Long time no see! (Gamer-Noona, News, K-Dreams, Couple Series, Brian on Twitter, my SuJu bias? & thoughts about 2011)

어머나! 정말로?!?!?!?!?? (((;゚д゚)))

*is in shock/disbelieve*
Almost 2 WEEKS(!!!) with no blog entry made by me here?!?!?
*get`s slapped by ppl who tell me not to overdramatize*
… errr. yeah. Photobucket how could this happen? O:
oh yes, there was something: WORK! >< Aigoo…
I worked so much I had no time to do the blog. Well, I wasn`t even in the condition to write a new entry even if I wanted to.

But now I`m back!
I`m really sorry that I haven`t updated here for (for my standards) such a long time but work at christmastime is HELL!
But I saved videos and articles I wanted to share and… to be honest: The list ist darn long! Aigoo… (the 2nd!)

Photobucket WARNING: Beware of one hell of a long blog entry today! Although I will try to cut it as “short” as possible: I don`t think it will work out well xDDD

But one thing after another!
In the time I didn`t updated here I had 2 k-dreams. Let me tell you about them first

➜ K-dream 1:
I was at a house and visited some realatives I had never ever seen in my whole life oO
Okay. So I was at their house. Two aunts, one uncle and my little younger cousin lived there. Well, I never ever saw them before but knew they were relative. My little cousin (girl) had a cute dog. But aunties didn`t liked the dog much.
First incident was: I was at the playground with the dog because I walked him. (it was a male dog). We climbed up somewhere and the I realized doggie cannot go back down that easy because it was too steep. Aunts were having a picnic nearby, I asked them for help and they were only like “non of our business” like they would say “who cares about the stupid dog?”. Well, FINE! ==” Stupid aunts! I was pissed and somehow, with some difficulties, I was able to come down from there with the doggie again.
In the evening someone showed up at the house to visit my uncle. And who do you think it was? Huh? yeah… of course! Pastor Won! I was just thinking ” o: … *jaw drops, /me wonders a lot* WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL!!!??!!????” Photobucket SIWON???!??????? I couldn`t believe it! That guy… really. He`s really everywhere, eh? I really wondered wae he knew my uncle oO appearantly he had to do some business with him. Well, at least that`s what Siwon told me. For the rest of the evening I was in some kind of “WTH, cannot believe”-mood. Eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* ^^° I was so absent-minded that he thought I was ignoring him ^^° OMO! I didn`t meant to! D:< I have to say… errr… oops? I was so in wonder about Siwon appearing everywhere and even at the house of my aunts too that I wondered about it the whole time. I was thinking about what Patricia said before XDD *sinsider* And my poor friend Siwon tried to talk to me but I didn`t replied that much.
But since he said he comes back around tomorrow I simply decided to not -ignore- him tomorrow.
Okie then! The next day!
In the morning I got up, went downstairs and noticed the ruckus in the living room. I went in and saw that my little cousin was crying while aunts were somewhat angry. Uncle was not at home right now.
Little cousing told me that her dog ran away when she walked him this morning because he was frightend by something. She said he ran up to the mountains. Somehow I was like “OMG! But there are mountain lions (Puma) up there!”. (wel, whatever oO mountain lions? in germany? oooh yes, I see oO)
I wanted my aunts to come with me to search for doggie but they refused. They were somehow glad that the dog was gone… they never liked this dog (dunno wae). I was in such an angry “WTH you freakin’ b*tches???!!!!You serious with that?!?Photobucket“-mood when Siwon showed up again.
Seeing my little cousin cry, seeing me with a “Photobucket I will SO kill you aunties…”-expression he ask what`s wrong here. I told him about the missing dog and that aunts refuse to go with me to search for him. Siwon`s expression also went darker, he opened the terrace door and said to me “Then let`s go.”.
I was shooting one last ==”-death glare at aunties and left the house with Siwon to search for the dog.
Well, we walked around in the mointains for a while without finding a single trace of doggie. We decided to take a break and Siwon wanted to know what`s wrong with those aunties. I told him about the happening at the playground, that I think aunties never liked the dog and I started to rant and rant and rant about my stupid aunts. At some point Siwon tried to calm me but I couldn`t stop ranting XDD oops! Ranting again about random stuff with no end… and this time it was Siwon`s first time to endure my gigant rant XD
We continued our search a little later and then I woke up.

