OMGZ! Lightstick for realz, babies! & Brian and his photo

안녕 친구들! v^^.

OMG SUN! I did it! I… I really did it. And I made the first part of my payment today! Geng-bao already confirmed that they received it #HappyFan

(credit to / photo by them! OTL!!)
Photobucket 02.01.2012 was the last day to order it and I was like “DAMMIT! T.T my poor money this month but… if I don`t do this now I will regret it for my whole life!” and then I ordered one! (a vertical one – after thinking long about which one to order >< )

It´s not that I have much hope for ever seeing Han in concert (*sobs*) or go to a Fanmeet or something BUT this lightstick is just cool! The wings… Han`s “My Logo”-logo (xD *haha* what a sentence!)… In other words: I couldn`t resist/behave myself and ordered one!

and while we are talking about lightsticks: Are there already any Juno-lightsticks out there? I`m not sure. but I want one of brother`s lighsticks! *pout* THEY ARE PURPLE!
Me wants purple Juno lightstick! ㅠ~ㅠ

From brother Oppa to my work-Oppa: Oppa said he downloaded a Angry Birds game for his smartphone. As soon as he said the words -Angry Birds- two things were on my mind: HanGeng, Siwon. Because this is what Angry Brid makes me thing of ^^
I was all like “=DD ANGRY BIRDS?!?!? COOOL!!!!! =DD” *haha* XD I haven`t even fully heard what he wanted to say and the fangirl in me took controle. Photobucket

I even played “Guess what?!” with Oppa yesterday or more like… “Guess which one?!”
(ˆ ω ˆ) *hihihi* I love this these days!

Today we planned for our next cinema day. Since he`s a fan of The Lord Of The Rings too we both want to see “The Hobbit” when the film finally is in the cinemas. Dunno exactly when this will be but we talked about it today ^^

All thanks for this goes to Hea Unni!!!! OMONAAAA! Sooo funny!

Awwww! The little girl choosed Yunho PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Our Leader씨 is such a kids` person!

And Junsu! Awwww! Junsu! KYAAAAH!!! *fangirl scream* *glomps Junsu* Photobucket gnihihi *giggles* sorry baby that I squished you ^^°


➤ Haha! xDD
SYC: [Spazz] Star Wars – Return of the JJ
“The Return Of The JJ”?!? Photobucket
To be honest… I WANT TO SEE THIS FILM! =D Great! Where can I watch it?

btw.: When will JYJ return to us? T.T Sister sis and me feel the need to see them again ><

➤ Damn… *O*
[Pic] JYJ Lotte Fanmeeting Goods

’2011 MBC Gayo Daejaejun’, the most problematic year-end show of 2011?
Oh my, my… definitely! so much FAIL! I wonder wae… MBC Gayo fails caused many confused faces… I was like “WHAT DA–! oO WHAT DA FAAAAACKNESSS!!!!?????” Aigoo… -.-
But it was a cool show nonetheless.

Super Junior sets a new record at the Taipei Arena with the ‘Super Show 4′
Cool! If I would be them and if I would live ther I would go too (omg… so much -would-).
I would love to see them too and it`s already told that they will come to europe but we all know what europes means when it`s SME: France.
+ maybe JYJ come back to germany so I need money for them.
I don`t have much hope that SuJu will ever come to germany (as long as they are under SME). To be honest: I just don`t believe it could happen at all… ㄱ_ㄱ #AFangirlsPain

Super Junior’s Leeteuk & SHINee’s Key release “Bravo” for ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’ OST
Oh!? I didn`t expected those two do release an OST track!
The Song is actually okay but somehow it… it dosen`t reach me. *weird*

