A new K-Dream, tons of news… >-< (HanGeng & Junho incl.!) & Stans misunderstood how to "keep it low" ㄱ-ㄱ

As if I was not talking about it just a few days ago… What`s the point, you ask? I had a k-dream again!
Yeah *haha* A strage one again!

There was a Cassie/Bigest meeting, more like a fanclub trip, arranged by SME. I dunno in which land, I only know my best friend was going with me and we had to travel there.
We ended up at a, pretty beautiful looking, airport. It was a modern and nicely constructed building. It had a warm atmosphere althought it was very modern. This airport was just cool! It was said the meeting place would be outside the airport so we just walked through it.
We walked, and walked (airport was big) to reach the exit. I was thining about how many cassies would already wait outside and such things. So thinking of no evil *haha* someone suddenly ran up to me, trying to catch up to me. I was like “…what da?!” but then I saw that the person who called out for his Noona was Siwon! OMG! Siwon! Again!? Photobucket
Well, I didn`t though it`s that of a surprising to meet Siwon at an airport but to meet him again was indeed surprising. (OTL my already old friend Siwon in my dreams XD too cool!). Somehow… in my dreams we always end up running into each other *haha* I cannot help myself, it always happens!
My best friend didn`t payed that much attention to him because she was walking a little bit ahead of me and is not interested in koreans in the first place. So I was behind her with a smiling Siwon who asked me wae I was here and where I was going. I told him about the cassie meeting and he said he`s sorry that he cannot attend it with me because he has to go somewhere. I was thinking “okeh~ but why da hell would you want to attend a cassiopeian fanclub meeting with me XD Siwon you`re so weird! xD” LOL funny!
While talking with him Siwon was smiling at me like an idiot. He said he cannot talk for long to me now BUT he has something that he wanted to tell me. I was really wondering what Siwon wants to tell me but then he said his goodbye and ran over to his manager Hyung who was already calling him over. Only then I realized that half of SuJu was at the airport, but they were on their way to fulfill the schedule of today. Well, whatever SuJu, whatever v^^.
I was on my way to a fanclub meeting!
After this short episode with Siwon my best friend and I arrived outside and saw many ppl in red t-shirts =D GOOD! That was the right place! And I imediately found out that my Bigeast unni was there too! Photobucket OMOOO! Shizuka Unni~~~~! I greeted her and she told me we are supposed to wait for the SM representative for this event. Okay, so we did. More and more cassies/bigeast gathered and then the SM person showed up. The man told us to come near him and then said THIS about today`s ‘event’: Cassiopeia/Bigeast will spend a day with special guests of SM family.
At first we were like “=D KAAAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))” . but… yeah, NOT the guests we thought! We thought of HoMin and then… SNSD showed up! oO WEEEEEIRDEST MOMENT EVERRRRR!!!!! + very awkward silence °__° ….

