Junho recently, HanGeng, JYJ and C-jes, my randomness + ELFs and their wishes for our #8yearswithTVXQ ♥

안녕하세요 여러분!

Okay, shall we start with something totally silly? yeah?
Good! So I will start with my acceptance speech ;P “Acceptance speech??”, you ask now. And I say: Yes! The one for the award for “The worlds longest blog entry”! Yes! For the previous one here!

*goes up on stage to the speaker`s desk*
*taps on microphone* is that thing on? *clichè-like strange horrible sound >< * errr… oops! Photobucket
Yeah well, where to begin? I`m thankful to receive this award for the 2nd time now and I`m really happy! ^__^ Actually I´ve really already cut it “short” the last time *laughs* I`m sorry.
NO WAIT! I`M NOT! *lol*
To be honest, there are some ppl I want to tell my sincere thanks to. First I wanted to thank the 5 gods of the east, the reason for my eternal spamming existing.
And of course I have to thank the stans! If it wouldn`t be for some rant, many entries wouldn`t be that long! Thank you stans for acting that stupid! #trollolol
Special thanks goes to my little cutie HanGeng. If it wouldn`t be for some fangirling over YOU, some entries wouldn`t be filled with special-love. Photobucket
Fandom should also be thanked. For the failing in it as well as for the greatness it contains. Thanks to you guys I never run out of things to talk about.
I`m too sad, I cannot even really thank the readers because: I would spam even if you wouldn`t read it ^^° Mi~anhae!
XDDDD okay, okay, I will go on with the main things here. CUT! CUT!!!! Cut this nonsense out! *laughs*

Now let`s take a look at how brother`s doing lately! =D

Dec the 19th, Junho at the Aquarium in Okinawa
You love doing this brother, don`t you? I mean, such “looks like it is/looks like I do” things.  *just noticed* ^___^ but great idea! How on earth did you hit on that? Would have never been my first idea when seeing this model of a whale shark!

well, so much for his first idea but brother`s second idea was… xD
Photobucket *lol* DORK! really ^^
aahm but Junho-ya, a whale shark wouldn`t eat you. Compared to all other sharks on earth whale sharks are the vegetarians among them.

But that Aquarium he has been to… it… it really has…
… A REAL WHALE SHARK! OMGZZZZZZ! I`m going crazy!?!? *O*

Still in Okinawa: Brother said “Fly to the sky towards the sea!”
*.* what a cool picture! What an Ocean! OMO!
But looks a bit dangerous too… Junho, don`t go too near to the edge of the rocks ><

That was also a great picture!

hihi. Cassiopeia, doesn`t this bring back memories? (of JYJ in Japan, 3hree voices II)
once we have water and sand we all become kids again. Everyone, just ADMIT IT!

Where did you find this Halmoni?
^ㅅ^ somehow, this is cute ^^ cute, little old lady!

And that was brother at Dec the 23th:
Practising for the contest “Japan’s coolest artist”?? Well, in my opinion you`ve already won Junho Photobucket

But what was he doing today? Relaxing while playing… THISSS!!!!!
“Tiny Farm”! =) cuuuuuuute game! Oh my! look at the cutie animals! awww!
So cute he plays such games! awww! That`s one reason why we love korean boys, né, girls? ^___^ how can one be so cute? HOW!? I really wonder… *is amazed*

Random HanGeng story:
Sunday evening, when I was in my bed and was about to shut down my Mac, I ended up looking at my current walli (cute HanGeng walli (^///^)❤ ) . And started to fangirl to my screen ^^° like “awww, sooo cute! I could look at you the whole night *squee* awwww, so cutie, cutie, cutie *giggles* *wants to hug her comp* Aigoo *grins like an idiot* so cute! *if it wouldn`t be that useles, really feels like pinching her screen*”
eh hehe… ^//^ had a spintanous fangirl-sesseion and with a heavy heart I managed to press the “shut down” button in the end, but I was kinda disappointed when my screen went black then *pouts*
Yeah sorry, I`m Geng`s fangirl. I mean…

No comment (neeed)! *plays Han`s “Queen” now & continues*

(shared via FuckYeahHanGeng!)

