MY FIRST BEHEMOTH! OMG! & Rumors come to me! + Big Bang`s “Blue”

안녕 예러분! v^^.

First the gaming report, you can scroll in case you dislike xD Highlight of gaming day 7 was definitely my fangirling ^^°

Gaming day 7:
today… Today I was totally fangirling over Neol, I swear xD THAT BOY! Reminds me so much of Zack. His face a bit, his hair a bit, how he ask Serah “You okay?”, the way he`s fighting, the way he`s going into a fight… and when Mog found a item and he said “Cool!” I was only like “KYAAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) Noel!” LOL Because he sounded just like Zack!
OMO! Wae can`t this time paradox cause Zack to appear? xD *haha* wouldn`t be only time paradox then but FF paradox! Zack is from FF7 & Serah and Noel are in FF13 world. But wouldn`t that be cool?!
Well, besides my fangirling over Noel there was a success! We entered the Yáshás Area. It was dark there. We went to go to the Ruins and on our way there we were told that Behemoth`s are living here and we should avoid contact with them.
1.) me was like “Did you just say BEHEMOTH?! Photobucket *gets excited*”
2.) me was like “Avoid contact with them? ts! We will see about that. (`∀´) ㅋㅋㅋ we will see! =P ”
LOOL Who on earth, besides me, would be excited about Behemoth`s? I guess nobody. But I somehow like them! Always a new challenge with them! So I gladly went to FIGHT THEM! Photobucket (Althought the game guid said -no-… ts! who cares! I knew my party can do it!)
Oh, yeah, with the strongest attack a Behemoth can kill Serah with one strike but the trick is: Kill them before they kill you. Since my party was already strong enough I did so! And this wasn`t bad at all! My Silvertooth is now named “Anubis” and he`s doing a freaking good job! I think he will replace Cerberus now.
On top of all you get 300 CP for defeating one Behemoth… and it`s not like it`s impossible. It`s a relatively quick thing, the intervals of their attacks are slow. You can defeat them easily. To make it even better: The Behemoth`s in that area are only NORMAL Behemoth`s! King Behemoth would have been too evil but the normal ones… pfht, please! Piece of cake! In fact… I was eating cake while fighting my Behemoth`s HAHAHA! Really! I was! + It was much fun!

OFF comment: And talking about Behemoth`s: I`ve seen the latest Trailer for Versus XIII! F*CK! What kind of giiiiigant Behemoth IS THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY Noctis and his friends are fighting?! WHAT DA FACK! This animal is huuuuuuge, so huge! *jaw drops*… this is too badass, how are we supposed to fight THIS Behemoth? Is there any chance to fight it in the first place? I`m overly curious! I can`t wait for Versus XIII to be out! (Agito XIII too! =D PSP action again!)

We found many items on our way to the ruins, but they won`t let us in because we have no “official business” to do here. Should mean we are not allowed to enter this area. Oh well fine but what to do with that gigant monster caused by the paradox behind you? LOOL Yeah, like Noel said: “this should count as official business *runs to monster to defeat it*”
THAT BOY! Seriously! (ˆ ω ˆ) Return of Zack! I tell you ppl! These two have a bunch of things in common!
However, defeating that monster was a quick thing and done without much damage to my party.
After that we met HOPE! =D OMG! It`s really Hope! And… he grew up! *haha* but still our cute Hope!
He was totally happy to see Serah. Since Serah & Noel travelled the time he was actually older as Serah now (and he should be younger if things would have been normal). It was somehow a bit weird but since I always liked Hope I was happy that we finally reached him in the game.
The thing that was funny was Alyssa who suddenly appeared and xD she kept grabbing Hope`s arm and Hope was like -Alyssa, please. What are you doing? *moves away*- …. *eyebrows wiggle* Alyssa, could it be that you like Hope a bit more than other ppl? I WONDER!
And… I also wonder what would happen when Light would met a suddenly all grown up Hope. Dunno, he was kinda like her adopted child in the end or so. And: I reeeeeaally wonder how this story will end! Will we see Fang & Vanille again? Will everyone be back together? And what happens with Noel then? Will he go back to his time? >< AI! I`m way to curious to stop playing, even if it takes me 4ever to finish that game: I WILL finish it!
Oh yes and: I dunno if this is 4ever but Noel and Serah both reached their limits in their main roles as fighters (as Commando & Ravager). Now I started leveling Noel up as Defender/Sentinel(Verteidiger in der deutschen Version) and Serah as Healer/Medic (Heiler in der deutschen Version). This suits their natural attributes best.
I`m not sure what to do with the roles of the Synergist and Saboteur… hm. Let`s think for some seconds… Since Serah is better in magic, she`s pretty fast, she should be the role of the Healer/Medic and Saboteur(Manipulator in der deutschen Version). So for Noel is only the role of Synergist(Augmentor in der deutschen Version) left.
Okay. That`s how I will do it!
Since I already played FF13 before and gave the characters there the right roles after studying their abilities I`m pretty sure this is the right choice for Serah & Noel!

Yesterday I watched the newest Skip Beat episode and I was totally in fangirl mode!
I was fangirling over half of the episode!
Ts… and I don`t care that my ELFi called me “obvious” again. Oh for god`s sake, then I`m obvious. Now that we all know can I go on with fangirling please?! xD LOL
But really, Siwon`s hair was too cute! I~~~ cannot even! Makes me want to squish him!
Oh, but besides that, in the drama, Dun He Lian`s Manager is back! YAY! Mr. Du is back! o(^▽^)o He`s the cutest manager on earth! So adorable-cute in his own unique way! OMO! And his funny thoughts xD
Aigoo, aigoo… I SO hope Gong Xi and Dun He Lian end up together. They are so cute together! and it would be sooooo -IN YA FACE Bu Po Shang-! ㅋㅋㅋ I haven`t read the Manga but I hope the ending will match my imaginations Photobucket
please nobody tell me how it will end, even if you ppl know! Don`t tell me! I don`t want to know it!

