Media frustration to the max!!! >_< , a little bit of tomato frustration in XIII-2 & super cute Junho

안녕 친구들 ==

I`ve just seen something I couldn`t believe… so… sorry, but: The rant comes first! ><
Photobucket I really cannot believe… is this even real life?… I cannot even…
…. … .. …. …. …. …. … *is at loss of words*

… … ==””” *feels the rage rising up inside*

… *bursts out*
WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL!!!!!!????!?!!!
______WHAT’S THIS!?
B2ST featured in Germany’s ‘Berliner Zeitung’
(german speaking fans can read the article online here: B.E.A.S.T. – Schön frisiert und wohlerzogen )

F*CK YOU, press ppl, no kidding! Photobucket (sorry to say this so bluntly)
Nothing against BEAST regarding this, so no need to hunt me Beauties. I like BEAST. My rage goes towards german media! Especially the newspapers!
WHAT DA HELL!?!?? Writing about BEAST while you completely ignored JYJ? I think I`m in the wrong movie here! What da heck is wrong with you newspapers?!? It`s great that they write about BEAST on the one hand but on the other were was the article about the really relevant concert of JYJ? Looks like first k-pop concert in germany in worth nothing, huh?
*butthurt* I was in tear because I was so angry, okeh!? What did JYJ do that even german media ignores them that? What is this here? Can someone tell me why it is like that? As a Cassiopeia my heart hurts! 가슴이 아파요. 상처 입은 느낌.
We had a bunch of korean media at the JYJ concert, but althought I really tried hard to find them, I haven`t seen one single german reporter. No one even took ONE SINGLE PIC of the many fans waiting over night and the whole day till concert started or wrote one single word in a small irrelevant passage of the newspapers about it.
I ask myself WHY?! They write about every irrelevant sh*t, but when the first korean artist, a leader of the hallyu wave, holds a solo concert in germany they don`t care? They write about every other artist so why not about them? Why ignoring them?
Why is it always them? Why is it always us? What did Cassiopeia and the boys do to always be treated like the last irrelevant thing in the world? If someone can tell me I would be grateful.
Right now I feel pretty pranked by the german newspapers. really.
[sarcasm on] But wait! I~ seeeee, german newspapers, I seeee! JYJ are just such a small presence they are not worth to write about. They only held the first solo concert as an k-pop artist in germany in history so no need to write about it. And of course, all the ppl who made such an effort to attend the concert, ppl whocame from all over europe and even from China & Japan, were nothing special. That our boys and SuJu are leaders of the hallyu wave is totally irrelevant. I understad, german media, I totally understand.[/sarcasm end]
*facepalm* NOT!!!! SO MUCH NOT! There aren`t enough not`s on earth to express how much I don`t understand our media!
No words for my rage, anger and disappointment right now. I wouldn`t have said anything when they haven`t wrote a word about BEAST either. But ignoring JYJ and writing about BEAST is just so unfair!
Really! My cassiopeia heart cannot stop feeling hurt.
What to say? It´s relatively okay as long as they ignore only us. It`s relatively okay when they ignore our flashmobs so no one ever hears about cassiopeian/k-pop flashmobs in germany and we never get noticed. We can live with that. It hurts but we can live with that.
BUT ignoring our boys like that is a complete different story. Showing the ignorance, disapproval and rejection that way, is so mean. This makes us believe there`s something going on against our boys and it`s not okay!
I would be pleased to hear from media what we should think about that: Ignoring JYJ & reporting about BEAST. What are we supposed to think about this? What does this tell us?
NO! And it makes no difference that this article mentioned JYJ along with other artist in one small sentence! Because they didn`t even mention that JYJ held a concert in Berlin before, so please! I`m not pleased a bit.
It also makes no difference that they mentioned in one sentence that there were flashmobs last summer. No one will ever notice it.
In fance tv stations reported about the flashmob because it was something special and new. No matter what you do here in germany, no one notices. YES! Call me butthurt about our media because I am! It`s exactly the reason why everyone believe k-pop fans don`t exist in germany and most other countries of europe! Media is so NO HELP for us. All what we get is because of our own efforts. ㄱ-ㄱ thanks media.

