About Onions and what da f*uck they have to do with our fandom… & JYJ donated 200.000.000 Won for Thailand’s flood recovery!

안녕 다들! v^^.

It`s Sangmi noona again! Yeah, I`m back. Feel like quite a while since I had my last entry. Actually… when was the last time I`ve blogged? D: *cannot even remember*

*looks* 5 DAYS AGO?!?!?! D:<<
OMG! Almost a week?!? Yeah, it`s really christmas time now…
The total rate of my blog entries tends to… errr… not that much when it`s about to be christmas! 1.) because of work _&_ 2.) because I`m tired because of work.
Well, so basibally in the end it`s all works faul! xD

It`s freakin’ cold outside! Seems like I`ve changed my header to a “more suitable for winter picture” just at the right time yesterday! ^^ aah, I love our boys! I really like this pic! I`ve searched for some header pics yest and was successful!
Back to the cold: Many things are frozen, specially some little bushes and grasses. You could break them easily now because they are totally frozen and covered with a coat made of ice.
It was also very slipperly to drive this morning in our village here. I was like “WOAH! *shock* wae is it so icy?!”
Susprised me a little but since noona has good reaction and a good car it was not that of a big deal.

What else before we really start with the “Onion talk (*cough* rant ^^° )” here: I was about to eat LOTTE Kancho`s but they are actually all gone by now! *pout* How come this box is always empty when I`m not even half done here, eh?!?
Aigoo… BOX! #waeuno bigger? #waeuno full anymore? #waeuno last till the end of this entry? #waeuno restock yourself when empty? Photobucket

crap. ><

Okay, let`s start then!
Some of you maybe ask themselves wae I want to talk about Onios today.
In fact I don`t want to talk about Onions. Confused now? Sit down and listen then:

A few days ago I was listening to what Stephi Unni said.
She and Soulmatesister were reading strange things on facebook and it turned out to be posted by stans (yeah… ㄱ-ㄱ whom else?). Said that on FB there are “fans” who would change their bias nearly every day and some “fans” who suddenly start disliking HoMin oO… weird ppl!
No real cassiopeias, just some kids messing around with k-pop. Guess some kids who think it`s cool right now and dislike it tomorrow. Like Soulmate said: always only jumping on the bandwagon like no one cares.
Well, those kids dosen`t really bother me. Sure, it`s annoying to see them as a real cassiopeia. They just come along. They are only followers of a ‘trend’ they just heard about. They know nothing about the boys, their lifes, their feelings, the history of cassiopeia and the pain we all suffered/still suffer together.
But with these kids I`m confident we will lose them along the way because they are not made to last long. Neither their ‘love’ is – if it ever was something woth calling it that.

It`s like that: K-pop fandom takes you or breaks you.
There is nothing inbetween.

Further, Unni told us what she has read and also told me about Onions… errr!… Orions.
AH! THERE IT IS! The point of the matter today: The onion/orion thing!
I was listening to what Stephi Unni said with a Photobucket expression and wondered what this was with that Orion thing. Never ever heard about that before.

I really started to wonder and got curious about what this is and asked her because it sounded like something I should know but atually I didn`t. Then she told me that the JYJ stans now call themselves “Orions”. And this was the time when my AH!-moment came!
ㅋㅋㅋ those smelly little “onions”!
I had to laugh about this!

Do they think giving themselves a “Universe/sky-name” makes them the counterpart to Cassiopeia or what? oO
Do they think calling themselves that would make something different out of them? Makes them something better? oO
I don`t even know what they are thinking!
A stan will forever be a stan. Act like stan, talk like stan, think like stan. Standom will not become something different or better by calling themselves “Orion” now.


Orions… ts! Orion my ass!
What about I HIGH KICK you brats up to the Orion, wouldn`t that be nice?! *high kicks stupid -Onions- Photobucket*
아이고 진짜! 진심으로… THESE BRATS!
They really love to add fuel to the fire, don`t they?

