YouTube trouble! >.< , Fandom making an issue out of SuJu performing at Tokyo Dome… ㄱ-ㄱ + my (personal) project ㅋㅋ

안녕 다들! v^^.

First thing today: If you comment on my blog please do it in english or german. These are the only languages I speak so please beware of that!

I`m saying this because I found a comment which is in… well, I`m not even sure! I think it`s spanish. Speak of luck I have a spanish friend who will translate this for me once she`s online the next time BUT PLEASE!
I don`t always want to bother my friend because ppl come here and comment in a language I don`t speak (and google trans dosen`t always make sense!). My friend is my friend and not the freakin’ translator for my blog.
So guys: Please keep that in mind when commenting here.

Althought I`m really thankful when you come here to read and comment: There are some simple rules to that blog:
1.) This is an OT5`s blog. So GTFO when you are a stan~[sarcasm]❤ THANKS! [sarcasm end]
2.) spare me with hateful comments about… anything. Simply because I will delete them right away. THANKS!
3.) Comment in english or german language. THANK YOU VERY MUCH~♡

The comment that was made in spanish will be pending untill I know IF this is spanish and until I know what it exactly means ^^ I will decide AFTER I know what to do with it (make it visible for public it or deleting it).

AIGOO!!!!!! *biggest sigh ever*

Crisiiiiiiiis! I had a biiig YouTube crisis-drama today!!!!!!

I came on YouTube and checked what`s new about my subscriptions and was like “HECK YES! Photobucket *starts to dance in joy* my fav video maker uploaded a new EunHae vid!!!! *get`s excited* KYAAAAHH!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O WANT TO SEE! WANT TO SEE!”.
I clicked on the vid and then….➜ “(…)this video is not available in germany(…)“. Then I was like “Photobucket … … … You are kidding me, don`t you?! …. …. FU FU FU FU FU FUUUUUUUUUUUUU FUUUUUUUUUUUUU FUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!”
Photobucket NUUUUUUUUUU! World! T.T Wae are you like that?! ㅠ~ㅠ
Well, after that I made a huuuuge drama act in front of my comp like…. “crying out loud and dramatic for god`s sake like the biggest drama queen EVER”, and then thought: If it`s blocked in germany for the usual super stupid, annoying, and soooo not rational!! >< reasons I will ask T-list for help!
Yes, I thought, ask t-list for help! Only germany is so stupid! T-list can help!

Huuuuuuge EMERGENCY CALL on Twitter then.
Hea Unni and Emmy came on. Hea Unni has no file host account, but Emmy was able to help! Photobucket 어머나!!!!!! =DDDDD My rescue!
She was able to send me that vid and…. ㅠ﹏ㅠ *cries a river of joy (again…)* I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO SEE IT! *cries again* (← crybaby for sure… Photobucket )
@Emmy: OMGZ SUN! I can only say -thank you emmy- again and again! You made my day! =D Emmy! You have no idea how much I like her EunHae vids! T.T My only hope are t-listers from another land in cases like that one. T^T German YouTube is so stupid and mean! *whines* It`s hating on me!~~ *whines more* (← OTL Emmy once said I should whine more to her so I do *shameless person*)

T___T To my t-list I want to say: I`m thankful to everyone who wants/wanted to help me.
Thanks Hea Unni. Althought Unni has no file hosting account somewhere she thought of ways to help me. So: Thank you Unni!❤。◕‿◕。❤ (← see? I told you! *Unni knows what that`s about* =) )

What to do first now? My talk about random things/projects or the news?
I think the news first!