Not to forget that no one reported about the crazy sale of JYJ concert tickets and the website crash even before the selling started (and it kept crashing even DURING the sale of the tickets). It was a completely cray fight over VIP/SuperVIP tickets and no one mentioned it, makes it become like something that never really happened.
Everyone is cray about the ticket sale in south america but yeah: it was the same here, only online.
But like I said: no one knows because no one was willing to say a word about it. Lucky us that at least our boys know that it was a success!!! So: Da hell with everyone else. I`m #justsaying that the media don`t care. I mean it would be nicer for our boys when they could see more of their fans. Would make them believe more in us so that they want to come back and be assured that we will be there again.

And on top of that: Why do such stupid articles NEVER mention Super Junior? Hellooo???? You always forget about them! But looking at the habit of our media to always leave out the reports about the biggest hallyu leaders: I can make out a habit in ignoring them as well ==”
So this is what our media gets from me:
Photobucket *highkicks media*

*siiiiii~~~~~~~iiiiiiiigh!!!!!!!* *biggest sigh ever*
*takes a deeeep breath*
Okay. Now that I talked my anger away.

Let`s talk about my gaming days. besides having a relaxing weekend and watching DVDs

Gaming Day 3:
We are still in cocoon. Cait Sith and my Cerberus made good progress. My mini-monster names “Victor” is new in our party :3
Noel and Serah made good progress as well! They are already one level higher and we successfully terminated the time paradox by defeating Atlas.
Back to the monsters: My Cerberus doggie is cool in fighting! Actually I only use 2 paradigmas. The one where Cait Sith gan heal us & the one where we Noel & Cerberus are the main attackers & Serah is the addition to them. (sorry, I dunno what the paradigma`s or the attacker/defender modes are called in english >< )
All in all we didn`t do that much. I leveld everyone up with fighting different enemies. Especially our “pets” (yes! Cerberus, Victor & Cait Sith are the “pets”! Photobucket ) grew stronger. ATB bar extended as a bonus after completing another upleveling round ^^ (that means: there are more options to choose each time, I choosed this option today).
Tomorrow I will try to finish 2 side missions. I wasn`t able to find that L’Cith although I ran around a lot on this area… Photobucket and it wasn`t marked on that stupid map of mine either! >< And I´m too proud and lazy to read every detail in the game guid book. I want to find it on my own! *pouts* it`s no fun if you don`t do things of your own! I don`t want to play only according to what the game guid says!
oh yeah, one thing happened: we found a gravestone for the victims of the purge (for the ones who died on the run). The name of Alyssa`s friend was on that grave. The graveyard appeared after Atlas was defeated.
Yes, the thing with the Purge… a pretty crazy story.

Gaming Day 4:
Okay, that gigant tomato (called “Kaiserpudding” in german, don`t know his english name) in Sunleth is one hell of a tough monster! HOLY CRAP! How am I supposed to defeat him? I now have the two artefact to open both gates to travel to Sunleth or the Yáshà … area (dunno it`s english name either) but this tomatoe in Sunleth… it`s completely useless to go there. So I went back to Bresha & decided that I will do some little side missions before I go to Sunleth again.
I was indeed a bit frustrated with that gigant Tomato being that strong. So we`re back at the old FF problem: some of the enemies are too frustrating, almost ridiculously strong. Maybe the tomato isn´t a really big problem here, I remember Barthandalus in Oerba of FF XIII who was one b*tch of a boss enemy and my party barely survived that fight and it took me super long to take him down. although I was super low leveled (too low leveled for normal standards) for that fight it was too cray nonetheless!
I hope that I can defeat the huge tomato soon!
I changed some things and leveled one of my monsters up to a level 1 Defender but I thought it`s still not enough. So I went to Chocolina to buy Noel a new weapon that supports his natural strength more + let him and Serah carry one supporting iten more (to bring up their TP). OTL good thing I`ve read about the weapons of Noel & Serah this morning, so I knew which one to buy for Noel.
Aigoo, I underestimated that tomato a bit. Only because it`s a vegetable of sunleth it`s not weak. *makes note of it*

