Playing Final Fantasy 13-2, #Gengrikuaile today! & our Yunho씨 bought dinner for Fans on his b-day❤

안녕 다들!! v^^.

I started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2! OMO! Finally!
My heart was beating in excitement!

Gaming day 1:
The opening was sooooo “WOAHW!” and “WHAT DA FACK IS HE DOING?!?!?”! OMO! the first fight with Caius gave me the impression he could really suck as a boss enemy in future… I mean regarding my life span ^^°°°° eh hehe… *uncomfortable laugh* Photobucket
I have no idea what exactly his problem is & wae he`s fighting Lightning that hard. And wae da hell are both of them in Walhalla??? o____O
Caius can surely do some awesome magic/summonings. I wonder WHAT kind of person he is. and wae do Noel and Caius know each other? DON`T TELL ME CAIUS IS MAYBE THAT BOY`S FATHER! *almost faints* CAN`T BE! And why do they hate each other?
Back to Light: She`s still such a strong fighter! *o* and seing her summoning Odin again was just sooooo “Photobucket-reloaded”!

*remembers summoning Odin from XIII….*
*___* I love Lightning and Odin! Such a great team! (Odin was the first summon under my controle durin FF 13 game! You fight him as the very first Eidolon to come under your controle, repsectifely under Lighning`s controle)

Caius turning into Bahamut Chaos was just craaaaay! WTH? Bahamut Chaos!??! Everything named chaos is always freaking strong in final fantasy! D:<< I will be kinda doomed when I have to fight him again in his Bahamuth Chaos state… ^^° at least I think so right now! THAT GUY, seriously… I won`t underestimate him.

Caius in Bahamut Chaos state… OoO …. HOLY!

While I had my first fight with Caius I totally got into the mood again! I also remember all the controls by now. The new things they added are not that hard to remember too. I think I could do well with Serah & Noel.
btw: Noel, that boy! I like him! He reminds me of Zack like… SO MUCH! Photobucket
But then again he`s not like Zack. He`s a unique character. A mixture of Zack and… ?? I`m not even sure who else! Titus?? Yeah, maybe Titus of FF X… Photobucket
The crazy thing is: He`s from the future… 700 years ahead of Serah`s time! *dies* I was like “WTH?!?” when he told Serah that in the game.
btw.: Serah: Her new outfit is… hehehe… yeah, it`s nice but men will maybe appreciate it more as woman xD (a little short?)
Same goes for lightning. I liked her old Soldier unifrom better, but never mind. still looks cool.
Back to the gameplay: Serah is already good. Her basic strength is okay. Noel is a strong fighter. He could become someone powerful strong in future! (reminds me of Fang) I`m still going into fights with both of them on purpose – to practise. The thing I like the most is definitely still called “Paradigma shift”! I looove it!
And I want to practise before we have to face our more powerful
Regarding the super cute moogle/mogry Serah got from Light (via Noel), look here:

KYAAAAHHH!!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) It`s cute! OMO! Soooo cute!

Result after gaming day one: I`M ADDICTED AGAIN! o(^▽^)o Game is great! Just great!
I love Noel. He`s cool. Serah becomes stronger, I like that too. I hope I can go to Grand Pulse/Oerba with both of them soon! *sweet memories of Grand Pulse/Oerba*

Gaming day 2:
OMO! I saw the first Chochobo`s! Our first “dog”! LOL Not the Leo Archais, the other one… (the grey one). Anyways: I named him Cerberus! I think this is really suitable for him! Because if you call him a dog, he`s surely one doggie of hell! Photobucket *haha*
Now I can integrate monsters I fought before in my party. Cait Sith is usefull for healing the group! (a bit like the Phoenix… Photobucket dunno what else he`s doing yet but that`s just cool!
Characters are improving well. Noel is such a powerful fighter! And our Moogle talked for the first time! o(^▽^)o Serah & Noel calling it -Mog- by now. =) aaah, and it can work so beautiful magic! It`s cool!
And the thing with the monsters… I already have some. Well, 2/3 of them aren`t really useful for me now.
The thing that was really cool today was that Serah & Noel were fighting the giant! SUCH A BIG ENEMIE! but it wasn`t a real “life and death” fight. It was just a live action fight. fight him a little, do enough damage to him and then the live action event begins. A video break sequence where you need to press certain keys on your controler. It`s showed on the tv which key you need to press.
I managed this without fail. It´s not really hard to be honest ^^ But it`s really fun what cool things you see when you finish the live action.
Well, anyway: I think Noel & Serah are a good team! They could become a very powerful duo!
Noel strikes enemies down like a master! Wonder why he`s such a master in fighting… *eyes Caius* you taught you maybe-son that, eh? (I still dunno if he could be his father xD Just making fun of it that way)
but… generally I don`t believe that Caius is Noels father. Maybe it was because of Caius that all ppl around Noel died. Only one thing is certain: They know each other for a longer time.
Today we also found a lot of phoenix feathers *O* ooooh! You can neeever have enough phoenix feathers!

