o(^▽^)o IN YA FACE STANDOM! (JYJ worldwide concert DVD)➜ V-Day/Muahaha day! , SuJu + HanGeng, our 5 boys on the hunt ^^

(Attention: This is a 2-days-entry!)


안녕 친구들! v^^.

GUESS WHAT?! It`s “Muahaha day” again! =D
That means iiiiit`s: OT5 V-day!!!! (Victory-Day)
Let me do this first: Photobucket V-DAY! *celebrates*
and the that:aaaah hahaha!!!!! Standom! *LOOOOLs 4ever at you*” Photobucket .  (← yes, standom is very little ;P #trollolol) MUAHAHA! MUAHAHA! *gleeful laugh*

Okay, what`s wrong with me today again? You maybe asking yourself that (or maybe not anymore when you are not a new reader/stranger to my blog anymore Photobucket ) since the start of that entry.
I will tell you the story from the beginning: Maybe some of you remember: I pre-ordered JYJ`s Worldwide Concert DVD a while ago.
Today my copy arrived.

When I was unpacking it (I already knew what it was even before I started to unpack it because it was so heavy and had quare-form XD ) I was the silly fangirl I am. And that totally.
I was like “KYAAAAAAAH!!! *fangirl scream-squeak sound* DVD! DVD! DVD! *smiling like an idot* *randomly starts to hum victory fanfar from Final FAntasy Dissidia* *rips plastic wrap apart in a flash* *squeaks* *touches outer first cover* KYAAAH! It`s wodden?!? =D *surprised but happy* *looks at the outside of DVD, looking at every side* *sees something* *squeals* OMG! Photobucket ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH?!?!? HATERS GONNA HATE! =D *laughs happily & hystericaly reaches for her DigiCam* *takes photo* I will show this to t-list! =DDD ”

well, and that`s it now:
Photobucket Aaaalways Keep The Faith, babies! STFU standom/non-believers! Hope to the end_official here! AKTF_Official on JYJ DVD!

Photobucket *standing tall* OTL IN YA FACE, STANDOM, IN YA F*CKING FACE! LOOOL

What was that yesterday? “Eat food”? *haha* KEEP EATING STANS! OTL! OTL! OTL!

The other side of the cover:

That fell out of the case when I was opening it:
*touches DVD case* yes, I can feel that ^^ but… hand made? are you serious? *o*
and I thought that the case would be made of carton when I ordered it. Aigoo, C-jes/JYJ! You guys surprised me!

Soooo many inside! *_______*

Pictures from the first photobook “Concert Note”:



WOW! I only attended #JYJinSeoul last November via Twitter concert but I never knew this concer was THAT awesome! looks at the lasers and the lights… OMG! This is something that counldn`t be seen on the other sisters photos they`ve send us.

And talking about pictures: very cute pictures were taken at Love Life Event with HanGeng at December the 28th!

My firsth thought when I`ve read “HanGeng at Love Life “eh hehe… ^^° HanGeng, you are one of the reasons I don`t even have a love life and the weird thing is I`m more than happy with it ^//^ ” #TypicalFangirl

i mean: You have to admit: He looks cute in that hoodie! Photobucket
(⌒//⌒) awww! cuuuuute! Just imagine Han would wear the pink one *giggles* #FangirlImagination
But nonetheless: White one looks cute on him too! *pinches Han*

Today was the time of KBS Gayo!
SuJu were there. But the poor boys were sooo tired.


Well, some ppl would say that this is a normal picture. Normally I would agree if I wouldn`t know better: They looked especially tired that evening… :/ Like HoMin they didn`t had a proper rest since… over a week now.

SM makes them run around like lapdog. I mean HoMin AND SuJu… :/

and on top of that SuJu & ELF were pissed before.
When I came on twitter I started readig my tl and found SuJu boys totally mad and… Siwon and Hyukjae totally angry. I was like “WTH happend!?? O: ”
Never saw them that angry… seriously.

A little later I found out that all this was about SBS` Gayo… What Happened at the SBS Gayo Daejun that Made Super Junior Apologize to ELF?
Aiogoo SME… Photobucket that totally ruined my mood on thursday! I already missed SBS` Gayo performances totally and then this… You can say I was a little pissed that day too!
I was relaxing before I came on and then… mood went totally down! Missed SBS Gayo + SME shows off their FAIL abilities to us… ㄱ-ㄱ

oh yeah, an C-jes gets criticized for every little shit… I understand Fandoms, I totally understand… NOT! *facepalm*


IT`S ALREADY 2012 in korea! I`m still watching MBC`s Gayo via live stream. Wow, the first live stream that actually works! Sadly it never works when I need it the most.
…. *cough* JYJ concert in Busan… JYJ at Daegu closing ceremony *cough*