Let them call themselves what they want but, like I already said, it will change nothing. Stan is and always will be stan. It`s a sad fact but giving something a new name means nothing.
And on top of all no one will stop calling them “stans” because standom worked hard this year to be called by that name.

Actually this year was the only “good” year standom will ever have.
When standom had arisen cassiopeia was still in some kind of shock-state. We weren`t ready to face standom with it`s massive hate and bashing.
Cassiopeia in it`s shock was not only split into 3 groups whith HoMin`s comeback (OT5, Hotel girls & the Onions… errr! JYJ stans… errr! JYJ ‘fans’, sorry I forgot! *rolleyes* [/sarcasm end]), Cassiopeia was also totally overchallenged with facing the stans on top of all.

As it appears to me now and what I feel for myself, is, that OT5 fandom grew a lot stronger during this year of partially massive pain.
We all had great emo days, the boys and us, everyone. But somehow we managed to go on and to see how OT5ness is rising again now and grows stronger in the heart of believing and loving ppl everyday is something not even the stans can stop.

So GTFO of my sight with this Orion nonsense! As if something like those onions will ever really exist! PAH!
What do you kids think is the reason wae JYJ haven`t opened up an official fanclub under a new name? Because there is no need! Cassiopeia and Bigeast are still here! And the boys know!

Like others I see JYJ or HoMin stans call themselves Cassiopeia although they are clearly not supporting the “other side” from time to time.
We know the stans` logic that they said “we are not cassiopeia but when cassiopeia is thanked then it`s us” that makes no sense. Yeah well, I`m asking you now: When in history did something that came from a stans mouth make sense?
The anwser is told after a few secons of crickets chirping and silence: NEVER EVER.
Calling myself a cassiopeia when I only support 3 or 2 or even stan only one of them is so pathetic… I cannot even laugh about this anymore. As a cassiopeia you should either support all 5 or GTFO.

What has this to do with the Onion-matter now?
Well, this shows us how our Oninons are searching for a place they belong to. Standom cannot give them this place even though they try to make themselves believe standom is a “home” like Cassiopeia is for us.
As for me, there are several theories why they come up with this orion nonsense now:
1.) they are just acting stupid as always
2.) they want to provoke cassiopeia (even more) as always
3.) They try to build up a ‘home’ for all the stans
4.) they are just stupid, still trying to provoke cassiopeia by trying to fill their fake world with this Orion nonsense.

Whatever it is, I don`t give a f*ck about it. Stupidity will always be on stans side so there`s nothing more to say besides: Onions, the only Oninon Cassiopeia will really talk about is this one:
It`s cute and it`s from China. It`s called “OnionHead” emoticon.

NOW GTFO STAN BRATS! (`_´)ゞ *opens the door & kicks stan-brats far away from our fandom/our boys*

p.s.: being new to them is NEVER, I repeat NEVER, an excuse for not supportung all 5 of the,. After learning all about their beautiful friendship, their pain and after listening to those beautiful 5 voices singing together in perfect harmony there`s no way to be a stan. It`s simply impossible. Ppl who did their homework will always respect and love them as 5. “Lawsuit-fans” know, “still-OT5 fans” know too. The only ones who get nothing at all is our deares standom *facepalm*
Whatever, stans, whatever… I will call you Onions! Photobucket

Let`s take a look at the news of the past few days:

Aaah, what a crazy weekend we had last week!
2 days of concert in Seoul, the kick off of the SuperShow 4. And it was and still is praised because it was super cool! *__*: Super Junior goes beyond ‘idol’ status with ‘Super Show 4′
Leeteuk was kinda emoing about the fact that it will be the “encore” tour :/ well, I cannot approve either SuJu Leader! But 어떻게??! You have to go to army! >< …and most likely some of the others are following you soon.

