어머! JYJ! =D, Geng Xin live DVD?! =D & standom show again

안녕 다들! v^^.

Let`s start with something that already took place some time ago:

It was a really short k-dream.
I went to the cinema with some friends and my family and we were about to choose a film we want to watch. My sister sis then pointed on a movie and said she wants to see this movie. I said “But I heard it is boring.”
That moment Siwon appeard besides me and said “It is. ^^ We`re just done watching it.” I looked at him, then at the rest of SuJu who was coming out of the cinema just now XD ah haha! Hello Siwon – AGAIN! xD (seriously, that guy is stalking me! I swear! LOL)
I said: “So since you went to see it more ppl will come to watch it because you guys watched it. *haha*”
Siwon: “*laughs* Yes, basically the cinema should pay us for making ppl watch this movie.”
We both laughed and in the meantime family & friends had decided on a movie and we went into the cinema =)

LOOL Funny! Funny little episode with our PastorWon again! Photobucket

OTL: but Siwon, it`s getting scary okay. Don`t always stalk me… Photobucket

I don`t know if I can call it a real k-dream because it really wasn`t much: I dreamed tonight that HanGeng`s new Album was out and I went to get it ^^ and later I came home, turned on TV and saw Han on TV! =D YAAY! I found out that there is a flashmob dance to one of the new songs and he was teaching it to us via TV =DD cool! Just cool! Photobucket ah hahaha! In fact it was too epic!
Well, sooo FAIL but sooo epic! (Han on german tv? yeah, dream on bapo! *talking to myself*)
The thing is… while I saw him on tv I was thinking “damn, we should meet again ^^°” … HAHA! weird me! I will never learn and: No way I would stay away from him! I like him – even after my last dream which kinda shocked me XD but nu… I guess I will never learn. *me is 4ever unteachable regarding HanGeng*

Thinking about my dreams… I wonder when was the first time Siwon started to appear in my dreams? I cannot really remember it… But there WAS a start of the things that were leading to him stalking me like this ^^°
I`m thinking about that since some days but I just cannot remember! OTL It annoys me!

But I really like the fact that HanGeng comes back to my dreams now! Seriously, PastorWon is okay. It`s most of the time funny with him. But I also want to have Junsu in my dreams and it was soooo rare to have HanGeng in my dreams. *pout* my dreams need to increase the number of featured ppl!

thinking about it: When was the last time I saw brother in my dreams? It`s about time to see him again too! >< Aigoo… sucks so much that I cannot controle my dreams!


➤ I`m still watching Teen Top. Those little boys cought my attention with their song “Supa Luv” back then. since that time I kept an eye on them.
Actually their new song isn`t that bad!
TEEN TOP reveals MV for “Going Crazy”
They even were on Music Bank today! ➜ TEEN TOP returns with “Going Crazy” on ‘Music Bank’

➤ FuckYeah!HanGeng!: [120102 Student Weekly] Super Act: Han Geng Gets Busy
*jaw drops* 1.) picture! first picture! LET ME DIE! & 2.) I only other thing I see is “Geng Xin live in Beijing”

Photobucket you… you serious?!?! OMG SUN! 어머! 어머! I waited for this day! Hope it will be out soon and I can find it on ebay then! OTL
I mean… … KYAAAAHHH!!!!! Geng Xin live!?!?!?!? HOW COOL IT THAT?!??!?!
YAY! YAY! YAY! Photobucket *acts like a happy idiot* HanGeng live is soooo cool!
O . K . E . H . My day is made so NEXT NEWS PLEASE! ^______^
and I downloaded the sites of the magazine with the interview on it. I will (happily) read it later! =D
oh, before I forget to post it: There you go with the interview. Read it or… not ;P

KBS delivers ‘Best Idol Star’ award to JYJ
1.) YAY! the boys got another awards! *happy for them*
2.) KBS, why all of a sudden? Now coming to make up to them, eh? When I`ve first read that I thought “KBS, you crawler”. Now that SME maybe has to pay for their actions in the past KBS feels “free” or what?
I mean: they still haven`t performed on tv. Is this some new agreement between SME and their lapdog KBS? Is this like “You can be a little nice to them so that no one suspects something bad but don`t let them perform on your stage”?
Photobucket *eyes KBS/SME….* I`m watching YOU!
Let`s see what the future brings. As we know KBS is not afraid to make embarrassing excuses when it comes to block JYJ from performing.

