Mice story, WordPress messing around with me yest & new couple today!

안녕 여러분! v^^.

Yes, I`m here again. After the big disaster with wordpress yesterday… Photobucket I`m still angry at wordpress! Wae was is neede to do that to me, eh? It was a perfect entry!
But on the other hand: I should remember to compy my text before I klick anything on the sidebar… ㄱ-ㄱ My old blog was a little bish, so I ALWAYS needed to copy my stuff before making any move. But since wordpress is much more reliable I tend to forget to do that… Yeah, what happend last night was what I got for being so carefree(careless?)! *facepalm*
I wanted to watch my childhood series after writing while eating and I was really timely done with everything but then… BAM!!!!!
Wordpress FAIL hit me! I had to do everything again, wasted at least 3 more hours of my precious weekend time to re-do everything I had already done before… Photobucket
ㄱ___ㄱ … I had dinner at 00:30am and didn`t watched a single episode of my childhood series AND HAD MY FREAKIN’ DINNER AT 00:30AM!… #justsaying

…*mumbles* Stupid draft not saving anything and wordpress kicking me out… what da effin’ hell!!!! Photobucket

Ppl, remember one thing: You cannot trust computers. Not wordpress computers over there in the US (who suddenly logg you out for no reason oO ) and not even your own comp!
So since it was about time I also had a biiiig data saving session yesterday! I was kinda shocked that the last time I saved my data was in April!
You heard that? (屮゚Д゚)屮 IN.APRIL!!!!
ㄱ-ㄱ this should haven been -being way to carefree- the second. So I saved everything and was able to sleep in peace tonight.

Oh and talking about my sleep: My dream was a weird good for nothing thingy again. The only good thing was that HanGeng appeard and I saw him from afar. But that was it. It was no k-dream. it was just a weird, useless dream.
I wonder anyway! I only dream useless stuff that makes no sense lately. It´s even too weird to remember what it was in the end oO
And that again is weird too because normally I`m able to remember my dreams well. Hope this will get better soon!

News from my mice:
I just cleaned up my mice and it turned out that my suspicion regarding Namine was justified: Since 3 days in a row I missed her. She didn`t showed up when I gave my mice food – what`s very unsusual.
They always show up to get food.
Then my dog begun to snuffle in a strange way at the mice`s home. Then I assumed she must be dead. (my dog alsways does this when a mouse died)
Yesterday I digging around in between all the hay & straw to find her. Yeah, what to do? You cannot let her lie around in between the other mice when she`s dead…
So I searched but I couldn`t find her. Today I gave it another try since you could really already smell it when you were in front of the mice terrarium.
It was like this:

The other mice where sleeping in their straw & kitchen paper nest directly OVER the corner I needed to search (it was the only corner left to search through)…. *rolleyes* yeah, what else? they always need to be where I need to work!
Baylee was already up as soon as she saw me digging around again. Rikio & Noa were still sleeping.
Rikio: *still in bed, looks at me curiously*
me: “C’mon, Rikio get up. Mommy needs to search there…”
Rikio: *goes away because me making a mess was really too annoying for him ^^ *
me: ” *lift up the mice bed a little to dig – Noa still don`t even bother to move an inch, keeps sitting in the bed – me-> digging around under their bed – cannot find a thing while holding the bed with one hand and digging with the other* *sighs* Noa, get up now, this isn`t going to work like this *pokes her slightly*
Noa: *looks at me*
me: “*poke, poke* go, go! Get out!”
Noa: *goes away annoyed*
me: *rolleyes* *starts digging again*

Aigoo… my mice can be so stubborn at times! I wouldn`t have woken them up if it wouldn`t have been an emergency situation. #justsaying. Generally I`m totally against messing with their nest/bed especially when they still sleep in it. It was really too bad that I couldn`t wait untill they leave their bed by themselves this time.
I already let them sleep during the afternoon to not disturb them that much. It was still 2 hours too early for them to get up, but I really couldn`t wait any longer now. However, the important thing is that I was finally able to find Namine and removed her.
Rikio and Baylee went up to the 2nd and 3rd level in the terra to watch me while I was messing around on the ground xD
Okay, it`s really kinda sad that Nami is dead now, but it was also a little funny how my other mice reacted to me messing around under their bed.
Besides that: I knew she would die next. As her owner I saw it already a week ago.