Our fanclubs were like “EEEEH????? WHAT DA EFFIN’ F*CK?!”
SM man said we would go on a tour in the town together. fanclubs were like “:/ well, since we are here. FINE! then we go on a tour with SNSD *disappointed*”
So our group started to walk. We all, in our PEARL RED shirts, walking around with SNSD XD LOL Weirdest thing in history!
Fans talked to each other and wondered wae da hell we were with SNSD now. I think this was some “Cassiopeia/Bigeast, learn to love SNSD so there will be less fanwar*-activity. but… WHAT DA HELL! I wasn`t too happy about that nonsense. SME, are you freakin’ kidding us?! Sending us on a trip with SNSD for one day oO
While we were still disappointend, SNSD started to act nice around cassiopeia and they all talked to us. Taeyeon tried to invole me in a talk with her for a while, but I didn`t showed much intereste because I was thinking about different ways to kill this SM man =-=” who was the leader of our whole group. What were they thinking?! I mean: SNSD? WITH our clubs?! On a tour? Oh yeah… great idea…ㄱ-ㄱ
A little later Sunny was walkin besides me and made a funny comment about our awkward situation and I had to laugh. For the rest of the day everything was just too weird! I mean… the whole atmosphere. I dunno what SME was thinking! *facepalm* well, at least cassiopeia and bigeast were able to meet up and AT LEAST we had fun together. So in the end we were happy nonetheless.
Later in the afternoon SM man suddenly told us the rest of this event is cancelled because SNSD were called back to the headquarters because there was a sudden schedule for them or so. Whatever. We all were like “*shrugs* okie, bye then oO *still confused*” and SM man left with SNSD.
What to do now? We all were hungry and went back to the airport. Some of us went home and a smaller group, where my best friend and I were in, of us found a restaurant to eat. It`s walls were fully of glass and you could see what was happening at the airport. You could see ppl walking around and the shops on the other side of the big hall ^^
We sat down at the restaurant and soon we noticed that JJ was there too =D OMG! BIG WIN! Finally the day had it`s highlight! We were like “uwah! so cool to be here with JJ!”.
JJ greeted us and said he was only on his way home and wanted to eat here. Yeah, we said we are doing the same he said “Let`s eat together then!”. HECK YES! And we did!
So everyone ordered and then suddenly there was a list. Everyone of us wrote her name on that list. It was said this will be given to JJ with presents later. Just to record who was there that day ^^ *haha* silly us! XD
So we were writing our names, my best friend got the list before me. She decided to put her name on the list too. As I watched her writing I was like “O___O WHAT DA—!” because I saw that she was writing her name in perfect hangul on the list. In fact everyone was writing the names in hangul Photobucket yeah well, as the fangirls we are… Wae not? Or course, I did so too! (wrote “김상미” on it =P ).
Then we were eating. I noticed that we had more guests of surprise in that restaurant! Ryeowook & Sungmin were there now too! =D I wondered why they choosed to eat in a restaurant full of cassies & with JJ XD but there seemed to be no SM ppl around so I guess it was okay. (but they acted weird, they didn`t talk to each other >< )
Looking at those two reminded me of Siwon. I really wondered what he wanted to tell me and why he was smiling like cray while he was talking & announcing (that) to me. oO He still hasen`t showed up yet and I also wondered how he planned to find me after he had left before with not knowing where I would be? Strage Siwon! oO
I was thinking: “I cannot just call him and ask him about it. too embarrassing. I will just write him a message to his phone tomorrow morning and ask him what he was doing today, so he will tell me all my himself then =P *making women`s plan*”

Then I woke up and saw on my clock that I had already overlept REALLY BAD ^^° I wanted to fall back asleept but I really had to get up! AISH! I finally had a k-dream again and I couldn`t find out what`s the matter with Siwon announcing mysterious things!
To be honest I wondered half of the forenoon at work about different thins he could have wanted to tell me. o__o + I really ask myself wae in the world I got his number from (in my dream)? HAHA!
Maybe I will find out about everything when I meet him in my dreams the next time. Maybe not. We will see ^^

Patricia said that Siwon is practically stalking me… thinking about it: YES HE DOES! xD
ts, ts, ts… Pastor Won… she`s right when she says it`s like a sin! ;P kㅋㅋ
But really… Siwon: What are you doing in my dreams anyway? I mean: all the time? Confuse da hell outta me? Is it that?

Siwon appears more often in my dreams than in the ELF`s dreams… oO
Patricia said it`s because my subconscious wants to tell me that Siwon is my SuJu bias Photobucket
I dunno if this is true… subconscious could at least ask me before sending Siwon into my dreams each time XD
Okay, he saved me from my Ex (THANK YOU SO MUCH SIWON! RALLY!), he prevented that I oversleep via HALLYU-cination and we had a funny time at this seminar back then XD but really! Slowly I think he`s stalking me for realz.
Siwon always appearing where I am… this is too much of coincidence, don`t ya all think? (nonetheless: My k-dreams ROCK!)
And now he came along with something he has to tell me and runs away to his manager Hyung before telling me? EEEEEH? Siwon, what da hell was that (with you running away before tellin)?! HAIIIIIZ!
I think I`m going crazy with this guy! HAHAHA!
He made me so curious and then… aigoo, how am I supposed to find out what it was?! I want to know! Iwant to know about it like I want to know about A-Nations “it” (JYJ incident with the “it” at A-nation ^^ maybe only cassies remember).
yea… that`s how bad I want to know ^^°
#justsaying: I`m not crazy, I dream all this stuff the whole year XD (just in case some new readers are present right now)

But in the end this dream was veeery cool *cough*… although it had some major FAILS (SNSD, Siwon not telling me what da heck is the deal & no Junsu AGAIN! Photobucket )!

