“Mr. Simple” japanese version released & 포세이돈, 에포소드13 (Poseidon, Episode 13)

안녕 다들! ^__^

aaah, I just rewatched my fancam of #JYJinBerlin of the first 12 minutes of the concert. Aaah, my heart is still fluttering everytime I watch this. It´s like being back on that evening that meant so much to us and which was so amazing.
While I was thinking that soulmatesister said it on twitter ^^ aaah, soulmates thinking/doing the same! Coincidence? *haha* I don`t think so!

Let`s move on with some k-pop stuff:
— Junsu won at the Korean Musical awards!~PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Korea Musical Awards – Junsu cut subbed
Proud of my baby! Junsu deserves it and… IN YA FAVE SME! My actor hubby indirectly kicked your ass, SME! *LOOOOOL* xD

— SYC posted again pics of Chunnies High Cut appearance: Yoochun in High Cut Magazine Vol 64
ah! Say what you want but these pics are amazing!
–More of Chunnie: JYJ Park Yoochun Pre-Debut Images Revealed, “Absolutely No Change In His Gentle Appearance”
he looks cool! ^^ aw! Cute young Yoochun!

— NEW RUMORS! JYJ and Super Junior Ready to Conquer Latin America?
HA! This is something for natali! ^^ Maybe she will get the chance to see our boys too!
But who knows if this is true… Let`s just wait and see. To me these “news” were compelte new. Never heard about it. It`s still a rumor.

Super Junior releases Japanese “Mr Simple” PV

Photobucket I like it! It dosen`t sound weird like other japanese versions of korean songs.

Ji Sung Interview : I Thank JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, For Giving Me Sasaeng Fans
HAHA! XD The first person who`s thankful for sasaeng fans XDD my, my… the power of JJ I say!

— OH WOW! WAIT! JYJ 2012 calendar? [Pic] 2012 JYJ Calendar Sample
cool! But it the whole calendar is like this it`s too dark for me ><

aaaah, I see it coming: I will abandon my Jajangmyeon once again! The reason: My ramen package came today!
I have lots of Kimchi ramen, loooooots of ramen of hell and looooots of normal ramen (not that spicy). I also have tons of korean rice, LOTTE`s Peppero, different kinds of water/Soda several other sweets/snacks (korean and japanese), Wasabi paste and… wait! Photobucket
WHERE DA HELL IS MY KIMCHI SALAD!? WAAAAAAH! O: Wae didn`t it come with the ramen? Well, maybe it needs to be transported well tempered so it will come separately. well… ==” *eyes postman & DaeYang shop* at least I hope so…. =.= *continues to eyes them*

But: while unpacking my huge package my dog helped me ^^ She wanted to see what I get and, of course, her nose told her that`s something to eat Photobucket

And now…

포세이돈, 에피소드13.
Uri pretty Siwon 1
in the morning ^^

aaaand: Uri pretty Siwon 2
with the “here`s something wrong”-glare. (because SuYun found out that he`s not willing to tell her the truth)

The messy situation needs a conclusion…

Yeah, most of the ppl who are a danger to the black snake triad were “silenced” aka killed…
and: DAMN! JeongRyul, I like you! =D
*giggles* His hair is so cute! ^ω^

JeongRyul and JooMin had a meeting again
*haha* XD how unsual to see JooMin like this! I think this is kinda cute! *pinches JooMin and runs away*
Nonetheless, their meetings are always serious ones, so this was too.

Aigoo… and SuYun found out where JooMin, SeonWoo & JeongRyul were heading in the middle of the night.
The others also smelled something fishy and asked SeonWoo about it. He told them some kind of half-truth, but they didn`t really believe.
SuYun decided to asked SeonWoo when they are alone. He hasn`t told her the truth and she told him that she knows everything and how disappointed she is in him, lying to her like this.
Later he tried to explain to her, that it`s too dangerous of she would know everything and such, but she was still disappointed.
SuYun also found out about what JooMin showed to ChangGil before his escape and so she decided to investigate a little on her own.
Aigoo… stupid, stubborn woman! >< throwing herself into danger like this? Aigoo…
Or course she got caught and the picture was sent to SeonWoo – who ran into JeongRyul office immediately to show him.
*sighs* Yeah, Section 9 has a REAL problem now! SeonWoo`s Hyung AND SuYun are hostages now. One because he was unlucky and the other one because she was a little stupid. I wonder what section 9 will do to get them back alive!

OTL there was something strange towards the end… Black snake triad talked about JooMin visiting the secret pavillion and what to do with him. One of the two men already set him on the status of “not useful anymore” D: NUUUU! That means he wants him to be killed! (maybe he will kill him himself, who knows…!?)
And then they talked about they lost track of Kang EunChul… Wae mentioning EunChul now? They said all of the black snake triad members in Japan (where EunChul headed to a while ago) are searching for him.
It was suggested that there are more spies within the coast guards and now the black snake triad mentioned EunChul?! O: WHAT`S THE DEAL WITH THAT?!?!
On the other hand… Is EunChul maybe part of the Mission “Poseidon”? This could be possible, he was also involved in the incidents 3 years ago.
I`m curious what the next episode will bring!

And… at this point I want to tell you ppl: sorry for the couple series hiatus. Once Poseidon ended I will post couples again! Promised!

Well, I will cook ramen now =D

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