*still laughing* It`s really funny!
After the last “couple special” here in the blog ELFi came to tease me by saying that I like a pervert xD (Siwon) She referred to the story of Siwon peeping at HanGeng ^^ their bathing contest thing.
She said it`s not cute but pervy xD
NUUUUUU! I totally consider this as cute.
Looking at the way the sworn brothers are around each other it`s really amusing! Of course, it`s a bit pervy indeed, but who cares?
*raises one eyebrow* You guys come to work with MY WORKMATES for a week and listen to their convos. You will define your cinsideration of “pervy” new! believe me Photobucket

Besides that: I still like Siwon very much Photobucket He can be too cute!


➤ KYAAAAAHHH!!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) THAT`S SO CUUUUUTE!
Junho telling us about his new DVD, JUNO HISTORY VOL.1」:
*pinches* Brother, wae you are so cute! TOOOO ADORABLE!
OMO! And this isn`t exactly like Junsu… they are similar to each other, of course, but this is the special way of Junho here!
I swear, that man is so adorable! I cannot even! Kim brothers will kill me one day! For sure! (because it`s not exactly better with Junsu xD )

➤ More of b-day related post`s from fuckyeah!Hangeng!:
9 February 2012 : Happy Birthday , Dancing King Han Geng!
Photobucket The text describes GengFan`s feelings sooo exact! I case you don`t want to bother opening the link:

(credit: to the person who wrote this OTL!)
9 February 2012 : Happy Birthday , Dancing King Han Geng !

You’re one of the nicest , dorkest and strongest person I know . Your passion and determination for achieving your goals encourage me to work hard for my goals . Your silly dorky self always made me giggle , Your laughter never fails to brighten up my days . You’re an amazing person and I love and admire you alot . Keep on singing , dancing , smiling and be healthy . Oh and don’t forget to eat well and play with your gundams ~ ≧◡≦

aww! So nice! Photobucket exactly what I think!

– This is also sooo sweet (short, but sweet): “GengFan`s job…”
“We are GengFan`s and we love you”
b-day pic compilation
another b-day pic compliation (a cool one!)
Happy 28th birthday Han Geng!
KYAAAH! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) seriously, he`s so cute! ^^ especially when sleeping! *pinches* Wonder who took that photo… THAT PERSON DID A GREAT JOB! Photobucket

➤ Brian`s tip here! =D
Readrs, show lots of love to her! She`s talented.
Ailee makes an angelic debut with “Heaven” on ‘M! Countdown’!
2월 둘째주 Mnet 엠카운트다운 에밀리 (M!Countdown performance of Ailee)

Aaah, I like this song very much! It´s nice! Ailee is a really talented singer! Finally someone with talaent instead of good look only (like some rookies lately). Yeah and she is pretty too! ^^
and I really like the name “Ailee”. I should name one of my mice like her one day ^___^

2nd generation idols like Park Yooochun · Kim Hyun Joong · Choikang Changmin are now confirmed as acting-idols

Girls’ Generation Jessica’s graffiti mural in Australia ruined
arhg! What a shame! Such a nice portrait and it`s ruined now. I don`t really care much about SNSD but this was such a nice graffiti!

