A new k-dream! :3 , jealous anyone? & #Happy27thYunho

안녕 친구들! v^____^.

hehe… Photobucket GUESS WHAT!? I had a short k-dream again! 3 days ago.

The beginning of the dream was a bit weird. I didn`t understand how this happebed: All of a sudden it was said I had to go to trade school. oO My mom and my sis brought me to the station. I needed to go to a school in another city. oO okeh… WEIRDNESS!
I was already super annoyed because I had to go to trade school again but I was even more annoyed after I realised I had to buy train tickets again too (I used to do this when I was really in trade school and I was still moneyless in my dream >< ). To make everything even worse the first card that came out of the ticket automat was a complete mess, nobody was able to read it. I had to buy another one!! AAARGH!!!! WAAAAEEE???? Photobucket I was so angry at that silly ticket automat! Wasting my money on that thing twice! ><
Later I took the train and arrived at a house of a rich lady who rented out rooms of her house. I had one of those rooms. Okay so far. I was stying there. Somehow my mom has sent my car to that place so I thought -oh cool, I don`t need to take the train to trade school then =) -.
Some days went by in the house of the rich lady and I went to trade school each day with my car. HA! no train! But… now the fun part about my stay there!
One day I noticed that… *raises eyebrows* ….guess who? …. yeah, no other than SIWON was staying at the house of the rich lady too. LOL OMO! LET ME DIE! COINCIDENCE?
No, it was only Siwon stalking me as always xD
We shared the double garage for our cars. One day when I wanted to drive to trade school like everyday Siwon just came back from his schedule of the night. He was doing something around his car/in the garage. Me, being the weirdo I am, had a silly idea and so I walked up to him.
It felt a bit awkward because I haven`t thought about it beforehand (if I should do this or not) but then I said: “Oppa, I never ask for such a thing before and it`s maybe really silly, but can I have a hug before–“
xD I couldn`t even finish my question because Siwon was already hugging me Photobucket
*giggles* originally I wanted to say “before I go to trade school”.
OMO! I was kinda taken aback! I looked at him and he was giving me his usual cute-silly smile I know too well by now… AIGOO! THAT SIWON! Silly Oppa ^^
I couldn`t help myself but being amused, giggle and hug Siwon back. My first thought? He`s taller than me! =D *notices difference in height* *likes*(←well, I knew this before but… c’mon! Siwon never hugged me before! >//< ). My second thoughteh hehe… ^^° Oppa, may you stop squishing me, will ya ^^°°° *still gets squished*LOL but my third thought was:hm, I wonder if Siwon works out much/oftenPhotobucket Silly me! Why thinking so much and then such things?
All this turned into a longer hug and I said “Oppa, I need to go to trade school… *#justsaying*”, but this stalker of mine called Siwon wasn`t done yet and this turned in some kind if huggling session. Aww!
He had his eyes closed and looked so tired♡ Photobucket somehow really adorable-cute! Cute, tired Siwon was cute! Adorable that he became that clingy because he was tired.
Althought the hugging session with Siwon was really nice I`m not his huggling thingy when he`s tired especially not when I still have something to do, so: Oppa→ to bed, me→ to trade school!

My dream ended after I got into my car to drive to trade school :3 awww, but it was really cute! Aigoo, my k-dreams!
I can only recommend hugs of Siwon/hugging Siwon.
It`s really nice~ Photobucket

Btw, this screams for a résumé, don`t ya think?
There we go!

My family:






and do not forget that…


MUAHAHAHAHA!!! *victorious laugh*


LOL xDDD *already sees t-list pouting in envy*
haha, gais! *imitating Emmy* Isn`t that awesome? It´s so good to live in my k-dreams world!

Okay, so what was new the past few days?

➤ On friday my FF XIII-2 game arrived together with SQEX`s game guide! Photobucket woohoo, woohoo, woohoo! =D SOOOOO COOL!
I didn`t expected it to arrive one day earlier!
aaah, and it really dosen`t look like so much different from the navigation of the first game!
Ah, I saw that Noel & Serah will be in Grand Pulse again! They will also be in Sunleth Waterscape, Bodhum, Euride Gorge… and more places I`m familiar with. I just forgot about them all ^^
I planned on started gaming yesterday but I was too tired/confused to start it. Night shift really turns me into a mess each time! Since I REALLY want to enjoy it I want to play it when I`m fully awake. With concentration to the max, u know? 😉
So I wanted to start playing today but since I haven`t blogged yesterday I wanted to do it today. This resulted in: No gaming for me today either! I will simply start tomorrow then. Gamer-noona will be at work tomorrow!
Maybe I will come online late on twitter dring the next… 4 weeks or so.
I finished the first FF 13 game withing 2 weeks. But I had vacation back then. Now I`m not on vacation and will start gaming so I dunno how long it will take me or… how difficult the game is.
Aigoo, I`m so excited! Photobucket I`m so curious what will happen!
I`ve already looked at the listing of all enemies we will meet in that game… My good old friend King Behemoth is back *haha* but also… Bahamut >< I`m scared of Bahamuts when they aren`t my Eidolon! Fang`s Bahamut was such a freaking b*tch to get my controle! >___>

