Concert trouble >.< , Brian`s album will be out on January the 26th! & HanGeng❤

안녕 친구들!!! v^^.

I wish to attend 2 concerts this year. JYJ`s & Super Show 4.
Money saving is not my no.1 problem with this!

The problem is: Ajeossi wanted me to tell him when I want to go on vacation to attend these concerts. yeah… I had to say “I don`t know yet… Photobucket “.
Ajeossi said this is bad.
Yeah, I know for myself, okeh!?? *Junsu style*
He said he cannot guarantee me a day off/a short vacation if we cannot plan ahead. I said I know but what to do?

When it comes to plan my vacation for attending the concerts being a k-pop fan suuuuuucks sooooooo muuuuuuuch!
I mean: Oppa already knows since last year about all the dates of the concerts/festivals he wants to attend this year and already has his cards for most of them. And so he already planned his vacation for the whole year. I envy him so much! T.T
So my biggest problem is: I know nothing about dates… results in… not planned vacation… results in… high risk of at least missing one of the 2 concerts. If it goes extremely bad I will miss both. Photobucket
I`m pissed at myself for not knowing when I need vacation although it`s not even my fault that I don`t know!

OTL C-jes & SME, can you please announce the dates of the concerts NOW so that I can tell Ajeossi on monday? >___< #DistraughtFan
Photobucket ooooh my poor nerves! My poor emotions!

Not even a single concert is announced and I`m already deeeeeeep, deep into my concert trouble again.
I want to see JYJ again! And I want to see SuJu too! Most likely it will be my last chance to see SuJu for a long time so it would be super cool to see my “supermen”… *pouts*

Wae oh wae must being a k-pop fan be so freaking hard all the time?
It`s even more of a problem since eurpoe always gets the last stages of a tour. So concerts will (most likely) be “late” this year… this results in… even more trouble in getting some days off/vacation for concert… *한숨* Okay, I`m totally grateful that europe is finally on the tour-list but I need to get my vacation for the dates and I still know nothing. ㅠ~ㅠ

어떻게?? 난 어쩌라고??? *runs away crying*

*coughs* WELL NOW….! Yet, that I cried my heart out and “drama queen-ed around” let`s talk about something really exciting!

어머! 어머!
YOU PPL KNOW WHAT?!?!? Brian`s new albu will be released on iTunes and such on Januaray the 26th!!!!
Title is: ❤*:.。.「ReBorn Part 1」.。.:*❤

I already freaked out about this on twitter but… writing about it again makes me feel so excited!
KYAAAAAAHH!!!!! Photobucket Can`t wait! Can`t wait! Can`t wait! Can`t wait!!!!!!!
CAN`T!! CAN`T!! CAN`T!!! *runs around in circles*
Oppas new album! 어머! NEW ALBUM! *still runs in cricles*
I SOOOO want to hear it! aaah! Wae isn`t it the 26th already?!!? WANT TO HEAR IT NOW! I want to know how the cover looks! aaaaaah!! *goes cray* I`m too curious! KYAAAH!!!!!! *fangirl squee*

Brian Fan_official is aaaaall hyper here! Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋ *is in hyper mode*

And Brian Oppa kept teasing us by telling/reporting to us about the MV filming & CD cover shooting in the middle of the night… aigoo…
Oppa also said Album will be great!
Aw! I`m sure it will! Oppa put so much effort in it and of Oppas albums awalys one was better than the one before.

OMONA! Makes me die here! Because the 26th of January is also JJ`s b-day!

Could someone please tell me how I should be able to survive all this? D:<

LET`S talk about HanGeng now! =)

Recently the voting on MRRM`s Facebook page (chinese magazine) started:

一人一LIKE,選出 MR 2012 年封面人物

在眾多個封面人物中,大家最希望哪位型男再次成為封面,分享他的故事?得到最多 Like/讚的型男便會再次成為今年 2012 年 12 位封面人物之一!


Trans of Google: “One person, one LIKE, select MR 2012 年 Cover

In many a cover in which we most want to cover sportsman again, sharing his story? Get up Like / praise the sportsman this year will again become one of 2012, 12 cover!

Deadline: February 29″

You heard it ppl! The person who`s cover gets the most likes will be on a cover this year again! GO AND VOTE ON FACEBOOK for HanGeng`s cover! =)

(vote for him with clicking -like- under the photo of his cover)

As, most likely, most of you already assumed I`ve done my duty as Gengster_official looong ago & also shamelessly involved some friends in that voting thing xD
ELF friend, Lina + I even tried to involve soulmate (yeah, since she has no -special feelings- for Han it looks like I wasn`t that successful with inolving her… ^^°)
But nontheless! My adopted kiddo & our evil ELFi did their job!

