HoMin`s “Winter Rose” MV is out ; Standom: Ready? Aaaand… action! aka they were at it again! & Video blog today!

안녕! (v^_^)v

Let`s start with the good things and talk about the stans later ^^ (I`m sure I will rant again).

These days HoMin`s wonderful “Winter Rose” MV was out. ♥
I love this song!

I think I will buy the CD ^^ *adds to christmas list*

Very suitable to this is the “Duet” off shot movie ^^

aww! They are soo cute! With that ♪-thingy on set they were like “Look at this huge ♪! *presenting* Isn`t that thingy cool? *looking at it`s backside* oh… it`s fake ^^°”
But the cutest was Leader씨 at the end when he tried to lift this ♪-thing and carry it away! ah haha!
Leader씨, wae you want to take it? Let this thingy stand in it`s place. aw! but sooo cute! Photobucket
My, my… wae are you so cute? *pinches Leader씨 4ever*

+ another thing was revealed: Junsu`s teaser for the “JYJ – Come On Over” DVD:

awww! Junsu`s precious laugh! Photobucket awww! My baby! Photobucket Photobucket
I need nothing on earth, but a laughing Junsu… Photobucket
Then Brian Oppa linked the christmas vid of Jellyfish Entertainment ^^ Jelly christmas!

1.) I love the name of this company! Jellyfish Ent. is just LOVE! & 2.) I cannot get used to Brians new hair >< I just can`t!
But nice vid in the end. Slowly all kind of christmas MVs come creeping around… YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!
To continue with the video blog: There was a YouTube account with many great vids!
Among others, this one made me laugh sooo hard:
Super Junior – Mr. Simple – fanservice parody

XD OMG! Mr. Sinful XD *lool* Kyu saying: “So many years with this guys have turn me into a f*cking evil” XD LOL aaah! so that`s why! XDDD
The thing is: It`s freakin’ true! They are the gods of fanservice! Up to the point where no one can say if it`s only fanservice or not. Well, not that I would care. I just love them ^^
OTL SuJu, it´s all about “The Way You Are” *that title> 4ever relevant*

There were even more amazing vids! EunHae vids ;P
Eunhae feels like insomnia!

Ryeowook`s solo from SuperShow2 sounds sooo cool! Yeah, the song in the vid is his solo.
I haven`t watche any of my SuJu DVDs yet >< (well, it`s christmas and I`m simply lacking time because of work ㅠ~ㅠ *cries forever* ) but I`m sure it`s even more daebak when I watch it!
EunHae is my fav SuJu couple! yeah, recently I thought about an order of some SuJu couple for me ^^
It`s EunHae > HanChul > YeWook now. They are the top 3 couples.

[eunhae] All about desire…

This vid Photobucket just too great!

Sexy Nasty EunHae!

OMO! *o* … what a cool piece of work!
And the song: On the one hand it makes me laugh but on the other hand it`s sooo suitable for this EunHae vid!
but… one question was in my mind after watching this: what is that with Hyukie always hitting Hae`s butt? xDD ㅋㅋㅋ
OMG EUNHAE! You drive me crazy, u know?

And: The creator of these videos is such a genius *___* I swear!

Now let`s go through some news of the past days…

✭ The total BLAST were the pics of HoMin at Incheon Airport *___*
[Pic] 111130 Homin at Incheon Airport *click*
I have to quote Emmy because it`s the only sentence that describes what a cassiopeia feels while looking at this: “The world stopsPhotobucket
Everytime you think they cannot get any more handsome they prove you otherwise.
Wae are our boys so freaking handsome? wae? Oh, wait, I know: Because their inner beauty always makes them go more handsome day by day! YEAH! THAT`S IT!
oooh, another riddle was solved by Sangmi noona!

