Skip Beat Drama, JYJ on FB & GDA in Osaka❤

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Yesterday was GDA day! Yeah, since our boys weren`t there all our eyes were on SuJu & our best wishes of course too!
( == *eyes cassiopeian fandom* …at least I hope so ==” *eyes fandom more* I’m even satisfied when you had no negative thoughts! BUT PLEASE! No butthurt-ness again!)

To put it Mr. simple for the beginning a listing of their GDA wins so far (shared on FB via E U N H A E holic):

120112 Super Junior’s GDA History

*2006 (2) Rookie award, MV Popularity award
*2007 (2) Popularity award, Disk Main award (=Bonsang)
*2008 Because of activities of SJ-M & SJ-Happy, there’s no SJ’s album
*2009 (3) YEPP Popularity award, Disk Main award, Disk Grand award
*2010 (2) Asia Popularity award, Disk Main award
*2011 (4) Popularity award, MSN JAPAN Popularity award, Disk Main award, Disk Grand award

Source:0203KYU0105EUN -vey

Since I already freaked out on twitter ( ^^° ) when they announced the results yest I only will do a clam small text here:
I`m really, really happy for them that they had such a good day at GDA! ELFs & SuJu really deserve it. We all knew since at least 2 month that they would win Grand Award for sure, even though some tried to deny/ignore that fact because of butthurtness to the max xP *cough*, but when it was announce I was like “OMGZ! they really did it! KYAAAH! *throws confetti like a mad woman*”
Photobucket I love them really a lot and so I was so happy. Although it would have been nice to have HoMin there and winning something too (I think don`t need to repeat myself about because we were not able to get them there this year) I was just sooo happy for them! ^^
Mr. Simple is such an awesome album, the boys are so lovable & it would be such a shame for me, as a Cassie, to hate on them/be butthurt because they won and HoMin didn`t. Sure, maybe some parts of Fanbase wanted to shoot me for my “YAY SuJu” happyness on twitter HAHA! XD But, seriously guys: Do I look like I would care? *raises eyebrows* *puts sunglasses on* Photobucket ← yup, that`s how cool I am with that because I love SuJu too and have no reason to hide it from t-list (or any other person). If someone cannot stand it, like Emmy always says, there´s something called the “-unfollow- button”.
OTL Btw, my ELFi-friend will get mad if someone even tries something. So don`t even think about shooting me xP (believe me, you wouldn`t be able to handle her evilness!)
Just remember: It`s always better to laugh as to cry. Wae cry about HoMin not winning anything when I can be happy for SuJu instead? HoMin are having success elsewhere in the meantime. Like Lina said: “We need to have faith in them”.
I have faith in them. In all 5 of them. And that`s because there`s nothing for me to cry about with this GDA matter.
Time will get better again for Cassiopeia & our 5. So ppl stop butthurting and show a better image of yourselves. Be strong!
and… oh yeah: 엘프 화이팅! 슈주 화이팅! Congratulations to the well-deserved GDA winning! All of you were working hard! Lots of love *huggles you all*,
~ Sangmi Noona

And now beware of my SPAAAAM! 😉
Of course were some pictures coming in later that day:
( ˆ ω ˆ ) happy boys!
(but, is it just me or do some of them really look damn tired lately? I start to worry – like I always worry about HoMin.. it`s the same bad feeling >< )


Yeah, maybe you noticed: Heechul was online that day too! AAAAH! LUCKY ME!
I was online when he came. I was about to got but put a ful stop on what I was doing (leaving) and quickly tweeted back at him.
Super Junior’s Heechul wishes everyone a late Happy New Year’s
I was completely hyper then because of SuJu winning AND Heechul appearing. I just couldn`t stop to throw my congrats around Photobucket!
Ah yeah, I was a little short on time because doggie was already very impatient to go out (it was about time) and I was like a hyper chicken running around on twitter says “KYAAAAH! OPPA is here!!! NO TIME! NO TIME! I GOTTA GO! Omo! Omo! HI HEENIM! good to see you! and… BYE HEENIM! *runs away*” ^^°
It was a bit similar to chaos-mode then.