[Scans] JYJ Come On Over Director’s Cut
xD Chunnie and the gorilla LOOOL WTF! xDD

A cute story about Junsu (and his mom) ^^

➤ If you are intereste:
Our Leader씨`s birthday cake in detail

Super Junior’s Siwon sleeps “topless”?
Aigoo… (≥///≤) FML! I came online and saw THAT! *still faints*
Wae, Siwon, wae??? OMG SUN! You are a fangirl killer!
And, AllKPop, to be honest I don`t even want to think about what Siwon wears or…. *cough* not wears when he goes to bed! (≥///≤)
Well, most of all guy on earth have this habit of sleeping topless… I dunno why but they love to throw everything away. I don`t understand it but yeah. =) This isn`t the real issue here.
It`s… c’mon siwon! wae posting this?!? You know that no one can watch your and donghae`s drama when you kill all of us before it has ended? xD
OMO! That Siwon! My SuJu bias will kill me one day! ➜ *saves pic as phone walli LOOOOL Photobucket *

➤ This week our tv station, Pro 7, will air a report about the beast concert. I`m happy that they do, but I´m still angry that they didn`t reported about JYJ`s concert! Photobucket
I will watch this report and the tv station ppl even mentioned a long time before that they wanted to style a fan in “the k-pop way”. okay.
I never knew there was a specific k-pop style to begin with.
I can only hope that they didn`t saw some promo pictures and thought “oh, this is the -k-pop style-! let`s do this!” *facepalm* this would lead into a complete chaos-disaster >.o< Aigoo, I`m so afraid this will be an embarrassing report. Of course I will watch it.
When I`m not online anymore after it was aired that means that I died because of embarrassment & shame ㄱ____ㄱ ….

➤ News of the day was definitely: Whitney Houston died? what da hell? oO when? That woman already existed in my chidhood! I was never a hardcore fan but she was such a good singer! Too bad, really too bad.
R.I.P. Whitney Houston OTL

I had a k-dream again! Actually, to tell the truth, some days ago but I post it now:

Okay, where to begin? This dream was very, very weird at it`s beginning and only got a bit better from the middle on.
Somehow, there was a place where everyone liked to hang out. Some kind of park where you can rest and do different activities if you feel like doing them (it was outside and it was summer). It looked a bit like… LOTTE World for outside activities with a park area like touch… oO a strange place, but still nice.
Two friends and me were there often because we liked to sit at some kind of park table, being lazy and talking about all kind of nonsense ^^ To be honest: I have no idea who my two friends were! I only knew they were my friends.
We went there a few days in a row and suddenly we noticed strange ppl hanging out there. Ppl which weren`t supposed to be there normally. Then we heard that some guests of the park dissappeared and maybe got kidnapped. We suspected the weird new ppl to be involved with this incident and spied on them. And they were indeed doing strange things oO They acted like employees of the park but they actually were none. However, we left them alone and were sitting at our table again.
Hehe… Photobucket and now guess who appeard at that park too that afternoon? It`s really so too funny! xD
I guess I don`t even need to tell you, but…: It was Siwon again! xD (← seriously, how does this guy manage to find me all the time? I really wonder! Is this his special skill or something?). Okay, we didn`t really met that day but still! Wae is he aaaaalways where I am? This guy is unbelievable! Photobucket