Sadly it was my only k-dream lately… *pouts*
Stupid work around christmastime is no good for my goal to have k-dreams! Work is stressful and I wasn`t able to have a k-dream nor was I able to post a new blog entry here… Photobucket
Work knew how to keep me from writing. It really sucks soooo much!

And the news… OMG! You will see soon that the news of the past week are soooo many! I dunno where to begin.
Not to mention that I still haven`t seen Poseidon`s last episode D:<

DAMIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<” AISH!!!!
*annoyed* I hate christmastime!
(OTL yeah, and work isn`t the only reason wae I hate it… I also hate all those ppl who are friendly only because it`s “christmas” now *facepalm* that`s what I call fail attitude & FAIL ppl! )

*takes a deeeeeeep breath* Okay, after we all know now wae I hate christmas (not that anyone would bother to know XDD ) but we stil have tons of news ahead of us and I fear this entry will be longer as all our lives, so let`s start!

Singapore was very lucky lately: First MAMA and then HoMin fanmeeting!
TVXQ in Singapore

China is one hell of a lucky country these days too. So many fanmeetings with our boys! First HoMin and then JJ (more about JJ`s fanmeeting later)
TVXQ concludes their fan meeting in Shanghai

Soulmatesister found something interesting these days: “Picture of you” but now sung by our boys… oO
“Picture Of You” english song O___o
Okay, I did some research to this!
This english version of Picture Of You was sung by an australian popband which disbanded in 2006.
“Picture of you” was a track on their second (and last) album in 2006.
well, related to our boys now… since “Picture of you” was part of the mirotic album in 2008 it seems like the austrlian boyband had the original song back then oO WHAT DA F*CK!
So SME got this song from THERE? from them? OMG!
The song is beautirul but… I don`t like it being sung in english. I miss the korean. As a cassiopeia I do of course and by all means!
But also, as a cassiopeia I cannot accept very well that SME probably stole this song from there and it wasn`t an original song of our boys T__T *heartbroken*
But TVXQ had the waaaay better version of Picture Of You, they didn`t disbanded in 2006 (or any other year *couch* OT5ness *cough* they never did, to be honest) & the only thing that may benefits us in that case is that 2 of the 4 members of this North band were asian =D

A very interesting article appeared on the web at the 5th via SYC. And I was NOT PLESED with it`s contend because it showed how media makes up false things some ppl may believe in the end. It wasn`t the thing that they compared HoMin & JYJ in it. This is a natural thing to do for the media these days. But I`m absolutely not okay with the things they said about SS501, the things between HoMion & JYJ + JYJ in general!
[Trans] This Year’s Results Slip Of The Two Groups After TVXQ Split
After the split(1) of two major boy bands TVXQ and SS501, which were formed in the first half of first decade of the 21st century, they have started events officially this year.
(…) U-Know Yunho and Choi Kang Changmin, who had a different thinking from the 3 members of JYJ(2), remained in SM Entertainment, and have started activities as a duo since January this year.
(…) In comparison, JYJ had restrictions(3) in performing on broadcasts,(…)”
WOAH! STOP! Photobucket
MEDIA, STOP TALKING NONSENSE! This is a totally big NO GO!
1.) errr… no! SS501 never split neither their disbanded or anything. They are on a current haitus because the members are going after their solo projects! They are still friends and they still love each other. It`s not like the band called SS501 is gone! And on to of that that`s a very biiiig difference to the situation of our boys as well! This is a compeltely false info!
Stop talking rubbish! Some kids could believe you!
2.) Different thinking? Different thinking my ass! JJ himself told us again and again: The problem wasn`t betweet the mebers so don`t you dare to practially say they had some issues. It`s just not true! And in addition to that: Nobody besides the boys themselves know why HoMin stayed at SME. Fact is that they originally wanted to leave as 5 (according to the lawyers blog) but then suddenly only 3 left. Who knows what`s going on. They will tell us one day, but for NOW nobody knows. Even Junho said he just cannot tell us what`s the real deal, it wears him out that he cannot tell us, but that`s just the way it is. We will have to wait. In the meantime: Media, please STFU!
3.) restrictions? What are restrictions? What happened and still happens to JYJ is not called restriction, it`s called BLOCKED! That`s a huge difference again! They are blocked by companies who have too much power. Although SME were forbidden to hinder JYJ`s activities they pull the strings via “underground” and hinder them nonetheless. Info FAIL here! totally FAIL!
Aigoo… and talking about such stuff in general wich is practically called “who`s better? JYJ or HoMin?” is so not appropriated… I cannot even tell! How can someone think about comparing those two groups when fandom is split in 3 groups? (maybe more) How accurate can the outcome of this kind of “research” be?
Such a thing is more than questionalble if you ask me. *raises eyebrow* SO questionable.