Leeteuk & Eunhyuk to be replaced by Sungmin & Ryeowook on ‘Kiss the Radio’
well… at least for Leeteuk it`s more like “we have to think ahead, because he will join the military next year and will be gone anyway” ><
But I like the producers statement! *haha* They want to keep the SuJu element of the show ;D
Who cares about SNSD or Infinite? Since I know k-pop Kiss the Radio is a SuJu show! Producers are right!

✭ More SuJu news:
Leeteuk and Donghae volunteer to aid flood victims in Thailand
I love what Leetuek said: “(…) I know what Super Junior must do from now on! We need to offer strength to those who are going through difficult times.
Aw! SuJu Leader, you guys have such a big and warm heart! Thank you for being you!

OFF story to that: Tonight I dreamed about being in Thailand when a Tsunami hit the land >< strange dream! I was save in a house but had to watch the chaos. When I was walking around a little later I found Donghae & Hyukjae walking around there too. oO How come? I really wondered.
This was the second time I`ve met some other members (not always only Siwon ^^). They both were okay but Hyukjae`s blonde hair was wet ^ω^ *haha* so cute. Once I reached them I hugged them and told them that I`m glad that they are save.
Well, thaks Leeteuk & Donghae! Only because you tweeted about such a thing before I had this strange k-dream tonight!
… but at least it was a little k-dream again! I haven`t had a proper k-dream in a long time… :/ it`s always like this when I`m stressed. And right now I`m a little stressed because of work at christmastime… and when I´m like this I can only sleep like a dead zombie and cannot have good dreams Photobucket I want to see my Junsu in my dreams again! *runs away crying*

✭ Readers, let`s DANCE!
JYJ Become “Sold-Out Boys”…. 70,000 Copies Of Remix Special Edition Sold Out
WOW! *o* Sold out right from it`s release!? And one of those 70 000 copies is mine! It was already shipped!
I wonder when my copy will arrive. hopefully next week! OMO! OMO! I must prepare myself mentally to worship it! *___*

✭ We had funny news from HanGeng ^^
Super Junior’s Hangeng shows off his derriere in new selcas
xD *haha* Han! You dork! *lol*
I really laughed when I saw his update! and, btw: this was what my tweets were related to… THAT one picture where I said “sorry, it was me! xD” #justsaying Photobucket
Like it or not t-list and readers, but this Geng is MINE! 아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ … muahahah!
Junsu: *shots a =.=”-death glare at Noona*
me: ” 여부! eh hehe… *is caught again* I mean it´s in a more… transferred sense of course! Photobucket
*whispers* Junsu may like it or not but… Photobucket you all have to deal with it! I just love HanGeng! But don`t worry. I just want to own him and want to protect him ;P I`m still married to my baby Junsu!
AND ANYWAY! I really love the fact that AllKPop used “Super Junior`s HanGeng” as their title~Photobucket

✭ Good news for Hyun Joong and his MV for “Please”!
Kim Hyun Joong wins case against MOGEF, ban removed for “Please”
ts… ㄱ-ㄱ to ban “please” was the most stupid thing I`ve ever witnessed! Okay, wait… like I already said on twitter: KBS` lame excuses regarding banning JYJ was the most stupid thing I`ve ever witnessed!

✭ This crossed my way on my tl and I thought it`s very cute ^^:
B2ST’s Yoseob teases fans: “I kissed…”
ah haha! Yoseob you troll! xD But it`s cute ^v^

✭ We had http://today`s Music Core performances *click*
I`m posting this because TRAX with “Blind” are really good! I like this song! Allt he others… nah, I watched it for a short time but there was nothing where I could say “oh yeah, they are good too!”.
Sorry other bands, but my standards are too high. Blame the 5 gods of the east or blame me for being that picky =P

✭ I really wondered about that today:
Hyori responds to netizens’ comments about her relationship
Ok, to call it a “respose” is maybe too much said by AllKPop and I didn`t wondered about her doing this.
What I was more like “WHAT DA EFFIN’ F*CK?!?” about was the fact that netizens made such strange comments! I mean: 1.) It`s none of their business oO_&_2.) How shallow can ppl be?? oO
Hyori was totally right with her statement! I mean: True beauty comes fromt he inside. This is not just a silly old saying. It`s as true as the fact that true uglyness also comes from the inside!
The ppl who commented at AllKPop got that totally right!

and while we are talking about -ugly-… our dear standom!
I don`t know… in the meantime I cannot even pity these ‘beings’ anymore. I mean: SOOOO WEIRD! SOOO STUPID!