The remaining question is if Siwon has nothing better to do as to creep around in my dreams?? xDD
+ What a pity that I never witnessed how we found the little dog but I`m sure we did! =P
Siwon-Sangmi-Searchteam can find every dog! Call us under… PWAAHAHAHA! XD okay! forget that part! *runs away laughing now*

K-dream 2:
The dream I had recently was a really short one but it was coooool! =D

I dreamed I attended a SuJu concert together with our favourite ELF Patricia!
It was the first concert they did with Kanging together again! YAY! He returned from the army and they did their first concert together now. Patricia and I were very lucky! It was such a big venue and we were in the first row =D OMG! So cool!
I was so happy to see Kangin on stage with them again ^^ and the best thing about this was that the concert was in Germany and we SO had no problems to attend!
Cynthia wasn`t with us because her mom didn`t allow her to attend ==” aaargh! >< sucked sooo much! That was the only negative thing about it.

yo, that`s that.
What will we do next now?

Before I will start with the news I wanted to say: Expect the gamer-noona to be back soon! Oooh! sooooo soon! ;D

It happened yesterday that I was looking at 2 trailers of Final Fantasy XIII-2 I haven`t seen before. Well, in fact I only saw the very first one. The short one with light fighting the new bad guy.
Now I know the bad guy`s name is Caius and there are some new characters as well! (surprise, surprise… I already thought there would be new ones, I think everyone assumed that).
The point is: I like the new story! I also like the new characters! At the first moment I thought Noel looks like Sora or a litle bit like Terra (KH Birth by Sleep). Now I think he looks like a mix of both XDD But I like him!
And the new role for Serah could turn out pretty thrilling too!
I mean: serah & fighting? That girl? I am curious! She always relied on Snow or Lightning when it came to save her. She never defended herself. Well, it wasn`t like that she would have been able to.
But I think with Noel she learned how to fight.
Although the game is out since a few weeks now I haven`t had the time to go deeper into the plot until now.
But what I saw yesterday was pretty cool!
I also read that within the first 2 days of sale over 500 000 copies were sold.
As soon as I have the money from boss the next month I will buy my copy ^____^ I waited for that to be out one year. aaah, so cool!

So my t-list (especially them) can expect the gamer-noona to be back soon. I will come online later then more often. Because I will start to play that game and I think I will get very addicted to it like it was with the first game. 2 hours are nothing when I`m at it again. HAHA!

About the character design: good work! Although Noel reminds me of Sora/Terra/a mix of both a bit and Caius has a little touch of… Sephiroth oO (dunno wae I`m thinking that) they are new and special.
I liked Lightnings old outfit better but the new one is still cool. Reminds me of the outfits of the characters (the outfit of the WoL especially) in Dissidia.
But I really like Serah`s outfit! looks nice! ^^

And one thing was very interesting regarding the story: It`s about traveling the time too. And… we saw a more grown up Hope! OMO! I always wanted to see that boy grow up! =D
aaah, I need the Brady Games book too! I want to read about everyting! The weapons, the characters, the Esper, the Enemies… aaah, reminds me of good old days playing FF XIII (OTL: for 2 weeks like a mad woman for realz! GAIS! No kidding!)! I was a master in fighting Behemoth`s ;D

Ai! CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY! Photobucket

Well then. good.
Now the news:

➤ News about an “issue” I`ve never heard about oO
C-JeS News : Response To Enquiries About Zak Corporation
Well, for me this is basically not that relevant to share. I`m just sharing it anyway because I REALLY wonder sometimes where things come from and why this is an issue in the first place.
Cjes, that`s very nice for you but: I never heard about it. Who made this that of an issue that you have to release such a statement? oO
OTL What da f*cknesssss!