So since twitter is down now I decided to watch MBC & write the blog ^^ This is the last entry for this year (european time)

btw: MBC show is cool!
I heard 2PM`s “Hands Up” in classic version just now. And they perform “Back To U” now.
HoMin pre-recorded because they flew to japan but their performance was perfection. They performed KYHD of course! Photobucket
Eunhae`s performance of “Oppa, Oppa” was also fun! *haha* they danced with SHINee!
Oh, speaking of SHINee: I also saw them not that long ago at MBC Gayo. And… WAIT! WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL!?! O: *jaw drops* 2PM stripping on STAGE!?!? O: …. OMG SUN!
KYAAH! HEY! Now is SuJu`s turn… MR. SIMPLE!!!! *keeps watching and writing* =DD *get`s excited* *sings & chants* =D
Now it`s some kind of bonamana remix.
… I think the show is over now. *closes live stream window*

( MBC Gayo all performances btw, for those wo are interested/weren`t online to stream: Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4 via AllKPop! )

Aaah, now that it`s over finally my comp works on normal speed again ^^° live stream made everything kinda lacking here.

Twitter is also back to normal. jeez… it failed around the whole day… Twitter, wae u no stop failing????
And the funny thing was: Twitter totally broke down at my end when it was around korean new year!
OMO! talking about korean new year!
HEENIM OPPA TWEETED! =D He tweeted a pic of Heebum Photobucket
Too sad… he must feel a bit lonely. Being the only one left at home while the others are at MBC Gayo. Maybe he joined them when they celebrated Sungminnie`s b-day?

haha! talking about Sungmin: Yes, today`s Sungmin`s b-day! Ai! Having b-day at new years day kinda sucks in korea XD You know, in korea you are one year older on new year soooo…. for sungmin is it like… being 2 years older on every b-day? Photobucket Well, maybe when you have b-day on 01.01. in korea it only counts for one year.
So… is he 26 now? *looks at Patricia* OTL I`m not sure! I`m not a full ELF! >.<
Well, whatever, in any case: Siwon tweeted two pictures. one with a happy looking Sungmin & a cake + a second one with a sungmin that had cake all over his face XD
Is this some mind of SuJu tradition? *laughs* I remember Hyukjae on his last b-day and… he looked THE SAME! Cake all over his face Photobucket too lovely!

And while we are having such a good SuJu talk right now: I had the problem with finding out about my SuJu bias and asked my ELF for help. I`ve even done this pro & con thing on the blog here and it happened to be SIWON in the end.
Well, some reasons on my pro & con list are really indicative that is is Siwon ^^° *drop*

Emmy said it is “obvious”. ELF kinda said the same… hm. Fine when everyone can say this with such a certainty.
But ME wasn`t sure until I`ve done that list ^^° and wasn`t even really sure afterwards but now I accepted my fate in the end xD
And anyway! If you guys have all known this for long WAE YOU NO TOLD ME EARLIER?!? *hits friends` shoulders* YAH! You like to see me clueless(/suffer with not able to decide on my SuJu bias), eh? Photobucket
Aigoo, my friends! ^^

So okay, Siwon is my Pastor_official now. KYAAAH! Pastor_official? o(*゚▽゚*)o
ME LIKES THAT! Like… a lot!
OTL Siwon, since you are my Pastor_official now, #waeuno marry me to Junsu…? Photobucket Eh? How about it? *eyebrows wiggle* I mean, like… NOW! =D

Suitable to our SuJu talk here is also HanGeng`s performance of tonight at the New Year Countdown: Han at New Year`s Countdown

Here`s also a pic collection of this evening:

← Please click to enlarge~~
… The last picture downright… O: *jaw drops* … HOLY!  O: ….
§&(%=”§$/”§(%€¢”8″§$&!!!! HNNNGHH!!! >//< 어머나! Photobucket
…Han …boots …backview… >///< 아이고, 아이고… *blushes* I cannot even! #GengFangirl *weak for Han & boots all over*

Seriously, he looked so cool tonight! And I still have to watch his performance. I only watched “My Logo” so far. still 15 minutes of HanGeng performance to go =)

WHAT A WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR! Watching MBC Gayo for… 4 hours or so & watching HanGeng`s new years performance! *starts singing* Life couldn`t get better~♪ *SuJu song*

And now to our 5 boys!

1.) We have a new header here! New new year`s header! Hope you like it!

2.) It was like our boys were on the hunt for awards again and were (of course) successful!

➤ JJ went to SBS drama awards and… GUESS WHAT?! Winners from the SBS 2011 Drama Awards
*dances victory dance* lalala, lalala Photobucket *giggles* YAY!

➤ HoMin won the Excellence Award in Japan at the Japan Record Awards!

➤ Yoochun won the Newcomer Award as an actor

And we weren`t that bad either: Cassiopeia is in the Guinness Book for the 3rd time as biggest fanclub. *throws DongBang-fetti*
I`m sorry that I say this without any regret now but… IN YA FACE ANY OTHER FANDOM!