Nontheless: Hyper-mode is always fun! =D

Yesterday I started to watch…
Extravagant Challenge aka Skip Beat!

I planned to watch 2 episodes of it yest, but I ended up watching all 4 which are available with subs right now. It was just so catchy! ^^ Such a cool drama!
I never knew a bit about the story because I have never read the Manga. But I always heard the name of it and after watching the Skip Beat trailer sometime ago I was really curious.

But a problem appeared while watching *HAHAHA* Okay, I will give it a name! Let`s call it “Siwon`s holy tight pants!” LOOOOL
^///^° in fact it already embarrasses me again in some way! Wae does he needs to wear such pants all the time!?!? I mean… okay, the color may change at times but… well, they basically remain the same! It`s driving me crazy because it also somehow reminds me of Junsu… (please don`t ask >///< ). *haha* OOMOOOOOO! How embarrassing! When Emmy reads this… aigoo… >///<
And there`s no way you could avoid noticing that! It`s just so… so… *is at loss of words* so… UNAVOIDABLE!
… have I already mentioned that those pants are white? … *big sigh* Do I still need to say that I have a weakness for korean guys in white anyway? *raises one eyebrow*
Thanks Siwon! It`s not enough that you are stalking me in my drams, now you have to walk around in front of my eyes IN THOSE PANTS?!?? Photobucket *is kinda startled*
…aaah, aigoo jinjja! ㅠ~ㅠ *is dying* Pastor Won so cruel! YAH! You cannot do this! T~T

After watching the 4th episode of Skip Beat I wanted to sleep and ended up laughing like the most silly person on earth, then half whining half laughing. I couldn`t sleep… because of… yeah, I already said: THANKS SIWON!
OMG SUN! Wae these (white)pants?!? WAAAEEEEE????? *Changmin style*
I was like “Omo~… waeee???? *laugh-whine* Those pants! WAE??? Wae does he needs to wear such pants, eh? Aigoo, I cannot sleep with those pictures in my head! *laugh-whine* Unbelievable! I`m suffering here! How should I be able to sleep now? Siwon wae???? *laugh-whines in disbelieve* WAE???
Yeah, but somehow I managed to forget about it and slept Photobucket

I can already hear SOME friends laughing now… (Emmy, Soulmate, ELFi, unni…)
ts… YOU LAUGH! It`s not funny!
*pouts* JUST WATCH IT YOURSELF! IT`S REALLY… HNNNGH!! WAEEE???? WAE????? Wae does he needs to walk around like that? Aigoo, aigoo… *is very confused and irritated by that*
*looks at ELF friend* @Patricia: YAH! Wae you no warned me, eh? You wanted me to be surprised, huh…? You meanie! *pouts*

== I swear, I die if he comes stalking me in my dreams again and dares to wear THESE PANTS! =///= *eyes Pastor Won embarrassed* ← Yeah, that`s a new way of embarrassment.

It`s not a big problem while I was watching the drama. The problem is that those pictures won`t get off my mind AFTER I ended watching all available episodes. I cannot even remember what I thought about to prevent them(the pictures in my head) from coming back. But it worked in the end.

btw.: the name “Siwon`s holy thight pants” came to my mind because of a “Bleach” fun-fanart XD (please don`t ask about that either! It was so silly!). The title was the same, just with a different name. yeah and… if you would have seen the fanart you would know that it looks exactly the same when Siwon`s wearing these pants… The same-ness is just… too fascinating!
That`s wae this was on my mind all of a sudden.

and while we are talking about siwon now: *still envys him a lot* OSAKA CASTLE?!?!? *whines again* WAEEEE SIWON! WAAAEEEE~~~????? T^T Siwon posted 2 pictures of Osaka Castle today and… and… THIS IS NO FAIR! It`s my fav castle! I want to see it too! *envys him more* *slowly starts pouting more*
*looks at Siwon pouting* Well, at least you showed me pictures of it…. ㄱ_______ㄱ

oh! Oh! but … oh! I forgot!
Some maybe already saw that I had a little “special laugh attack” while watching Skip Beat!
It was because there was the “Sorry, Sorry” dance all of a sudden! XDD AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!
LOOOL Sorry sorry 4ever relevant! Everywhere, forever and always! Photobucket
Sooooo funny!