➤ This was a nice story! You all remember the picture of HanGeng with the angry bids muffins, né?
Fan Account: The Story Behind “ANGRY BIRD CAKE!”
awww! HanGeng, you are such a nice person! I cannot even! *pinches* ^___^

HoMin for MISSHA
this was a nice pic! And soooo perfect for my christmas gift for Natali! ^^
Because I made a **** *censored* (emmy shouldn`t know before she gets her gift!) for Emmy I thought it would only be fair to do something for Natali too. Besides my soulmate and the ELF those two are the ppl I talk the most to!
So HoMin helped me out to hold the paper where my message was later written on =D Just toooo perfect!

Super Junior’s Siwon joins crowd of ELFs at ‘Music Bank’ pre-recording
aaaah, yes, Siwon became ans ELF! ^^ *haha* ELFs were so lucky that day, I swear ;D

➤ Aigoo… JJ….
JYJ – NII Fanmeet
It was a nice event but JJ and the story of his eye… NO GOOD! ><
And he even went from bad to worse when he was hospotalized later… well, hope his eye was better on christmas.
➤ In addition to that: [Trans] 111222 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Clarifies About Eye Injury : It’s Just A Sty, So Please Do Not Worry
Ai, I already thought it must be a sty. A former workmate of me had this too and his eye looked the same :/ Well, after all I`m glad it`s nothing more serious. Nonetheless: He shouldn`t be so busy.
Oppa tends to work too much like… ALWAYS!
Jaejoong Oppa! You hear me?!? You have to rest! *scolds JJ* It`s of no use when you practically sacrifice yourself for us! We don`t want that! Bad Oppa! Bad! Oppa must take better care of himself! OTL Where`s Jung Yunho when he`s needed?! Leader씨 needs to kick “one`s” ass here! *pout*

➤ Oh yeah, but JJ… JJ on christmas this year was like that: Running around the house and show his new house to us ^____^ ah, such a nice house! When I`m honest, I think the new house is even prettier than the old one!
PAHAHAHA! XD but the christmas tree was really poor and… sooooo tiny compared to the one from last year! But cute, really cute!

➤ And talking about cute regarding JJ: The content of the JYJ Come On Over DVD is cute too!
JJ and JiJi 1, living room episode:

LOOOL XD JiJi running away, JJ chasing after him XD both of them so cute!

JJ and JiJi 2, bedroom episode:

LOOL XD JiJi answering JJ`s question? XD and then running away again LOL
From JiJi`s body language you can tell he`s having fun while running away from JJ XD
But poor JiJi, he get`s shy when stragers are in the house filming. Well, that`s natural for many cats.

➤ And because we are talking about JYJ`s Come On Over DVD right now:
[Pic] JYJ – Come On Over DVD
Photobucket WOW! I love it! It`s damn, freakin’ expensive & Cjes` goal is surely to see all of us totally broke *== eyes DVD price* but this looks damn good! Aigoo… I have to save money for 2 month so I can buy it! Basically it`s a shame to spend so much money on a DVD but… I SAID BASICALLY! >< *runs away*

➤ Oh yeah, another thing I HAVE to buy, no matter what is HoMin`s “El Sol” photobook. According to my poor spanish skills the name means “The Sun”. I remember saying “El sol en mi vida” so one of my (animal)babies all the time T.T *cries by the memory, because Baby is dead sinc a long time*
The pictures in El Sol are really nice. Beautiful. and cute!
I mean: Look at that! If that`s not a photobook to die for then I dunno anymore…:
[Pic] TVXQ ‘El Sol’ Photobook Part 6

➤ This was JYJ`s Christmas message (engl subs)

awwwww! Just awwww! JUNSUUUUU~ Photobucket sooooo cuuuuuute! *pinches 4ever* awww! That`s my hubby!
But all of them were very cute! Aw! I cannot even!