Note: How da hell was Caius able to appear in Neo Bodhum to watch Noel & Serah going through the time gate??? He was in Walhalla with Lightining! So wae isn`t Light able to leave Walhalla? Or… is it more like she is bound to protect the goddess` throne? oO Questions… still so many questions!

The only thing that`s bitter to me: I`m not on vacation… :/ meh. sucks.
A game like Final Fantasy consumes so much time & so playing for 2 hours is nothing when you want your characters to improve properly… If only I would be on vacation, I would play for 5 or 6 hours in one go but… Photobucket I am not!
Cruel world is cruel. ㄱ_____ㄱ

yeah well the news now!

➤ It`s 05:20 now and it`s already after midnight in china! This means it`s already the 9th in China so that again means that it`s

*throws confetti like a mad woman*
祝你生日快乐, 韩庚! 我爱你! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) *doing heart-sign* 생일 축하한다! China`s one and only dancing king. King of popularity. #Gengrikuaile


awww! We are already on TT with “Happy Birthday Hangeng”! (rank 5) aww! So many ppl caring about him and thinkin of him!
LOL and Happy Birthday HanGeng trendong has beat the b-kiddos stupid trend in no time xD *haha* work harder biever kids! =P Maybe you can compete with our fandoms later. (a looot later. … what am I saying? It`s useless for them! #NotInAMillionYears OTL!!!)

Today and tomorrow is our adoreable Geng`s b-day! Aigoo, always amazing, cute, adorable & so humble Photobucket
Gege, you are China`s one and only dacing king and king of popularity for sure! (10141313 followers on WEIBO). Aaaaall, really all the best wishes for you! Keep archiving your dreams.

_______________________HanGeng quote:

Aaaaand, the biever-kids are already OUT OF THE TT ㅋㅋㅋ + we are #2 on TT now! :3
Such a great person! Extremely lovable! 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas and one Geng ^^ Hope he`s having a great time with his family/friends. For the next 24 hours!
➤ In case some of you wonder what`s the thing with #Gengrikuaile you may go there to check:
(120208) Han Geng Weibo Update
➤ HanGeng incited everyone to his virtual b-day party:
(120208) Han Geng Weibo Update
➤ Another realated thing: Han during h7th February 2012, 12:02 AM via IPhone:is virtual b-day party, February the 8th, on Mars Micro Community:
(120208) Watching his own (avatar) dancing
☆*:.。.O(≧∇≦)O.。.:*☆ KYAAAHHHH!!!! Photobucket HAN, YOU ARE SOOOO ADORABLE! OMO! he`s so cute! I swear! *want to squish him like that➜ Photobucket *
I don`t exactly know why, but even the smallest things (smiling at his own avatar xD ) appear sooo cute to me! ヽ(´▽`)/ I CANNOT EVEN! I love this man ^^ #庚饭atWork
➤ Han`s (very funny xD ) WEIBO update of February the 7th:
Lantern Festival & “singing”dogs ^^ (7th February 2012, 12:02 AM via IPhone)
*hahah* xD OTL that! It´s true, doggies can sing too, but… yeah, it dosen`t sounds good ^^°°°

Oh yeah, and don`t you guys forget about our cute Siwon`s b-day tomorrow starting with 04:00PM european time OTL! (that means: mindnight in korea)

Jay Park releases two MVs for “Know Your Name”
I like the song! In fact I like both versions! That boy can sing! =)

