#Happy25thChangmin / #PrinceShimDay, Tomato & Chocobos + WEIBO b-day trends for SiHan lovelies

Gaming day 5:
I did the minnie missions and leveled up. I tamed new monters too and I have a Silvertooth now! ^^ cool doggie. yeah, he`s a little doggie from hell too, like Cerberus. But who cares! Maybe he can become strong one day? Let`s see about this. What we really need now is no new attacker, we need a stronger defender as the Janitoid for future fights against gigant enemies!
Well, however. After running around for a while, fighting some more monsters and leveling up my characters I returned to Neo Bodhum via the time travel gate and I received a new crystal! I went back there I remembered I saw soething almost invisible and our Moogle called “Mog” made it appear.
I did nothing too thrilling today. I die my minnie missions, searched for the best monsters to fight and extended the abilities of my tamed monsters. Nothing much to say about that gaming day.
I`m playing it slooooow~~ Want to do many missions and want to explore every inch of the map in each level. I want to find a lot of secrets/secret items and enjoy the great graphics.
+ as if I would have another chance: Not much time to play per day & sometimes I`m too tired from work. It sucks. And the weekend is clearly DVD/blogging time!
With 2 hours a day I get nowhere OTL

Gaming day 6:
OKEH! Today was the day where we visited the Tomato in the Sunleth Waterscapes again! WE SOLVED THE TOMATO PROBLEM – at least for now.

OTL the tomato:
This tomato is freakin evil! It wants to destory the crystal pillar that holds Cocoon! It wants to make Cocoon crash down! Many lives are in danger! IT`S TIME TO PLAY THE HERO(ES) AND SAVE COCOON! ^^
We met Snow in Sunleth. Snow was hotheaded like always, Noel disliked this and wondered how he was able to survive with his “nothing too dangerous in this world, always run into everything completely careless”-attitude.
In Sunleth we experienced the technique of the “Moogle throw” ^^ to reach items that are too far away for us to reach. You take moogle at it`s bobble and then throw it xD sound kinda violent, I know! LOL but it`s really helpful.
Moogle itself is reeeeally talkative by now. It keeps talking and even got mad at a soldier who said it`s a moogle toy xD too funny, our Mog! It dosen`t want to called “toy” anymore. (because in FF world moogle are not seen that often, they are so rare that most ppl don`t know if they really still exist or existed in the first place – but there are stuffed animal who look like moogles and they are toys for kids)
We also opened another gate and had access to the Bresha Ruins of the future… strange place with lots of monsters and… it`s snowing the whole time there! The paradox caused a weird chocobo breed to appear there… oO and they are pretty moody and wild! Of course I couldn`t resist riding such a Chocobo for at least once but that Choco used up all my Gizar grasses! O: It needs a lot of it so that it stays calm and (*lol* like a Valium pill for Chocobos xDDD ) I only had 4. Once I ran out of Gizar it threw me down, resprectively Noel. (I`ve set Noel as my party`s Leader)

Normal chocobo ride was also done today! Haven`t done this in a long time! (this is also how a fully grown up, adult Chocobo looks like and… blieve it or not, this thing can fly a little bit like a real bird! But not too far and also not too high + it can only fly for a short distance, because it`s too heavy)

OH! I also found a new weapon for Serah today. A better one. Hope it will help us a lot in future. I think I´m supposed to go to the Yáshá Area in Grand Pulse now… Need to think about what to do first now. Many gates, many options.

➤ Althought it`s from a while ago now, we are still not done with the topic that that concerns the b-day topic of Geng & Siwon! So look at the WEIBO trends for their b-days!
ELF Patricia & me wondered why there was no b-day trend for Siwon on twitter and if ELF maybe only celebrate his real b-day in April? Well, it seems that at least China celebrates his registered b-day :3
But: look at the first trend list! xD “Beijing Love story”? ㅋㅋㅋ I love you chinese fans, seriously!
And the other day “Because of Love”! SiHan lovelies surely have a lot of love around their b-day trends! Photobucket

➤ *siiii~gh* JJ was emo again T.T
Kim Jaejoong’s tweet causes fans to grow with concern

