Brian`s comback stage, Siwon leaving us/europe & Sungmin on Twitter now =D

안녕 여러분! v^^.

Ah, guess what friends?!?
Today my “My Kingdom” DVD arrived! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 어머! 어머! It looks great! There were 3 different version available, or let`s say covers, and I choosed the more green one ^^ with Han & Wu Chun on it.
Would have been such a shame to not have this DVD! I mean: Hello? That`s uri Geng here und Wu Chun on top of all!

That`s it:

…btw… Wu Chun→ Fahrenheit→ where have I heard their name for the first time?
It has already been some years. Even before my intense k-pop time (that automatically led me to c-pop all thanks to Han) I heard about them.
But no matter how hard I think, I cannot remember when exactly or where exactly I heard of them.
According to Wikipedia they debuted in 2005 like SuJu.
and of you take a look at Fahrenheit`s Discography you can see that they even had japanese releases…
Photobucket OMO!
wait. japanese releases?? Wow!

Hea Unni also knows Fahrenheit.
And I`m really curious what they sound like. Since a longer time I already think about listening to them. I will do now so beware to see the “Mission Fahrenheit” here soon xD

But talking about that stuff somehow reminds of that group I found on facebook. It was a Cassie/Bigeast family group. I joined and started to look what they posted so far.
One of their topics was about the standoms and cassiopeia/bigeast. They ask how we think this should be handled, what we think is the right thing to do and how the situation can be solved. They wanted to know what we are thinking about Onions & HoMin stans bashing each other and OT5 while OT5 bashing them.
This was my STOP! #ONE!
We are not really bashing anyone. We got attacked first. We are only IN DEFENSE! Defending our boys, our sisters and sometimes ourselves.
Back to the text on facebook: The text went on and they said that JYJ “fans” & HoMin “stans” are Cassiopeia too. … … oO errr…. what? O-O ??
This was my STOP! #TWO!
Since there is enough fanwar out there I didn`t wanted to say something about this topic on facebook but I will do here now:
1.) Standoms never ever were and never ever will be part of neither Cassiopeia nor Bigeast (they even said that they aren`t cassiopeia themselves). DO WE LOOK LIKE AS IF WE WOULD WANT TO HAVE SUCH HATEFUL BEINGS IN OUR CLUBS???? NO! THEY EITHER BASH 2 OR 3 AND THEN THEY SHOULD BE A PART OF CLUBS WHO WERE MADE TO SUPPORT 5??? SURELY NOT! #notinamillionyears
Standom =/= never ever Cassiopeia or Bigeast. Standom is just standom. Standom, “You got the wrong number!” !!!! And that 4ever!
2.) We wouldn`t even be in the situation to talk about such things if Standoms (JYJ/HoMin) would just leave OT5 & YunJae shipper alone like we leave them alone. But NO! they need to go and spread false rumors, hate & acting aggressively all the time. It`s like they are thinking day and night about what hatefull thing to do to the side they hate/OT5/YunJae shipper next. IF THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO JUST LOVE AND SUPPORT THEIR SIDE AND IGNORE OTHER PPL/THE OTHER SIDE THERE WOULD`T BE A PROBLEM!
Is it really that hard not to look at things you dislike?
3.) How to solve this problem? …
Aigoo! >__<

Let`s talk about other things now!

:/ Siwon is leaving us. It was his last day in London today! Photobucket So sad!
It was so fun to have him in our timezone! We didn`t failed to “meet” each other that horrible as usual. It was more like getting up togehter and goind to bed togehter. It was great fun!
Althought Siwon is/was such a tease up to a point where it`s alost painful… ^^ He even dares to ask if anyone wants to fly to korea with him! ARGH! Siwon! Waylt???
Of course! Me! Me! Here! I want!
*is ready with her bags packed* Oppa, when did you say we will depart? >P
Oh yeah, before I forget, I need to send Ajeossi a text message telling him that I`m on a (maybe not that short *cough*) trip to korea and that I will not be available the next week(s… months? xD) for work. If he has any questions about it he can text me back >D

me: “*shouts to mom* I`m leaving for a while!”
Mom: “where to…?”
me: “Going to korea with my Pastor, meeting Junsu. Something like that! I`m leaving now~♥ bye! *leaves with Siwon*”
Mom: *stands there like -WTH just was that oO- *

아! 진심으로!
щ(゚Д゚щ) Wae oh wae!!!!! Siwon, wae u no you can have longer vacation here?
He is leaving us today… ㅠ.ㅠ poor little beings that we are now… No more Siwon in our timezone from tomorrow on ><
mmmh… (?・ω・) would it help to say “오빠 가지마!” while crying in front of him? ^^° eh hehe… *drama queen fully at work again*
Hope he arrives at home save and sound so that he can come back one day (hopefully soon)! Wae, is it needed that he leaves that soon in the first place? Ai!
I see, I see. Seems like I really need to leave with him then *transfers herself into the plane right away onto the seat besides Siwon* ( ← #InsaneFangirlImagination *cough*)

Bye, bye Oppa~ be save & come back soon!