Photobucket awwww! Say what you want, but Han & kids match very well! OTL! OTL! OTL!

ㅋㅋㅋ SANTA GENG! 하하하!
PhotobucketOMG SUN! HanGeng, you want to be my Santa next year?? Photobucket *hopeful eyes*
*mumbles* …or… maybe you want to be my present next year? (⌒////⌒;) aigoo! *giggles*

eh… hehe… *embarrassed laugh* 我爱你 韩庚… … 어머! *runs away blushing*

*cough* YEAH WELL!
Let`s change the topic now or I will end up having a major, super heavy Geng-fangirl attack NOW! >////<

But fangirling is a good keyword!
We all did on the 8th anni of our boys at the 26th!
Ai! 8 years of TVXQ by now!
Many hardships. Many worries. Many happy moments. Many moments of desperation too.
We laughed. We cried. We cheered.
And it was always everything about our boys & Cassiopeia.

hm, just about the boys & cassiopeia?

This is where fandom tunnel view/ignorance/gold fish memory (how Emmy once said) these days starts again.
I`m repeating myself when I start to scold some cassies now: WE STILL HAVE FAMILY OUT THERE! DON`T YOU DARE TO FORGET THAT!

Who was the only one who was the only fandom who was with us during the anniversary? Make wild guess.
Any suggestions? Yes or no, I will tell you: ELF!
Our dear family and sisters since ever were the only ones to congratulate us.
I investigated that. Well, we don`t have to expect anything from SONEs. I saw nothing of VIPs, not even Shawol`s (although they should be something like our little sisters).
ts! FINE!
So the only ones who were with Cassiopeia again were the ELFs and I took some wonderful screencaps of it:

ㅠ~ㅠ and they even said “Always Keep The Faith”. I`m really touched! Re-reading this makes me feel like crying again! *teary eyes* Cassie/ELF love was in the air. Everyone should be more thankful!
T-list didn`t wanted to show some gratitute. I dunno wae. I don`t blame my asian t-listers. They weren`t online when I RTed that. But I really have to tell the others: Don`t forget our big family. Famdom is waaaay to self-focused these days.
It`s really not easy to be cassiopeia these days, but too many ppl forget we are not alone while they are crying about our daily pain. When push comes to shove, who will be with Cassiopeia? Right. It`s ELF!
Don`t you forget that Cassiopeia! ==”  *eyes everyone* DON`T YOU! == *eyes everyone harder*
I was very touched and grateful for ELFs support. Made me feel a lot better. F*ck the stans! They want to break us? OT5 are laughing about them and ELF laughing with us. Stans want to provoke us? Fine. But will they deal with the rest of the then angry family too? Like I always said: Stans don`t know what they are doing. Seriously.

Also, on facebook I shared my personal 8th anni thoughts so I will do here:

When they cry, I cry as well.
When they laugh, I laugh as well.
When they are happy, I`m in happy as well.

When they are sick, I wish I would be sick instead.
When they are in pain, I wish I could take their pain away.
When they are tired, I want to give them the strength to move on.

My 5 gods. Always keep the faith. Cassiopeia will never leave.
Together we can make it. 사랑해요, 오빠들. 화이팅!

Hope to the end,


OTL Latest version of my Anniversary thoughts! Had to change the beginning a bit. But it`s the same to 98%.