SM Entertainment to have their own booth at the ’2012 MIDEM’ in France
SM to hold ’2012 Global Auditions’ in five countries!
*nods at news about SM* Be careful ppl. SM is a b*tch. Many fans, from all fandoms around, have NO IDEA about how heartless SM can be.
For all who join SM these days: You listened careful to HanGeng & JYJ? Yes? You still want to join? Then go into SM at your own risk. Good luck. (and that`s not sarcastic now!)
Basically their global audition thing is okay but… we all know how sh*tty SME is inside. (or better: All SHOULD know by now)

*starts a little OFF-talk*
I mean the story JYJ told us was a “nice story” compared to what HanGeng told us over there in China…
Photobucket My Geng… *has teary eyes* I could still cry so much! When I first heard about it back then I was so angry that I wanted to cry! + I wanted to slap all the kids that demanded/still demand him to come back to SME.
No one can really, truely want a person to go back to SME with knowing how bad it was for him there. HanGeng wants to be back with the members. It`s his wish. His dream. He said this in another interview. He wants to stand on stage with them again one day. But this is impossible under SME. (← he didn`t said this, but when you know his story it`s obvious)
Oh yeah and not to mention the discriminations SME threw at him and his family… Photobucket *is still super angry* oooh, they thought no one finds out about it but some ppl did! Maybe they even thought no one would careabout it, but in fact some ppl do!
It was sooo ridiculous and soooo unfair… And I still wonder: WAE? Wae, SME?
It makes soooo no sense! No sense at all. I wonder what they(SME) were thinking…
After I knew about his story from different interviews he gave in China (and I´m still sure he left out some details/stories) I cannot forget about it anymore. Photobucket
I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU, SME!!!!!!! *shouts out as loud as Gong Xi in Skip Beat drama* *birds outside flying away in shock/horror*
I cannot forgive them something like that. They almost broke some of the most wonderful boys out there. It`s not only about Geng. It`s about JYJ too.
Yeah, some kids who are not informed may wonder what I´m talking about. I just say: Do your homework before you… judge ppl, tell them to come back, call them a liar, call them a traitor, call them ungrateful.
Oh yes, and: They weren`t only acting heartless towards Han. #justsaying While telling the story he also mentioned another member. And like I said: There must be countless stories like this one but he just didn`t talked about it. *sighs* *shakes head*

Like Marta unni always says: SME is much more “dirty” inside as many of us can see from the outside. And the boys cannot even tell us the whole story.
The problem is that many ppl in fandom don`t do their homework and just go out and judge ppl the way they are personally pleased to do it.
And the more I came to know the real thing behind the lies SM wants to make us believe in the more I understood the meaning behing what Junho once said: “It wears me out that I cannot tell you everything”.
*nods* I understand. And I can understand better now what our boys must feel. JYJ`s and HanGeng`s stories might be a bit different, but they suffered the same pain in the end.
Han was in a “lucky” position: He was in China and out of reach for SME after leaving. That`s wae he was able talk about it. Everytime I re-watch his interviews about this topic I re-realize how serious and deeply moved/hurt he is… in a really negative way. T_T

Seriously! Makes me so sad and mad at the same time! NO, I can NOT ignore it and I will never be over it.
*takes a deep breath* *calms herself down* But I wasn`t supposed to rant about this now but… I got lost in my anger about a certain company and how they treat ppl so… I`m sorry for the long rant!
(but I rant a lot, it keeps me sane, and you are free to leave anytime so…: Nu, I don`t really care what other ppl will say about this ;P If I would stop ranting I would need to kill someone instead and this is… err… not that good xD )
Now let`s more on with the news!

➤ This one is awesome!
Kim Hyun Joong reveals teaser for Japanese “Kiss Kiss”
Hey! I actually like the japanese version! =) I`m curious about the MV too!

➤ Oh yes, for the ones who still don`t know: Brian will bring out a new album soon! =) He had the photo shooting for his album today!
어머! 어머! I`m so curious! I want to have his new album and want to listen to it sooo much! =) I`m Brian fan_official, don`t forget! ;D *jumps around happily*
Oppa~~~!!! Oppa~~~!!! Please bring it out it soon like in… soon-soon! Me σ(^_^) already waits impatiently! :3

➤ Yesterday suddenly a C-jes survey was around.
It´s about… where you are from, if you attended concerts of JYJ, what (official) fan goods do you have. Such things. It only takes 2 minutes do to this so: Let`s help C-Jes to find out about us! LOOOL

