The Cass-ELF crisis(?) + a confession , (^。^°) HanGeng pic spam & JYJ on YouTube: HECK YES!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Yeah, the thing with the crisis… Let`s start at the beginning of the story.

Another of Siwon`s grandma`s died and we were all like “aw, poor Siwon 😦 ” today. Poor Siwon loses his second grandma now within a year (no, it`s not even a year now since the last grandma died).
As soon as the facts were spread there were 2 to 3 trends on the TT for Siwon. Later he came to thank ELF.
So far so good.

Since I love SuJu much too I wondered again: Does having an ELF heart count too?
ELF friend says it does but it`s really not that easy.
Everytime SuJu talking about ELFs is causes some weirdness inside a person like me. Not in that particular case of today just in general.
I never know if I should feel “called” and rather say nothing then because some ELFs could feel offended like… you want to infiltrate their fandom or something.

So the weirdness never fades and since I really love SuJu a looot I feel a identitiy crisis coming up soon.

Although I know I belong to Cassiopeia, the question is: Could it be that I belong to ELF`s side too? *is very confused*
And on top of all: It`s confusing enough if one becomes a CassELF, because normally your heart cannot take to be in more than 1 fandom with 100% of your love. BUT this also makes you become an “outcast” in the eyes of both fandoms because both would say “you neither belong to us nor to them (the other fandom).”
It`s very confusing & weird! OTL

Then again ELF friend is right with the question (Quote: Patricia): “wae do ppl think you are in one fandom and not like other groups also a lot? that’s stupid ==” ”

By all means. I AM Cassiopeia. I wouldn`t be here anymore after all the stan`s sh*t & lawsuits if I wouldn`t belong to that fandom with all my heart. But I`m really confused with the SuJu/ELF matter sometimes. This confusion inside me.
And it`s even worse since no one calls us because cassiopeian fandom is torn apart.

This also means: I envy fandoms where the world is in order. Being a cassie is hard. T^T

To end this crisis-talk I can only say: Right now I don`t feel like I could handle to be in two fandoms at once. I mean it`s too… mmh… much work to be a good Cassie these days as that I would have the energy for another big fandom.
Nonetheless nothing can change the fact that the ELF heart is also beating strong inside me. Even if some ELFs would maybe dislike it because they feel offended: I love Super Junior, all Super15 of them Photobucket

OTL at those times I feel how easy it is to be a Gengster (HanGeng fan) >< This causes no trouble/weird feelings because everyone in Cassiopeia AND ELF just ignores you/has no “special” feelings/thoughts about it then (fandoms… you… Photobucket *don`t know what to say*)
eh hehe…*embarrassed laugh* should I call this a good thing or a bad thing? ^^°

btw.: YES you can look at this af if this was a CONFESSION_official just now. Because… IT REALLY WAS! Photobucket
Me is GENGSTER_official starting with today!
I feel this side inside me became so strong that I cannot deny it any longer… I`m creeping around on FuckYeah!Hangeng! blog more often as on C-jes site *hahaha* You can say: it was only a matter of time.
Thinking about it: It all started with “Don`t Don” MV *old story is back!* AND I never thought I would like a blog that`s name contains something like “F*ck” that much. *laughs*
Now I can already hear Emmy say: “I knew it since a long time”! xD
I say now: MINE~ *looks at Han* MINE~~~ everyone else, go away~❤ Photobucket

Next step is: Learn how to register & use WEIBO! this bothers me since a long time… Cassie sister has WEIBO account, Brian has WEIBO account… (I don`t need to mention that HAN also has WEIBO account)…
it will be such a pain because I have absolutely no clue about chinese or WEIBO in general but somehow I can handle Sina main website too so I will learn with WEIBO as well ;P (but it could take some time, let`s see when I have enough time to learn about it >< )