[Trans] Go Ara: “U-Know Yunho and I became close friends by showing each other our true selves”
well, whatever this means Mrs. Go, whatever this means. Just don´t harm our Leader씨 or you will pay for it~♥ ^^ greetings from OT5 cassiopeia!

➤ This was a nice one:
[TRANS] COMPILATION Super Junior’s 2012 Special Messages
Ryeowook: *pinches* cute!
Shindong: ^^° eh hehe… you know what`s the real joke here: fans so rich but sooo poor on the other hand…

Guess who`s on FaceBook now with a site_official!??!?!?
yeees, it`s true ^^ ➜ JYJ Official Facebook Update

➤ We are not done yet! GAIISSSS!!!!! *imitating Emmy* GUESS WHAT!!!!????
KYAAAAHH!!!!! *fangirl freak-out* JUNSU SO CUTE! PhotobucketPhotobucket
There you go! VIDEO BLOOOOOG!!!

*pinches all of them 4ever* so cute!
Channel will be open at January the 9th! Just in case that you wonder wae there`s no result yet when you type in the addy.
^__^ Yoochun had so much funn with listening to JJ trying to tell the viewers the web addy xD
But the most important thing is: All of them were super cute and… we finally see that JJ & Yoochun really gained weight! well, I`m still not fine with Junsu, but it`s okay.
I`m so happy that they started to gain weight again! Ai! I was seriously worried about them! It wasn`t funny anymore… they lost so much weight! We are on a good way to get them back to normal now.
Fans, when you give them presents give them something that will… gets them fat XD LOLs

➤ HoMin talked about Hallyu-wave & rookie groups EXO-K & EXO-M:
TVXQ, “In order to guide a positive Hallyu Wave”

OFF comment: Seriously, YF/Hea Unni`s blog is so helpfull! ^^
@Hea Unni: It`s way easiser for me now to find the DB5K related news! =D great! I like it!

More Super Junior members to join ‘We Got Married’
I know we shouldn`t be like this but…: WGM! You already have the Leader, wae u no stop recruiting the rest of them! O:< MY ELF HEART DISAGREES!
Patricia & I already complained about this… OTL We don`t like that show.
Super Junior’s Donghae couples up with Son Eun Seo for ‘We Got Married’
ㅠ~ㅠ We Got Married, waylt? My poor ELF heart!
This show… I don`t like it! I would be okay with them having real girlfriends, but all this as a (fake) show? WTH! T^T #butthurt

*cough* yeah. Whatever! Back to dignity!
Music industry grows concerned over KBS holding ‘Music Bank’ concerts around the world
At first I thought “okay, what`s their problem now?” but after reading this article I understand. And.. it`s not true that fans would rather pay for a show that features a bunch of artist than for a solo concert!
If I would have to choose I would always choose solo concert! I think many others would say the same.
If the only artist would be featured I like I would go on a “multi concert” but in most of the cases I kinda dislike or be ignorant to 60% of them. So wae rather pay for something I don`t want to see 60% of it? That`s nonsense and… aigoo! My poor money!
I dunno if you ppl have sooo much money to “waste” it but I have to save my money for the important (cassiopeian) fandom stuff. #justsaying
But they are right with the rest: will get complicated with the schedule but PLEASE! I think the artist would rather give up a featured show as their own solo concert… *raises one eyebrow* don`t ya think?

ROFL because of the comment “AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Because you naughty naughty! LOL ^^”
Those perverts! 😛
And Siwon showed it to us… aigoo, boys be boys haha XD their expressions too funny!

➤ News from the SuJu rumors section: “Super Junior Yesung will do his military service this year, but later than Eteuk, but can’t be postponed until 2013.”
Well, what`s up with that now?
We all know that Yesungie is the next one to join the army but… is this true? This year? I refuse to believe it right away. Instead I will say it`s possible, but where`s the official confirmation to this? Let`s just keep it in mind and go on.
Rumors are rumors. Every fandom has thooooouuuusands of them, if not to say millions.
So wae being picky and believe this and the others not?
There are so many so called “news” out there and not even half of them are real/true.
Let`s wait and see.