➤ Of course HoMin also had a christmas message for us!
[Vid] TVXQ! Christmas & New Year’s Message
haha! Minnie! “Christmas! christmas! christmas!” xD
aw! HoMin so cute too! And… Minnies hair was cuuuuute! Aah, want to touch it! =D *hair obsession is back!*

➤ We also Had HanGeng`s New Year wishes:

okie, I don`t understand chinese but it`s always nice to see/hear him Photobucket
➤ Let`s stick with Han a little longer: Not only our 5 boys will soon have their anniversary, HanGeng had one too! OTL 1221 I say! At the 21.12.2011 Han had his 2nd anni of his solo career!
Anniversary message from HanGeng via WEIBO (trans)
OH YES PLEASE persist in being yourself! That`s why we love you!

➤ JYJ – Making of 2011 Europe Tour
okay, the ppl who were at the concert in Berlin already saw half of the material shown in that video (YouTube) but nonetheless: coool!
JYJ – Making of 2011 Europe Tour
But… sorry, that I am so fussy these days: But wae is the audience from berlin never shown? I mean in no single vid realated to that topic I saw something of it. They (the camera team) realy should have filmed a little bit of us too *pouts*
But nonetheless it`s a nice making!
My fav is still Chunnie between DeutscheBahn bikes XDD ah haha! OMO! Never believed such a day would come! (when Chunnie and DeutscheBahn meet)

➤ I thought this is funny: Leeteuk`s sister is thingking ahead XD
Leeteuk’s sister is excited that her brother will be enlisting in the military?
Good woman! Always see the positive side of things. Haha! funny sister of Leeteuk!

➤ I`m still thinking about if I should buy some of these JYJ collection cards or not.
[Pic] JYJ Collection Card part 2
basically I`m too old for such things like “collection cards” but… you know how it is when I say -basically- XD DAMN! I`M A WOMAN & A FANGIRL AFTER ALL! So ottoke?! I dunno yet! Photobucket

➤ News that made me listen attentively:
Big Bang to release a new album in March 2012!
HONTOU!??!? Photobucket Would be so cool!

➤ OTL All K-Pop 4ever late…
Super Junior takes an informal family portrait

[INFO] SM Entertainment’s decision to no longer print Mr. Simple Version A!
Quote: “SM’s excuse was that it was “too difficult to print”.”
ah. OO okay. Whatever SME, whatever!
Version A was the best! OTL #justsaying

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk wants ELFs to stay warm
Aww! Hyukjae, wae so cute! *pinches*

➤ I have to share this on the blog at least once!
SuJu’s Donghae & Eunhyuk say “Oppa Has Arrived” on ‘Inkigayo’
EunHae and their Oppa song! ^___________^ The songs lyrics are soooo true & the song itself is really fun.
은해 at 인기가요, Dec the 18th!

Photobucket *is EunHae fangirl* sooo cool! This song always makes me chant with the ELFs! My ELF heart cannot resist! Such a catchy song! I wish I could see it live! Would be suuuuuuch a big fun!

➤ So cute!
HanGeng and the unrestricted access to…
Photobucket I really dunno why this appeared to cute to me but maybe it was because I was imagining Han with sparkling eyes in front of his phone ^^ *pinches him 4ever* aw, little cutie!

Korean government ships out K-Pop calendars to embassies around the world
Uwah! °o° they really did? cool!

SM releases profile photos of EXO’s first member, KAI
Yeah well, I couldn`t care less about what SME wants to release when we the 8th anni or our boys is near but I decided to take a look on that.
So SM wants to release a new boygroup. … ==” *starts eyeing them* To replace WHO? ==
There will be 2 groups names EXO-K & EXO-M so I seeee…
SME wants to build up something like SuJu-M ==”’ *eyes them harder* the only M I will ever know is SuJu-M! #justsaying
I don`t say I`m not curious about what SME wants to release with them. But I`m curious how fans will react. Even of our 5 boys and SuJu would have to go to the army for 10 years I would never replace them with another band.
I`m sure SME is thinking ahead with bringing up that band. They see HoMin & many members of SuJu in the army the next years and so they have to fill the empty space. I see, SME, I see. I see right through you!