➤ And the reason wae Changmin isn`t on twitter was also revealed yesterday!
*haha* oooh, same reason as my dongsaeng (but it was about FB for her). Natali said “Changmin, you boring man” XD ㅋㅋㅋ yeeeah, maybe that`s the thing to say about that *laughs* but: It`s his decision. When the Dark Lord thinks about it that way then so be it! *accepts*

➤ Awww! this is soooo cute! :3
[Spazz] Hello Junsoo
OKAY NOW! Someone tells me where I can buy “Hello Junsu” things right away and nobody will get hurt! Photobucket

Cube Entertainment to begin distributing albums in Brazil
Oh hey! That really cool! Another step forwards for the Hallyu Wave!
But, to be honest: If I would wait for SME to do this here in germany I would die before it happens! I mean, who waits until Companies start to sale their albums in your homeland? … oh wait! kids without ebay access/kids who are too young for PayPal ^^°
OOPS! I`m sorry!
Nonetheless: If I would wait, I would already be dead because of waiting. You can wait for a reeeeally long time until THAT happens in europe (*cough* especially in germany). LUCKY US! We have ebay *praises ebay 4ever and ever and ever and ever…*

[Trans] Park Yoochun’s Ottogi Instant Noodles Fansign Event details‏
HEY! Can I go there with my noodles? I fulfill everything that`s needed to go there: I love Ottogi noodles (I could even bring them to proof it!), I love Chunnie and I`m willing to go! (*talks to herself* but bapo you forgot that you are MONEYLESS IN GERMANY!!!! Dammit… T.T … So I will only have a Ottogi noodle party at home… *walks away pouting*)

[Trans + Pic] Release Of “TONE” Tour Goods – Details
OMO! *O* Awesome! *envys Bigeast* You are some extremely lucky guys, u know?

➤ This was our extremely adorable JJ today!
While looking at his second SelCa (second pic) I saw the first and so far only comment. A comment which said: “There`s no one besides you and look how happy you are”
I thought: “BISH! I know what you want to say with that! I SMELL STAN-NESS here! I dunno wae but I smell it! You are a stan! I don`t even have to use my stan-like super abilities to know that you are a stan! I can feel it! *looks at her profile* *reads the bio* … ah, it says -I will never keep the faith! GTFO!- .”
Surprise, surprise! I was RIGHT!
ts… yes, it`s basically sad that I´m already THAT GOOD in “smelling” stan-ness. It means I`m used to them too much. It means we already endured the presence of standom for too long. With not even stalking them I can practically “smell” them now.
Not to mention my super cray-stan abilities… I never wanted to have them but now, thanks to them, I have them. Well, thinking about it those abilities can be useful at times so… once again I say: THANK YOU STANS! Photobucket
First you brought my (OT5) soulmate and me together because you created a stupid stan account where we meet by chance because of our petition for JYJ/the court in Seoul news & now you even taught me abilities of your party that make me become even better as an OT5!

Oooooh hey! *aha!-moment!* So it turns out that stans seem to be at last a bit helpful! And they don`t even know it! xD Ah haha! *laughs at standom* Photobucket _. (↵ yeah, standom is THAT LITTLE again #trolllolol)

BoA is back in Toronto for ‘COBU 3D’
I`m looking forwards to that movie! I hope it will be shown in german cinemas too someday! (when the movie is finished)

Okay, that was all about the news so far.
Before I announc my newest (personal) project, I will talk a little about SuJu, Cassiopeia & how butthurt some ppl act lately.

It wasn`t long since it was announced that Super Junior will hold a concert at the TOKYO DOME.
Come ppl in cassiopeian fandom started to be butthurt because of this.
The spectrum of reactions was relatively big. We had the simply butthurt ppl who are always butthurt about everything, the secretly “hateful” ppl & the ppl who officially started to put SuJu down on Facebook and Twitter.

