*starts singing* Love you mo~re~~♥ HanGeng~♥ & MAMA in Singapore

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Yesterday I was reading on in this SuJu FF and it made me laugh and also cry. It was a huge SuJu 15 moment in Beijing at a Award show and it was just so… cool!
Aw! They were reunited with Han for a while and SME could do nothing about it ㅋㅋㅋ

The autor of this FF is really talented! I enjoy reading it very much! It has a real plot. A complex plot. Every good FF needs a good plot. And the boys of SuJu and also the girls of SNSD appear very “natural” in it too. That simply means: You could really imgine them to be like this in real. This autor is a genius!

And talking about uri Geng…
Awwww! [Han-fangirl mode on] Yeah, our adorable chinese man! *pinches with no end/for all eternity*
My love for him grew stronger lately.

But, sadly, besides that crazy ELF in my t-list no one seems to like HanGeng much or is interested in what he`s doing… :/
WAIT! Photobucket … OMG! It`s really like that! THIS IS PRETTY SAD! #Cassiopeia4everignores

I still think HanGeng deserves more love! Photobucket Much more.
Our kindhearted chinese man. Chinas one and only dancing king. King of popularity. Uri Geng. Han.♡
I love him. Such a strong person!
As for me, I can never have enough HanGeng news on my tl (^ㅅ^)

These days he was filming the new Xtep commercial. Aww! Soooo cute and handsome. Ai! In such a simple way. I… I cannot even descibe it properly!

Xtep said on WEIBO: “Quietly handsome, distinctively handsome!” *___* #damnitstrue! European boys #dealwithit: Han is way prettier than you because he`s way prettier inside than you and because it shines to the outside Noona can only be Like ” *。* ” then. *____* Han… *is totally in fangirl mode/admire mode now* [/fangirl mode off]

but…  this talk about Han also reminds me of something:
Recently I was listening to a SuJu M song in my car. I heard Han singing and got a little emotional again.
I still have THAT scenario in my head and so it was that day too: Siwon in China, being the “surprise” for HanGeng at this chinese TV show. It came back to my mind. I still see them standing there together and I swear that I`ve never cried that hard so suddenly like the night I saw this video.
I know I`m an emotional bapo >//< but it was just too touching. This never, NEVER, makes me fail to go like “F U, SME!”. It was so hard for HanGeng and I`m sure they acted towards him just like they did in the case of our boys: They didn`t even listened to him once! ><
But while I was still listening to SuJu M I thought about the beautiful friendship of the boys and an interview of HanGeng came to my mind.
This is also 4ever on my mind: HanGeng sitting there, looking very serious, and telling the tv guy that he don`t dare to call the other SuJu members and dosen`t dares to call the 2 he`s still in contact with much because he fears to cause trouble for them (when they are in contact with him much).
Yeah ppl, this is how things are with SME. HanGeng is afraid to call his friends because he fears SM is going wild then…
IN WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO WE LIVE IN?! AISH! Photobucket These are the moments when I wish I could hug him through my computer screen… seriously. It breaks my (ELF)heart!

To inform the new reader: I`m cassiopeia but I also have an ELF heart inside me.  I cannot help myself, there ist just an ELF heart in me! ‘(*゚▽゚*)’❤

Just random and because it was on my tl lately: Magazines HanGeng has been in lately:

Here’s a list of some the magazines he’s been in recently:

  • October 2011 – Esquire Magazine (HK Edition)
  • September 2011 – TVB Weekly (Vol. 743)
  • September 2011 – 南都娱乐 Weekly
  • September 2011 – 优家画报
  • September 2011 – 智族GQ
  • September 2011 – Men’s Health (China Edition)
  • September 2011 – Boys and Girls Magazine (No. 378)
  • August 2011 – BQ Weekly
  • August 2011 – 名汇FAMOUS (No.16)
  • August 2011 – SIZE潮流生活
  • August 2011 – Yishion1Jeans (Autumn 2011 Issue)
  • August 2011 – Men’s Uno (HK Edition)
  • August 2011 – HisLife他生活
  • August 2011 – 时装男士L’OFFICIEL HOMMES
  • August 2011 – 时尚COSMOPOLITAN
  • August 2011 – 大周末Hotspot
  • July 2011 – 风尚志FASHION WEEKLY
  • July 2011 – POP Magazine
  • July 2011 – Yes! Magazine (HK Edition//Vol.1059)
  • July 2011 – Life Style Magazine


OH! OH! Did I ever mention that my HanGeng magazines from China arrived? I cannot remember. Maybe I did ^^
But: They are sooo cool! aw! I`m so deprived when it comes to things about HanGeng. His album was the only thin I got of him :/ (general SuJu stuff where he`s in dosen`t count!)
But now I have 2 more magazines =D

oh yeah and of course, Han has won 1th place in the “Chinas 50 most beautiful ppl” voting! YAAAAY! fans did a good job! And: I KNEW IT!
Photobucket Go Han, Go Han! Gogo HanGeng! *cheers*

News from the MAMA front!

