Crazy ppl are crazy (Brian/Siwon incident & Shindong incident), Junho DVD? =D & Brian releases MV for “Let This Die” (engl. version)

안녕 여러분!

Let`s start directly with the news, because there were so many crazy things the last days!

The summary of what happened today between K-TVXQ fans and Shindong & Suju manager
errr… Photobucket did I read that right??
Can it be that ppl are really that stupid? oO

… … .. … errr… WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL! WHAT DA HELL! WHAT DA HELL!!!!! Are you kidding me? … no, you are really serious??? OMG PLEASE!
Is standom really that silly?
I`m basically speechless. I dunno what to say besides: Wae are ppl so f*cking stupid?
Quote of Mon:

“the only reason why homin stans are butthurt is because shingdong said first TVXQ is a lot better with 5….”

OT5 ppl would never make an issues out of something like that. Actually, what Shindong said was something beautiful and oh so true.
And then HoMin standom goes nuts and spams everyone with tweets/messages? WHAT DA HELL!
No wonder SuJu manager got mad at them. Sure, like Matsuura last year he could have acted in a more mature way but ppl need to understand that the job of a manager is really stressful. And then there are kids who make an issue out of nothing and annoy da hell outa you on top of that? err… this can cause ppl to act incorrect.
But why da hell do ppl even bother? Because he praised our boys as 5? There`s always a reason for standom to start nonsense.
Because shortly after Shindong said this on ShimShimTapa I saw OT5 RTs in my tl who gave strange comments.
This was clearly based on the issue one year ago. I mean Junsu`s outburst of frustration and the misunderstandings that this caused.
I don`t know what Shindong said on his twitter account back then, but ppl used this opportunity to talk bad about him again.
To be honest I don`t even care what he said back then. I know what BoA said and what Minnie said.
After thinking a lot about everything this is clearly based on complete misunderstanding. ALTHOUGH I clearly have to say they should have been the ppl to understand everything better, but since they are/were all friends the situation is/was difficult for all of them.
To tell you the truth I don`t think SuJu thinks bad about JYJ. This would be like thinking bad about HanGeng for them. JYJ & HanGeng, those two parties, left because of the same reasons.
So wae do ppl aim to turn the situation into an even bigger mess? WAE?
And now HoMin stans started this ridiculous and useless thing again. And I CAN`T BELIEVE that there are even ppl who want to give something to the project manager?
*laughs in painful disbelieve* OMO! Do you think SuJu Manager and Project Manager of ShimShimTapa have no other worries as the sh*t HoMin stans dislike???

HOLY CRAP! What was there to dislike about the things he said? … I… I cannot even! Nothing to say. CRAAAAY PPL! Photobucket
Spare us and busy ppl who just try to work well with your nonsense. *shakes head* AISH! *facepalm*
Old story getting old… ㄱ-ㄱ

➤ Okay, after that something that is really cute:
Super Junior’s Donghae bakes his first cake + 1 million followers on Twitter!
awww! Isn`t that cute? Donghae learns to make cakes now! :3 I just have to say: I`ve already made a cake like that one. It?s a good one to begin with *pats Donghae`s head* Fishy did well! Photobucket
+ 1 Million followers! *throws confetti over Hae* 오빠 축하한다!!!! my dearest congrats! Photobucket

OTL this reminded me that I recently saw what the number of HanGeng`s followers on WEIBO currely is: 9 Million! *faints*
HanGeng 4ever King of popularity! And King of me~ Photobucket *giggles*

*Insert a break from writing here because of personal fangirling over HanGeng*
YEAH WELL! What`s next?

=D Hey, this sounds good!

➤ *sighs* I had such a weird feeling about this from the beginning…
JYJ’s documentary ‘The Day’ cancelled 10 days before big screen premiere
… ==” and the winner of the Award for “most manipulative company in the background” goes so….. someone named S to the M to the E, bishes! *facepalms with no end*
No question who is responsible for that.
Like the CEO said: It happens to JYJ 2-3 times a week… ㄱ-ㄱ Guess who`s fault it is? *looooong sigh*
Old story gettin old the second!

[Trans] JYJ plans to release their second worldwide album
Don`t… don`t tell me they want to colaborate with KANYE WEST again… D: JYJ… Oppars…
하지마아아아아아~! *whines*

➤ Shinhwa working seriously on their comeback:
Shinhwa adopts a rookie mentality for their comeback preparations
➤ And… this is 대to the박! *.* totally!
Shinhwa Company launches their official website
Shinhwa fanclub is amazing! Listen to their chanting! *o* Reminds me so much of Cassiopeia in good old days. Their comeback must be a really big event for Shinhwa fans. Seriously, all the best guys. No matter if I end up liking your music, but you are awesome even now.

➤ Even more cray as the k-standom story around Shindong is this:
Brian Joo’s story about ‘Siwon the Thief’ gets out of hand?
What`s that? what`s with that behaviour of ppl these days??? I am also speechless about this!
I mean: hello? Brian shared a funny little story which is basically really cute and amusing.
ts… if ppl really think brian wanted to say something bad about Siwon then I pity them to the mag.
It was a JOKE along with a real story! Anyone knows the meaning of that word -joke-? They are like brothers, wae should he say something bad about Siwon on purpose to put him under a bad light? JUST WAE!
And I really have to say: My own sister dosen`t even bother to ask when she takes my belongings either. I come to check my DVDs and notice that some are missing. Well, this happens between siblings/ppl who are as close as siblings. WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL IS WRONG WITH PPL THESE DAYS!!?
Can someone tell me please why everyone is overracting completely insane over eeeeevery little sh*it they can find?
Photobucket not to mention that it hurts Brian & that he gets constantly attackt for what he`s saying althought there are ppl who say horrible things and no one talks about it. oO
I know, I said this again and I repeat myself 4ever: I don`t get it! And it hurts my heart! T^T
Brian only wants to share some happiness with us and then he always get such sh*t in return.
But the most laughable thing about this some ppl talking about this matter and then I saw them stating “I don`t even know who Brian is… oO”
Oh yeah, great. But you go ahead and talk about it like the masters. *facepalm* I`m surrounded by idiots, even on the internet!
I don`t blame ppl for not knowing Brian, but then stop talking about it when you have no clue about the relationship between Brian & Siwon!
➤ *sighs* well, so much for that.
Something more happy to talk about it this: Oppa released MV for the english versio of “Let This Die”! Watch it and like it please! ( ˆ ω ˆ )