It was RTed into my tl and I saw ELFs who were angry about these reactions and felt offended because they couldn`t understand.
THANK GOD they know that not all of us are like that! *insert a sigh of relief here*

I saw ppl bringing up butthurt comments about SuJu performing in Tokyo Dome only because THEY WILL PERFORM THERE.
I saw tweets which said they don`t deserve it and such talk… Photobucket CRAY PPL!
Once again it was the turn of the immature part of ppl in our fandom.

Even I felt offended as a Cassiopeia because of their behaviour. I am on the same side as them and I cannot believe I stand on the same side with ppl who act like that!
Sure, the stories of DB5K & SuJu are different ones but WHAT EXACTLY has this to do with the fact that k-pop is simply THAT popular in Japan these days. What has it to do with the fact that there are simply enough ELFs to fill the Tokyo Dome? And what exactly makes you feel so pressed about it?
You cannot gimme a proper explanation/answer to these questions? Me is not surpised.

I am Cassippeia and I`m happy for SuJu!
I wouldn`t even say something bad about them even if I wouldn`t like them! If SM would say SNSD will hold a concert in Tokyo Dome I wouldn`t even have one single thought about it on my mind. I don`t really like them. I´m not a big fan of them. Some songs are good but that`s it. But have you ever seen that me was talking bad about them? *raises eyebrows*
Simply because I don`t care enough about them to say something. It`s not interesting for me. It would be SONE`s business/business of ppl they really like them.

And so I don`t see the problem in SuJu performing at Tokyo Dome. Not at all. Everyone should be happy that our boys and other older artists opened up the doors for k-pop that wide that it`s possible for SuJu to hold a k-pop concert at Tokyo Dome!
I don`t know wae some kids act like stans because of this: Hating around without even a real reason to do so… oO
To be exact: The ones who always say “I don´t care about them!” the loudest are always the first ones to start hating around and acting like little kids who want to create trouble.

I only want to say:
1.) I`m sorry ELF! I`m sorry for the immature kids in our fandom and that they don`t know how to behave. Sorry that they made you feel offended! *bows in apology* __2.) Ppl need to stop going down to the same level where the stans are standing. Seriously. ㄱ_ㄱ That`s not funny.  & 3.) I wish I could go to Super Show 4 in Tokyo Dome!
I just loooooove the Tokyo Dome and Super Show 4 is awesome so: Please insert my massive regret that I cannot attend this concert here-> ___________________ (okay, it`s not enough space for my regret but PLEASE! This is just to give it a visible spot ^^° )


My new personal project is called “Loving my ELF friend“! Photobucket

I will do something for my ELFi because she felt so bad back then. But I will also do it because I love her!❤
Then “thing” I will make is something that just 2 other ppl on earth will have. Yeah, at least in the version like I do it! ㅋㅋㅋ *acts all mysterious* And no one will knooooow~~ *adds some mysterious sound effects here*

I`m sure my ELFi is already dying because of curiosity! =D
HAHA! But I will not tell! I will show when I`m done with it! And I will only show it to Soulmate & ELFi because I`m afraid SME could come to “hunt” me if they find out about it…  eh hehe… ^^°

I`m not sure when I will be done with it. I have to go buy something to make it first and dunno when will be able to do this so… It remails completely mysterioussssss~~~

Okay, since I´m done with everything else I will do the couple series to end this (already too long ^^°) entry.

“KangTeuk of the day”:
aaaawwwwwww! It`s cuddle-time today? aw! *pinches KanTeuk*
WAIT! This looks a bit familiar to me… EunHae once had a moment with a similar pose! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) CUTE!

“KyuMin of the day”:
*giggles* Wae are you looking at each other like that!? ^^ cuuuuute!

“YeWook of the day”:
KYAAAAAAH!!!!! MINI DRAMA!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O I love YeWook in mini drama! :3 such a cutie couple!

*laughs* I love Yesung in the making video of their dramas. xD While Ryeowook wants to read the scrips Yesung is telling him there`s no need to look at it. They can practically naturally act in that drama like normal/always and it will be fine XD OMO YEWOOK! Photobucket

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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