He did… WHAT?! O: *cannot believe* (aka a new k-dream) & FIRST ENTRY OF 2012!!! *throws confetti*

어머! 어머! 어머! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *runs around like a wild chicken* O M O N A !!!!!! *is hyper*
You will not believe! 어머! 어머! *runs around in circles* (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I mean… KYAAAAAAHHH!!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) *fangirl squee*

*calms herself down a little* phew… ^^ HAHA! Hello readers!
It`s just that…. KAAAAH! I had a k-dream again! ^//^ OMOOOOO! OMG SUN! I cannot believe it… that`s… that`s so unreal… (xD okay, it was becaues it was a dream but it felt real! OTL )

I just LOVE my start into the new year! (okay, it was very embarrassing as well >< aigoo..)
Tonights k-dream was all about *fangirl scream* HANGEEEENG~! Photobucket
It all started with an event HanGeng would appear. Some kind of show on TV. And it was here in Germany (already weird enough oO ) BUT Emmy was with me (OMGZ! WEIIIIRD!). She was here because of studying on a German university and she lived at my aparment with me. Of course I made her go with me to this event! I was like “OMG SUN! He`s back! *hyper* I want to go there by all means!” (you may remember: I already saw Han in one of my dreams before ♥)
Somehow it turned out to be a pre-recording and… of course, the ppl who were there had no clue about HanGeng – besides Emmy and me. So we watched the recording and HanGeng was singing a new song from his 2nd album. ah! It was such a beautiful song!
When the recording ended I wanted to wait for Geng. Emmy waited with me. HanGeng finally re-appeared after almost everyone was gone and, wow! He remembered me! =D *happy* He asked me how I`ve been and I said: “Fine. Everything is the same, u know. Emmy and I living in a small apartment, you are still in China…”, secretly talking about SuJu things. He smiled and said: “It`s better that way.”, obviously knowing what I wanted to said with that. >< aigoo… wae did I say this in the first place? so embarrassing! >< Sorry Han!
He went to get his things and I thought “What to do? what to do? Make him stay somehow! Think, you bapo, think!!! *talking to myself in my mind*”
Meanwhile Emmy complained about being tired from New Year and not feeling well anymore. She asked if we could go home now. Emmy was already lying on a bench, half asleep anyway. She was like that from the beginning… oO #justsaying I wondered that she wasn`t even really interested when HanGeng came to talk to us. She was only… more like… dead-asleep XD LOL
As the HanGeng crazy Unni I was I said she can go home and so she did. I talked to Han again when he was back and since he expressed he wanted to go eat something now I said he can come with me to my mom! ㅋㅋㅋ This was how a prefect woman`s plan works out: Treating Han to eat at our home and so making him stay longer Photobucket ➜ WIN! ㅋㅋㅋ I am so good! *perfect plan*
So my dream went a bit forward and we were at home. At our old home, to make this dream even weirder… Photobucket Dad not present, Sister sis rather uninterested in Han (she couldn`t care less ^^) & Mom not really interested either.
We were done eating and Han & I were talking about random things. We had a good and funny talk. I gave him a small package of little jelly fruits and he was happily eating them. Photobucket Aww! He was so cute! *giggles* Smiling all the time.
I cannot remember the things we talked about while still standing in our kitchen but suddenly Han came up with the story of he once was here in his student days and my grandma let him stay at our house. (WEIRDNESSSS!)
I was like: “You are kidding me! *does not believe*”__HanGeng: “^^ No, it`s true! I slept upstairs.”__me: “Maybe in the meantime the room has changed.”__HanGeng: “Dosen`t matter. =) *putting arm around noona`s shoulder* I will show you. *opening kitchen door, leading noona to the stairs*”__me: “*giggles* Let`s check it then.”
I was really amazed that he really seemed to know his way. He went upstairs, me followed and then he stopped in front of my grandma`s living room (in our old house my grandma lived upstairs).
me: “There?”__HanGeng: “*nods* Yes.”__me: “Okay, I will go in first. My grandma is in there.”
Okay, besides the fact that my already dead grandma was alive again everything was fine so far XD So I went in and said to grandma, who was watching tv, that we have a guest and he wants to say hello. Grandma said he should come in. I was signalizing Han to come in then ^^ but he seemed a little uncomfortable to disturb my grandma. aww! How cute! (again!)
Well, I was like “Photobucket It`s okay, come in *kinda dragging Han into the room*”
So we stood in grandma`s living room and he and grandma exchanged their greetings. I said “Grandma, he said he once stayed here for a while, is this true? *still in disbelieve*” Grandma said that it`s true but she cannot remember his name. But she assumed it must have been something with “H”. HanGeng introduced himself then and grandma said “Ah, yes! *remembers* That was the name! ” Aigoo… =) I really wondered what kind of reality this was here? HanGeng knowing my Grandma ond once stayed here for a few days? Dae to the bak, ppl, dae to the bak! hahaha!
We left grandma alone again and back in the hallway Han seemed to remember more from when he stayed here and asked me of my sister and I sleep upstairs too. I said yes we do pointed at the two doors. He wanted to know wich one is mine and seemed very interested. It was a bit embarrassing because we already prepared for moving and so I said that I will show him but “It`s a mess.”.
Since my room was really a mess ^^° and it`s not really big we were done looking at it really quickly. We decided to pay my sister sis a visit as well. She was in her room listening to music while packing her moving boxes. I asked if it`s okay when we come in and she said she`s fine with it so we went into her room. Han looked around the rooms and the first thing he saw were my Katanas ^^ All of them were in a corner of my sister`s room, waiting to be packed.
HanGeng thought they are really cool and begun looking at each one. I proudly presented him my real Katana from Japan and once again it was really fun to talk with him! Photobucket When HanGeng is present everything is fine ^^ So nice with him! I really loved it!
Soon after that we left my sister alone again and went downstairs. *giggles* I haven`t even fully closed sister`s door again then I saw him already coming at my side again (*cough* NEAR! >//< ), putting his arm around my shoulder again and taking a rather tight grip on it >///< Aigoo, HAN! I was a bit iritated (OF COURSE I WAS! >//< dammit! It`s Han, he`s cute & way too lovely and… he`s near! >///< ) but he showed a showed me a shy smile and… somehow I couldn`t help but smile too.
So we went downstairs again, smiling like the two shy idiots we are *haha* ^^ and were back in the kitchen then. OMGZ! Still so embarrassing! >///< aah, I mean: So cute! I cannot even tell you ppl… you haven`t seen his expressions when he was talking, the cute smile… Aigoo, jinjja! Too much! Way too much for my fangirl heart! >///< *keeps blushing like an idiot only by writing this now* He said it was time for him to go, I was like -damn, sucks…- but I understood. He couldn`t stay 4ever and I had a really great day with him ^^ I wanted to lead him through the door from kitchen to garage outside, but then suddenly he stopped. I wanted to ask if he forgot something but I wasn`t even able to! >///< because… he… he… *mega blush* (≧////≦) he KISSED ME! *dies of embarrassment* OMO! I`m halfway to a heart attack only by writing & thinking about it agai! >////< He rally did it! And not even once… *dies of embarrassment even more* twice! GAISSS!!!! *imitating Emmy* I was kissed by HanGeng twice! He did it again after the first kiss! *dies more and more* This even surpasses Donghae dream! I swear! You cannot… I mean I… you gais…! >///< I CANNOT EVEN!!!
Han with his 181cm in height just 11 cm taller than I am and… and… I cannot even describe the look on his face and… >//////////////////< *super fangirl blush* believe me it felt way too real!!! It was just like my ELF friend`s dream with Kyu! It was like… like… this was real life! *waves around with hands* REAL LIFE! >////< OTL Dream felt way to real!!! #4everrepeatingmyself