*_____* Purple hair, Oppa singing beautifully like always. Me is fangirling over the MV. End of story.

➤ This was a reeeeally cute story which became my first story to read when I came online this morning!
KYAAAAAAAHH!!!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) ARE YOU SERIOUS! Jihyo & CJES CEO???!!! =D
OMO! This is such a princess-like story! Photobucket
I hope their relationship can last long! We know it`s often difficult for ppl in entertainment business.
But this is soooo awwww! I don`t care what hateful ppl say about Cjes CEO! JYJ like him so much that they bought him a car, Cjes is fighting for and with JYJ and now Jihyo is dating the CEO. well, well… *looks at some ppl* maybe that person is not as bad as you want him to be huh?
I wonder anyway: Sure, Cjes isn`t exactly cheap with JYJ things they give us to buy but: SME isn`t either! Every company needs to make money too. And there are actually things I consider which weren`t that expensive! It`s just like that ppl only see the really expensive DVDs. But I own some of these DVDs and can tell you they are worth the money! Soooo beautiful!
Well, back to the Cjes couple: CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! :3 I can only say this. Rumors are rumors, hateful ppl are hateful and all the best to the couple!
Oh yeah and: Paparazzi, please leave the couple alone! OTL!!!! Invasion of privacy is the keyword here!
(oh yeah there was C-Jes Entertainment that confirms Song Ji Hyo and Baek Chang Joo’s Relationship ;D so it`s really real for real! LOL what a sentence! I`m sorry! xD )

Off comment: As long as JYJ, Yoohwan & Jihyo are okay with Cjes I am too. ㅋㅋㅋ and looking at all of them they are more than just okay with Cjes *eyebrows wiggle* + I have no clue about this “monday couple” thing… I never got it… oO It always confused me and I don`t have a clue what this has to do with Jihyo. Mind to clue me in, anyone?

➤ EXO released their first MV & Song. Not official debut song, but still, there you go:
EXO-K with their korean version of “What Is Love”…

The song isn`t bad. I kinda expected more but the song is okay.
*giggles* the best thing is XIAHKI in the MV! LOL They have a samoyed in their MV! *hahaha* wae oh wae? xD Xiahki in EXO MV… who’da thunk?

EXO-M with the chinese version “What Is Love”…


➤ *haha* my, my Siwon! ^^
Super Junior’s Siwon promotes the proper pronunciation of “kimchi”
Of course it`s -kimchi-! I never ever heard someone say -kimuchi-… oO STRAAAANGE! Where do ppl get the idea of that name? Photobucket

➤ SME sent SNSD to USA!
Girls’ Generation brings “The Boys” out on ‘The David Letterman Show’
HAHA! THAT PHOTO! Look at the guys upstairs *haha* I`ll read their mind: “hehehe… pretty girls! =D” xD

➤ This was my 3rd “WTF?!” moment today:
SM Entertainment trying to recruit 14 year old Jung Hyun Ho
COMPANIES, WHAT DA FACK! He`s a kid of 14 years! OTL!!!!! Too young!
I don`t know what this kid can do that all big comapnies are crazy for him but he would do well to stay away from all of them. At least till he finished school and his little siblings are a little older.
Yeah, you know what I mean ><

Okay, to end today`s blog entry: COUPLE SERIES NOW!

Shall we take a look at our new couple? :3 I`m curious what SiChul are doing today!
“SiChul of the day”
WOAH! (((;゚д゚))) eh hehe… uhm… SiChul, what`s with that scene here… eh hehe… ^^°°°°° HanGeng dosen`t approve! #justsaying he already eyes you two. ^^°°°° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh* I will go now, né? I won`t be involved in a couple fight here *cough* I`m going first then, guys. *runs away*
(*cough* but in case HanChul couple will have a fight because of SiChul couple action today I will return later to hug poor and sad HanGeng ㅋㅋㅋ *perfect womens plan* =D )

“Kyumin of the day”
Not really KyuMin today but xDDD oh so true! Completely total betrayal!
But wait! I know how this happened! Look at Hae & Kyu. It was SuJu M times back then! Since no Hyukjae was there Hae had to hug Kyu – this automatically explains Minnie hugging Hyukjae: Kyu wasn`t there because he was in China with SuJu-M. Photobucket HA!
Perfect explanation! I`m so good! *dances* xDD

“YeWook of the day”
SuJu MINI DRAMAAAA!!! O(≧∇≦)O YeWook so so cutie!!1 Photobucket I loooove them!
My fav scene is when they watch tv ㅋㅋㅋ I need a complete SuJu drama like this!
o(*゚▽゚*)o and I know what they are doing then! #InsaneFangirlImaginationKicksIn

I start to have very weird and FanFiction-like thoughts now so… let me run away!!!! *starts running* BYE READERS! *shouts while running away faster* THIS IS OMG SUN! OMO! *is gone*

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