B2ST wraps up a successful show in Berlin
I`m happy for BEAST and Beauties but… WTH GERMAN MEDIA!!!! Photobucket Even the freakin’ ZDF came to berlin?!?!? *mumbles curses on german media because ignoring JYJ* Once again: No words for my frustration!
But… althought there was some attention for BEAST it wasn`t all just positive. What I mean by that? Yeah, I mean that Media is writing about k-pop again and makes it look like a stupid thing in their articles!
Just for example: The article of “Focus” online (article in german): Musik: Der letzte Schrei – Pop aus Korea

To do a complete trans of this is too much for me now, would take too long. But I`m not really pleased with this article. It makes us look we are all insane ppl. And those articles always say one thing and it`s generally always the same: We are only like the Justin Bieber fangirls just with asian artists… Photobucket AAAARRGGGHHHH!!!! DAMN YOU, MEDIA! DAMN YOU! RAAAAGE!
They always write it in a way as we all would be insane fangirls and all of us would faint when attending a concert. Well, it happens almost never that one of us really faints… *raises eyebrows* so media, please do you researches properly! I hate articles like that one who secretly look down on us as if we are stupid biever fangirls. K-pop is different and so k-pop fangirls are. PLEASE TAKE A NOTE OF THAT!
Cynthia`s quote about it: “the sentence in the eyes of the fans it’s the music is just scremaing for obviously it’s only the look GOD DAMIT ****
==” yes, it is saying exactly like that! This article seemed to carry a bit too much secret sarcasm in it`s words ==”
The only good thing in it is that they say k-pop is successful (along their secretly looking down-way) & they mentioned that JYJ had a concert here before. Well, but really just in some short words. aaand, they mentioned that Big Bang were winning at the Mtv Europe Music Awards!
But this dosen`t turns the whole thing into something acceptable. It was more about weirdly looking down on k-pop/the fans. I think they are absolutely not sure what to think about us or our artists and so they always come along with this slightly sarcastic & wrong way of writing oO
and… and they were even looking down a bit on japanese music. WHAT DA FACK! I dislike this article!
It`s good when Media starts to notice k-pop but: NOT LIKE THAT!
Then I prefer no articles at all! … … … slowly I start to think it was for the better that no one wrote about JYJ back then! *facepalm*

➤ News from Shinhwa:
Shinhwa sells out tickets for comeback concert in 40 minutes
I would say: As expected! OTL

➤ DAMN! >< Looks like we should have been in Paris! >____< so awesome! DAMN YOU MUSIC BANK! Come to munich the next time! OTL!!!!
Performances from February 8th’s ‘Music Bank’ in Paris (Part 1)
Performances from February 8th’s ‘Music Bank’ in Paris (Part 2)
U-Kiss >< so awesome! I`ve started to really like them! Once I have the time I will do “Misson U-Kiss” and listen to all of their songs! ;D

➤ You know what time it was yesterday and today till 04:00PM?!? IT WAS FREAKIN’

☆*:.。.#PrinceShimDay。.:*☆ today!
Our little evil Maknae turned 25 in korea!

The man who named us, Cassiopeia, Changminnie the evil Maknae!
Happy b-day Mr. Shim Choikang Max Dark Lord Changmin! Our evil & our prince ❤ Always be healthy and happy! 생일 축하합니다! 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요! #Happy25thChangmin
Eat a lot of cake with Yunho, my younger brother! Keep teasing us and… I don`t need to tell you to eat well, do I? xD
All the best lovely wishes,
~Sangmi Noona/OT5 Cassiopeia

JYJ’s documentary to be shown through Lotte Cinema
1.) There is such a thing like a “LOTTE cinema”??? O: *amazed*
2.) can I buy LOTTE things there?!? *excited*

Photobucket JYJ`s Message for Valentine`s day!

Photobucket Soooo cute! aww! Why are they so cute? ❤。◕‿◕。❤

➤ Look here! JYJ won BEST MUSIC 2011 & BEST DVD 2011!
Best Of 2011 results

➤ Brian lovely Oppa also made a Valentine`s day greeting for us! Photobucket Late at night, after work ❤❤ aww, Oppa is so nice!
Brian`s Valentine`s Day message to fans (including his dogs & presents he got from fans)
T.T And Oppa even did two videos that night! One for his korean fans and one for his international fans.
Oppa always treats us so good! ㅠ﹏ㅠ *cries because is touched*
Yeah Oppa, for those who have no one for vaneltine`s day it`s okay to stay at home and kiss the dogs Photobucket
Only for that you have the right to marry me T^T *4ever weak for guy who kiss dogs / are that much in love with dogs*
OMO! And his doggies are really so cute! My fav doggie is Jersey. She has such a cute face :3