➤ Unbelievable! xD -> [Spazz] Jaejoong vs. Kitty
If you ask me: I see no difference xD

➤ OTL #justsaying: Looks like I will have midnight ramen today! WordPress deleted my whole entry of today and I`m just writing all this for the second time… ==”’ I will cook ramen after I have finished my re-writing of today`s entry.
DAMN WORDPRESS WANTED ME TO BE MAD! >o< It saved nothing because it decided to go on hiatus after the Fahrenheit talk!
Wordpress logged me out and draft saved nothing at all! AISH! I have lost half of the things I wanted to share today on the news! Lucky as I am I found the most important things again. It suuuucks so much!
I could already be eating and watching a movie happily but NO! WordPress wanted to fail around here… Photobucket

➤ Let`s talk about Brian now! =)
I managed to bring him two new fans! ❤ Hea Unni liked it & even my ELFi became his fan after listening to his new EP!
Yeah, Oppa, you see? Ppl only need to know about you, then they will like! *clings to Brian Oppa* My way of helping you~ Photobucket
➤ Finally the MV for “Taking Leave Of You” was out!
Brian Joo reveals MV for “Taking Leave of You”
Say what you want, but I`m madly in love with his purple hair! *____* And the song is just great! Brian`s voice❤ the melody❤
For those who wonder: “Taking Leave Of You” = “Let This Die”. It`s the same. First one is the name for the korean version, second one is the name for the song in the english version – and I`ve seen that both is used for both too xD It`s a bit confusing.
➤ Brian Oppa`s comeback stage at KBS’ Music Bank!
Brian Joo returns with “Let This Die” on ‘Music Bank’
Oppaaaaa! great job!
➤ He did a korean & a english version of this!
Brian Joo has a special message for his fans
aah, so he received our praises for his new work? :3 I`m sorry, I coupldn`t resist or help myself! I was hyper and tweeted 4 times xD (4 times of only praising him).
I cannot wait until my copy arrives! I want to stroke it! *haha* Okay, that`s almost as creepy as my soulmate stroking her cosplay wig ^^° eh hehe…
➤ Mnet has an online voting right now:
M! Contdown online voting
We need to vote for Brian! Rank 6 is okay but not good enough ^^ Maybe we are too little in number compared to MBLAQ voters but maybe we can make it to Rank 5?
Oppa always works so hard, day and night. He deserves it. =)

Shinhwa reveals they’ll be shooting their new MV next month
I still know almost nothing about Shinhwa but I`m interested in what their comeback sounds like! C’mon! It`s Shinhwa! Everyone should at least know their name! Shinhwa & H.O.T. are basics.
So: Shinhwa, show me your comeback! I want to know about it! b^^d

➤ Super Junior`s Sungmin is finally on twitter too! =D
Sungmin`s twitter account: @imSMI
Eh hehe… ^^° I consider his profile pic as… expandable but it`s none of my business. ^^°°°
The point is: Uwaaah! *o* and I thought Minnie would never come because he don`t like Twitter? What made him change his mind? Anyway: It`s cool that he came to join!

➤ And now… oh my god… this was something that gave me another WTH-moment:
Leeteuk deletes tweets involving actress Lee Min Jung
WHAT DA HELL! Ppl came up with talk about Kang Sora??? o____O
You kids are aware of the facts that…
– WGM is not real? Kang Soran dosen`t need to be his ideal woman & they are not really married! It`s just a show! So why da hell is this disrespectful to her?
– that even Leeteuk can be a fanboy of someone?
– that it`s none of your business who`s fanboy he is?
– that you are neither his mother nor his girlfriend/wife, so what right do you guys actually have to talk like that?
I mean: PLEASE! He deleted his tweets and sounded disappointed. Or do you think I guess I can’t even say that I’m a fan of anyone anymore. I’m a Super Junior fan… is that better? Doesn’t matter, I’m used to being chewed out by everyone…” sounds good?
I WAS SHOCKED! He must have been pretty frustrated!
You kids want him to leave? Fine, then go on like that! Making twitter to a place he cannot enjoy anymore is surely a good method! *facepalm*
Sometimes I really ask myself if the kids are really that dumb or if they only pretend to be it?
Why do ppl want to controle their idols like this? And on top of all: It`s his account! Could everyone please stop to tell him what to tweet or to constantly judge what he tweets?