Noa seemed to feel offended by me kinda kicking her out of her bed. She was gone. I cound`t see her after I was done. She was hiding somewhere. I could hear her but I couldn`t see her.
I just looked after them again some minutes before and they were already sleeping in the new bed I made for them Photobucket cute! Noa was back too. She was busy in working with the new kitchen paper and straw I gave them.
I think it will be okay for them now.

It`s still sad that they are only 3 now… Last year in October they were 11. But many of my older mice were among that larger group. they died soon & the 2 smallest ones didn`t survived the first sickness they had.
I start doubting that they will move into our new house with me. Maybe they will be all gone in a few month. :/
This is the destiny of a mice owner. They are not animals which are made to live for years. 3 at the max, but it`s rare that they become that old. Most of the mice died when they are around 1 1/2 years.

Okay, let`s look at some of the news. It`s not that much since I already blogged yesterday… and all thanks to WORDPRESS I lost a lot news! Photobucket

➤ Yesterday I played the funny game “look into the past” and randomly clicked on a month in my archive of the blog here. I love to remind myself of what I`ve written 9 months ago or so xD
So I clicked and this entry showed up: Wild imaginations!
OTL the silly me at work! xD but the fake confirmation at the beginning was really the best!

➤ Brian`s friends came to cheer him on for his 인기가요 (Inkigayo) performance:
f(x)’s Amber shows her support for Brian Joo’s ‘Inkigayo’ comeback
*cries* Wae u no gimme that album NOW!? Photobucket I want to have it NOW too! *impatient to the max*
➤ And this was the Inkigayo performance of Brian:
Brian Joo returns with “Let This Die” on ‘Inkigayo’
This is sooo beautiful! The song is❤. The melody is❤. Brian`s voice is❤. The light effects are❤ & *_____* sooo pretty!
The only thing that really could destroy the fun watching his performance is: The video & the audio don`t match! >< They are out of synch! DAMMIIIIIT! Ruins the perfection completely…
But nonetheless! Seeing this awesome background light effects I was like Photobucket for the whole performance *haha*
Silly me was fangirling again!

and I still wonder… Wae aren`t there more ppl who love Brian? He dosen`t receives more love!
On top of all: He`s really criticized everytime he makes a joke about his own friends… oO and it`s not like he would say something completely horrible and inappropriate… cray ppl are cray Photobucket
It happens really often.
It hurts him each time because he`s such a funny person and wants to share the happiness with us. Everyone takes eeeverything way to serious only to make issues out of every little sh*t. Don`t ppl have other hobbies for gods sake!?
Slowly I start to think that everyone loves to criticize him to the max while on the other hand there are ppl out there who said really horrible things which were forgotten/forgiven after a day. I really don`t get it. Photobucket Makes me sad!
Photobucket I dunno how long I can bear this… because it makes me feel rage too!… ==”’ *eyes everyone*

Now we are already done with this relatively boring entry of today.
You know what time it is now?
Yeees, couple series time!

Everyone, please welcome SiChul for their first appearance in the couple series today!
“SiChul of the day”
Aaah, I see! ^^ Kangin gave them company to enter the series!
Kangin: “Try to do well”
SiCHul: “What? We`re already at it”
They are cute together, don`t you think? :3

“KyuMin of the day”
KyuMin/Group macroooo!
Photobucket xD KyuMin! OMG SUN! *hahaha* Everyone is so busy with squished/squishing Hyukjae while KyuMin are fooling around xD ㅋㅋㅋ I love macros!

“YeWook of the day”
awww! Cute little YeWook moment! =) Look at Wookies smile! :3 aaaadorable these two!

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: Real SiHan story ☆✭☆
When Han Geng went to China in 2006
aww! This is really cute!

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