‘Palm News’ to reveal proof of SM Entertainment’s obstruction of JYJ’s activities?
There are only two things I say about that: 1.) I hope you will BLEED SME! & 2.) OMG! FINALLY! Investigations! *thanks god*

Who is leading the votes for the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’ Popularity Award?
It`s still SuJu. We still know. So: What else is new? Next please.
And secretly we all know to 90% SuJu already won so no crying about that anymore and be happy for them! Mr. Simple and they deserve to win!
Sure, HoMin would deserve to win too. But gais *imitating Emmy* always remember the complicated situation our fandom is in right now. We never really had a chance under our circumstances. A broken (split in 3) fandom cannot “fight” a still unbroken and “healthy” fandom and win. That`s a fact. The ppl who believed that are airheads!
And another fact is that I really love SuJu too so I have no problem with them winning GDA. #4everrepeatingmyself

➤ WHAT A COINCIDENCE! Not that there are investigations KBS re-thinks their ban?
[Trans] Jaejoong’s Appearance on KBS Radio Signals End of JYJ’s Ban?
Is this some kind of -the rats are leaving the sinking ship- situation? I really wonder!
Even the SYC article said:

“Ironically, Jaejoong’s first appearance on KBS since his withdrawal from DBSK in 2009 coincided with Wednesday’s report that found evidence of SM Entertainment interfering with JYJ’s Korean activities over the last two years. The report said the Korean Fair Trade Commission has found SME guilty of obstruction charges and will be fined for it.”

ㄱ-ㄱ … Yeah, -ironically-. I only call it “WHAT a coincidence” OTL, OTL!

➤ What made us go “O: *jaw drops* WHAT DA—! JUNSU! YOOSU!” these days was… well ^//^ THAT! *ultimate YooSu Moment*
KYAAAHHH!!!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) YOOSU!!!! Who said we don`t have YooSu moments anymore? We just cannot see it all the time, but YooSu never died! Photobucket ME APPRECIATES/LIKES/LOVES THAT very much!!!!

➤ The project for the 8th anni of DB5K (the OT5 star project) is completed! DongBangData´s Project: [COMPLETED] 851 DBSK 8TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT

[Trans] 111223 JYJ Kim Jaejoong : “Why Didn’t The Cha-Cha Couple Get Nominated For Best Couple?”
hehe… cute JJ! But to be honest: YunJae will aways be the best couple xD

➤ Always good to re-read at the end of the year! This was the really touching letter from JJ to his bandmates after they`ve won GDA in 2008 T.T
Words; You Are My Tattoo
And now there are still ppl who question us wae we believe in our 5 when we know their love to each other is that big? aigoo… and same goes for all the YunJae haters: Accept their close friendship, F*CKERS! >< AISH!

➤ HoMin and Koda Kumi at Music Station Super Live

[EVENT] 111224 Personal Video Of ‘Balloons’ Flashmob In Myeongdong To Celebrate TVXQ’s 8th Anniversary
oh! article says the video will be re-posted on the 26th! okie so far.
I saw the video of the balloons flashmob yesterday! OMG! So aweseome! K-Cassie OT5s did a greeeeat job!
But wait! Photobucket hehehe… haven`t the stans said there are NO OT5 left in Korea? ooooh, so those ppl must all be fakers who got payed for that! Or, like Emmy said, iFans in K-Cassie disguise! #tollolol ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Photobucket I SAID NOTHING!

➤ Something that made me go “KYAH! ‘(*゚▽゚*)’ OMG! YooSu again!” yesterday:

You guys remember Chunnies hoodie with the many holes? Yes? the one JJ send a picture while they were in that restaurant after leaving the airport?
Yeah, and what hoodie was our Junsu wearing here? ㅋㅋㅋ yeees, exactly: THE SAME! =D

And to end all the news of the past 1 1/2 weeks:
➤ Emmy found out about another -same- thing…
YooMin same-ness!
aaah, Emmy, waylt? ^^° It`s just that YunJae is more like “IN YA FACE STANS!” than other things. At least I guess so.

aigoo, that really was one hell of a bunch of news!
And blog entry is already super long! D:<< OMG! Where will this end?!?

