포세이돈 에피소드15 (Poseidon Episode15), imitating JJ & an old Show with HanChul!

안녕 여러분! v^^.

Today I finally did what I wanted to do for soooo long! OMG! Whith work and christmastime my private plans turned outto be in CHAOS!
I couldn`t watch Poseidon for a loooong time & I couldn`t post up the screencaps I made! But today I worked on the caps of episode 15. Well, at least that. Episode 16 will be SUCH A HORROR! >< Sooo many! and I need to resize them all… (;゚д゚)
Let`s start with Episode 15 for now then!

포세이돈 에피소드15
Okay? Where die we leave off?
SuYun was still locked up and JeongRyul was on his way to bring SeonWoo back.
So SeonWoo went to pay Jeong DeokSu another visit and… >< … learned about something surprising.

Yeah. Is this person really a bad person? Aigoo, things around EunChul tuned out to become mysterious. But… damn. SeonWoo had to admit that he really dosen’t know that much about his friend EunChul. ><

Later Section 9`s plans, and especially JeongRyul’s and JooMin’s plans, were put into action. JooMin went to finally meet Cheo HuiGon and… GOT CAPTURED AS WELL… and he got shot! >< He was fully exposed as the spy and let`s kust say: Black Society was not amised.
And since the rats always leaving the sinking ship… the gangsters, knowing that Section 9 is on their way with the SSAT, went away and left SuYun with half dead JooMin in the basement.

It felt like… forever until they finally started to storm the house!
Section 9 started the mission…

…SSAT started the mission…

…and of course SeonWoo & JeongRyul were the frist two inside the house.

They finally found SuYun & JooMin in the basement. They already thought JooMin wouldn`t make it… ai, it was especially dramatic for JeongRyul because JooMin is his dear friend.
In the end the ambulance came & left the rest of the team behind worrying.

At the end of the episode we knew: there`s a rat among us!

I dunno when I will finish the cap collection of the last episode. OMGZ! Pppl, please stop me from doing this ever again XD It ended so crazy! Never had so many screencaps of one of the previews episodes like I have not of the last one!
They turned out to be 100 in the end. Maybe I will sort out some of them but I`m almost sure that I, even with pic collections like today, will be not able to show you all of it at once.

Everyone, do you remember the pic JJ posted this week? The one of his book shelf & all the JYJ things in it?
Yeah, I was imitating him this morning XD
There are only some In Heaven versions missing. But I think two are already enough. Normal and Special Edition should be enough of one Album. (MY POOR MONEY! OTL!)
btw: Did I ever tell you HOW FREAKIN’ PROUD I am that I have one of the 70 000 Special Editions of In Heaven?! … Photobucket I cannot even!

Okay, so let`s take a look what was new today…

➤ Everyone is going totally craaaay because of tickets for concerts of our boys…
[Trans] A ticket war rages on for TVXQ’s Japanese Tour: Even ‘restriced view’ seats are set up
[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Japanese concert will have a total audience of 450,000 people…Largest scale thus far
HoMin 4ever amazing… *.*

[Trans] CJeS announcement about their official Youtube and Facebook for JYJ
oooh! C-jes wan`t done yet! There`s an official facebook site for Jihyo and Yoohwan too? WOW! Not they are really at it *haha* OKEH~~ *Junsu style*

➤ the JYJ video about them announcing their YouTube channel is now available with subs!

LOL xD even more fun with subs! And… YOOCHUN! YOU TROLL! *haha* it was already embarrassing enough for JJ ^^°

➤ These are Cassies in Chile while waiting to get their tickets ^^

We already heard that the VIP tickets were sold in no time. Yeah, *looks at Stephi Unni* we know how this is, né? Stephi Unni had to work hard to get us our SuperVIP tickets! (and she even got VIP tickets in the first round of selling *dies* which she returned after we got S-VIP! but… tooo awesome! from VIP to S-VIP?? Unni must have amazing ticket buying abilities! That`s the only explanation!)