The next day my friends and me went there again. Not that much guest were at the area that day but the strange ppl were still there and… they were ever creepier than the day before! >< Looked at us in such a creepy way! On top of all, as we wanted to sit down at our table, 3 of them wanted to grab us. We ran away, men were chasing us. But we kicked them like a pro and managed to run away anyway. Ts… as if we would be to kidnap that easily!
Somehow we thought we had to go back and find the other guests. We prepared ourselves that we maybe would need to kick them again but when we came back the police was already there and fighting the creepy ppl, turning the whole area into a hectic place. It turned out that these guys really kidnapped the guests of the park – for whatever the reason was… oO Have no clue.
After the creepy ppl were arrested the boss/manager of the park gathered all guests of the park. He formally apologized that this happened and keept talking random apologetic stuff. Friends and me were listening for a while then a certain person, one I`ve already almost forgotten about, came back to my mind. I said: “Uuuhm… wait. Where is Siwon?!”. I thought -Crap! when he got kidnapped, too!? *worries*-. I started too look around between the ppl that were gathered in front of the manager but couldn`t find him. >< That`s the problem with my stalker: since he`s always creeping around you have to worry about that bapo then! …
Just when I thought about if I should go search in panic or not I was back-hugged by someone! I really didn`t saw this coming and turned around to that person in surprised (maybe kinda shocked too, because I didn`t expected to be hugged). And guess who was that person? IT WAS SIWON! Of course it was him, who else?
He only grinned at me as if he wanted to say -what are you panicking about?-. I only felt super relieved at that moment! I said “OMG! You`re save! You`re save!” and fell round his neck… You could say I hectically hugged Siwon and he laughed.
Aigoo, aigoo. THAT GUY! This isn`t a laughing matter! ts… wonder if he watched me from somewhere behind only to wait till I almost started to panic Photobucket
Anyway, the day ended and the manager invited all the guests for a short holiday for free because of the inconvenience that happened to us. It was a 3 days trip.
Location change in my dream then! ➜ Somewhere on a beach at a hotel complex: Guest of the park where enjoying themselves on the beach. Me and my friends were there too. Of course, since Siwon was a guest of the park before too, he was also there. Half of the guests of the park were placed at building 1 and the other half was placed at building 2. I dunno who of us was in which house but my friends and I were in the one, while Siwon had his room in the other. I only remember that I saw him on both mornings we were staying there from a distance. Ai!… and that bapo dared to grin at me with his ‘I`m Price charming (●ˆ ω ˆ●)’-smile that somehow embarrassed me! (≥///≤)
YAH! Siwon! I saw that you were laughing about me! Photobucket … Does he start teasing me now!? == *frustrated with her friend Siwon*

The dream ended when my friends and I enjoyed the last day on the beach. The rest was blurred away. This was really a strange dream with strange ppl again. I have no idea why da hell I dream about such kinda stuff o____O Really, WTF….
(+ I think my dreams tunring into an action movie again…)

My dream that night was fun! I dreamed about Zack & Cloud in SOLDIER! *haha* ppl couldn`t handle Zack`s carefree and joking personality well xDD It was fun!
Sadly it was no k-dream but I finally saw Final Fantasy VII`s Zack in my dreams again!
The last time when I dreamed about Zack I was, together with other ppl, a trainee in his team and we were on a monster hunt! :3 Zack was such a good leader to us! Protecting us from all evil and trained us well! *haha*
Yeah, it`s pretty insane to dream about video game characters, isn`t it? But it`s fun! So much fun! Photobucket
and I really love my “puppy Zack” so much! I cried so hard when he died in Crisis Core…
=((( Wae do all the best characters have to die? Wae? So not fair!

OTL Zack forever my hero T^T

Okay, okay! I will stop talking about Zack now!
It`s time for SPAZZ!

First something really random but funny I found recently: Ugly duckling – “Some ducks and swans and it was complicated”
LMFAO! I thought this was so funny! xDD

But now… you know what time it is?!? Yeeees, it`s COUPLE SERIES TIME!

Maybe we have sad news.
Basically YeWook have their last appearance today. Dunno if they will return the next time :/ Let`s see.
“YeWook of the day”
I see. ^^ No hard feelings on YeWook`s side, even if this would be their really last appearance. They are cute as always!
Well guys, let`s see if I can make your appearance go on for a little longer. I need to check on it first.

I`m really curious what SiChul are doing today! You too?
“SiChul of the day”
hehehe… oooh, I see! Now they are going to be sweet now ^^ okay, fine by me!

My personal fav-couple in this series is SiHan. Of course it`s SiHan! They are so cute and… weird *haha*
So what`s up at SiHan`s place today?
aah, that scene! I think I have a gif of this around somewhere… (maybe, I could be wrong) but *hihihi* HanGeng, what are you going to do? Picking something up from Siwon`s face or trying to pinch him xD (LOL that`s what I would do!)

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: Behind the story – Ba xiong di ☆✭☆
Behind the story of the “Sworn brothers”
Photobucket I`m so moved! “Bound of attraction”, Siwon? Aww, that`s really nicely said and describes it so well! You guys! T.T *hugs SiHan*
Such a nice couple. Such a beautiful friendship! I… I cannot even! *runs away crying because is so touched*

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