Good, because it`s christmas and I really haven`t updated for such along time I will give you the couple series today!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
^^ haha, some sweetness from KangTeuk today but… Leeteuk ruined the scene XD

“KyuMin of the day”:
No real KyuMin but MINI DRAMAAAAA!!! *shouts* =D I love their mini dramas!

“YeWook of the day”:
aw! Younger YeWook couple!

Okay, couples did nothing special today but couple series is couple series! Couples are always cute! ^____^

And not…. KYAAAAH! I`m so happy I can show you something like this! *still grins like an idiot*  ㅋㅋㅋ

You can never gues what happened so I will tell you/show you!
I waited for sister to leave the bathroom so I can complete the mission called “tame my newly washed hair >< “. Some mentions came in and I clicked on the top bar that told me I had 6 new tweets in my tl. So Sangmi noona clicked on that bar & I read from below to top and freezed in the middel of the new tweets.
Photobucket I just thought: “OMOOOOO! WHAT IS THAT! My eyes playing are fooling me to make a complete bapo out of me today!” I looked at the tweeta gain and after the 3rd time it was still BRIAN mentioning ME! Photobucket

As soon as I realized that this is really true and this was Brian wishing me a Merry Christmas because I mentioned him this morning my heart began to beat fast! Like… shortly before the JYJ concert in Berlin begun! Not because he`s famouse and he replied the poor me. It was just because I felt so much happiness! =D I was so happy he saw it! I was so happy he replied!

Well, I`m not lying. Here`s the screencap ^_______^ :












OH . MY . GOD . SUN .
I got soooo hyper! My t-list will wonder about me acting so strange all of a sudden! But ottoke?!?
I was so happy! I AM still so happy! =DDD

Awww! Brian! Really, so sweet of him! I never expected this to happen! I was just being the normal fangirl I am today and then… awwww! Brian made my christmas, my day, my year, my… EVERYTHING! ^____^

I cannot believe. I was able to see JYJ live this year and I got a mention from Brian, who was wishing me a “merry merry christmas” Photobucket

ah haha! I got so hyper! It took me 5 minutes to reply to him again XD I couldn`t help myslef as to giggle #LikeABoss for the 5 minutes and I was saying to myself, between laughing, “Aigoo, I`m going crazy! HAHAHA! For real, I`m going crazy! XD ”

So sweet of Oppa. Me feels noticed as a fan/an individual~♥♥♥♥♥ #HappyFan Photobucket

What a nice christmas present! ^_____^
THANK YOU OPPA! 너무 감사합니다, 브라이언오빠♥!

Seriously, today was such a good day!
We trended No.1 for TVXQ`s 8th Anniversary with #8yearswithTVXQ & there were sooo many other Cassie related trends! We totally had half of TT under controle =P

#Junsu, #Yoochun, #Jaejoong, Cassiopeia, Always Keep The Faith, 8yearswithTVXQ & later #8yearswithTVXQ (hashtag that made it to No. 1 on TTs). All that were our trends today.
It was just a great feeling to celebrate this day with other cassies. My timeline was moving so fast on Twitter =) And tl was full of love for the 5. ME APPRECIATES THAT!

This year is my first complete year with fandom on twitter anyway. I am not on twitter for long. But This year brought many good friends.
I would have never ever come to meet them if it wouldn`t have been for fandom/the love for the 5 gods of the east.

So now is the perfect time to take a look at the year wich is about to year pass us by:
It was a year full of extreme emotions for us Cassiopeia & Bigeast!
Sometimes we were really happy, totally in DongBangHeaven. On other days we were so sad that we became really emo. The next day we were extrenely worried about our Oppars because they lost so much weight. We were extremely angry at SME & KBS at times. We had our ups and downs with Cjes as well as with AVEX.

Standom appeared to become a really tough test for us. The hardest ever.
The worst thing was Cassiopeia & Bigeast were not prepared for their massive hate. We were still in some state of shock and emoness when Standom showed up. This made them think they can have the upper hand from now on.
Well, we proved them wrong.
Stans had to realize that OT5 fandom is not dead only because THEY say so. There are still OT5 around the world. Europe is OT5 land and K-Cassies DO still exist.
Stans couldn`t leave us alone & they couldn`t battle with words only, so they used violence to scare us, to stop us. But OT5 are still here, keeping the faith together, standing together although they call us idiots.