Yeah, and we are not done with the army thing yet! It`s about time for our boys too and 2 days ago we were reminded of this fact once again: JYJ’s Jaejoong defers his military enlistment to August 2012
OKAY! I know this is an unavoidable senario and we have to deal, deal, deal our sceneario because it will definitely happen but… but… Photobucket 오빠~~~ *whines* I will miss you!
And for YooSo it`s the same: They will be gone soon too! >< Ah, isn`t it always too soon? Even if they would be enlisted in the army when they are 50 I would still say it`s too soon… D:
#소울메이트(soulmate) said we will “have to let them go”. Well, I would rather look at it like “we have to wait for them”. If they still want us to be here in 2 years, I will wait.
Like I always say: I will not go away unless Oppars tell me to. But nonetheless the whole army things sucks! I don`t care if some brats say that we are crybabies because we cry when Oppars go away for 2 years, but 2 years can be freakin’ long when you are eagerly waiting for someone. SO LET ME CRY! =.= *eyes brats*
I heard nothing about Yunho so far but it should be about time for him too.

Aigoo, ELFs & Cassies, our fandoms will be more messed up in future! But ELFs are strong and Cassiopeia know pain and waiting too well to give up on Oppars that easily! WHAT ARE 2 YEARS?! 2 years will go by too.

Now another awesome project of JYJ: It`s the ELLE thing act 2! -> JYJ Park Yoochun & Park Yoohwan, “Superior Genes” Appearances Are Similar Like Twins
I love the fact that they have dogs in their photo shooting! =D
-> [Pic] JYJ in ELLE Korea December Issue part 4
*haha* even more dog pictures! Junsu with that headband looks cute ^ω^ Aww! Let noona put a pink one on you, BB! =D
But what made me laugh a little was this good old VW bus! These cars are seen in so many US films and now at ELLE shooting too! *haha* Bulli 4 the win! VW bus appears often everywhere on earth!

See the popularity of my hubbbyy! –> JYJ Kim Junsu – Musical Tickets Sold Out In 10 Minutes
Photobucket WELL DONE JUNSU! Many ppl want to see your shows! Ai! I want to attend too ㅠ~ㅠ but korea is damn far away! Too far away… >< SUCKSSSSS!!!!!!

And something that moved me once again when I`ve read about it: JYJ donates 200 million won to Thailand’s flood recovery efforts
*.* … omo, Oppas! That`s so much money! (it`s ca. 173.300,00 in US Dollar!)

Aaaaaand now something that is already on hiatur for too long!

You know what time it is?! THIS IS RETURN OF THE… COUPLE SERIES!!!!

The truth is that the couples are on hiatus since almost a whole month now (24 days) and I start missing the couples now. So since I haven`t got the time/the concentration to watch the last 2 Poseidon episodes yet I will do the couple series today!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
ㅋㅋㅋ classic couple thing here with KangTeuk today! KYAAH! Wae is this so cute? Wae? ^v^ As a fangirl I feel like the weirdo of the world but… IT FEELS SO GOOD! =D
KangTeuk 4 the win!

So what is the wild couple doing?
“KyuMin of the day”:
AAH! KyuMin are doing like their parents: Doing classic couple thing today!
ts… you two… #waeuno wild today? That evil wifey @SarangGyu will be disappointed! xD

Now I`m curious what our YeWook couple is doing after this long time of hiatus!
“YeWook of the day:”
LOL! OMO! YeWook totally running the show today! *haha*
And look at that! Yesung, you evil being! xD Ah haha!  He only grabbed Kyu to make Wookie jealous so he comes to hug you? ah haha! Oppa is so sly! ㅋㅋㅋ
Kyu dosen`t even wanted to stay but Yesung was clinging to him and Wookie was like “yah! go away! *hugs Yesungie*”
Oooh, this is so sweet! Photobucket and funny! =)
Hope you enjoyed today`s entry. It`s been a long time (for my standards) to blog again and it`s been a long time for the couple series to return. But now both happened! *haha*
Althought it was a rant entry once again you ppl should be used to it by now.

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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