Couple show, super cute Junsu & what a TONE live Tour ticket looks like


Aigoo… I try to sort out and upload my photos to order them (photos from digital camerae).
But it`s a lot of work… around 400 photos… I ordered the first bunch of it yest and I hope I don`t have so many twice XD I tried my best.
Photos are still loading so I think we can do something fun in the meantime *hihi* and I think soulmatesister will appreciate that: THE COUPLE SERIES!

“KangTeuk of the day”:
Yes, we already hat this but that`s the addition to the gif of that scene *giggles* Here you can see it better!

“KyuMin of the day”:
KYAAAHH!!!!! MINI DRAMAAA!!!! O(≧∇≦)O Okay, it has such a bad endling but YeWook were totall cute and KyuMin also had their moments! OTL

“YeWook of the day”:
From the booklet of the 2nd album (yeah, ELF friend has another version of this album, I think mine is the taiwanese one? oO however…)
YeWook were the only ones who appeared in the right combination to form their couple b^^d congrats YeWook! *haha*

All in all: couple could have done better… ㄱ_ㄱ *eyes them* but they are always cute anyway and since KangTeuk made the show with their kissing… Photobucket I think it will be okay.

I think one or more of the couples will have an end to their couple series in anytime soon. I need to go check on it later. Looks like my soulmate needs to pic the follow-up couple again then ;D

Now the news.
The news were quite interesting I think.

➤ Junsu started to play a new game and he was sad that there are no palm trees XD
And I guess he made a mistake then xD
[TRANS] 120108 Junsu Twitter Update
Aigoo, Junsu, you should know! You played so many games already! OTL you have to save your… whatever you get in games, for important stuff! Aigoo… do we even still need to explain this to you? Photobucket cute!

➤ And this is what “Rule the Sky” looks like
It`s an online game, huh? CUUUUTE! ^^ but not as cute as the “Tiny Farm” game Junho played recently!

➤ But no matter how many fails Junsu had at the beginning of the game, Junho said he envys Junsu a lot because he has the fastes growing of his world
Yeah well, what to say? As a old game-freak you know your ways to turn everything around again Photobucket

OTL I fought a losing battle/chanceless battle with totally low-leveled (usually too low-leveled) characters against the BOSS ENEMY and I won!
Photobucket *proud Gamer-noona*
(to be honest: I have no idea how in da world my party came out there alive LOL)

➤ JYJ had another success:
[News] JYJ’s In Heaven on MTV K’s “Most Memorable MVs in 2011″
*giggles* This is cool + extremely funny! Take a look at the listing of the acts and their songs!
Especially to THIS point (+ I will higlight it for better understanding):

GD&TOP – Knock Out Girls GenerationThe Boys JYJ

When I first read that I was like… “WTF!? Photobucket GD & TOP knock out Girls Generation??? …. PWHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! *LOOOOLs* Photobucket they do? like… seriously?
But okay, this was just because of the listing & my weird thoughts *haha* But you have to admit: It`s funny when you look at it for the first time!
The second thing: The Boys JYJ? ah hahaha! *amused laugh* yes, list, we know OTL Photobucket ← *childish person can have fun with every little sh*t*

➤ Cute HoMin!
[Pic] Tohoshinki – The 62nd Kohaku Utagassen Rehearsal
hehe… so THAT was the original pic where the fanart was made of! aaaah! Now I see!
And… I already said it once today: Minnies hair is long enough now. maybe he should go and get his hair cut soon >< I don`t want to be mean or something but in my opinion his hair is now a little too long. (yeah, and that`s said by the person with the hair obsesseion *sighs*)

➤ These pics are from around new year but still: hair is too long minnie ><
[Pic] 111229 TVXQ SBS Gayo Daejun 2011 Part 3
But besides that I think the hair is too long the pics are just… O: AWESOME!

Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation & 2NE1 to make their US debut in 2012
Okay, I already knew about that with SNSD but the others too? Oh well, american artist, prepare yourself! Your competition will get even HARDER with k-pop artist infiltrating your land ㅋㅋㅋ
Basically k-pop is already there but think about BoA ppl! She released… how many US albums? 2? or more? I`m not really up to date with her US releases since I`m not a hardcore fan of her. but still!

New Mnet reality show trains Boyfriend to become Hallyu leaders
음… 잠시 만요. Really? No harm meant but: those kids can be happy if they survive this year… eh hehe… Photobucket
I don`t want to say that they are bad. I want to say that they are a completely new group and they should rather teach them so survive in the entertainment business first before they go for something like “hallyu leaders”. *pats Boyfriend members heads* keep going guys.

➤ Chunnie in a new drama?! =)
JYJ’s Yoochun cast for SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Attic King’
eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* and I haven`t even seen Sungkyungkwan Scandal yet… ^^° *drop* forgive me Chunnie, I`m such a slow drama watcher! I only saw some parts of it OTL
btw.: same with protect the boss… I will never manage to watch everything I want to watch OTL too much good dramas out there!
Still: the next drama I will start with is Skip Beat. I think I will start tomorrow v^____^.

[Pic] JYJ Collection Card part 7
OOOH! >///< JUNSU… TOO… MUCH… CUTENESS… JUNS, too much! >///< I mean… THAT…↓
Photobucket Junsu, wae so cute?!? WAAAEEE???? Surely, somtimes your cuteness hurts! >//<
aaaah! This is soooo cute, I CANNOT EVEN!
^///^ come here Junsu! You`re too cute! *pinches Junsu*
Awwww, and he`s wearing Chunnies hoodie in top of that! So this is a bit of YooSu without even a single bit of Yoochun in that picture! aigoo… YooSu, wae are you like that?
First that, then the… *cough* gif we found of the shooting (COMPLETE YooSu moment IS LIKE = soft porn for Cassiopeia) and after that their Twitter names that look like… THE SAME by now! I mean… 6002theMicky & 1215theXiahtic? It`S TOTALLY YOOSU TIME HERE! OTL Haters gonna hate but no one can call this coincidence!

I don`t want to say anything in particular with that, but this is just cute!
This always reminds me of the stand and how they say we would search for things to make it a proof. Ts! Dream on kids!
We don`t need “proofs” which are based on mind-reading or re-interpreting hand moves *facepalms*. We just turn the computer on and it jumps into our faces. We don`t even need to search for it. It`s simply therePhotobucket We don`t even need to try.

*starts singing a part Utada Hikaru`s song* It`s automatic~♪!

➤ Not new, but now more detailed:
SM Entertainment’s future plans to expand their enterprise
1.) Do what you want, SME. HanGeng will remain as the KING no matter how many groups you send to China v^^. #justsaying
2.) Okeh, in other words: They want world domination. Slowly, bit by bit.
I´m waiting for EXO-E (E stand for europe XD) oh wait! or more likely is: EXO-A (A for America) *giggles* sound like fun!

Kim continued, “Compared to America and Europe, Asia is still the best market that yields the most efficient results,” (…) ”The US market is still a bit risky,(…)”

(…) But it doesn’t mean they will stop promoting in the US or Europe. K-pop is becoming a hot trend in both the US and Europe, and even just looking at the iTunes charts, anyone can see that Korean music is readily growing more and more popular. SM Entertainment does have plans to further reach out to the American and European demographic and distribute digital music overseas to garner more profit. “20% of our Facebook visitors are foreigners,” he said, optimistic about future growth.

3.) Pffffht! FACEBOOK? Excuse me but YOU RATHER LOOK ON TWITTER! Facebook is our “abandoned child” most of the time #justsaying ;D

[PIC] TONE Tour ticket!!!!
ooooh *O* TONE tour ticket! *envys* And… they even get a lightstick for free when they buy a ticket? *evys more*
Well, that was everything I have to say for today.

Now let me look at that Junsu pic for a little longer… Photobucket

(oh yeah, in the meantime I`m also done with my photos =) )

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