JYJ becomes honorary ambassadors for the ’2012 Nuclear Security Summit’
JYJ make me prouder in being fan each day❤
btw: JJ is enjoying turkey right now :3 SAME TIMEZONE as european cassies!!!! OTL!!!! It`s JJ air here! =D

[Giveaway] allkpop x Brian Joo Autographed CD!
ㅠ~ㅠ I tried but I never ever win a single thing… But this made me register at AllKPop to give a comment and maybe having a chance to win one. I just HAD TO try at least.
Well, wish me luck friends! ><
(I will get that album anyway, I already ordered it but to get a signed one from AllKPop would be even better!)
Brian Joo promises to pack lunches for his fans for a special event
*le cries* ㅠ^ㅠ If this happens… I would love to have lunch from Oppa too *crying because me cannot access Cyworld and dosen`t lives in korea*
➤ Brian was at SBS today and he met some fans in front of the building. He wrote on his Facebook site: “Just got to chat with fans in front of the SBS building^^ Wow~ a fan from France, Japan, Thailand, America, China, and Korea… I love my fans, no matter who you are and where you’re from~”
*cries more than before* 왜, 오빠 왜? Wae are you such a lovable person!? Makes me regret that I don`t live in korea/somewhere near to korea more each day! Someone gimme lots of money please! Photobucket *runs away crying for good now*

Daniel Radcliffe chooses Tiffany as the prettiest Girls’ Generation member
*haha* xD How funny! A staff member handed him the CD? and he thought “Oh, pretty girls! *must pay more attention to k-pop now kekeke*” xD
But hey: At least it seemed like he already heard about k-pop a bit. most ppl go like “k-pop? oO … what`s that? Can you eat that?” *facepalm*

Like Ajeossi recently: He talked about group XYblabla (cannot remember what band he talked about) and asked me if I know them.
Me: “nu.”
Ajeossi: “Eeeh?? YOU DON`T KNOW THEM?!?”
me: “… no? oO (thinking: what da hell do you want from me????)”
Ajeossi: “ah I see. You only knew this asian stuff… that… that… how is it called? … That… err…”
me: “^____^ K-pop! It`s called k-pop. Korean Pop.”
Ajeossi: “Yes, that one. You only know that, right.”
me: “Yes. ^^° hehehe…”
Ajeossi: “I see. I was already told about that (by your Oppa).”
me: “Ah… oo really? (thinking: WHAT DA HELL OPPA! Wae are you talking to ajeossi about k-pop and me??? WTF???!!!!)”
Ajeossi: “You know all of their artist, huh?”
me: “No. There are too many to know them all.”
Well, he kinda ignored my last comment and kept talking about that I only know japanese artists and don`t even know the most important ones from germany.
*facepalm* We just said that it`s KOREAN POP, not japanese. And I already said I dunno all of the asian artists… ㄱ-ㄱ show me one single person on this planet who knows all asian artists… Ajeossi clearly has NO FREAKIN’ IDEA how many artists are out there.
Aigoo… ㄱ___ㄱ
Talking to non-k-popper/person that is not willing to understand you a bit = FAIL! SO MUCH FAIL!!!
And for me it was: Great, ajeossi keeps making fun about me and my music taste and he didn`t even know what it is called… o___O BIGGEST ???? EVER in my head! He should at least know what he`s making fun of, shouldn`t he, when he`s making fun of something?
*highkicks ajeossi* Photobucket YOU ARE SO SILLY!!!!! *facepalm*

Jay Park reveals teaser for ‘Know Your Name’
어머! It sounds cool! *.* Want to listen to it once it`s out!
Usually I don`t listen to Jay Park but somehow this made me curious. Sounds like a cool song!

