SUPER SHOW 4 started today (in Seoul) & 포세이돈 에피소드14 (Poseidon Episode 14)

안녕 친구를! v^^.

Most important things first:
Project for TVXQ`s 8th anni!
→ 8 – 5 – 1

OMO! O: –> Super Junior to kick off global “Super Show 4″ tour this weekend
Yeah they did! Today in Seoul! …. if they come to europe: Me has no money and no credit card! CRAAAAAP! ><

And something I need money to buy before seeing SuJu at all: [News] “JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul” Limited DVD Set
uwaaaaah! *____* awesome! Limited DVD set! OMO! have to order it asap! I waited for this DVD since a whole year!

And this… THIS will be my christmas gift from myself, like… you can bet your ass on it, for SOOOO sure & at any price: [Pic] JYJ Worldwide Concert In SEOUL Concert DVD
oooooooh….Photobucket JYJ worldwide concert in Seoul DVD, MARRY ME!!!!
OMO! This looks like one hell of an awesome thingy! I will SO get this! Yeah, t-list friends, hat me now but: that`s what I go to work for! *_____* 어머나… OTL 대박!!!!

THIS IS IT! @ Mrs Cho: PATRICIA! This is the Poseidon song I wanted to know about who`s singing it!

aaah, it`s the cut version of several endings but never mind! Hope I can get this song once the full Poseidon OST is released!

and… because it`s SuJu day today:

O: *jaw drops* “OH MY GOD!” was everything I said! Do I need to say more?

This is also sooo cool:

Something to meld your hearts to end this SuJu part:

AWWWWW! SUNGMINNIIIIIEEEE! Photobucket You are such a cute fluffly thingy! *pinches Minnie*

and: All thanks goes to **:.@SarangGyu.:**! She linked the last three vids on Twitter! 😉
@ Mrs. Cho: Although you are the evil wifey you are my fav ELF ^^ Love you~~ v^^.

포세이돈, 에피소드14

JooMin in the gym ^^° errr.. Poseidon staff, you want to idolize him? (dunno, this was my first thought but… ME LIKES IT! =D ㅋㅋㅋ KYAH! JooMin! =) *is silly-childish-fangirling right over it*) hahaha XD *has fun fangirling all by herself* (< yes, I`m a pityful crazy woman ^^° )
ㅋㅋㅋ yeah, look at all the things lying around… very ‘randomly dropped’ ㅋㅋㅋ I love this! (hehe… it`s clearly a scenery made for JooMin to look cool! ;D )

JeongRyul was informing him about SuYun`s situation.
ADMIT IT! He still looks so cool although there`s this blue-purple towel thingy ^^

Later: SeonWoo & JeongRyul were sneaking around the secret pavillion of the Black Snake Triad. SeonWoo couldn`t wait any longer and so JeongRyul decided to go with him before he goes all by himself.
But when they both finsished their way around the house they end up facing each other again. No one was outside.
uhm, yeah… and inside the house it was the same. No one was there.
Yeah, SeonWoo remembered a car driving away before they entered. and yes, that meant that they missed the chance to follow the bad guys who had SuYun and SeonWoo`s Hyung.

A while later, after JeongRyul received the news that EunChul has gone missing in japan ( DDD:<<< WAAAAH!!! >< oh nuuu! They caught him!?) he met up with JooMin…
But JooMin thought something is strange here. something is strange about kidnapping EunChul. When he was kidnapped first the bad guys wanted an -exchange- for giving him back. As we all know, they also got SeonWoo then because he was searching for his EunChul, but they didn`t killed them although they had severals oportinities to kill them. Therefore he thinks it`s strange to kidnapp him now again. JooMin wonders for what reason they would do this.
Well, well… I think, no I fear, there could be something we all don`t know yet.

Shortly after their meeting they went into JooMin`s office. Yeah, JooMin was finally back and not suspended anymore ^^
His men jumpt on their feet and were happy ^^

JooMin was happy too =)
ah! he and his men… too cute together! They really love their leader! *pinches them* such cuties being cute! (^ω^) loving their leader! aww!

JooMin & JeongRyul went into the office but JooMin`s men were still happy :3 awww, they are so cute! #4everrepeatingmyself
I really love the men in JooMin`s office anteroom Photobucket *pinches them* so cute 🙂 awww!
JooMin, do you mind to rent me your men? ^^° eh hehe… *gets a ” =-=”-death-glare ” from Junsu* errr!!! I SAID NOTHING! *runs away*

JooMin and JeongRyul discussing the current situation in JooMin`s office:
*big sigh* Mission poseidon has still troubles! ><

A new cutie showed up in this episode *pinches him* (< yeah, it`s still my hobby: pinching ppl~~!)
This is “Japanese Coast Guard Security of Special Crime Search Group” (OMG! WHAT A LONG NAME! *dies*) 1st Officer of Coast Guard Security, Cha RyeonSeung. *is dead after writing this* (WHAT A LONG TITLE! *dies again*)

JeongRyul went to find SeonWoo. He found him lying around like nothing in the world has something to do with him.

He talked to him…
…and he finally listened to him! UWAH!

And after a short time period, where SeonWoo has hit him 2 times! O: *dies* (OMG! HE REALLY HIT HIS LEADER! O: …) he got him mad enough to use his energy to search for SuYun 😉
aaaah! ㅋㅋㅋ JeongRyul, you are sooo sly! Telling from your smile this was your plan? Or are you just pleased how things turned out in your favour now? Ah! Section 9 Leader was maybe just sly enough to “wake” SeonWoo up!

SeonWoo fierce, SuYun still locked up and JeongRyul pleased how things are going XD ah, what a ending!

OTL these dammit cliffhangers of poseidon…. ARGH! I will never get used to them!

so, what else to say? I still haven`t reached my at least 1000 words per entry… aigoo, what a shame!
So I will tell you about my new project!

I plan to rebuild my little terrarium a second time. Yeah, looking at it and all it`s failures it`s definitely necessary. My construction plan(s) are still almost not made. I`m still thinking of the first possibility to rebuild it. It`s not that easy because it`s small. Well, I will take care of this problem tomorrow. Had a first idea today, let`s see if this first idea is able to carry out on the whole project. 😉
It will be a bit of word but I will also have fun doing it! I like doing such things! Photobucket

what else to say? Yeah, since today is SuJu(concert) day_official I spammed my t-list with SuJu concert vids, comments and pics XD haha! I hope t-list dosen`t want to kill me now… eh hehe… ^^° *embarrassed laugh*
T-list, #dealwithit and take it like a (wom)man! There`s nothing that you could do about it anyway ;P

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