This week was a happy week for german cassies! Our tv host, Nela Panghy-Lee, visited singappore to give her report about k-pop in general & MAMA 2011! We all had high hopes because some of us asked her if she could make a report about k-pop and now she and our tv station Pro7 did! =DD
We even had an article in Glamour about it!
Nela goes K-Pop
Of course we cannot forget the epic moment many of us watched the broadcasting of the report on Thursday!
And after that happened even AllKPop reported about it =D (you can watch the report in their site but it`s in german ^^ well, it was a german tv show after all)
German entertainment program, Taff, airs a segment on K-Pop
KYAAAAH!!!! I was totally fangirling! Mom watched it with me too because she wanted to see it too ^^ Right before it began she said “Look, there`s your k-pop now”.
When they showed SuJu for the first time I was like “KYAAAAH! O(≧∇≦)O SuJu~~!!!!” & when they showed Leeteuk at the PressCon I started hitting mom`s arm and said “Now listen! Look! look! look! =DD ”
*haha* XD ME . WAS . HYPER !

I was in K-Pop heaven again when I was finally able to order all the things my cassie/ELF heart longed for after I received much christmas money from my boss ♥.♥ … Just too awesome!
➤ One of the things I odered was JYJ 2012 Calendar~♡
DON`T BLAME ME! I just couldn`t resist! My main calendar will be HoMin calendar this year, but I also got that one SuJu calendar (of which I believe it`s not an official one ^^ but very pretty!) & this JYJ calendar.
My cassie heart just couldn`t stand having only HoMin calendar. I felt like abandoning JYJ… ㅠ^ㅠ
And since I had some money left I decided to get this one as well.

The second highlight of the week was THIS:
Super Junior releases new Japanese track, “Snow White”
*.* oooooh~ what a wonderful song! I wondered wae japanese? oO Is SME preparing the world for sending SuJu to japan? (maybe with an following album?)
But more important is that this song is soooo beautiful! It`s my fav together with “Winter Rose” of HoMin for this winter!
here`s the translatoion to it, btw:
“Snow White” english translation
It on such a beautiful site! hehe… there`s someone really madly in love with our Hyukjae! But in a really deep way *.* ai, that person! Beautiful you! (I mean the fangil *haha* but Hyukjae is cute too *pinches*)
hm. this reminds me of a picture I saw these days: Hyukjae & Junsu in their schooldays Photobucket aaaah! Soooo cute! And Junsu looked so adorable! awww! Photobucket

Super Junior’s Leeteuk is proud to be listed on ‘Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2011′ list
aaah yeah! That trend list! With SuJu being #4 we`ve beat BRITNEY freakin’ SPEARS another time! And, #justsaying: Bieber kids creating useless trends every day, Jonas ppl had many totally useless trends too as well as Gaga WHILE SuJu`s ELF (*cough* maybe other ppl like me) trended relatively rarely. So what doese this tell us?
Yes, it tells us that stupid kids with useless trends are trending like mad kids & k-pop blows them away anaway LOOOOL ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Something not really k-pop realated but many of us use an iPhone (article in german)
Studie zu SmartPhones (Test mit iPhone)
ah haha! everyone loves their iPhone! =D How cool is that? XDD *laughing 4ever*