My friend Emmy always has an eye on those stans because they tend to screencap her and she loves to read their nonsense. But this time stans surely stole the show off of everyone again!

This time it was all about the YunJae shippers again and the event that caused this masice outburst of stupidity, embarrassment & ridiculousness was that JJ will hold a fanmeeting in China.
[sarcasm] ooooh, uuuh! I see JYJ stans! This is sooo horrible! OMG! what to do? He will go to YunJae land #1! O: [/sarcams end]
1.) stop being so worked up & ridiculous
2.) Wae did this JYJ stan person compare YunJae shippers to HIV?

I mean our JYJ boys are UNAIDS(!!) ambassadors!!!!
1.) Aids is nothing to make fun about like you do that way!
2.) o___O how come you compare laughable, trivial fandom issue to something like THAT?!
3.) how low can you ppl sink? I mean… STILL!?! What da f*ckery!!!!?????


I think there`s no canyon deep enough on earth to measure stans` lowness and pitifulness.
They never had real arguments because there is just NO ISSUE about YunJae/YunJae shippers that would be worth discussing. And then they go and say thing like “YunJae shippers are like HIV” or like in another sample “supporting SM artist is supporting SM and that`s like supporting Hitler” …. *has no words for such a behaviour*


Seriously. This is so wrong, sooooo sad, totally disrespectful to all ppl who actually have Aids AND disrespecful to JYJ.
STANDOM, GTFO!!!! Photobucket
OTL to your information stans: JYJ tweeted something about the world aids day. It was for December the 1st. You should read that carefully and think about it`s meaning.

There are simply no words how embarrassing this is – for the STANS of course!
Even I feel embarrassed by only reading this… I`m ashamed that ppl like THEM call themselves “JYJ fans”. Really. What a shame that our boys have to have such fans!

And once again the saying from recently came to my mind: “A person hates you for 1 of 3 reasons. 1) They want to be you. 2) They hate themselves. 3) They see you as a threat.”

For our case it`s not 1, not reason 2 but reason 3!
Stans always see OT5 and YunJae shippers as such a big threat… it`s not even normal anymore.
So the newest incident now it how afraid they are of YunJae shippers…. ㄱ-ㄱ
Is there something greater as fellin pity? I mean a word that describes a feeling even more… dunno… sad?

I always wondered and still wonder about what`s the big deal with YunJae shippers? Stans don`t know the word “spazz” or what?
Quote: ” @JYJCYW: while you jyj3fans go spread hate we OT5 and yunjae shippers enjoy ourselves and spread the love… ”

Yeah. That`s the sad truth.
You know what standom? Your show was something never ever seen before once again!
Go on an spread your hate and get worked up with all your thoughts of ‘danger’ and hatred. *locks stans away in their private room*
Just don`t annoy us with your sh*t! It`s not our problem when your hearts are too small for 5 ppl and you cannot enjoy our spazz, isn`t it?
Dirt off my shoulder, stans, dirt off my shoulders I say *walks away while making -cleaning dust off my shoulder- move with the hand*

oh, now I ranted a bit again but standom is just too stupid! I couldn`t help myself.

I still can`t believe that they said this… too embarrassing. There are no words.
Friends, we can call ourselves lucky because our daily routine is made of love. Love for YunJae shippers, for YunJae, for all 5 boys, for music, for cassiopeia & bigeast, for our fans from other fandoms (^^ *looks at her ELF friends*).
Just just love that.

Sure, our times are hard but stans will never ever catch us off guard like they did at the beginning of 2011.
카시오페아 화이팅! 가자!

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