U-KISS reveals PV for “Forbidden Love”
Heeeey! This song is good! =)

OMG! Photobucket I LOVE IT!
Kiss me`s must be so proud! ^^.
➤ Another Video of U-Kiss!
U-KISS reveals PV for “A Shared Dream”

➤ [Cute] This is totally not k-pop related but super cutie cutie cute!
Look at the “smallest chameleon of the world” (it`s a german article but please look at the picture):
Kleinstes Chamäleon der Welt entdeckt
Photobucket Isn`t it cute?! It is! And it`s sitting on a matchstick! :3 cuuuuute!
Article said it was found on Madagascar, it`s 16 millimeters long – with it`s tail it`s about 30 millimeters long. It eats tiny insects and mites! It lives on the ground between the leaves in the wood. ^^
Their natural color is the earth-brown you see on the picture. Article said they cannot change their color like other chameleons.
Awww! Such a cute thing!
I want to have a lot of them as my pets! (ˆ ω ˆ)
hehe… imagine you go through he woods and 20 of them hanging on your jeans all of a sudden =D KYAAAAH! I would pet them all! Photobucket I love cute little animals!
Too bad that I don`t live on Madagascar! OTL!!! ➜ problem/fail!

[Pic] Junsu with Levay at Elisabeth’s After Party

Ailee’s past appearance on American TV show drawing attention
This was Ailee in 2008! Photobucket WOW! She`s so talented! I love her voice!
If she should bring out an album anytime soon I will definitely listen to it (and think about buying it)!

➤ Awww! Super cute!
[Video] (120208) Han Geng – Mars Micro Community Virtual Birthday Party
Aaaaah, his Avatar! Geng Ava with wings! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ OUR ANGEL!!!! Photobucket
hihihi! GeGe! You are so causual cute! *pinches* I love that man, no kidding, I love him!

➤ Let`s stick with the HanGeng news a little longer: Xtep – Urban Series
*O* §$ASFDZ(“§$JASFU§$24SFJ§”$))”§=$=!!!!!! OMG SUN!

Photobucket looooooove! Xtep`s Urban Series is too awesome! Awesome! Awesome! (●ˆ ω ˆ●)

B2ST releases special music video for ‘Mystery’
The link in the AllKPop article dosen`t work for germany so here`s the MV:

This song is still sooo good! I wondr what`s this with that hand int he vid xD But still: MV is cool!
I like BEAST and I really love that song of them!

➤ ^____^ Brother today!
*pinches* I swear, Junho, you are soooo cute! o(^▽^)o

[Pic] TVXQ for Missha – new products released
Missha! Gimme HoMin products! ^^. *Missha commercial victim*

SM Entertainment requests for investigation behind Girls’ Generations’ composite nude photos
composite nude photos? *raises eyebrows*
so… someone played with photoshop? This is nothing new! I always see such pictures a looot. Well, not necessarily nude photos, but still.
SM needs to sue a lot of ppl then.
I never saw the photos of SNSD, but I think this goes too far.

[News] Micky Yoochun’s Manager “This Is What Really Happened” (scroll down a little)
The funny thing was: I heard there is some trouble around Yoochun this week but I couldn`t read on my tl on twitter what happened. I only thought: WTF? Yoochun did something bad? oO I don`t think so.
And reading this article this is…
1) this is a classic case of “super creepy fans” again
2.) classic case of stressed managers are annoyed by fans.
I just have to say: Maybe it wasn`t right of him to get his hands on these ppl but: Do these ppl really need to creep around their table and stare at them while they try to eat? oO WTF!
Fans, please don`t act so creepy! °__° It even scares me reading about it, not to mention how it would be when someone really would do this while I am eating… Must have been really weird.