Ooooh, yes, and while we are at it now: The thing with my SuJu bias: I don`t think I`ve already told how it ended here. (I only talked about it on twitter)
It ended with Siwon. Or… better say me ended up with Siwon as her bias.
To be honest: It was a long an confusing journey for me to find out about it! LOL
and… *looks at t-list* YAH! Since you said you knew it since such a long time, wae you never told me? *haha* Aigoo, you like to see me confused & clueless, huh? *slightly hits shoulders of t-listers*

All in all: For now I just love SuJu as a normal person from another fandom and nothing more to say about the Gengster thing v^^.v

News of the day: I packed soulmate`s Mr. Simple album today! I finally took my time after all the christmas stress and packed it in my self-folded carton.
Yeah, there war simply no carton witht the right size so I folded a matching packet out of a bigger piece of carton.

I`m very pleased with the outcome. Now it can have a save journey! =D

oh… and I just saw ELF friend goes to shower and she hopes she can read my new blog entry when she comes back. oooh, will be difficult. I`m not that fast.
I just said if she showers for 2 hours it could work! LOL

okay, now let me do my HanGeng spam to celebrate confession of the day! Photobucket
(#justsaying: credit to whoever took those pic!!!)

Yishion pics:
*.* oooh…

but about that pic: Maybe you can assume that it`s only half of the pic. That other Yishion model on the other half of the picture… AIGOO! It`s not only that other ppl are super irrelevant LOL when we look at Han`s Yishion pics, but that other guy… Photobucket THIS GUY WAS FREAKING SCARY!
At least I think so. But… COME ON! 1.) he looked kinda… half dead… somehow. >< (sooo pale! too pale! oo)__2.) overall he loooked weird/scary.
It was exactly the type of guy that appears scary to me.
So I was really thankful that there was a second version of that pic posted just moments after the first one was posted XD HAHA! Thank you FuckYeah!Hangeng!-team! *other guys forever irrelevant on pictures with HanGeng anyway – if they aren`t from DB5K or SuJu*

This one was taken backstage at the New Year Countdown. It was said this is one of the dancers with Han
… to be quite honest… this guy appears a little weird to me too °–° well. whatever. *just looks at Hangeng and ignores the other guy→ other guy IS irrelevant… xD * *fully ignores*

OFF comment: ELF friend is back from shower ^^°
NUUUU! It`s too early! >< YOU GO SHOWER AGAIN for… like… 15 times or so! I`m not done yet!
Yeah, 15 times will do. Isn`t that a nice number for an ELF?
@Patricia: Correct answer would be “Okies. I will. That`s a great idea! *→goes to shower 15 times more*”

Han at Xtep event in Xiamen (China), January the 7th.
hihihihi… Photobucket *giggles like a schoolgirl* Han… *hihi* I like your HAIR! =D
(CAUTION! Hair obsession may be back soon!)

More pics from Xtep event in Xiamen:
=D 어머!!!!!!! I liked his style for this event veeery much!
Besides that…
KYAAAAHHH!!!!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) LET ME TOUCH YOUR HAIR!!!! *hair obsesion is BACK* I CANNOT HOLD IT ANYMORE!
HAIR! HAIR! HAIR! *giggles* *is hair-crazy once again*


HAIR! =D looks a bit funny but cool! ME WANTS TO TOUCH IT… NOW! *laughs*
… … … no seriously, I really want to. *blinks* and that`s really… a bit strange… Photobucket *embarrassed because of own hair obsesseion*

Aigoo… It`s slowly getting hot in here! Mom, turn the heater down! ><

*strips jacket like Junsu during Xiahtic performance* …. … ←←←NUUU! I WON`T! xDD *strips normal” Photobucket

But… it`s really freakin’ hot in here! NO, this isn`t only because of my HanGeng picspam… ^///^ *giggles/blushes*