And looking at the results so far Gengsters & HanGeng supporters did a great job! We reached over 500 likes so far. Most of the other covers only reached between 3 and 8 likes (besides one or two… they had around 100 xD but still NOT ENOUGH to be competition to us!).
So our “Simple Person” HanGeng is lonely as the no.1 with not a single opponent. I`m sure this will be as easy as making HanGeng no 1  in that SINA voting for “Chinas 50 most beautiful people” Photobucket
And while we are talking about HanGeng now: He came back to my mind once more when I recently told Oppa that it`s all his fault that I am who I am now xD

It always goes like this:
me: *saying something randomly blunt that makes me  sound really MUCH like Oppa*
Oppa: “… °_° I´m shocked!”
me: “what? It`s all your fault u know? I wasn`t like this before. I am like this because you are like this =P ”
Oppa: “… ^^° is that so?”

…I REALLY felt reminded of this when HanGeng said to Heechul in that show back then that he is like he is because of him xD
And, to be honest, I keep blaming my workmate Oppa for turning me into such a person for at least 3 years.

Yes, ppl, this happens when you spend too much time with ppl who are successful turning you into something they are Photobucket

Back to HanGeng: _1.) I changed my header & my Gravatar recently. You guys like the pics? ^^ HanGeng all over here. ^^°°° eh hehe… good thing Cassiopeia dosen`t care. Or else I would be doomed. xD
But heeey, ppl, be completely at ease: I must change my header sometimes or it will get boring. And this pic was just… so cool! And these days I`m thinking about HanGeng a lot so let me express it~~ (✿◠ ‿ ◠)v
2.) I looooove it when HanGeng is shooting photos for magazines. They are always too awesome!

And that he is in Italy now is even more awesome!
On my list this is a 90% appreciation of the current rality! LOL Okay, this sounds pretty weird (again)!
But 100% appreciation would be: HanGeng back in germany Photobucket
Remember last summer gaiissss~ *imitating Emmy* Audi Cup, HanGeng in Munich… *dreams* … only 2 hours away from me… OMONA! I could still go cray!

Btw: Have you guys already seen the new Yishion vid?

Photobucket Han… just… so beautiful! I LOVE IT!
and actually… not all Yishion things look that bad. It`s not totally my style but some things are good!

Something important: Our Geng`s b-day is near! The 9th of Februry is coming (soon)!
And the project we are doing for Han as his b-day gift is slowly running out of time! Birthday Project for Han Geng: Charity *click here!*
I think he will be happy to see that Gengsters didn`t “wasted” their money. We will do something usefull with it!
This project has a (tentative) deadline! And it is the end of January!
So Gengster or just HanGeng.supporter_official: If you want to participate, don`t think about it for too long ! And… SPREAD THE WORLD! (v^_^)v

Quote fuckyeah!HanGeng!: Let’s all do something meaningful whilst making Han Geng’s birthday a good one. 🙂
aw! yes! Let`s! And Han will be happy about it! Photobucket
(#justsaying: of course I spared some of my poor little money this month for that project. It`s a good thing to do.)

Yesterday, SuJu received their AllKPop awards ㅎㅎ Donghae showed them in detail to the world and spoiled the official announcement of the category winners for AllKPop xD *laughs* How cute!
AllKPop was aaaall facepalming, but laughing *haha*
Aigoo, aigoo… ( ˆ ω ˆ ) that fishy! *pinches*
AllKPop cannot controle that Nemo! OTL
Donghae went like THISSSS *showing Awards in detail*
*pinches Hae again* It made me laugh sooo much how AllKPop ppl were like “Oh nu! He revealed it!! Photobucket … … … but… xD LOL it`s funny somehow and… keke… we have a special thing to reveal no one knows about yet so stay tuned ELFs!”
I wonder.
What kind of special surprise will they have when they officially announce all the winners of AllKPop awards later?

But SuJu also received another one of the bigger awards =D
*throws confetti over SuJu*
So SuJu`s list of awards looks like that:
2011 MAMA ☑ 1st Daesang | 26th GDA ☑ 2nd Daesang | 21st SMA ☑ 3rd Daesang.
I`m really happy for them! End of the year shows were totally theirs and all of the end of the year awards too!