U-Know Yunho shouted at the fans, but it was actually “for the safety of the fans”
*siiiigh* And this was why hateful ppl saw their chance to hate on Yunho again…
Similar case of creepy ppl, but in another form. In that case I think the haters are the creepy ones. Always waiting for an opportunity to hate. *facepalm*
And the fans here: shoving each other, blocking HoMins way… ts, ts… ppl, why can`t you behave? You making it difficult for our boys and for yourself.
But once again be was the authority of our Leader씨: When everyone else fails, Yunho saves the day – and he even helped fans who had fallen up on their feets again. O: WHAT AN ANGEL! Leader씨 is really the best.
At least the fans listened to him when even the security failed. but ppl, really: there`s nothing “cute” about making our Leader씨 so angry that he needs to shout at ppl. oO I don`t understand how ppl can say that this is a matter to find it cute.
Kids, THIS ➜ Photobucket _and show a more matures and realistic reaction to an incident like that one.

[Pic] Junsu`s new Twitter display
ㅠ﹏ㅠ Althought I would normally freak out about Junsu in THESE pants but… He`s so thin. way too thin! I… I have no words! My Junsu is too thin.
It`s all because of Elisabeth? ➜ JYJ’s Kim Junsu is already so slim – why did he lose 6kg?

Article Quote:
A person like him with not much weight to lose, had decided to lose weight due to his partipation in the musical “Elisabeth.”
In the musical, there is a scene where he wears sheer clothes that hide nothing about his body, so he decided to lose some weight so that he could show a more handsome side of Kim Junsu to the fans.

Oh really? So it`s true? *walks up to Junsu and slaps him* YOU…! ㅠ~ㅠ AS IF YOU WERE -TOO FAT- BEFORE! Who told you this nonsense!?!? IT SURELY WASN`T ME!!! You were already too thin even before the time of 엘리사벳! ㅠ﹏ㅠ YOU GO AND EAT LIKE 4EVER LIKE CHANGMIN, ARASSEO?! *leaves angry* #AngryNoona

➤ Ah! Finally Yoohwan news!
Park Yoohwan, Go Eun Ah, ZE:A’s Kevin, and Jewelry’s Eungjung finalized for K-Pop drama, ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’

➤ Today`S Music Core performances!
YAAAY! =D Brian & Ailee! … but… T^T they are both sick these days! Almost everyone has a cold right now! Even 60% of my workmates are sick! sister sis as well…
Wonder if I will catch a cold too. My dongsaeng is very sick. She had to take her medicine every hours and this 12 times a day oO and she said it don`t even tastes good >< ewww! I feel bad for her!
And I also feel bad for Brian & Ailee! I don`t know if it was as worse with Ailee as it was with Brian but this is no good! Brian said he needs “some proper rest, but there is no such thing in the world of k-pop”. Photobucket WAAAAEEEE???? Oppa, wae? *sniff* Everyone wants to make me cry today! *runsa away crying*

Okay, now to something less worrying (or maybe more worrying? you know… my strange fangirl mind xD ):

The dream began really weird and it wasn`t even a k-dream starting from the first minute. But towards the end of my dream I had to go somewhere. To a room. I had to listen to someone who held a speech. Aigoo… == how interesting *sarcasm*
I think this was some kind of stupid seminar again. >< nuuuu, do not want!
As I entered the room and it was already relatively crowded in there. There wasn`t even one single chair D: I just thought -I need to listen to that guy`s boring speech and cannot even sit while I fall alseep? O: NOOO!!! Photobucket
So I stood at the side where I found an empty space and the guy begun his freakin’ boring speech. I don`t even know what he was talking about, I can only remember that it was super boring stuff and I was annoyed as hell. So my eyes wandered around the room. I decided to check out the ppl who were there just because this seemed to b more interesting as to listen to the speech. Everything was better as to listen to that guy… ><
But then, of course, it had to happen again xD Across the room I saw a very familiar person behind all the ppl, leaning on the other wall: Uri Pastor Choi Siwon! Oh, why wasn`t I surprised a bit? *laughs*
Since the guy still held his speech we exchanged silent glances to express our boredom to each other. OMG WAS THAT GUY BORING UP THERE! *facepalm*
btw.: Why do we always need to go to stupid seminars? oO I really wonder!
But we were lucky, the guy took a break soon and ppl started to talk to each other. Siwon and I immediately went to meet up with each other in the back corner, a bit away from the other ppl. No one was standing there and it was the only place in that crowded room where you had space to breath and move without bumping into the others. *rolleyes* (they at least could have choosen a bigger room!)
We smiled when we met, happy that the boredom has an end now, and begun to talk. I don`t remember what we were talking about but it was something funny Photobucket We really had much fun talking about nonsense and then totally… *laughs* haha!.. totally ended up fooling around like kids! =D
The other ppl were already giving us strange looks but it wasn`t like we would care much. In the end, when the guy at the speaker`s desk started to talk again, we at least tried to stop fooling around. Which turned out so-so in a 50:50 success, because we still couldn`t stop laughing about the nosense from just now. We really tried suppress it – what made us giggle in the back of that room.

