looking around a litte at the factory they found there untill they were stopped by the factory`s boss. He told them they should come back after they`ve followed the usual way of formal process then they come back.
Back at Section 9 bureau they got scolded for just going there and walking around by JeongRyul. Visiting the possible hideout of Choe HuiGun and maybe giving him the change to slip away savely is not acceptable. >< ah, he was really angry. Angry JeongRyul scares me… Photobucket

A little later, JeongRyul decided to clue the team in NOW. Yeah well, they were like “OMG! WHAT?! Kang JooMin became a spy and we even want to let Chang Gil escape?!?”.
But in the end they trust their Leader and the team started to talke about everything they know by now.
as for example: That Chang Gil is really Chang Gil`s real name + that he`s originally a resident from north Korea and was at the same orphanage as the two kids they`ve rescuded a while ago are now.
Hearing this, I thought: The mysterious guy SeonWoo & SuYun saw at the factory should be the grandpa from the orphanage! D:< OMG! Just imagine… this would be a connection! I`m overly curious about that!

Cool scenery with JooMin ^^
DAMN! This outfit suits him f*cking well! *giggles* and some of his man are cute ^ω^ hehe… I love this drama!

They went out to transfer Chang Gil and, as the spy he pretends to be, JooMin secretly helped him to escape.
…and right after he has sent his man after the subject he called JeongRyul…

…to inform him about it. (comment: DAMN! JeongRyul, #waeuno stop looking so good in everything you wear?! O: I`m in love with the CGI9 Leader! >//Photobucket
So the mission of section 9 could start! Follwing the signal of the tracking device they`ve placed on their target they were led to the harbor and finally found Chang Gil but… errr… he was already dead.
He had called someone, maybe his master, and as he opened the door there was a person he knew but that person killed him.
Although the whole section 9 was out to that location, standing guard and searching through the building the killer mamanged to escape. They noticed him, although he was in disguise, at the last moment. They tried to catch him but yeah…

… as you can tell from their expressions…
…they were a little too late and he escaped right in front of their eyes >__< DAMN!

Okay, now to end this already (too?) long entry I have to say something about the JYJ concert in spain.

It`s okay for ppl to be happy about it, it was the first time!
It`s okay to spazz about it, it`s a fangirls true nature to spazz!
It`s okay to spamm the timeline with concert related things…

and this is where the “but” appears on the secene: BUT not for 3 days! >_<
I`m starting to be annoys by the “overreacting spam” in my tl! OKAY! We know that there are fancams! Okay! Some of them will be cool like there are always amazing fancams. I understand and it`s good.
But why are ppl spazzing like mad womans over every little thing with 100 miles long mega spam? Can you assume how annoying this is?!
And especially with JYJ`s spanish: It`s so nice of them that they`ve learned some spanish especially for this concert. ^^ and Junsu even tweeted in spanish. But PLEASE! ppl, stop getting a heart attack over this and spamming my tl with another 100 miles long spazzing. It`s okay! Express your feeling of happiness one time and it`s okay.

*mumbles*… would be like me spazzing over Leeteuk tweeting in english for the second time 10 days long with no end… Aigoo… *facepalm*

I`ve hold my comments back on twitter for a reason but I`m ot able to hold it back NOW! This had to be said. Fandom is freaking out about it. Okay, I`m fine with is. But not like THIS! oO This is just too much. Come back to earth. Even Emmy didn`t freaked out that much after she had seen HoMin live for the first time in her life a few days ago. oO WHAT`S THE MATTER WITH FANDOM OVERREACTING LIKE THIS?

I think I`m getting too old for this. Really. °-°
I wouldn`t even freak out like them when JYJ would speak some words german in Berlin this week. I don`t even expect them to speak to us in our language. English would be better anyway because of the many internationals there.

Moral of all this: spazzing is okay, but if you overdo it it starts to get annoying. -.- Really, besides the fackt that I don`t want to see something of the spain concert because I don`t want to spoil myself for berlin I already have enough only by looking at the spam on my tl. Really destroys the fun when it`s too much. And exactly this is the case.
Let`s spazz over the really inportant things like that Yoochun signed and wrote “Always keep the faith”. I didn`t saw anyone spazzing about that! You you should all be ashamed! Photobucket

THIS IS FANDOM WEIRDNESS at it`s best right now! And HoMin are frogotten anyway! As always… ㄱ_ㄱ ts. I`m mainly listening to HoMin since 4 days. #justsaying *turns on TONE again* And I will continue to do so today too. *pout*

*mumbles* I don`t understand things anymore…

Luckily one US friend keeps me sane wiht her halloween spazz ^^ *haha* she`s about to steal her friends candy? XD *lol* cool!

*sighs* I`m not anti here, I`m simply annoyed. I know very well what spazzing means or what it means to be happy but this is too much. Simply too much. Ppl should get a hold on themselves. The most funny thing is: The fans who REALLY  were at the concerts were quiet at the 2nd day, but the ones who weren`t even there keep spazzing since 4 days oO This is what I call weirdness!

Call me evil now, but I call that “strange”.
and I`m pretty sorry because… today`s entry started with a rant and kinda ended with a rant ^^° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* fandoms are driving me crazy these days. It`s all too cray right know. Hope it will get better soon.
+ You ppl caught me on the wrong foot! Since 2 days I`m in the mood to be evil. Now you come up with such things? well, it`s your own fault XD
and just to clarify things: I`m not talking about ppl who are telling their “I`ve got a sign from JYJ”-story or the fanaccount writers. I`m talking about the “others”… >__>

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