Ts… wonder who is the idiot here!
Stans even dare to speak in Cjes` name, in place of Jaejoong, in JYJ`s name… The re-interpret & interpret everything the boys do or say. They really interpreted da hell out of every little sh*t on earth.
They even write whole essays about EVERYTHING! Photobucket CRAY PPL! CRAY! on a totally high, new and extremely bad level.

Well, their weird logic & stipidity is on this unbelievable high level of lowness too! (just to call a spade a spade = STANDOM is the synonym for STUPIDITY & HATE!)
I would really love to let the stans just be stans IF they would leave us alone either. But they just cannot leave us alone.

Sometimes in this year not even OT5 could leave other OT5 alone. Calling them fake for nothing & bringing up stupid petitions for irrelevant things.
Ppl were kinda bashing JJ`s sister because she and JJ had a little fight… errr.. OKAY! They are siblings so what?! It`s normal and non of other ppl`s business anyway!
Standom and Fandom tended to interfere in matters they shouldn`t stick their noses in in the first place.

So to find a point in this: This year was full of many negative things. When we think back we had HoMin return to us but we also had the breakdown of Junsu because of the -thanks to- message and ppl were bashing him for nothing. We had pretty distraught boys at the beginning of the year. *sighs* It even robed me my sleep.
I often woke up at the beginning of the year, worrying about our Leader씨 Yunho… My poor Yunho My poor Leader씨. I was also worried sick because Junsu went off twitter after the KYHD incident for a whole week 😦 My poor Junsu.
Good thing Mr. Egg was there to help. OTL and I still don`t get ppl who bashed Mr. Egg. For what? They should bash “that person” for the unspeakable things she did… but stans worship her. Ts. Suits them and their logic well!

Then there were ppl bashing Junho off twitter (and for luck they couldn`t complete their mission because he still has his second account) & ppl who argued with a very immature acting Matsuura of AVEX and they made him delete his account as well.
This year was the year of account trouble! Chunnie thought about leaving us, Junho deleted one of his accounts due to anti`s & Matsuura left us as well (okay I can live without the last one XD OMO! So mean! I`m sorry ^^° )

But we also had days when we were so proud of our boys and we all were able to find a stronger self inside of us. For the next year I don`t worry about standom. I can stand against them proud and tall now!

At some days JJ was helping us to spread OT5ness and we were so happy! Jaejoong is surely the biggest OT5 in the world. Stans overlook and deny it but the facts are sooo “IN YA FACE!” for them! ;P Well, who`s the delusional one now, eh?

As for me, besides fandom trouble, there was a lot of personal(family) trouble as well.
Parents separeted, we moved, our work-Ajeossi was such a mega b*tch! ><
But all that was not as hurtful as seeing the boys & their loved once suffer by all their hardships.

On top of everything we should not forget about “that person” who showed us that low-level actions can also occure on stange *facepalm*. Thanks to this stupid person I will never be able to get THOSE PICTURES out of my head ever again… ==” and this in an only negative way!

But on the other hand I also was able to make such good memories in Berlin with JYJ at the Tempodrom.
This year I also came to know Stephi Unni & my soulmate Cynthia (who were at the concert with me Photobucket ).
Then I became friends with Emmy & Natali Photobucket
I found Marta Unni Photobucket
I found my ass-kicking evil ELF Particia Photobucket
and many more friends I don`t want to miss anymore!

All in all I can say this year was painful but made me stronger in many ways.
ALSO(!), and this has to be mentioned, my hangul writing is on a good level for a fangirl now. ^^d I should still practise more/harder but compared to what I was able to understand a year ago and what I understand now… this is a huge progress!