Our german tv woman asked SuJu a question =D AND LEETEUK SAID “Guten Abend”!!!!! Photobucket

KYAAAH! Nela, you are right! That`s amazing!
and he even said “Ich bin Leeteuk…. Dankeschön.” Awwww! He`s sooo cute! *inches SuJu Leader* Sometimes I feel like shouting “Marry me!” at him XDD LOL
But Leeteuk, there`s no need to be shy! You pronounced it very well!
Then again… he´s really cute when he`s shy *pinches SuJu Leader again* And I don`t have to run away when pinching Leeteuk because he`s not the evil maknae (who will hunt me for pinching him – … when his evil wifey`s not around >< )

I feel touched everytime they talk in our language because it`s really not easy and we ABSOLUTELY don`t demand this of them I don`t only talk about SuJu now. I mean our boys too and any other k-pop artist who ever spoke german so far ^^ Or… let`s say any of the languages of their fans.
It touches our hearts when they do, because we don`t demand it from them but they do anyway.

But I wonder wae Leeteuk learned so much german? Is this a “sign”? haha XD
*turns to Leeteuk* Oppa, you`ve been to France, not Germany. Wae you can speak so much german? Noona wonders!

Performances from the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards
UWAAAAAH! SUJU PERFORMANCE WAS AMAZING! ooooh, my poor ELF heart! Had to beat so fast ^^ I think it skipped a beat when Sorry, sorry was played! Photobucket

Sorry, sorry. The song that brought them to superstardom. Sorry, sorry 4ever relevant.

And one more awesome thing: Cassiopeia shouting “Dong Bang Shin Ki” at MAMA:

It`s too awesome but also… breaks my heart when the woman says the wrong name. But hey! I love SuJu too so “YAAAAY!” for them! They deserve it.

But it would be such a nice happening for HoMin. Well, we will make it next year and on top of all: Our sun will rise again. We only have to hope to the end and keep the faith.
And then we will all stand and scream “동방신기 다시시작!” (DBSK restart!)

about the MAMA awards in general: I liked SNSD`s outfits! They were pretty ^^
Some emerican stars where there too but… pfht! Who cares XDD LOL

One more thing, quote from an article: “Not every artiste gave routine answers.

Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong gave an offbeat reply asked by a German reporter of his thoughts of German women.

“I haven’t thought about that. The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Germany is dark beer and sausages,” said the lanky singer, who earlier revealed that his concert tour next year will be delayed to star in a drama serial.”
*hehe* the person who asked that was our Nela, our tv woman of our tv station Pro7. ^^

And on top of all: The others on twitter are right! It seems like our reporter team from germany was a little attraction. Everyone is talking about the fact that german reporters were/are there xD cooool! ME LIKES!

Something not MAMA related now: Funny Junsu & Junho ^^: [Trans] 111127-111128 Post Of JYJ Tweets
eh hehe… yeah, since my dream I know that my hubby is angry sometimes ^^° *pats Junsu* No need, brother and Noona are working hard to prevent this Photobucket

And this is also the AWESOMENESS! 어머! *.* 짱! : [Pic] TVXQ MISSHA Goods
I . WANT . TO . HAVE . THIS. >__< Someone please give me these things! ARGH! Toooo cool! WantToHaveWantToHaveWantToHaveWantToHaveWantToHaveWantToHave… *please insert a “∞” here for me saying this*

Okie gais! *imitating Emmy* You know what time it is? It`s time for…. THE COUPLE SEIRES!!!!!!! *announces officially*

“KangTeuk of the day”:
KYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) We once had a gif of this situation, but not how it ended!
LOL KangTeuk xDDD You are soooo cute!

What are KyuMin doing today?
“KyuMin of the day”:
^//^° aaah, looks like we disturbing them right now XD
(yeah, we already had the gif of this moment, but it`s worth to have the picture of it too!) awww, aren`t they just sweet? =D

Okay, now what`s up at YeWook`s end?
“YeWook of the day”:
KYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O CUTENESSSSSSS! SOOOO CUTE! *pinches YeWook* and we have Siwon in that one too as a bonus! *dies* Prince Charming for realz, girls! I`m dead!

Good night!
HAHA! xD okie, a half-lie! I will eat and then go to bed =P

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