➤ LOL xDD I still must laugh so hard when I look at these posters! Movie posters twitter-ed:
My fav: MATRIX RETWEETED! Photobucket EPIC! Just epic win! Very Mr. simple but really cool! I already imagine Neo tweeting “…saw Agent Smith again. That good-for-nothing… ㄱ-ㄱ he still tries to mess with me…” LOOL *silly me imagining nonsense again*
*makes serious face now* Seriously, where can I watch this movie?

➤ When you go on brothers (Junho`s) website you can find a lot of interesting information about the DVD & his singles.
That`s what I call detailed information! I wish google trans would make more sense sometimes, but yeah ^^°

➤ Music Bank performances of friday! (OTL: Brian!!!!)
TEEN TOP wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from February 3rd!
Since there`s no HoMin & no SuJu anymore these days the only reason for me to watch Music Bank is Brian OppaPhotobucket
ts… Teen Top. I lost my interest in that group. And this was even before one of them said something horrible/strange (? dunno what to call it) about his (maybe) future daughter… >___> … In other words: I couldn`t care less!
I scrolled all the way down to Oppa xD Best always comes (almost) last, you know?! ;D

U KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!? Yes! It`s U-Know time!!! SO U-Know time!!! It`s our Leader씨`s b-day today! (according to korean time) #Happy27thYunho!

Leader씨 is perfect.
Perfect dancer. Perfect manners.  Perfect character. Perfect caring for members & fans.
☆ “Yunho is one of the most humble people we know. No matter how high, he always bows his head down & promises to work harder.”
☆ “I’ve always been strong, not because i was born this way but because i had to be strong.” – Yunho
Our strong Leader씨 Jung Yunho! Forever the best Leader씨 on earth!
Photobucket 생일 축하한다 윤호 Leader씨! Always be well, be healthy! Kick SME if it`s needed (or we will do it for you ㅋㅋ) and never give up on your dreams! Jung Yunho, the man I respect the most, continue to be our amazing Leader씨 & always remeber that we are still here! *throws OT5-best-birthday-wishes-confetti over Leader씨*
You`re amazing and… enjoy your beautiful b-day cake together with Minnie! Photobucket
I know what the outside (the -skin- if you will) of the cake is made of *_____* I love to eat this stuff =D Maybe Leader씨 shares a bit with me? (*ω*)

➤ [Audio] HoMin`s new single “Still”
❤♡❤♡❤ Looooooove! So much looooooooove! *O* ❤♡❤♡❤

[News] 120203 Tickets sell out for Kim Jae Joong’s fan meeting in Turkey
OTL A lot of JJ fans eeeeverywhere~~
btw: JJ enjoys his stay in turkey! *haha* he just showed us the first cats he found! xD Cutie JJ! *pinches*
➤ Oh yeah, and this was JJ at Incheon Airport when he left for Turkey:
[Pic] 120204 Jaejoong At Incheon Airport Part 3
*O* OMG S! Our super pretty JJ is at it again! (that means: he being the pretty self)
Hm. But still.
He looks better than 6 months ago, but he still neds to gain some weight (OTL!!!!)

➤ JYJ had a very lively-cute twitter convo today! it`s was cute xD
[Trans by twitter trans Accounts] (since it were the 3 trans accounts the  names of the boys are a bit changed – they used their account names)
*eyes them* WHAAAAT was the secret thing you talked about? =P yeah, yeah, it`s a secreat but you guys made me curious! (+ don`t forget about A-Nation`s “it”!!!! I STILL WANNA KNOW ABOUT THAT TOO!!!!!)
NOTE: Yoochun sounded super exhausted! (((;゚д゚)))

➤ For all ELF and those who are interested: I found this! It`s funny and oh so true! ^^
For all you Super Junior fans 😛

(credits to: 10-amazingtips.tumblr.com / Pokey the ELF ^^)
15 reasons to love Super junior by Pokey the ELF

1. There is an angel without wings for a leader
2. It has a pink loving aegyo king
3. A gummy smiling dancing machine
4. Koreas no.1 raccoon
5. Has an evil gamer for a maknae
6. Has beijing fried rice for a member
7. Has shisus. nuff said
8. It has a lonely awkward turtle owner
9. Has a cute 5 year old who believes in aliens
10. Has a man with a killer smile
11. Has a member that strips whilst sleeping
12. Has a shopahoilc
13. Has mochi cheeks
14. Has a beautiful sharp tongued diva
15. Has a member who loves cooking – eternal maknae