I hope in the next year everything will be better! And it only can get better because OT5 will stand by our boys.
OTL and Kangin returns from the army! (okay, others will go instead but the first one is back! *thinks positive* )

Okay, but this year still didn`t solved my old problem: I was still not able to find my SuJu bias!
Good. Siwon appeared in my dreams very often and I even had my first HALLYUcination with him but… nah, dunno what this means.
Could it be that Siwon is really my SuJu bias? oO

ELF said that my subconscious is telling me through my dream that Siwon is my SuJu bias.
Well, let`s look at it in detail. Let`s do a little PRO & CON thingy to find out aboutit because I`m afraid the ELF could be right!

+ Siwon appears often in my dream
+ had a HALLYUcination of him! ><
+ I love the fact that he`s tall :3
+ I mentioned him first in the SuJu game when I was told to list up the SuJu members (Siwon came to my mind first)
+ I looooove him with long hair =D
+ I love him together with HanGeng & Brian! They are just so super cute together!
+ I love the fact that he`s such a perfect gentleman ♡
+ I like personality.
+ Besides DB5K/Junho Siwon & HanGeng are the only SuJu and therefore “OTHER than the 5 ppl” on my cell phone.
+ Usually Siwon wallpapers last very long as the background for my phone
+ I totally have to admit that he looks good!
+ I love that he tries to understand a woman`s heart/mind ♡
+ he can be cute and funny at times (^ㅅ^)
+ I love it that he`s such a twitter addict! I would miss his good morning`s & good night`s of they would vanish.
+ … *cough* I almost fainted by his smilie in “No Other” MV >//< + the most important pro fact would be… he has a cute face (^ㅅ^) Sometimes really reminds me of a puppy or so! =D I love that! Just adorable!

– regarding me, obsession with hair/longer hair is a general thing 😉
– I looooove Yesungs hair more than Siwon`s
– Leeteuk`s hair is also nice & higher in rank on my unwritten list than siwon`s (sorry PastorWon! >< )
– I really like Donghae! awww! That fishy is so cuuuuute! :3
– I looooove the fishy`s hair too! =D very much, to be honest!
– Donghae was the first SuJu person to appear in my k-dreams!
– Siwon`s hair isn`t on my “to touch” list XD (well, until now)
– Basically my SuJu bias is HanGeng (but sadly this dosen`t really count anymore… :/ )
– I also love Hyukjae. awww! His eyes *_____*
– It could happen that I would abandon Siwon right away for the change to touch Yesungs hair XDDD LOL (yeah sorry! My hair obsession is just that bad! I canot help myself!)
– one big problem: Somehow I`m addicted to dancer. That`s why Han got me and that`s why Junsu got me. Siwon, you better show me some amazing dance once day =P
– Me appreciates ppl who have/love dogs, because I`m a dog-person all over. *looks at the pastor* Siwon? How about it? ^^°
– Donghae was the first SuJu person I followed on twitter (he kinda MADE me following him) although I came on twitter because of Henry ^^° *still embarrssed to admit this*

Yeah. That`s it now.
So let`s count! *counts* we have 15 +`s. As many as SuJu has members *cough* *4ever including HanGeng*. And then again we have… 13 -`s. As many as SuJu originally had members at the beginning.
That`s just a little bit less than the +`es…

What does this mean now? Photobucket Could it be that Siwon is really my SuJu bias without me knowing it?
ELF said subconscious always knows more than one can know and subconscious is always right. Well, I have no clue about who to pic as my SuJu bias. But I have to admit that it`s really strange that Siwon appears in my dreams that often oO
Maybe subconscious IS right?

D:<< aaaaah! I still don`t know! I tend to say “okay, I give up subconscious! YOU WON!” but… aigoo… What does the ELF say to this? *looks at Patricia*
Somehow I cannot judge this that well.
But the thing with my phone wallpaper is really too true and really gives Siwon a big + ! but… but… *pouts* Donghae~~ *whines* …. *pouts* I love the Fishy. Fishy is cute! Oh so cute! Photobucket

Well, now the blog entry is twice as long as a normaly loooong entry of mine so… eh hehe… ^^° *embarrassed* I will end this entry here! It`s totally cray that I really wrote that much!

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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