And talkin about ELF before: Patricia shared this with us on Twitter:
유키스 (U-KISS) – Tick Tack

heeeey! =D that song rocks!
I don`t have the time (and the need?) to look at other bands songs besides our boys, SuJu (SS501, Big Bang). Simply no time. But I think I have to increase my knowledge about u-kiss one day. Have to check on more of their songs when I have the time to do so ( ^^° but this could take some time…)

What else is new? The NEWS of course!
SM Entertainment runs promotional buses featuring EXO on LED screens
Woah! SM pushing them hard now, eh? *raising one eyebrow*

JYJ’s Jaejoong reveals his ideal type
eh hehe… ^^° do I need to say something about “I like woman who push and pull [play hard].” Like we say here in germany: -That`s not my construction area. ^^° eh hehe…. *feels kinda embarrassed for no reason*

➤ Some more 8th anni-ness:
TVXQ celebrates their 8th anniversary
I love you HoMin but this pic looks so… empty. Although there are so many ppl on it.
ㅠ~ㅠ *4ever massive withdrawal*

➤ Someone of our family: Yoohwan!
[Pic] 111226 Yoohwan Interview
aww! Yoohwan is cute! ^^ And I always see Chunnie when I look at him. They look alike!

➤ What did JJ do in christmas?
[News] 111226 JYJ’s Jaejoong spends his Christmas alone with… elephants?
well, at least he wasn`t drinking and emo-ing hard like the last christmas. therefore: better playing video games alone & giving us a tour round his house.

➤ These news were on my tl recently: JJ donated 20 million and 30 million each to the elementary and middle school he graduated from. Hed like to help students in those schools as senior.
WOW! JJ has a really big heart. There was even a photo with a personal message from him for the students around!

Super Junior becomes ‘Album Kings’ in the Philippines with ‘Mr. Simple’
HEY! I`m Mrs. Simple! *hahaha!*
cool! I`m happy for them! They worked hard! SuJu hwaiting!

Super Junior’s Kangin looks too adorable to be a corporal
1.) still proud of him (^∀^)
2.) Soon, ppl, soon! Our Kangin will come back to us! Just a few months more to go!
T.T I`m waiting since I became a fangirl. Because he was already in the army ever since.

➤ JYJ for LOTTE: [Pic] 111228 JYJ Lotte Winter Shooting
Photobucket *jaw drops* JUNSU! O: You… you aren`t… you aren`t wearing pants like HanGeng`s dancers this year…. do… you…??!? O: ….. Are these… RIPPED PANTS!?!?!??! >////< *super blush* §$(/)§$34!”$%92″)§$KAFJE$§3)%!!!!!! OMFG!!!! *hyperventilates* Is this even real life?!?!? I feel like dying! O: *speechless* I… that is….! OMG SUN! 어머나! Photobucket *faints*
/several moments of unconsciousness later
okay! I`m okay! *takes a deep breath* let`s move on!
And this is the perfect time to talk about JYJ & C-jes!
JYJ gives their CEO a $300,000 USD luxury sedan
Awww! Boys! How generous of them!

Well, so much for the relationship between C-jes and JYJ.
Yeah, some ppl in fandom were talking about “JYJ realizes themselves now that C-jes wasn`t the best joice” & “C-jes isn`t that much better as SME”
Guys, can you stop to act like stans? What`s with this talk?
At first everyone was thankful to C-jes that they help our boys when everyone else rejected them and now some ppl try to alk dirty about C-jes.
Sure, I always say companies cannot be trusted. And I still stick with that. I also always say that C-jes isn`t without fails. I still stick with that as well. But they don`t deserve the harsh criticism of some fans!

1.) C-jes isn`t like SME – not by a long shot! They are good to our boys!
2.) Junsu was talking about their “beautiful department head” bacl then and it was full of family feeling
3.) JYJ giving their CEO such a present with such background thoughts shows that they are grateful indeed.

OTL Ppl need to stop seeing the evil in everything.

Article Quote of Cjes representative: Aside from the fact that it is an expensive present, their hearts are truly in this gift.

I always believed, that Cjes isn`t bad for the boys.
They never ever had so much vacation like they are granted to have now.
When was the last time they could be so free to do what they want like they are now? More and more decisions are in their hands.
Yoohwan joined C-jes. Since that time I knew that this company cannot be as bad as some ppl want them to be.
They are maybe not without fail, but as long as JYJ are pleased and happy I am too.

Yeah. This simply had to be said. If someone dosen`t like it then I feel sorry for you. *shrugs*

And now: I`m hungry! Gotta go grab something to eat! 😉 Thanks for reading!

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