#XIAHday / #JUNOday, crazy standom (as usual) & the latest news/rumors

안녕 친구들! (v^_^)v

Yeah, me already being back is very unexpected! But I have to work on saturday very unexpected ( >< ) so I have a day off today!

First of all I wanted to tell you my new k-pop related dream from monday night to tuesday:
My dream: I was doing some outdoor activity. I was going on a ride with my bike (okay, I don`t even have a bike! so WTH 1 !)
When I was taking a break I found a newpaper and randomly started to read in it. Yeah… but newspaper said with huuuge headline that Super Junior`s Yesung is leaving SM. I cannot remember what exactly was written in the article but something happened that pissed him off so much that he left.
I was like “…. O: DA HELL NUUUUUUUU!!!!!! WAAEEEE???? O:<<< ” WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL 2!!!

Aigoo… >< Wae do I dream stuff like that? SUCKS & I DON`T LIKE IT! (and wae da hell is this on the first page of german newsletter? o_____o )

I mean: Yesung cannot leave! He just…. CAN`T! I don`t want any of SuJu to leave the others. When they are pissed because of SME then they should leave together.
And to be honest: If they would really do this, they would be able to survive because Fanbase signed no contract with SME. Fanbase would follow them wherever they will go.
This is why JYJ survived, this is why HanGeng survived and this is why SuJu would also survive.
The real power is in the hands of us fans and that`s what companies tend to forget.

But the main point was: WAAAAEEEEE *chamgin style* Yesungie? Wae do I have such nightmares? T.T Stupid dream! And it wasn`t even a real k-dream because there was only a newspaper with k-pop news in it.

Hope christmastime will be over soon so that I`m less stressed and able to have normal dreams again!
Okay, I was okay with the one of the Cassie/Bigeast fanmeeting. But I also had better dreams before. #NeverStopComplaining #QueenOfComplains

Okay, let`s move on to the news! The latest first ^^
Super Junior to place 1st in ‘most albums sold’ for 3rd consecutive year
OTL aka GDA round 3!
And to be honest: Before everyone starts crying again: Our boys won the main award 2 times, now it would/will be SuJu`s 2nd time too. So what? If they are just that successful take it like a grown fangirl and say “NEXT YEAR WE WILL MAKE IT AGAIN!”. Show some fighting spirit and…. some dignity as well ㄱ-ㄱ It`s really no fun anymore when I see how butthurt some ppl act these days. (and just for your information: via tweets and RTs on my twitter tl I saw such statements I talked about just now).
Even if SNSD would win this damn award I would say it`s okay. The best wins. Period.
There`s no need to begin talk like “I don`t think they are that good, they don`t deserve it.” oO I mean: WTH? Are you like that when you lose against someone in a competition too? (maybe at school or somewhere else.)
Sometimes the ppl who win are winning because of luck, but in GDA it`s mostly about the total number of sold copies (of course, there are some other things that count for it but number of sales is really important). So there`s really no need to act like such drama queen BECAUSE I AM THE DRAMA QUEEN HERE! ARA?!

Kim Hyun Joong to release a thank you single, “Marry Me”
*starts singing* “Would you marry me~?”~♪ *SuJu song* errr…! Sorry, wrong movie! (respectively: wrong artist)
Artile said it will be released at the 15th… so this afternoon (german time) is the 15th in korea. I`m curious! ^^

➤ Awww! This one is really cute!
SMTOWN releases MV for Super Junior’s “Santa U Are the One”

KYAAAAH! O(≧∇≦)O They are sooo cute! *pinches all of them*
And there are even Zhoumi & Henry with them! =D This is a really nice christmas song! Them singing in english is also cute!
But they did a really good job! I know it isn`t that easy for them – well, especially for Zhoumi and ecept for Henry XD *cough* canadian citizen *cough*

➤ Another christmas song, this time sung by HoMin: [Audio] TVXQ- Sleigh Ride

*haha* sounds really cute! And: I never ever heard this song in it`s full length. This was the first time. It`s because it isn`t really played here by the readio stations around christmas & it`s really more a typical americal christmas song.
… christmas on radio here is generally more… so… strange. They play pop songs like this “last christmas”-song (I really hate btw! >< ) but no real christmas songs. oO I hate our radio programs anyway. sometimes I imagine how it would be to hear k-pop from them but… yeah… >-> #NotInAMillionYears!