Let`s look at related things regarding that:
Super Junior members are ‘Super Gentlemen’ at the Seoul Music Awards
aww! Hyukjae & Shindong! Very gentle! *nods* And who said Shindong is a bad person? Just because he goes overboard with some things at times, sometimes maybe acts a bit inappropriate and without thinking about it, dosen`t mean he`s a bad person.
Well, I think he`s no guy I would get along too well in general, but I never believed he`s a bad person… oO
So who in da world said this? *wonders*

➤ EunHae at Seoul Music Awards~❤

Awwww! Photobucket Really the most perfect fancam EVER! awww! EunHae so cute! I love them! sooo cute! aww!

More SuJu related news:
(Clear Audio)Donghae ft. Henry 這是愛(This is love) SKIP BEAT! OST
➤ GDA in Osaka: Performances from 2011 ‘Golden Disk Awards in Osaka’ (Part 1)
^^° I dosn`t care about anyone else, me only looks at SuJu during all the year end events! Photobucket
Super Junior members take a break to hit the slopes
Good that they had a fun day after all the stress! Me appreciates that!
➤ *haha* Not that of a surprise: Super Junior members dominate online poll, ‘The star I want to date’
*raises eyebrows* well now, who wouldn`t want to date our Donghae? Fishie is cutie~~!

The other news:
➤ Winners list: Winners from the 21st Seoul Music Awards

[Pic] Press photos of Junsu at Elisabeth’s open rehearsal
Elisabeth: Musical about Austrian empress to charm Seoul

➤ YunJae same-ness the… 234872839028th time!
For YunJae same-ness go > HERE < v^^.

[Pic] Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ Concert
*o* HoMin in those red shirts! OMO! they look awesome! and… ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ_ I want to have such a shirt too!!!

More HoMin news:
[Trans] 120120 Tohoshinki’s New Single To Be Released On 14 March!!
➤ hehehe… and thanks to the aaaalways #4everFast fandom: [TONE TOUR][TRANS] Lyrics to ‘Still’

➤ SPAZZ: A cassies’  reactions when singing “왜 KYHD”
PWAHAHAHA! Photobucket So fun! So true! xD What a song can do with you 😉

➤ SM has a new office?
SM Entertainment’s Building a District Office? Not Anymore
WAAAAH! Photobucket it`s pretty but… looks like a glowing white… SPACESHIP! >_< and… it`s too white! (but still pretty. You will be blind after entering the office but… ^^° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* it`s pretty … and I`m sure it was pretty EXPENSIVE too! >< )
SM Entertainment’s Facebook page ranks #2 for record labels

[Trans] 120119 Post Of JYJ Tweets
LOOOL! Looks at JJ`s tweet! xD OMO! What`s that?! Huuuge FAIL of the factory that made those pants? Yeah, definitely! There is no person on earth that would be able to wear such pants!

JYJ’s Yoochun poses with his former on-screen ‘mother’ for a photo
^^ cute! They really look like mother and son!

Kim Hyun Joong reveals MV for Japanese “Kiss Kiss”
Awww! Such a great MV! Sooo cute! Photobucket I love it! And the japanese version dosen`t even sound weird to me.
You know, with many songs it`s like this: Once you are used to listen to the korean version the japanese version sounds weird. Sometimes it sounds weird 4ever. Like… japanese version of “mirotic” … oo … I will NEVER get used to it! I tried, I really tried. But I… just… can`t! ><

Shinhwa to hold comeback concert on March 24th
This is still… BIIIIG!
I wonder what will happen to the industry once Shinhwa come back. I wonder what will happen to Shinhwa when they come back… °.° … I wonder what their music will sound like!
OTL I know nothing about them. I will at least give it a try and listen to their comback. ^^

2 days ago, I started with my “Loving my ELF friend” project!
Half of it is done!

And… another thing I`m already fully done with: To watch all available episodes of Skip Beat.
AAAARGH! Skip Beat, wae u no like Poseidon with 2 episodes a week? T.T *cries* It`s so cool and we need to wait a whole week and then it`s over that quickly!
I wonder when the OST will be out… and: When will the OST for Poseidon be out?!?

And… wae is there no DVD from KOREA for Paradise Ranch on ebay!?? Wae is this thing not out yet? Or… is it simple not sold on ebay?

questions over questions and… I`m hungry now! So… bye guys! *goes to kitchen to cook dinner*

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