Yunho’s fans donate to charity in celebration of his 27th birthday
➤ *O* Yunho…. you… you are so amazingly cray amazing!
TVXQ’s Yunho spontaneously buys dinner for his fans
*sobs* yes ppl, that`s our Leader씨 for you. ㅠ^ㅠ *moved*
I want to have dinner with/from Leader씨 too. Then I can die happily!
But wae, oh waeeee is Leader씨

btw… talking about charity before: I hope HanGeng get`s our “present” (the card where it`s written that we donated for ppl in need). I think Geng-bao and fuckyeah!HanGeng! will keep us informed. =)

➤ OMO! =D Did I hear WORLDTOUR? Did I hear “Europe” while reading the concert stops list?
Big Bang to hold ‘ALIVE TOUR 2012′ around the world through Live Nation!
aaah, if I wouldn`t have already planned to go in 2 conerts (JYJ, SuJu) I would think about going to Big Bang!
But wether I`m going or not isn`t the point: This is great! Now the hallyu waves takes over the world! OMG SUN! FINALLY!

➤ Charity time right now? I think so!
Kim Hyun Joong donates profits from his Japanese concert to an orphanage

➤ Our JJ together with suuuch important ppl *____*
JYJ’s Jaejoong attends a state dinner with Turkish and South Korean presidents
➤ JJ and a Fan:
[Trans] 120206 Kim Jaejoong, Gets Crowned “Visual Couple” With A Goddess-Like Turkish Fan?
Yeah, she looks really nice. But to be honest: ppl overreacted about her looks. Okay, her hair was very pretty done but… *raises one eyebrow: My soulmatesister is as pretty as her AT THE MINIMUM! OTL
To prais that girl over the moon and back is a bit… errr… too much?
I don`t want to put her down or so. I only want to say: Yes, she`s pretty but don`t overdo it ppl.
My turkish workmate is as pretty as her… #justsaying

➤ Oppa! =DD Brian at KPop-Con!
Performances from February 7th’s ‘K-Pop Con’
:3 Oppa wearing the earrings I like again! ^___________^

➤ JYJ looking pretty good! =)
[Pic] 120208 JYJ for NII

➤ Random news about me: I stopped gaming today & watched Skip Beat!
Great episode! But…. HOW CRUEL IS IT TO END IT AT THAAAAT PART?! Can`t wait for the next episode!
Each episode was greater as the one before! I love Skip Beat!

Couple series now! =D

“YeWook of the day”:
Nah, YeWook, maybe you show us a kiss like the SiChul couple? =D
*hahaha* xD Looks like Ryeowook dosen`t like the idea *laughs* cute him! *pinches*

Talking of SiChul… let`s take a look at what they are up to today!
“SiChul of the day”:
OMG HEENIM! O: Such a girlie look! :3 But: SiChul couple still acts all nice around each other! ㅎㅎㅎ Siwon getting patted like that Photobucket cute those two!

Now I´m really curious what our new couple is doing. HanGeng, you won`t try but fail to run away today, will ya? ;P
“SiHan of the day”:
LOOL! I love thast scene! (OTL always reminds me of the -Rat incident- story xD -> look here in a previous entry under “Couple Special”). But carrying him away keeps him from running away xD hehe… good plan Siwon!
Siwon and Han always funny and cute! I really love their couple!

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: Real SiHan story the 2nd ☆✭☆
Siwon & HanGeng’s bathing contest Part 1 ➜ Siwon: “I saw everything.”
Siwon & HanGeng’s bathing contest Part 2  HanGeng: “I bet he was just peeping at me.”
LOOOL xD ah haha! Photobucket biiiig cinema watching them while they are telling their stories!
HAHA! YOU TWO WEIRDOS! What else of freaking competitions were you actually doing during all these years? xD I died laughing! xD
Siwon forgot to shower because of HanGeng? Photobucket HOW CUTE AND FUNNY IS THAT please?!?!? Okay, it`s a bit pervy too xDD But right, I remember… he kept telling us all the time that HanGengs figure is so pretty. *hehe* my, my… siwon *laughs in amusement* I can imagine you two being like that very well!
SiHan couple is Photobucket. The sworn brothers and their daily life = priceless!

But how could we blame Siwon? We are talking about HANGENG here! ;P */me totally understands*

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