I saw it today: ppl were making fun of what he is/was tweeting lately. But again: What business do they have to do with WHAT TEUKIE TWEETS? And to begin with: If they dislike the things/the way he tweets so much, wae do they even look at it? It`s not like as if they are bond to look at his tweets.
This is soooo typical again! We have these strange ppl in our fandom… ppl who take every opportunity to put SuJu down and especially attacking SuJu`s leader again and again. We have ppl who practically search for every little thing they can talk bad about.
But what if he wants to tweet what`s on his mind? What if he decides to have a little emo tweeting? Just deal with it or STFU and leave!
It makes me feel so much RAGE! Yes, you heard right! RAGE! After everything that happened lately: This was the most stan-like thing I`ve seen so far!
Ppl who dislike SuJu stalking Leeteuks account and judging him by hid tweets… ㄱ-ㄱ yeah, very mature action. Really.
Many seem to forget that this isn`t about if THEY are pleased with what he`s tweeting. It`s more like Leeteuk is free to tweet what HE`S pleased with! It`s of nobody`s business. It`s only Teukie`s business.

Am I the only one who thinks that it`s a liiiittle bit too cray when I go to stalk the ppl I dislike on twitter only to hate on them later?
If I hear anyone of those ppl complain about stans later I will slap these kids! (because they acted exactly like the stans!)

Okay, you probably know what time it is when the entry slowly comes to an end? ;D

Today I even have a surprise for you! For the next view times we will have a special episode added to the couple series! It will be called “couple special”.

But you know… today is also THAT day. KangTeuk will have their goodbye appearance. So let us look at them:
“KangTeuk of the day”:
oh, hey! looks like KangTeuk are ready to leave without a big scene ^^ Love-stare and leave xD They were a good couple for the series. Maybe we can see them again? Who knows!
Goodbye KangTeuk, you were a cute and funny couple!
Remember my readers: SiChul will be the follow-up couple for KangTeuk! Please look forward to them! They will be fun too!

“YeWook of the day”:
aaaah! Wookie! =D What with that bunny… hat? IT`S CUUUUTE! Cute! Cute! Photobucket
And YeWook both acting cute for us today! *pinches* being the cute couple you are, huh? ^^

“KyuMin of the day”:
MIIIIIINIIIIII DRAMAAAAAA!!! :3 KyuMin couple in Mini drama could have been such a sweet thing! But NU! The ending needed to be BAD! >o<

…I just saw that KyuMin couple will end soon too. Looks like my soulmate needs to come back to “work” for the blog soon ^^ (picking a couple)
However, before she can do that I need to check my new source for more KyuMin and other couples too. I could do this tomorrow. It`s a lot of work, if you believe it or not. I need to look at hundereds of pages ^^
Yeah, to keep the couple series alive and entertaining I`m willing to do that because I love the couple series!

But let`s cut the useless talk now. There is still a thing missing here!
☆✭☆“Couple Special”, today: SiHan and the rat (a short FF by! All credits to her!)☆✭☆

In the centre of the room is a mahogany table. It possesses no striking features, though one could deduce its sturdiness based on the sight of two grown men sitting, with their knees to their chests, on top of the table.

“I thought you cleaned regularly hyung.”
“Siwon, cleanliness only LOWERS the chance of the appearance of devilish creatures.”
“You dance. Go pick up some chopsticks and stab the pipsqueak while you’re at it.”
“You have a stupid grin fangirls swoon over. Go smile at the thing and maybe it’ll roll over and die at the sight of your angelic mug.”
The rat continued to race around the room bringing its teeth down onto everything it came across, including Geng’s PSP and Siwon’s bible.
“Go die…”

Photobucket THIS IS HIIIIILARIOUS! xDDD Uri Geng`s PSP & Siwon`s bibel? That rat is soooo DOOMED! xD
Hahaha! But we are not done yet!
This is what happens when SiHan tell the story to someone later xDDD
OMG SUN! I swear that I reacted like Zhoumi as “the fangirls”!!! LOOOL
The last gif with Han “Why are ppl so f*cking stupid?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ xD
OTL It`s only because we want to believe stuff like that!

Oh yeah, if this works so well maybe Siwon would have a great job to lend a hand to New York`s rat exterminator. The city of New York has really guys who work on terminate the rats in the city XD this was on tv once!
So if Siwon would have success in killing rats with his smile then he would get payed well & wouldn`t have to do hard work!
All in all it would result in great success! LOOL #AFangirlsInsaneMind

OMG! this is all so weird! What da hell am I talking about here? LOOOL I should really leave now and cook my dinner!

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