Aaaaand noooow: Ladies & gentlemen, please give some applause to our dearest standom who was AT IT AGAIN today!!!
Oh yeah!
They graced us with their super knowledge about… hm… about… yeah, about what by the way?
nah! Not important! Standom know everything anyway!

Emmy typed “OT5” into the searchbox again and somehow… everytime she does this only standom nonsense comes out… Photobucket

Today she found out about some really interesting ways of thinking made by standom:

Quote Emmy:
“yeah because when i support Yunho and Changminnie and buy thsk/tvxq stuff, in my head i’m thinking: “I’m blocking JYJ”. /BISHES PLZ.”

ooooh! Now this explains a lot! So that`s what OT5 & HoMin supporters are thinking?
Wow, JYJ standom 4ever amazing! What would I do without you?

Quote Emmy:
“with that logic when they get their JYJ merchandise they must think of only yunho and changmin: “omg i’ve just showed my un-support” D:_

Photobucket *imagines JYJ stans now while they are buying their JYJ stuff* -OMG I`ve just showed my un-support-? LOOOOL EMMY! XDD
Yeah, according to that logic it is exactly like this!

HAHAHA! I like stans’ logic! Their way of thinking is so unique Photobucket
I ship the couple “Stan x logic”! let`s call it… “StaLo”… 음… or… “StanIc” or… or… *thinks*… “LoAn”?
Nu, I think StanIc is fine! *hehehe* I ship the StanIc couple! Photobucket OMG! StanIc!


Well, but we are not done yet! Stans showed us their super knowledge again!

➜ The already veeeery old “OT5 fandom dosen`t exist”-story…
[sarcasm]Oh yes of course it almost dosen`t exist at all! Good that you remind me of that because of that 8th anni vid from korea I already got the wrong idea of an existing OT5 fandom in korea. OTL You should have added to your statement that all of those ppl were fakers to fool us all to clarify things even more!
yeah, let`s not forget that the korean OT5 fansite is also FAKE![sarcasm end]

+ What`s this with the OT5 site-talk again? I thought you are stans? Wae you hanging out on OT5 sites? And even if you`ve read about this on a stan site same question goes to the admins of stan site: Wae you are hanging out on OT5 sites? Why do you know about anything related to OT5 sites? *raises eyebrows*
➜ The “I know better about wae HoMin touring in Japan”-story…
[sarcasm]ooooh standom, I`m looking up to you! So much knowledge! I`m impressed! Teach me your brilliant methods to know everything that well! I want to learn![sarcasm end]

no seriously, I want to learn!

okay, okay. I will cut it out now!
HoMin doing TONE-tour because it´s a JAPANESE album! What sense would it make to do a japanese tour in Korea? *raises eyesbrows once again*
And just in case you`ve forgotten: To HoMin concerts and events always a lot of ppl are coming #justsaying

*faceplam* xD greeeat logic! Once again the STanIc couple was totally at it again! Standom never fails to make us smile!

*hehe* after that, let`s look at another funny thing: How ELF friend treats me: “@Vinya85 #ELFhug nights unnie *kicks you to junsu into bed* sleep well 8D
*giggles* hehehe… how can I not sleep well then? Okie, I got kicked but INTO JUNSU`S BED! Photobucket

@Patricia: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Love you Mrs. Cho! ^^.

Also funny: COUPLE SERIES!

“KangTeug of the day”:
ah haha! couple posing just for us? ooooh, KangTeuk couple is so nice to us! =D

“KyuMin of the day”:
*laughs* KYUMIN! What is that? ^^° I`m sorry readers, KyuMin are busy with… whatever. xD No real couple show of them for today!

“YeWook of the day”:
awwww! Photobucket Like almost always, YeWook save the couple show!
My, my… how cute can you guys be? *pinches*
It`s like Ryeowook: *sneaking up to Yesung*, then Yesungie is like: “Oh!? You are there? hehe…^^”, Ryeowook: *hugs Yesungie*
Photobucket I JUST LOVE the YeWook couple! They are sooo cute!

And… I just have to say SiHan couple is really an interesting couple as well! I just randomly looked through my pics while getting the couple pics of today and noticed it again~Photobucket

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