포세이돈 에포시드12 (Poseidon Episode12), Junho news & another k-dream v^^.

안녕! v^^.

Now I`m back! Haaaah, one week ago… The JYJ concert in Berlin… I cannot help but feeling emo about it. Sure, it was daebag! But I want to turn back time T^T
I miss the boys.
(JYJ throws successful concert in Germany with plans for future European shows)

I collected some more Fancams to my own ones and was happy that I could find ONE SINGLE VID about the Be My Girl flashm mob!
Because the funny thing is: There are almost no videos of the dance flash mob in berlin XD simply because everybody danced! Photobucket
Aaah, it was so awesome! But too bad we have no fancams of the dance… I found only one and you cannot see much because it was a fancam from the frontrows ^^ you can only see the boys on stage and some arms of dancing cassies XD well, better than nothing! I like it!

The korean press also praised JYJ`s concert and especially us european fans. >//< OMG! Korean reporters, you embarrass me! Photobucket So much nice words about european fans!
Aww, thank you so much! Warms my heart.
Also, the way they are writing about JYJ… ME APPRECIATES IT NEOMU MUCHO! (language all mixed up! English/korean/spanish ^^° “neomu mucho” is my new fav wordplay!)

They even said there was no difference to a concert in Korea! *jaw drops* O: *almost faints* Well, if you want read it yourself there you go:
[Trans] 111107 “The Ability To Survive On Their Own, We Caught A Peek Of That Possibility”… JYJ And The Hope That Was Found In Germany
[Trans] 111107 “JYJ With Tracksuits On vs Fans In Wheelchairs” … The 1mm Outside The Stage
[Popular Press] “TVXQ vs JYJ, That Doesn’t Matter”

Junsu kurz vor dem Konzert: “We Feel A Greater Sense of Responsibility Than Pride”
aah, our responsible boys ♥
I really like the way they are looking at things. So thoughtful, resposible, mature & objective. They always show us that they are great humans with common sense and very professional. I really like them for that. It`s the counterpart to their silly and dorky side ^^ (which I also love!).
Like I always say: *sings* It`s about the way you are~♪

But to stick with JYJ: We had Yoochun in High Cut that week! (these were the unreleased pics)
The only things I say about this is: HOLY! O: *jaw drops* CHUNNIE! That`s…. totally hot! *dies*

oh! oh! But that leads us to HoMin!
[Pic] Tohoshinki : Ray Magazine Thailand Version (November Issue)
VERY NICE PICS! ^^ I really like it!

To stick with HoMin a little longer: The concert in Sydney… Fans said it was daebak and HoMin were the best thing ^^ Their performance must have been really perfect!

After a long time I will finally give you some Junho updates!

Since I updated about Junho he had many live events, appearances at different other events and now he is in Fukuoka.

He announced that this is his “pet” *haha* as you can see: He is having fun!
Junho haters: F U and be ashamed! How can you hate him? *shakes head* I will never understand how ppl can hate other ppl who are nice and have never ever done a thing to them.
OTL Those sea lions are cute! Wae are there no statures like this here? I want to have cute animal statuers too! *pout*

Brother`s had yummy things to eat today again *____*
Awww! And he`s sooooo~ adorable! *pinches Junho* Seriously, soooo cute! Brother-ssi, when will you stop melting my heart, eh? How can I stay sane with my baby Junsu & SUCH a brother-in-law? I wonder every day! Photobucket
and…  >.> … I really want to try this food! The things he`s eating always look amazingly yummy!

Now let me share my newest K-dream with you!
It was really a short dream. Or nu, let me correct myself: The k-pop related part was relatively short. The first half of this dream was just a weird, good-for-nothing, makes no sense thing… >__> yeah. Never mind!

Okay, my dream: It was weird (as always), my mom had some kind of shop and somehow I was always hanging out there.
One afternoon there was some kind of party there and many customers came. I was there too and looked around the ppl, checking if I know somebody. Yeah well, sadly I did… -.-” My Ex showed up and wanted to start a talk with me. I was like “F U” and went outside in the garden of the shop where also were ppl. Lucky as I am I saw something: At one table there were 3 koreans and I walked over to them because *hehe* Siwon was one of them. Lucky me!
They were in the middle of a talk when I sat down on the empty place besides Siwon. I sighed, Siwon asked “What`s wrong?”, I made him look back to where my ex was standing and said “Save me.”, Siwon said “oh, no problem” and involved me in their talk XD aah haha! Siwon, thank you so much! You are my hero! *haha* xD ㅋㅋㅋ
Good thing to be friends with Siwon in my dreams! He would always save noona! b^o^d

Uhm… okay, I don`t want to be one of the annoying ppl so I just post it here and not on twitter: http://awards.so-loved.net/
the “So-loved Awards” are something only european fans can vote! I think it was said that you can vote everyday so if you guys feel like voting you can do! There aren`t much voting only for europe so it`s our time now!