~POKEY and bandaid

Sj has 15 members kay? spread some love for Zhou mi and Henry

YAH! Why was the last sentence cancelled? IT`S TRUE! Ppl need to give some more love to Henry & Zhoumi. STILL! Sadly it`s still true! Not to say it´s a shame.
Shoking news lately was that still some ppl don`t know Zhoumi`s name… oO  WHAT DA FACK!?
Everyone, stop ignoring those two boys, will ya…?! ㄱ___ㄱ

HanGeng WEIBO update :3
Quote trans: “(…) went to watch «Mission Impossible 4» after the meal, really nice movie, but my father fell asleep, sigh!”
LOOOL WHAT?! HanGeng`s father fell asleep during the movie? xD Guess he was either very tired from his work or so OR ELSE it wasn`t that interesting for him to watch xD *haha*
aigoo… could be me with my mom: We want to watch a movie that`s really cool! I get all excited and watch it and in the middle of the movie I turn to mom and notice “oh… she sleeps… >__> AGAIN! >< ”
What else to do as to sigh then?
#justsaying: Han, I understand your pain! xD

Kim Hyun Joong draws eyes with his ‘street sweats’ look
aw, I love this! it`s kinda cute to see him like that. Rarely saw him like that so far. it`s cute.
hm… *thinks*
I WANNA HUG HIM! (っˆヮˆ)っ
Hyun Joong come to me! =D I`m sure it would feel fluffy! LOL xD I like that guy! He`s cute. Not exactly my type but still cute – and that`s enough for me to hug him! ㅎㅎ


Talking about hugging ppl: I always wanted to have a friend I can hug & cuddle. When I still had my ex best friend back then I always wanted us to become such friends (friends who can hug/cuddle without feeling awkward, do this just because we are such good friends). Yeah, we never became friends like that :/
oh hey, maybe that`s the reason why I asked Siwon for a hug ^^° eh hehe… (obvious me?)
But: Fandom anyone? Who wants to be my huggling friend??? *makes lonely child-puppy-eyes*
Emmy? Soulmate Sis? Anyone? Photobucket *feels awkward to ask that* I will go first now! >////<

*comes back after some minutes of awkward, embarrassed absence*
eh hehe… ^^°°° yeah, I´m back.

Let`s move on with the couple series!
“Sad” news first: KyuMin had their last appearance the last time :/ I couldn`t manage to continue with them.
BUT the good news: I let soulmate sis choose on a new couple, the follow-up couple for KyuMin. I will not reveal it now! It will be the surprise at the end of the entry! Please look at the other couple first then~~

Let`s look how our new couple is doing!
“SiChul of the day”:
(⊙\\\\⊙) WOAH! GUYS! you don`t need to show off your couple-ness like THAT!

Nu wait, this is the couple seires, you really SHOULT do this! xD WAAAH! SiChul, that`s a bit cray! This is your 3rd appearance and you already show us a kiss?(!) Wooh! sexy! *haha* Photobucket

What are YeWook doing to now?
“YeWook of the day”:
Since really kissing on the couple series seems to awkward for them they go for a hug! Okay, you still pass the test YeWook!
(I still wonder… what test I´m talking about here xD )
Somehow those Kiss the Radio pics are always fun. I remember one with Hae and Han =)

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: When Siwon don`t gets attention from HanGeng…☆✭☆
“Sulking Siwon is the cutest ❤”
KYAAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) CUTE! that`s so CUTIE!!!!
1st pic is like: Siwon waiting.
2nd pic is like: Siwon waiting and tries to enjoy a bit.
3rd pic is like: Siwon trying but Han moving away (not knowing what was going on behind his back)
4th pic is like: Siwon→ now sulking xD
Awwww! Sooooo cute! *pinches Siwon* I CANNOT EVEN! Aww! Poor litte baby! Someone hug this boys please! ( ˆ ω ˆ )
Aigoo, too cute!
This surely is very suitable today as couple special, because our follow-up couple for KyuMin is
…. *drum rolls*….
THE SWORN BROTHERS! Please give lots of love to them. They are a cute, sometimes mysterious, couple!
So… SIHAN! It´s time! Your show can begin! ^^ Come on the couple stage please~~ Photobucket
“SiHan of the day”:
*haha* nuuu, Han, ㅎㅎ nuuuu, you are going nowhere! ㅋㅋㅋ No need to be shy! Couple series readers are really nice!
And: Good work Siwon, don`t let him run away! ;P

I hope you like them being part of the couple series in future! You all will realize soon that there`s one thing SiHan looove to do often.

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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