➤ We had SuJu special Stage at M-net`s M-Countdown this week! They performed “Bonamana” & Photobucket …. GOD! HYUKJAE`S NEW HAIR! O: … *jaw drops* OMOOOO! HE LOOKS GOOOD! =D

…but I really want to touch Yesungs hair, Wookies hair looks cute too! (want to touch it too! ^^) & Donghae`s hair looks really fluffy! AAAH! You boys just line up and let me touch your hair, okie?! Hair obsessed Noona is going crazy with SuJu hair here! =DD

And now… errr… excuse me because I have to run for my life Photobucket *runs away because evil ELF told her to stay away from KyuHae and now I wanted to touch Hae`s hair*

These days EunHae having all the attention again not only because of EunHae-ness, but because of their duet as well!
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk to release duet, “Oppa Has Arrived”
hm. I should really listen to their song soon. It still lies around on my mac without me listening to it.

Talking about listening to some thing… I still have some “missions” to do. Listen to mblaq songs, listen to In Heaven Remix & Get Out Remix + EunHae song…
And talking about In Heaven: I listened to normal version yesterday for 483745739450 times and hearing it makes me go back to the Concert in berlin a month ago T^T I can still hear them sing, hear the fans sing. OMG! I wante to hear In Heaven live so bad and I did. I can still not believe it really happened. The whole concert… like a huge unreal dream! ><

Well, nothing much to say about the next topic ^^ LOTS OF JUNSU EVERYWHEEEEEERE!!!!! =D
[Pic] XiahDay Exhibition

Then another Bigeast mail showed up!
[Trans] Bigeast Mail : 『SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION』 DVD To Be Released On 22 February!
Photobucket HONTOU!? I have to check on that DVD when it`s about to come out in february.

In fact I have to take care of my money. When JYJ really return to germany next year… I would even abandom SuJu ㅠ~ㅠ … well, it would hurt but not as much as it would hurt to go to SuJu concert and then not being able to see JYJ!

Patricia linked a funny game yesterday. When you have a defined bias you will know who wins in the end but the question is: Against WHO will my bias win?
X vs. X Game!
the outcome of my first try was very mean *pout* It was very mean to choose because HanGeng & Junsu were the last men standing ^^
In the end Junsu won because I`m married to my baby & cannot leave his side as I cannot leave cassiopeia/our boys in general.

O: …. *jaw drops once again* Okay, we know that our minnie is really handsome lately but LEADER씨! Wae increased your already godly appearance to a super-mega godly appearance?! O: … REALY! I`m killed by Leader씨 in that pic! *faints*

What`s also amazing is this:
Super Junior’s Shindong snaps a photo of the blue ELF sea in Osaka
O: HOLY CRAP! THE BLUE OECAN! 40 000 ELFs?!?!? WHAT DA HELL! OMG! This is really… I have no words for this! Reminds me of the good old days the red ocean was that big and in unity… ㅠ﹏ㅠ

Now let`s move on from the emoness about the red ocean to JJ`s fanmeeing in shanghai yesterday.
It was such WTF event but let`s look at the funny things first:

When JJ was asked about his love life fans started chanting “Yunho! Yunho! Yunho!”
and this was is reaction to it (^ω^)

HAHA! YunJae shippers are always the same! *pinches them* You are so cute.

Well, but exactly that is a big problem these days in the eyes of other ppl around our fandom (I specifically didn`t said IN our fandom, because they are not part of cassiopeia!!!!!): The stans!

Oh yeah, they were at it again, harder than ever before! Now they really declared war on YunJae shippers!

I started to read my tl yesterday and was like ” Photobucket WAAAAAAAAHT!? YOU ARE KIDDING ME!”

The thing I`ve read weren`t funny at all: Stans beating up YunJae shippers, slapping them, smashing their lighboards on the ground, their phones, taking their banners away…. WHAT DA HELL STANDOM!? JUST WHAT DA EFFIN’, FREAKIN’, DAMN HELL?!