*coughs slightly* Yes, after this very embarrassing… errr… I don`t even know what to call it… “incident” let`s move on with the news!

➤ JYJ on FB!
C-jes’ text said they are preparing something special for the fans.
What? How? For which fans? Yeees, for theirs but: For the fans in south america at the upcoming concerts? For all fans? For the fans in korea? *sighs* c-jes could have been a little less mysterious OTL

➤ I found a really aaaaawesome “A-Cha” Parody:
Super Junior “A-Cha” Parody
*haha* I laughed so much while watching this! Sooo cool!

➤ For all ppl who want to know what JJ`s house looks like inside: Many pics of it there:
[Pic] Interior designing company’s website: Photos of Jaejoong’s new apartment interior

MBLAQ reveals an event poster for ‘Hello Baby’ Season 5
OMG! Hello Baby now with MBLAQ and 3 kids? oh oh… ^^° good luck boys!

➤ There are some cool pics of HoMin in that magazine
[Pic] HoMin in Trendy No.31 Magazine

Super Junior to hold ‘Super Show 4′ at Tokyo Dome with 100,000 fans
Dammit… and I`m afraid I will not see Super Show 4… I don`t think there`s 1.) the posibility for it to be in germany__2.) I need my money for seeing JYJ when they come back… yeah, IF. At least I hope so.__&__3.) MY POOR MONEY in the first place! I don`t like my bank account to sing empty 4ever to me…
Well, I won`t start to mention all the troubles another “2 weeks before it takes place-announcement” would cause me in the first place. *facepalms* CONCERT TROUBLE!

OMG SUN! LET ME DIE! LET ME CRY! WHATEVER! I want to do both (nu, not in that order)
I would be happy to see SuperShow4. I really want to see it! Aigoo… what to do if they go to London or Paris? Wouldn`t be that far away but… my money T.T I need to to a check on my money things first before I can decide if two concerts would be possible.
And on top of all: I don`t want to go alone. *looks at ELF friend* @Patricia ELFi! You WOULD go with me IF they come near?
*looks at work-ajeossi* YOU WOULD GIMME VACATION for that time? >< (that`s the second biggest problem AFTER the money thing)
…imagining being at Super Show 4 as a Cassiopeia with an ELF heart would be like being in disguise. Somehow. Eh hehe… ^^° *embarrassed laugh* being in disguise with the hope not to be exposed… eh hehe… I`m lacking some lyrics of certain song and… errr… dunno. Would definitely feel a little awkward.
But this is so much “maybe” and “if” talk! I don`t even want to think about it >< causes this weird weirdness in my head and I don`t like it.
So let`s go on here!

http://HanGeng`s latest WEIBO update…( ˆ ω ˆ )
Aigoo, aigoo… *pinches Han* Now you are playing such cute games too? AAAAAH! Boys, you drive me crazy lately! That`s just tooooo cute!
I don`t know what this exactly is but it looks like a cute world!

➤ I´m sure no one cares xD but this is the USB stick which is usually in my car:
That thing just happened to be around today and because it has a cute, fluffy “tail” I took a photo of it to show it to t-list. (yeah, you can call me insane OTL)

➤ Last thing for today:
Regarding the couple series: KangTeuk are the first couple who will go out of the couple series anytime soon. So it was neccessary that a follow-up couple gets picked.
And guess what? SOULMATESISTER picked the follow up couple_official!
It will be SiChul who will be the follow-up couple for KangTeuk! It`s also cute ^^
And we still have HanChul & SiHan left then! two very cute pairings!

Since sister has really no special feelings towards HanGeng I`m curious even now which couple she will pic the next time xD She cannot avoid HanGeng anymore then *lol*
@Cynthia: If you cannot pic between the last 2 couples ELFi will decide. ^^

== … … … … *eyes everyone who`s around* As long as no one says something bad about HanGeng we are all buddies who are cool with each other here…
No. I won`t laugh. Not at all. I`m serious.

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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