➤ Then I saw that there were news from the rumor-front again: H.O.T members Tony An & Jang Woo Hyuk are not aware of an H.O.T reunion?
Oh yeah of course they weren`t! It`s because Media made things up again! And even put “statements” into their “comeback article” like they would be fine with everything Lee SeoMan has in store for them… errr… NO! I think definitely not! (well, I don`t knwo what lead to that rumor but… why? Why spreading rumors? oO)

Wikipedia Quote:
H.O.T. disbanded in May 2001. As the members of H.O.T. neared the end of their contracts with SM Entertainment, it was rumored that financial issues caused the group to split. However, because the real reasons for the breakup were never officially released to the public, financial contract issues still remain an unverified rumor to this day.

I think they had a very painful time under SME too and they didn`t extended their contract with SME for a reason. And because we have the thing with the money issue again: Why should they have been treaten better than our 5 boys? SM is still the same old b*tch so you can assume that they ran around like lapdogs & weren`t payed fair either, just as our boys.
OTL SM history with artist sounds the same everytime!
I would DIE when they would make their comeback under SME, seriously, why should they do this? oO
Strange media acting strange nowadays!

➤ ^ω^ This is really cool: http://Article about two taiwanese OT5 FANBOYS(!)
Article quote: According to a research in Korea, only 3.25% of the 800,000 Cassiopeia are male fans,(…)
WOAH! just 3 procent?! I never knew our fanboy-rate would really be that low Photobucket but to be honest: I assumed that there are only a few. Nonetheless: The few we have are cool! Photobucket

➤ There was a new episode of “C-jes panicking around” (I`m sorry, I`m using JYJ666… errr! Sorry, my bad! *cough* always confusing their name! *cough* XD ): [INFO] C-JeS Announcement Regarding Fan Support Activities
Aigoo, c-jes was at it again! Emmy was right when she called them “c-jes popo” *haha*
*pats c-jes* It`s okay c-jes. I understand you. It`s not easy with 2 lawsuits and a big evil company going after you (*cough* SME *cough*) but you REALLY have to fix your panic attacks!
C-jes is always running around like “OMG! Our rights to *insert everything here*”. Be at eeeeeaaaaase c-jes *gives chill-pill* nothing really changed around the boys and their fanevents since they left SME. Fans are doing the same things as they always did.
But I really understand c-jes in one way: When ppl go around use official picture of the boys and make money for themselves this is really not okay. I can totally understand them there.
Well, but besides that there is/was our dearest STANDOM! ooooh, and they were at it again! belieev me, they were! Just in case you haven`t read it yourself, here are the caps of the stan comments:
….uhm…. what da heck has this to do with YunJae shippers? You poor FAIL BEINGS! Everything in your hateful world moves around YunJae shippers eh? oO cray ppl! Photobucket

But we are not done yet!
My first thought: Poor stans. *facepalm*
This c-jes info said “Don`t make money with our logo and/or official pictures of JYJ. oO Where did it say “We forbid YunJae fans to show up at our JYJ events & bring their banners” ???? Standom, please show me the passage in that text which said this and I will believe you!
btw.: for your information standom: No one was crying because of that? oO This is so not YunJae related, I cannot even tell you how much NOT! Ther are not enough -not`s- on earth for that oO…
And anyway! How will stans know what YunJae shippers & OT5 are tweeting? HOW?
It`s because their insane, stupid little lives base on stalking ppl they don`t like so that they can hate on everything they say later. Photobucket
Standom, why you just don`t go away? Photobucket
On top of all: They spoke for JJ again. What gives standom the right to speak for him? [sarcasm] ooooh! Sorry! I forgot! Their mind reading abolities. they know exactly what JJ wants by reading his mind. I`m so sorry! I forgot how great they are![/sarcasm]
OH DEAR LORD, IS THIS REALLY TRUE? Can ppl be like this without shame? *faceplam* standom… really!