All in all it was a pretty fun dream that still makes me smile when I think about it. Siwon was really too funny to be with!
And this time no crazy gangsters invaded the meeting & took us all as their hostages!
Yay! Progress! b^^d

uuuh, I just see that today`s blog entry is a freaking long one again! =D
T-list will love, best friend will suffer again xD LOL

@Celebrian: Yeah, I know, me and my k-pop stuff xD but what to do?
Oh! I know! tell you a little story about Ajeossi!

And everyone else: You can read too! It`s funny how ajeossi understands me by now!
Okay, it`s rather scary because I don`t want him to understand me! >< STAY AWAY FROM ME AJEOSSI! I`m feeling not comfortable with this person! Not a bit at all!

Oppa: *talking about -the Hobbit- movie to me*
Ajeossi: “*pops in the convo* What is this? Isn`t this Lord of the Rings?”
Oppa: “Kinda.”
me: “It`s more like the previous story to Lord of the Rings.”
Ajeossi: “You know about it? I`m sure you are living in the fantasy world too, huh.” (YAH! what did he mean by -too-? He don`t know ppl like ME, so what`s with that -too-?! == *eyes him*)
me: “*eyes him, but he don`t sees it because he has his back towards me* Me? no, why?”
Ajeossi: “I just thought you are one of those fantasy freaks as well.”
me: “== My Lord of the Rings-days are long over….”

errr…. and WAE exactly is there a reason for him to know?! And WAE does he think he has the right to make wild guesses about me?!
Lately Ajeossi talks strange things to me. Stranger things as usual. I block him off each time so he stops after a few sentences because I`m not talking with him xD
Silly Ajeossi. Whatever he plans, I will not help him to find out. I have no intentions of talking to him, THAT MOODY BISH WHO ANNOYS DA HELL OUTA ME SOOOOOO MANY TIMES A YEAR!

The last 2 weeks he was relatively moody again. This week was somehow more worse than the first one. During the day his mood changed from one minute to the other and the kids were annoyed by him again. Me too.
It`s about time to go into “ignore Ajeossi”-mode again!

Well, but now I have two day`s off the next week. I`m thinking since two days where`s the snag to it! Wae should ajeossi gimme two days off?
One maybe because I need to work at saturday (at least I think so) but the other? There must be something wrong because he`s not famous for giving me a day off only to be friendly to me! OTL!!!!!
So where`s the “WHAT DA FACK”-snag?!

Fine. Enough about silly ajeossi!
We need to do something more fun!

The good news: YeWook will contine for a few times more!
But then we need a follow-up show for YeWook. I think we can agree on the spazz/fun/Macro/couple special part, can`t we? I think we all will enjoy this!

So now, what are the couples doing today? I´m really curious since my SiHan lovelies are in the couple series now ^______^ (sorry, but I love them!)

Let`s start with YeWook!
“YeWook of the day”:
haha! xD Ryeowook! What have you done/said to Yesungie? Aigoo, those two! ^^

“SiChul of the day”:
^3^ you two are still in cuddling mood, huh? CUUUUTE! ≧◡≦

And what are my SiHan lovelies doing today?
“SiHan of the day”:
Too bad, the link is broken in the meantime >< It was such a funny story! Thank good that I took out the first text part of it and posted in my entry back then! But nonetheless: SiHan lovelies so cute! (@^▽^@)
Let me tell you that I really love SiHan`s sworn brothers-way of being friends! =D And you can totally say I boarded another ship and it goes by the name SiHan /HanWon / GengYuan… whatever you want to call it, you can pick as you are pleased, but it involves those two by all means!❥❥❥❥ (^。^) SiHan~~❤
And… I think I have to re-arrange my “top fav couples”-list then ^^ The top 3 just changed again!

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: Facebook fake enrty – HanChul edition! ☆✭☆
ㅋㅋㅋ HanChul couple getting lost xD *hahaha*_ ╮(´▽`)╭_ could be a real story!

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