And yeah, for gods sake… Photobucket We still have This year`s MAMA votes (M-net Asian Music Awards)
I will not say “VOTE! VOTE! OMG! ELF should not win!” because this is no competition and it annoys da hell outa me that some ppl treat other fandoms like their biggest enemies.
I`m tired of fanwar since a long time ago. And I`m also totally tired of ppl who annoy everyone the whole day with their “OMG! VOTE or you are not a real fan” attitude.
The more you guys annoy me the less I want to vote because I`m already totally annoyed even BEFORE I go to vote.

Okie now! Let`s take a look at the Poseidon episode!

포세이돈, 에피소드12

While SuYun & SeonWoo were away, the rest of Section 9 returned to the headquarter

In the meantime, SeonWoo & SuYun were on their mission… errr.. or more like only SeonWoo was on a mission and SuYun followed him as his partner.
He wanted her to go.

But as the stubborn woman she is, she won`t let him go alone!

Anyways, SeonWoo gave in ^^ And they sneaked into the building.

They walked around in there, got almost caught, continued sneaking around and… got really caught in the end! >< Aigoo…

So what did they do?
They took each others hands…
and ran…
…but they got caught again by the security of the building!

But lucky as they are, before it comes to the worst…
…their teammates showed up!

>__< … with a very angry JeongRyul!
OMG! HE REALLY HIT HIM! He came in, came over to SeonWoo and hit him! OMG! CGI9 Leader was super angry! O: … I know that I repeat myself now when I say: JeongRyul angry is a scary thing! ><

Teammates also thought it was stupid what they did…
…and told SeonWoo to act more rational now. Acting without a plan won`t help his friend.

Well well… although JeongRyul exploded when he found SeonWoo before he had still some business with him! He had some straight talking for SeonWoo.
But this time he was really calm to before.

SeonWoo had a straight answer for him but also a wish.
OF COURSE LEADER GOT SUSPICIOUS! CGI9 Leader smells something fishy ^^ He knows that there`s slowly something going on betweet the two young fellows! (SeonWoo & SuYun)
Yeah *kekeke*… SeonWoo, not telling your Leader straight does not mean that he don`t know! 😉

JeongRyul & JooMin had a meeting again…
…where they had to admit Mission ‘Poseidon’ FAILED! ><

Back to the love story! HAHA! Yeah, there`s really something going on between SeonWoo & SuYun! ;P

KYAAH!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O REALLY! … BUT! …

… *facepalm* SeonWoo`s friend has to destroy the scene, the mood and the moment in total! All at once!
uuuh! SeonWoo is giving his friend the =.=” death glare! xD

Of course he will not go along with his friends “plan”, shoves him aside and leaves XD

In another place: JooMin is ready to enter the secret pavillion… WAIT! HE IS DOING WHAAAAT?!?!?!? O:
And JeongRyul said “Don`t go there, it´s too dangerous.” >< BAD JOOMIN! BAD! Of course he got caught right away as soon as he entered that house! I hope nothing bad will happen to him! I don`t want him to die or something >___< I really like him!

And all he did is sending his friend JeongRyul a SMS…
JeongRyul thought “3 hours my ass!” ran into the monitoring room and tracked down his phone right away! He drove to SeonWoo`s & SuYun`s home and phoned SeonWoo. He came downstairs and rushed away with him in his car.
SuYun, who just came out saw her leader`s car drive away fast and was like… “eh? Wasn`t that our Leader`s car?”

ARGH! JooMin what are you doing!? Now JeongRyul has to come and save your dammit ass! Aigoo…
Poseidon will kill me in it`s last episodes, that`s for sure!

But even though I haven`t watched all 16 episodes now I can truthfully say that I WANT A FREAKIN’ SEASON 2 OF POSEIDON!
OMG! This drama is too epic!

I wonder what I will watch next… “City Hunter”? Giving Siwon a break and watching “City Hunter” before I watch “Athena”?
I can still watch “You`re beautiful”, “No Limit – Heading to the Ground” (old Yunho drama ^^) & “Time between Dog and Wolf” sometime later, becauseI own the DVD boxes of these three dramas!
OMG! Paradise Ranch DVD should be out by now! It was said the 4th of November 2011 is the release date! OMO! OMO! LET ME CHECK THIS ON EBAY! *runs to ebay*
Nope. Nothing on ebay. There`s only the usual stuff from malaysia & China (FAKE DVD`S! They were there shortly after the drama ended and are obviously self-made!) + I don`t the stuff from US or Australia is better because this DVDs were also on ebay shortly after the drama ended.

OTL t-list readers, random visitors & friends, take a note of that: Drama DVDs always need at least 9 to 12 month to be released AFTER the date the drama ended!
It`s the same as with any movie DVD. If you find stuff before that time it`s just a copy and self-made by some ppl. If you want the real stuff you have to wait.

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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