At least only one person got the thing right:
congrats to that person! The only one who understood what c-jes was saying.

oh boy… how can ppl be like that? I will never understand. (+ I cannot even facepalm about that enough – ONCE AGAIN!)

➤ Very suitable to this matter: The incidnet from JJ`s fanmeeting: http://Analysis aka the real Story.
tada! surprise, surprise… stans lied all the way and where the only ones violent and mean.
Major low-class acts, stans acting copletely lowbrow. Yeah ppl, that`s our standom and they still claim it`s all about love.
ooooh, yes, I SEE STANS! I SEE!
About this all I only have to say one thing: I don`t care from with country in the world ppl come. I don`t even care of a JYJ stand would stand right beside me at the concert. At that moment we both cheer for the same person (/the same persons) and as long as they leave me and my friends alone I don`t care.
But I will surely slap them when they want to be respected and don`t respect others via violent acts and b*tching at them. I`m completely unsympathetic to such a behaviour.

➤ But besides all the bad stories that happened betweet two groups of fans the fanmeeting was a huge success.
[Trans] 111211 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, China Solo Fan Meeting Concludes Successfully! 1,000 Fans Show Their Support Outside The Location
The only negative things really were the war stans declared on YunJae shippers & that the organizer let more ppl in as there was space so it ended in a major incident of shoving and pushing.
OTL everytime JJ visits china there has to happen something rally bad! Wae? Fans behave! And I mean everyone by that! OT5 as well as STANDOM! (oh, but especially standom!)

Super Junior’s Siwon becomes the first Korean celebrity to hit 1 million followers
aigoo, Siwon, how did you managed to get so many followers? XD *haha* Siwon gained a record!

Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 4′ in Osaka sold out to 80,000
Super Show 4 is such a success! And in fact it`s really, really daebak! I wish we could have this in germany too… T.T
Well, let`s better not hope for it. Disappointment will be very big when SM goes to Paris again. *cough* I SAD NOTHING! *runs away*

➤ HoMin`s fanmeeting in taiwan also went extremely well: TVXQ’s visit to Taiwan sets an airport record

➤ For everyone who`s maybe asking him- or herself whats up with the “so-loved awards” now: http://awards.so-loved.net/?id=news
News say: The 29th of december is the day when the results will be revealed.
I`m curious!
➤ And to end the news a SuJu Game!
Very simple game. and *haha* ^^° not really challenging for for ELFs or Cassies with an ELF heart. It`s about naming the members. (HanGeng & Kibum incl.)
Basically everyone can do it because it`s about time too ^^
➤ well, if you want it to be a little bit “more difficult” try the second SuJu game
This time it`s with pre-debute pictures of the boys 😉
and…. PWAHAHAHA!!!!! XDDDD what henry`s wearing on his photo in that game! in fact it`s not really what he wears but what the text on it says XD Photobucket
OMO HENRY! We knew it! You are not just our cute mochi! ;P ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

These games were just what I found on my hunt for more SuJu games like this question and answer thing from back then. sadly I haven`t found more. Yeah, but these two are also okay.

ppl, the only important thing today is that it`s XIAH & JUNO DAY!

Yup. It`s time again. In a few hours we will have the 15th (korean time) & this is the time when we will trend #XIAHday & #JUNOday for the b-day of the amazing Kim twins! Photobucket

But until this time comes we have to do the couple series ^^ Couple series was neglected for so long!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
HAHA! uuuuh! what`s that? =D looks interesting! Mind us watching? LOL

“KyuMin of the day”:
aaah! Boys in City2 Tokyo! Cute! Sungminnie using the opportunity from going out of the bus to jump to Kyu ^^

“YeWook of the day”:
Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo… *pinches Wookie* Photobucket Wae so cute! ^^ For me YeWook couple is the cutes today AGAIN!

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