*cough* YEAH WELL!
Let`s take a look at JYJ & the news now.
First JYJ~❤

➤ Their new YouTube channel is now opened! hm, I thought it was said it should be opened at the 9th? Okie, so it was a FAIL but: It`s cooler to have it opened earlier as expected!
(here`s a first trans of what they were saying)
LOL JUNSU! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) I love it when he laughs like that! =D
And they were sooooo cute again! CUTENESS OVERLOAD made by JYJ these days!
The C-jes channel has cool vids! I only say: In Heaven in super, totally and really real HD! *dies* Of course I watched it right away!
The other vids are cool as well! Especially the one about the ELLE special “Share Happiness_Ap peaceful day”.
C-jes family JYJYJ (JYJ, Yoohwan & Jihyo) looks so happy!♡♥♡♥♡ aww, that`s a nice video!
And the more I look at it the more I like the fact that Yoochun & JJ finally gained some weight again. *eyes Junsu* well, we have to work on it with 3rd person but I hope we will have sucess soon. *ships

➤ I saw this on FuckYeah!Hangeng!: Vote for Han Geng to see him on the cover of MR Hong Kong again!
ㅎㅎㅎ I already did my duty! Supporters of HanGeng and rest of Gengsters: If you have FB account please spare a moment and klick the little -like-button. THANK YOU!
*just shared this FB site on FB & shamelessly wants to form some kind of “force” out of friends there for voting* eh hehe… uhm… I`m sorry? ^^°

➤ =D HanGeng`s Xtep commerial! YAY! Finally!

aww! Photobucket *pinches HanGeng* cuuuutie, cutie, cutie! ^________^ */me is always the same around HanGeng* *silly cutie-spazzing*

It?s an aaaawesome commercial! o(^▽^)o
Germany, wae u no make commercials like that with HanGeng in it too? ^^
(YES, the comment in that vid on YouTube that sounds almost exactly the same like the comment here is mine #justsaying)



Since JYJ opened their YouTube channel today many of us noticed THAT little detail…
I felt free to highlight it a bit for everyone to see it better:

OOOOOOH! Look, look!
Hoho! *amused victory laugh* Isn`t that a bit OT5ness we see there?
Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ what do our dear stans say about this?
Oh, wait! WAAAAIIIIT! I cann foretell what they will say: *uses super-stan abilites* >It`s pure coincidence…<

dunno if it`s a v-day, but it`s definitely muahaha day!

Poor little stans have to cry again! First JYJ worldwide concert DVD case with “Always Keep The Faith” on it (muahaha!) & now the next fail in their world: YouTube channel since 26th of December 2011! (muahaha the 2nd!)

ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ *fangirl squeeee~* My OT5 heart feels so happy!
WHAT A COINCIDENCE! hehehe… same “coincidence” that brought the AKTF sentence on JYJ DVD OTL!
I love coincidence like that. Wonder what stans think about it XDD


ㅋㅋㅋ oh, I`m such a bad person! xD I troll them so much that I almost feel sorry for them. well, ALMOST!

1.) Dirt off my shoulder stans, dirt off my shoulder *makes -cleaning shoulder off dust move-*
2.) Is it hard to live in a world with so many “fail” appearances? (must be like the already famouse -fail in the matrix- for them OTL!)

I mean, dosen`t this look nice?! Join-day of YouTube is anni day of DB5K? There`s just not enough coincidence on earth to make this really just a coincidence matter.
It´s really a nice idea to make this the date of joining. Ours boys are getting more “fail” for stans & more “we always told you!” day by day for us!
AH HAHAHHAHA!!!!!!! *gleeful laugh*

I`m higly amused! really amused! Was this JJ`s idea? =)
Life couldn`t get better~♪ *sings SuJu song*

I only say: STANS MY ASS! I only know OT5ness! Haters gonna hate!!!!!
JYJ from 東方神起!!!
That`s it. End of story. Standom go home... errr… go die... errr! dammit! I mean… go cry please~
Haters to the left & NEXT PLEASE!

Happy OT5ness Cassiopeia! v^^. *celebrates*

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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