It`s not enought that they spread hate against OT5 & YunJae shippers in the internet, no, now the stans decided to keep it LOOOOW and even lower!
Well, the thing with keepig it low was meant in a totally different way, you know?
The only thing stans keep low and low and lower and the LOWEST is their niveau!

Ooooh, and believe me: their niveau is as low as the univere is infinite! Stans really settle for low-class acts now! Violence against the ppl on the fanmeeting! WHAT DA HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU, STANS?!

JYJ standom surely stole off the show of everyone on earth in china this weekend!

From Armour YunJae admins we heart that a lot of ppl got injured and a fan got her face scratched. We heard about fans who got shoved & hit by J(Y)J stans…. WHAT DA HECK!?
You wanna fight?! Shall I kick your ass stupid Onions, eh?!

And we also had stories like this one:

A girl who was with me told me something very infuriating. In my section (B), someone who was holding a green lightstick slapped a YJ shipper. Originally she was already getting pushed and shoved a lot because it was so crowded but after she was hit she fainted. Before she was taken away, she gave her YJ sign to the girls who were with me and said ‘Please hold this up for me’ (omitted)

Source: 喜雅_
Trans by _dorfy

I swear, JYJ stans, if we should ever meet at a concert…. =-=” *eyes stans* dare to put one single finger at my friends, an OT5 or a YunJae shipper and you will learn that even a tame sheep has a wolve with sharp fangs inside when needed *high kicks standom to the end of the universe* Photobucket

Dama-like scenes happened at the fanmeeting!
Why you have to use violence against ppl who enjoy themselves? the didn`t hit you because you are a stan, didn`t they? Even if you don`t like the existence of YunJae shipper you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to hit them or get your hand on their things!
It that really how frightened and distraught you are regarding YunJae shippers? Regarding them appearing there? You can`t just le them do their thing like they let you do your thing, eh?
I pity you! I double pity you! Poor, low-class ppl.

My grandchild Reeny said: “It’s ok to be a stan. I will never agree with you but that’s not the reason you are hated. It’s bc you behave aggressively all the time.
oooh yes! Too true! It`s like with “that person”: No one is hated for no reason!

Somehow stans now even try to be their own ocean, or what? There were ppl with green lightsticks for JJ. Our dear JJ was a little confused by that.
Quote: “When the MC was preparing to go into the next section of the FM, JJ asked the fans beneath the stage “Why am I two colours?”

Well, Natali said green was the support color of JJ in china since a long time. I don`t know about earlier times. I`m not a cassie since all of the 8 years of our boys but I`m sure JJ asked that because the circumstances were a bit different this time. J(Y)J stans weren`t there with their green light to show JJ his personal support color, this time they were there to show “we are not one of them *pointing at Cassies*” -.-” and alone that fact pisses me off A LOT! Looks like they wanted to create trouble right from the start.

And anyway! the thing with the green lightstick… some JYJ stans threw them into JJ`s direction and some of them landedn in front of him on the stage. He was kinds shocked by this behaviour and took a step back.
WHAT DA HELL THE SECOND! Who in da world would throw things at one of our boys? ah, wait. Of course. The standom… ㄱ-ㄱ who else.

Besides al the crap, there was also a funny message from the YunJae front:
Apperantly some stans who were surrounded by shippers started chanting Jung Yunho with them by mistake. LOOL XD

+ One of JJ`s sister was there and she was sitting at the YunJae shippers place v^^. ← Leader씨 appreciates that! *insider joke*

In the end standom showed us a full-scale FAIL again.
For us OT5/YunJae shippers it`s all about love. For Standom it`s all about hate.

Maybe stans should do this:

And after all stans couldn`t prevent an YunJae sign being showed TOTALLY FREAKIN’ BIG in the main screen at the fanmeeting and JJ saw it. Yeah. Stans, do what you want. You cannot neisther stop OT5 nor you can stop YunJae shippers/the love for YunJae.