But then I woke up and was like “>///< OMG! This was a dream?! *get`s embarassed*” and hid under my blanket for a minute only to giggle #LikeABoss when I came out of it again. I was still half asleep but I laughed and giggles like a idiot but was still embarrassed at the same time!
Photobucket I`m the most blessed fangirl today. I swear! (and the most embarrassed too…)

And once again this is what happens when I mix up things: while watching the new year`s firework I thought of grandma and that the would have liked it. I thought of what Emmy is doing right now (to new year). I was watching 20 minutes of Han`s daebak new year countdown appearance & was listening to “Queen” and was raping the replay button from the old year till the new year with that song. On top of that I was saving pictures of the new year`s performance and then I went to bed >////<
So what comes out of it? Grandma, Emmy & HanGeng in my dream!

and… at first I was embarrassed, then I got hyper about that and now I`m embarrassed again… mixed up feelings >//<

Aigoo, aigoo…
well, at least it wasn`t Siwon… this would have been waaaaaayyyy tooooooo muuuuuuuch! (my poor baby Junsu… he should never find out what noona was dreaming >< for the record: In the dream before ME was kissing Junsu, here it was HAN kissing me… okeh?! OTL! OTL!)
… … … … == *eyes everyone* nonetheless… don`t dare to have any idea! *is very possessive* Hand`s off of Han ==” *eyes everyone more/harder* OTL MINE! == *keeps eyeing everyone*

Yeah well, before my already racing heart rally dies now >//< let`s talk about MBC Gayo again!