Brian has/had(?) a meeting with some SM ppl & Pres. Lee SooMan today and he posted a pic of it on FaceBook.
I have no idea what`s the reason for this meeting and the photo is actually nice but… I cannot look at Lee SooMan like a neutral person. After JYJ & HanGeng leaving SM, after hearing their stories and knowing how they suffered: Even IF(!!) Lee SooMan wasn`t directly resposible for their suffering he was in charge as the big boss after all. So in the end he has the last word in everything so this makes him know about their schedules and this also makes him responsible. Yes. He has resposibilities as SM`s CEO and this also means to take care about your artist in a GOOD WAY  & not to take all their money away and work them till they cry due to exhaustion. Errr…. yeah, my thoughts so far.
Nice “family” pic, but that one person and the stories around him really distract me from being happy about such a photo.
Don`t get me wrong, I´m happy that they have/had(?) the time to meet all together becuase this surely is not happening that often but the thoughts about Lee SooMan never leave my mind. A CEO should show some better sense of resposibility and therefore I cannot say anything else about him.
Maybe he has done good things/has his good points as well but some MAJOR NEGATIVE THINGS made ppl go before they were fully broken.
They left and left their beloved friends behind. Friends who were like family to them. It takes a lot to take such a step and they must have been almost dead when leaving – because they wouldn`t been leaving in the first place if they weren`t.

(#justsaying: WHAT A COINCIDENCE that my VLC player just started playing SuJu`s “Don`t Don” while I was writing that! This thingy surely has a cruel selse of humor! *facepalms over VLC player*)

All that makes me remember a thought that made me laugh today: HanGeng in China must frustrate SME soooo much! After their very butthurt last words after the (for Han!! *LOLs 4ever* ㅋㅋㅋ) successful lawsuit they couldn`t do anything anymore but to shut up and go cry.
I mean: Look at JYJ. SME tried to turn things from bad to worse for them. And they were, all in all, relatively successful. Although they wanted to destroy HanGeng too they weren`t able. Han is the king of popularity in China. The POWER in china is named “HanGeng” NOT “SM”! SM has to STFU in China and this really must frustrate them a looooot like… a lot-lot loooot! *gleeful laugh* #trollolol

MUAHAHA! MUAHAHA! I said nothing! *angel* Photobucket

btw.: It`s strange what thoughts I have at work, né? xD 어머! Strange me!

back to the picture: Brian really looks very young in that pic! ^^ cute! *pinches Brian Oppa*
➤ Nice~~~ *o*
[Trans] 120102 TVXQ Special Message
OMG! LEADER씨!!!!! *O* … Yunho in red is just so “§$§$”§&$!!!!! OOOOOH MY GOD SUN! LET ME DIE!
He looks so becautiful & cute at the same time! OMGZ!!! *dies*

➤ DAMN! LOTTE AGAIN! >< Lotte, #waeuno stop having so awesome JYJ pics? It KILLS me!
[Pic] JYJ Lotte Magazine January 2012

JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan deliver 2,000 seedlings to Sudan, Africa
That`s a lot!

➤ ㅋㅋㅋ Soooo cute! *pinches Minnie*
TVXQ’s Changmin baby photo draw smiles from netizens

➤ Maybe this will be a funny drama ^^ anyway: Hyung Juuuunie!!! *haha* I like that guy!
Kim Hyung Jun’s drama, ‘She’s Completely Insane’, reveals four official posters

➤ KYAAAH! O(≧∇≦)O What a cute story!!!! I also like Kyu Jong so this is even more cute! =D
SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong meets his crush Oh Sae Jong

[Pic] JYJ featured in the Chinese magazine Easy
Ai! JYJ in chinese magazine? cooool! My first thought: What will Han think when he sees them on the cover? xD
I don`t think he has the time to read magazines and see JYJ but you know… my thoughts are special! #AlwaysHanGeng

➤ These days are full of meetings:
[News] 120104 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Siwon, SHINee’s Minho, and TVXQ’s Changmin take a picture together

➤ Happy “Happy day” to NATALI in Peru!
[News] 120104 JYJ’s South American tour dates confirmed!
Hope she can organize enough money to buy the tickets. I want her to see JYJ too!

Okie, couple seires now!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
LOOOL Leeteuk! hahhahaa!!! XDD
He got kissed and then runs away? YAH! You two! What kind of couple moment was this? Leetuek got shy? ^^ Leeteuk, wae are you running away from our Kang-bear? #waeuno stay? =)) but it´s cute anyway!

“YeWook of the day”:
COUPLE PHOTOOOOOO! ^^ YeWook looking cute together (⌒-⌒)

“KyuMin of the day”:
Aww! KyuMin sweet today b^^d

When ELF are reading: I`m sure you always enjoy your couples!
When Cassies are reading: I hope you like the SuJu couples as well! They are so cute!Photobucket

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