#Happy27thJaejoong! & Brian`s “ReBorn Part 1”

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Today is our JJ`s b-day! (according to korean time it`s already the 26th!)
재중오빠~~~ (●ˆ ω ˆ●)ノ 생일 축하해요!!!! *throws confetti* Stay healthy, gain weight ^^ and keep in mind that we love you!
Our dearest JJ, keep doing what you like to do!
~ OT5 Cassiopeia

^___^ HAPPY B-DAY JAEJAE!!!!! Photobucket

And… Brian`s new Album should be out this late afternoon/evening too! Due to korean time/general time difference it`s today when it will be released at middnight in korea. We will see!
oooh, is it really true that Brian Oppa has PURPLE hair for the MV/performance? :3 KYAAAAH! Want to see! Want to see! =D
I`m also still curious about the new EP! aaah, I so hope it will be a blast! :3

edit: #Happy27thJaejoong was no. 1 one on TT! WE MADE IT!
Even ELFs helped us! Photobucket Thank you ELF!
Just let me tell you: I trend SuJu trends too so: It`s not only ELFs trending Cassie trends, it`s also Cassies trending ELF trends!

edit 2: I ordered Brian`s mini album with my last money for this month today! Aigoo… so broke, so broke ^^°
BUT… #HappyFan now! Photobucket

btw: There are some songs of Brian`s new work: Brian Joo releases ‘Reborn’ Part 1
*_____* I looove it!
Brian and his english versions of songs! *O* LET ME DIE!!!

and… THIS IS WHO?!?!? JADE VALERIE?!?!?? OMG! SWEETBOX! My childhood! I looooove that woman! And she has song/Duet with Brian now?!? OMO! I`M DYING! I`m really dying!!!! *almost faints*

This is my fav song of her! ➜ 1000 Words – Jade ‘Valerie’ Villaion
(btw: This was the japanese version from Final Fantasy X-2→ Koda Kumi – 1000 Words )
I recognized her voice right away on Brian`s track!
어머! ㅠ~ㅠ I could cry! Wae, Brian, wae? Wae are you so awesome? You and Jade? Too awesome! *faints→ is dead*

Okay, looks like ordering Brian`s new EP was the BEST THING to do with my last money of this month!!!!!! Look forward to worshipping spazz on twitter the day it arrives!
Like I thought: It is a BLAST! Album is too awesome! aigoo, and I need to stop spamming Brian with my praises on twitter xD

I`m sorry Oppa ^^° but I cannot even! (and I couldn`t just not-prais ReBorn!). Basically there are no words besides “대to the박” for this EP!!!

and… uhm… is it childish of me to cry everytime when I hear acoustic version of “Domino”? Photobucket As soon as I heard it I cried while I was singing along to it T.T BAPO ME!
I already cried when he recorded this studio vid singing it with his New Heights friend and showed it to us… now Domino acoustic version became a song that always makes me cry because it`s too beautiful.

Let`s check on everything that hapened lately now.

➤ I want to say that “Loving my ELF friend”-project is in it`s final phase!
I finished the main part of it yesterday! aaah, it came out good!
Maybe it will even work for LapTops now? I wonder. I persinally wouldn`t do it, but let`s see.

It was also good that I`ve made a prototype of it around christmas. Prototype is mine. Basically I never wanted to make more than one of it but since I know there is no “such thing” to buy around and ELF friend was so down some weeks ago (+ her B-day is soon) I thought she would like it!
Yeah, I bet she`s already dying because of curiosity again *haha* I shouldn`t say too much! OTL already said too much Photobucket *little troll*

➤ Yesterday I found a new and big source to check through regarding couple series matters. Oh, I can tell you: We have another endless-couple now! (A “endless couple” is a couple with maaaany couple pics in the series)
The ranking of the “top 3 endless couples” in the couple series was like this so far:
1. place: YunJae
2. place: YooSu
3. place: YeWook
Yeah. One of the new, and (so far) never been seen on the couple seires, couple made a new record and took YeWooks placce in that list ;P
NU, I won`t tell you yet which SuJu couple made it on that list! *little troll the second!*
oh yeah and: We will have the couple series again today. Couple show will be on again!

➤ To have Siwon in europe is so much fun! =D and… OMG SUN! He even was catched by some ELFs and he kept what he promised!
Siwon’s ‘Catch me if you can’ game ends with a kiss on the hand!
aigoo, aigoo. Lucky ppl found Siwon!
Well, well. Siwon, you COME HERE to germany and guess who will find you… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Me and… *looks at ELF friend* *eyebrows wiggle*

➤ I . CAN`T . WAIT!!!!!
Brian Joo reveals MV teaser for “Taking Leave of You”
T~T This song is so awesome! This rapper guy kinda sucks but not as much as Kanye West ^^° but nonetheless! And… OMIGAWD! PURPLE HAIR!!!!!
I love Brians hair!
Oppa! *o* Let me touch it! *puppy eyes*

[Trans] Park Yoohwan is dubbed a ‘Hyung Babo’, “I get chills whenever I watch JYJ perform”
*haha* he looks so much like Chunnie! And something about Yoohwan makes me want to pinch him! *pinches* cute!

[Cap] Tohoshinki Bigeast 2012 Winter DVD Part 2
cute and funny HoMin! Aigoo, this Bigeast DVD seems to be a cool thing!

SM Entertainment reveals 7th EXO member, Xiu Min + teaser video
I have to say: This short video is kinda cool. And… since a long time the first EXO teaser I was able to watch. WOW! The 2nd video finally worked and was not blocked in germany!
If this “Let out the beast” song sounds cool! I would like to hear the full version Photobucket

okay now! It`s getting late here and we have the couple series ahead of us! Let`s visit our couples and see what they are doing today…

“KangTeuk of the day”:
What are you looking at, KangTeuk? hehe… ^^ But it`s cute!

“KyuMin of the day”:
ah haha! that scene! xD I love it!

“YeWook of the day”:
^^° Yesung, what are you doing? Wookie tries to work here xD
aigoo, those two!

The next time the couples appear KangTeuk will have something like… their “goodbye performance” here. You know, KangTeuk will end their show and pass it on to SiChul. 😉

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