2PM tweets New Year’s greetings + pokes fun at their performance on ‘MBC Gayo Daejaejun’
haha! Oh yes, this was really some kind of WTF-moment! I was thinking “where da hell did those balls come from?” ^^ all of a sudden they were everywhere!

➤ Today I received my annual Blog report from wordpress via email! It`s interesting. Well, at least for me ;P You can take a look at it too!
We can even see from where my readers are! (of which part of the world)
All thanks to Natali I even have readers in south america! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

➤ My sister from Norway blogged this: [Trans/Pic] Jaejoong and Junsu Twitter Update
Our boys sooo cute! *pinches*
And once again: Such a serious and with that I mean objective blog again… aigoo, stop to embarrass me ppl! I`m running a fangirl blog here with my (wild >///< ) k-dreams, ranting sessions and fangirling all over… Makes me look so… so… immature Photobucket

➤ *o* HoMin daebak!!!
[Trans] 120101 TVXQ Wins “Kohaku Utagassen” Poll With A Shocking 65.3% Of Total Votes

okay, this is the first entry in the new year so it`s a good time to do the couple seires again, won`t you agree? =)

I hope the couple will show us their good sides to start 2012!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
O(≧∇≦)O KYAH! KangTeuk so cute!!!!! I love them!

“KyuMin of the day”:
LOL … *cough* ^^° KyuMin, please behave! It´s the first day of the new year! ^^°° *drop*

“YeWook of the day”:
aaaah, at least YeWook behave and show us a perfect “family photo”! … with the dog they took care of. Too sad, I forgot the name of the dog.

Yeah well, that`s it. The biggest part of today`s entry was my… my… dream… >///<
NU WAIT! There is one more thing: Mom told me this morning that the little calendar is cute and has nice pictures. I first thought that she was talking about my JYJ calendar and that she saw it in my room. But she said “No, I`m talking about the one in the living room!”
MOM! Photobucket You are looking at my Junsu calendar? ㅋㅋㅋ and even telling me that it`s cute and has nice pictures? MUAHAHA MUAHAHA! Mom, you like Junsu? =D You better do because it`s your son-in-law! OTL

The fact is, that mom discovered my celandar which was already in the laaaast corner of the living room and she even said she didn`t dare to touch it when her hands weren`t clean because if she would touch it then she would be “struck by lightning” LOOOOL XD
oh, Mom learned! I always telling her not to touch my k-pop things when her hands are not clean ^^° *drop* #FangirlFreak I`m freaking out if the makes oily fingerprints on it OTL (you are never able to remove them again T.T Especially not from calendar paper!)

And… she`s even interested in all my new things that are coming. When I start unpacking it she`s always around (when she don`t has to do work at that time) and trying to find out what I got XD hehe… I GOTCHA MOM! I`m turning her into a k-pop mom soon!
ah haha!!! kekekeke….! *victorious laugh*
Photobucket 대박!

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. YunhoFan says:

    Thank you for the mention!!! I was shocked *_* I am really grateful and…I haven`t even set up a blogroll yet, much less added this amazing site to it, but I will – ! Ah! You are NOT immature…and I am not particularly serious and/or objective dear, it`s just I am so boring that I could not fangirl to save my life…also I don`t write any posts myself, but you do, so be proud – we`re proud of you! You have no idea how many times I have wished that I could make my blog become like this…

    THANKS, sister(●^o^●)@>–;– @>–;– @>–;–

    • Sangmi says:

      OMG! Thank you so much for your praises my sister! *bows* I feel honored! It`s too much (◡//◡*) aigoo, I`m already embarrassed again! I happy when you like my little fangirl blog and… my endless entries ^^ I admire blogs like yours because they… they look so professional ^^° compared to my fangirling *haha*
      I`m sure you could fangirl very well, just give it a try! =D

      aaah, you are proud of me? O: … OMO! Thank you!
      oh and… what a shame! I should put your blog to my friends` blog`s! *faceplam* *goes doing that now*

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