➤ This reminds me of #JYJinBerlin. and the fan chanting…

oooh my heart! This was filmed from the area somewhere behind me! AWEEEESOME! This was such a… thrilling moment! The whole Tempodrom shouted this, from one side to the other.
Ai… and I think my soulmate couldn`t witness it because she had to leave a bit earlier to catch her train T.T

Some of us were really short of time. I mean I “rushed” to berlin and my schedule for the concert days was tough. I didn`t had the time to do anything else besides go ther and go home again. I had only one day of vacation and this was monday. concert was on sunday.
I was still at work on friday. I travelt to Leipzig on SAturday early in the morning, spent some time with my best friend and then we went to berlin on sunday. concert-> we went to the station directly after it to go back to Leipzig and on monday morning I went to the station there to travel back home.
Aigoo… *headache only by thinking about it*
I REGRET NOTHING but… I would prefer that I don`t have to die THAT HARD the next time I attend a JYJ concert ㅠ~ㅠ
… … … OTL Junsu, you owe me one! Really, you do! So much trouble and stress just to run to you and run home again… AI! Things I do for you…! (and only for you)

And I already talked about it on twitter: Every other venue seems to be bigger than barcelona & Berlin. #EuropeanFandom4everPoor
I think it goes without saying that this little fear about “to be edited out/erased from the world map again because of not enough ppl in the venue” is in some heads. It`s not just in mine.
Although SME expert said european market is worth more in future than China or Japan I don`t trust the whole situation a bit!
But besides that: Every bigger venue go and cry! We were poor little number of 3000 fans, yes, that`s right. But in our venue, when you have your seats in the very last corner you can still see JYJ very well! And small venue feels more private than laaaarge venue.
Our fan chants and light projects maybe will never reach a noticable amazing level like in Tokyo Dome but red ocean is red ocean. DA HELL WITH BIG VENUES! *high kicks big venues – ;P*
I`m the happiest person when we don`t get “erased from the map” again and we will have another concert in germany. I hope the same for spain. Now that we finally exist on the world map… I would have to go and cry for days when we get erased again. D:<

… *cough* yeah, that`s that so far. #justsaying
Nonetheless the concert in berlin made that weekend become the best weekend of my live!
Big Bang’s Seungri begs his fans to buy him some ramen
XD ah haha! Seungri sounded like he wants to hypnotise the fans! Nu, nu, nu! Seungri, you go and buy your ramen yourself! ^^ Since (normally) fans are women you have to treat them to a meal!

➤ This was funny: The “hallyu madness” XD ah! It`s already a madness now! ㅋㅋㅋ excellent!
CNN lists the “Hallyu Madness” as one of 12 reasons to visit Korea in 2012
Someone gimme a lot of money and I will fly to korea NOW! I will pack my things and go there. oh yeah, I would need to hire a translator too so gimme a little more-monre money ^^° *has very poor and limited skills in korean*

➤ THIS really made me laugh a lot today!
YaShimManMan with HanChul couple!
KYAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! *fangirl scream* Photobucket All the couples doing their (awkward) couple poses & Heechul is like “Ah, f*ck it! I will show you what`s a couple pose! *jumps on HanGeng & kisses him*”
OMG! I watched the whole show today with them and it only made me love HanChul couple more! *haha* XD How Han claimed he is the way he is because Heechul is like that! ㅎㅎㅎ
Such a perfect couple. I dunno what kind of show this is, I never watched it before but it was really fun! especially HanChul couple. Ai, Heechul is really a master in being sweetly-evil! *bows to Heenim*
And besides their kiss at the beginning it was really hilarious when Heechul did his part from “Don`t Don” XDD I was like: “…. PWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LOOOOOL OMG SUN!” all the way XD good thing I was alone … eh hehe… ^^°
When you listen to HanChul you always get the feeling they are a really heart warming and funny couple.❤ I love it!

➤ Let`s go back to HoMin again:
TVXQ: We will “go beyond our limit” at the unforgettable venue, Tokyo Dome!
화이팅! … but… don`t overwork yourselves ><
and… if SME kills them one day with their schedule I will KILL THEM! It`s like with that shark on Hawaii…

oh, you don`t know the shark story?
You maybe know that JYJ spent their vacation on Hawaii last year. I talked with Emmy at that time and told her that I don`t want them to go swimming in the ocean because there are too many great white`s (sharks) around.
Emmy: “Nuu they`re gonna swim because junsu`s gonna freak out with palm trees and ocean”
Me: “==” *eyes the sharks* If they eat one of them I will EAT THAT FISH! Then I will forget that I`m actually vegetarian =.=” ”
well Emmy died laughing then but I was serious here! THAT`S NOT FUNNY!

Anyways: SME case with HoMin is the same as with those sharks: If they kill HoMin with schedules one day I will EAT THEM! ==” *eyes SME* I`m watching YOU! Don`t you forget that! *eyes them HARDER*
oh! I just see that I wanted to eat 2 hours ago! *facepalm*
Since twitter is very quiet today I have nothing better to do as to cook now XD
See ya the next time around!

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