And on top of all it`s like Emmy said:

OT5 CASSIOPEIA are alive and doing the best we can. it looks like after chaos we’re in shambles BUT THIS IS DIE HARD MATHAFATHAS.

Stans, F U and GTFO please~~
Haters to the left and NEXT PLEASE! You cannot stop us!

Even in these hard, difficult and dark days we still can increase the number of OT5s as well as the number of YunJae shippers.
Maybe standom can gain a few more onions for their camp too, but no matter where the standom goes, they are always the minority. They act like they would own the world domination, but in reality they are such a little group.
(The ppl who abandon HoMin because they are mad at SME are a different story.)

Fact is: Not only Cassiopeia will kick your ass. Many cassies have ELF friends and they are mad at standom too.
On the other hand: If you have a friend who get`s attacked, you would kick the other persons ass althought you have nothing to do with their matter. You will do it because it`s your friend.

And I just have to say this: JYJ standom should be good friends with bieber kids! Wishing ppl death, acting totally cray… OTL I see no difference. ㄱ-ㄱ
Man, standom sucks so much, I cannot even! AISH! *facepalm*

okay, to cool down: News from brother!
He`s still running around in japan ^^ is at radio stations and various little events. Goes around in different cities, is having fun ^^ The usual.
I`m happy that he`s doing well and that he has a good time.
Here are the pics:

waaaah! Photobucket brother! PUT THAT THING AWAY! It`s scary and odd! D:<< Crab is way too big! Looks like a spider from under water! ><

also from 07.12.2011
aaaah… that`s better! Brother without gigant crab… Photobucket

08.12.2011, brother was in Osaka:

Brother said bears are “really cute” ^^ the funny thing is: I know these bears from my childhood! There once was a series about them o tv!

Ah haha! Brother said “I will eat you” and pretended to bite this thingy ^^
hm. thinking about this thing I thought I saw it sometime before. But where? I cannot remember. I only know that I´m not completely unfamiliar with this thingy. Was it on one of my japanese sweets? oO… I really cannot remember.

09.12.2011, brother at Lands Of Eden

10.12.2011, brother at Lake Biwa
Junho was there untill night and then it was even better there! =D nice area!

But let`s not forget about HanGeng!
This boy is working like a mad person these days… I wonder if he get`s enough rest? Photobucket
I hope so!

Among many, many galas, events/apperanves he went to give some of his things for auction. His red PSP slim, his hat & his necklace to help the flood victims in Thailand.

Yesterday a very funny pic appeard in his WEIBO site! He wrote in english “Angry Bird Cake”
*haha* Siwon would like this! He was the one playing Angry Birds all night! ;P
The cakes are really cool. Wonder if they are good? Han~~ mind to share them with noona? They are too many for just you alone ㅋㅋㅋ
(those muffins &… *cough* you know! *cough* is it really needed to say it? ^//^° *cough* Han himself (⌒///⌒;) eh hehe… YEAHG WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! *runs away in embarrassment*)

Yeah, that was y blog entry for the whole week. It`s… a bit over 5000 words long ^^°° *mega drop* oops!
And I think I`m maybe not able to make a blog entry before the next weekend comes so…

How about the couple series? I will give you the couples because I will most likely not be able to return soon! OKAY NOW! 어서! 가자!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
WOAH! (((;゚д゚))) KANGTEUK! You have a child?! OMOOOOOO! A cute little girl ^^ *pinches all 3 of them*
^^ everyone has to adit: All 3 of them looking extremely adorable-cute in this one!
*takes a closer look* this little girl totally looks like Kangin, dosen`t she? (ˆㅅˆ)

“KyuMin of the day”:
You all remember the gif from recently? This pic is the addition to it Photobucket
KyuMin really cute! btw: YAY for the PINK thingy they are sitting on!
Question in my head: How would KyuMin look with a kid? ;D

Okay after KangTeuk totally rocked the couple series today with their “we are a cute couple with our adorable kid”-scene they`ve put up, what are YeWook doing to fight for their right as the adorable couple here?
“YeWook of the day”:
awwww! Cuddling will do! Photobucket You two passed (the test! …wait. What test anyway? *confused by herself* XD )!

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