OTL_ I.N. Y.A. F.A.I.C.E.! *misspell on purpose* *celebrates it way too satisfied now* ㅋㅋ

Now we have only a few hours left of this year, then we will be in 2012 like our boys in korea ^^

So I want to tell you that my fav recognition this year is this one (and my own on top of that XD omg! how embarrassing ^^° ): “Has anyone noticed that, if Junho would join C-jes as well one day C-jes family would be JYJ-JYJ? I mean: JJ-Yoochun-Junsu & Junho-Yoohwan-Jihyo ^__^

The last news of this year are these:
[News] 111229 TVXQ’s Yunho criticized for his drawing skills?
Quote Leader씨: “I do like drawing, but it seems that no one ever understands what I’ve drawn.
*cough* You got that right Leader씨!
But his drawing is reeeeally cute! awww! So cute! I love it! Even if I don`t know wae our Leader씨 has no skills in drawing like… not a bit ^^° i love it because Leader씨 made it!

➤ After another rumor whow as spreat by… WHO KNOWS! some ppl just have a cruel sense of humor ><
This is the truth: JYJ’s Jaejoong defers his military enlistment to August 2012
Thinking about this in the car thursday morning: Kanging will return soon, Jaejoong will enlist soon. But this also means Yunho should be near his enlisting too. Since he and Jaejoong are almost at the same age… Maybe they will meet each other in the army =D aww, I hope so! Then they would be out of army together (or almost togehter) too!

➤ oh hey! that`s cool!
JYJ’s Junsu builds a school in Cambodia
*cough* at least it wasn`t Kenya… eh hehe… ^^° So junsu wouldn`t try to speak kenyan again.
But our boys surely have a big heart!

➤ Our 3 JYJ boys had big success in with european So-Loved Awards! Here is their thanks message (german & english subs here btw!):
So-Loved Awards 2011 – JYJ Thank You Video for European Fans
*haha* JJ at the end, laughin at Yoochun XD aw! cute!

These were the full results of the So-Loved Awards 2011 (via awards.so-loved.net):

The results – postet on December 30, 2011

The results of our voting have already been revealed live in our award show. For all of you who could not attend, we’ll reveal them here as well.

Band female
1. 2NE1 (35.5%)
2. Brown Eyed Girls (20.7%)
3. SNSD (12.3%)

Band male
1. JYJ (26.4%)
2. Super Junior (16.8%)
3. Big Bang (12.2%)

Solo Artist female
1. IU (35.1%)
2. G.NA (22.4%)
3. Hyunah (13.9%)

Solo Artist male
1. Jay Park (37.50%)
2. K.Will (11.64%)
3. Hwanhee (11.55%)

Newcomer female
1. Rania (42.2%)
2. A-Pink (34.9%)
3. C-Real (11.4%)

Newcomer male
1. B1A4 (34.3%)
2. Block B (33.2%)
3. Boyfriend (22.5%)

1. Big Bang (34.8%)
2. Super Junior (28.3%)
3. Brown Eyed Girls (18.0%)

1. JYJ – In Heaven (29.4%)
2. Super Junior – Mr. Simple (16.7%)
3. B2ST – Fiction & Fact (11.1%)

EP (Mini Album)
1. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense (18.1%)
2. MBLAQ – Mona Lisa (17.0%)
3. Big Bang – 4th Mini Album (15.8%)

1. Infinite – Be Mine (27.6%)
2. Big Bang – Tonight (16.1%)
3. U-Kiss – Neverland (14.3%)

Japan Release
1. TVXQ – B.U.T (21.23%)
2. CN Blue – In My Head (21.16%)
3. 2PM – I’m Your Man (14.95%)

Music Video
1. JYJ – In Heaven (34.5%)
2. B2ST – Fiction (14.95%)
3. Big Bang – Love Song (11.0%)

1. Infinite – Before The Dawn (67.9%)
2. Teen Top – Supa Luv (12.7%)
3. U-Kiss – Neverland (10.5%)

1. Protect the Boss (33.7%)
2. city Hunter (19.9%)
3. Heartstrings (18.5%)

OST Song
1. Junsu – You Are So Beautiful (28.9%)
2. Yonghwa – You’ve Fallen For Me(%)
3. Jaejoong – I’ll Protect You (18.4%)

1. 10cm (43.8%)
2. CN Blue (25.3%)
3. FT Island (19.4%)

Hip Hop
1. Tablo (64.4%)
2. Simon D (25.3%)
3. Cho PD (5.0%)

Besides the categories you could vote in, we also chose winners for three special awards.

K Culture Award

so-loved Special Award

K Special Award

➤ To stick with JYJ a bit longer: It was said that JYJ will go to South America with their next worldtour and Brazil was confirmed now!

Now I`m done with my entry for today. The last one of this year ^^

Happy New Year everyone!

I will cook ramen for the end of the year now and then be lazy at home. I think I won`t make it till midnight since I was working the night before so I need to sleep.
When I wake up tomorrow we will be no longer behind korean and in 2012 too!

bye, bye~~

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