News, news, our dearest news and: RUMORS! OMG! RUMORS!
Yes, rumor ppl and media are at it again! “Unconfirmed rumors for the win” is this weeks motto!
I only can say: RUMORS COME TO ME! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I always love to read them, sometimes laugh about them. Let`s just take a look at the first one now!

Yeah, the list of combacks. Most of them seem to be already confirmed but… SuJu comback now? Okay, blog there clearly says it`s unconfirmed and confirmation or not isn`t even the point. The Point is: Now it`s SuJu comeback???? And I thought SuJu-M comeback would be near.
Oh well, be wrong myself? We will see?

➤ and now my fav rumor (hehe… of course it is!) since some weeks:
Chinese media reports rumor that Hankyung & Jiang Kai Tong are headed for marriage
TADA! Now we arrived at the stage of marriage-rumor! Photobucket
Okay, okay. From the beginning!
1.) NOTE that I wouldn`t mind it much if HanGeng would be about to marry someone. We all know GeGe belongs to himself and he can do what he`s pleased to do. And if that would mean this or any other woman makes him happy and he wants to marry her he should just go for it!
2.) The only thing which really confuses me about all that: If this is really true and they will marry soon so… when did they date? I mean HanGeng barely has the time to breath and he always told us, up to present interviews, he will look for a woman when he has the time to be with her.
And with all the media eyes on HanGeng ALWAYS in China (not to mention fans` eyes) how would it be possible nooo one ever saw them dating before only once?
Well, well. We cannot consider “being at the airport together” as proof for a relationship, can we? Ara ships herself with Yunho, does this make them a couple? xD LOL
We all know how fast rumors spread and media always just jumps on the bandwagon with their headlines. I mean: We had relationship rumors with Han and some women during SuJu time too.
I only believe it when they confirm it.
Is nobody besides me wondering about the TIME PROBLEM???
I kept thinking about this last night. When no one saw them date so far and althought HanGeng is such a busy person this can only mean HanGeng is super good in keeping all this a secret to everyone or his day has 48hours.
What FuckYeah!HanGeng! Says about this is still the same too: rumor-statement
Key sentence is clearly “The issue hasn’t been addressed by any reliable sources anywhere.”
Yeah, like we all know: Rumors spreak like wildfire. Would be like as if the british “SUN” or our german “BILD” say this and that is true. Photobucket
So calm your coconuts ppl! *imitating Emmy* Wait for confirmation and don`t be too ridiculously fangirlish. GROW UP!
…I have to admit: I would really love to see the marriage photos of HanGeng`s wedding one day! ;D Just because I`m this kind of 庚饭 (Gengfan) who wants to know that he`s happy & who wants him to be happy as the first priority!
What were the last lines in DB5K`s “Doushite”? : Even though you’re away from me
For your eternal happiness, I’ll just wish for it. However lonely it’ll make me, Or how hard it’ll be. (yeah, and I´m just THAT melodramatic too xD )

➤ Maybe we should just go and ask THAT MAN about HanGeng`s rumor, but… maybe he won`t tell us anything at all xD
Siwon Pictures!!
… please everyone take a note of… THE HAIR! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) KYAAAH! OMG! Siwon stop that! really. Stop the thing with your hair and being so adorable and… looking so good! (≥///≤) *runs away… embarrassed*

*cough* yeah. So much for our Captain Prince Charming Choi… (≥///≤)
DAMMIT! @Patricia: It`s all your fault! And my VLC even trolled me with Ailee`s “Heaven”?!?!? CANNOT BELIEVE IT! *dies* *suspects the ELFi to secretly controling my VLC player* …*thinks* ottoke? I cannot run away on SuJu concert… °.° well that`s a problem! (≥///≤)

OH LET`S GO BACK TO THE NEWS, shall we? This is way to embarrassing agian! ><

➤ Prince Shim: [Trans] TVXQ Staff Update – Changmin Birthday Message
this is a super cute and nice cake! =D
but.. is it just me or did minnie look somehow super tired on all his b-day pictuers? >< Aigoo…

➤ Hyun Joong & Jaejoong attended KARA concert :3
hehehe… cuties! I love their friendship! *click*

Block B stirs controversy with Thai interview, draws response from 2PM
ts… ㄱ_ㄱ I already said on twitter: No manners these kids! This isn`t just a small little “mistake”. 1.) Who are you to call others “ugly”? You guys cannot keep up with Big Bang and you dare to practically prais yourself and look down on others? aaah, I see *facepalm*
2.) How can you talk about the Thailand flood disaster like that even while being IN FEAKIN’ THAILAND? *shakes head* what`s wrong with you? All of you kids are older than 18 years. You are old enough to know what`s the difference between right and wrong. well, this is SOOOO WRONG through the roof! Even a blind man can see it.
3.) that out of everyone the Leader talks like that? ts. KIDS PLEASE! What are you thinking? I only say: Rookie group, anyone? They gained NOTHING so far. Such a small presence in the industry and they dare to behave like that?
Like I said before: There is NO excuse, absolutely NO, for this FAIL! Even if they would have been our very own boys I would have said this. For this there is just no excuse and oooh ooh, look what happened:
Block B’s Zico shaves his head in response to the Thailand interview controversy
Look who`s talking now with regret! OTL
No matter how high you are, there is no excuse for behaving like that. To be exact there is no excuse for nobody on earth. yeah, yeah. You kids show a more mature image and while we are at it go somewhere to learn some manners… ㄱ-ㄱ AISH!
Yeah, Block B fans. Shoot me. *shrugs* If you don`t think that this behaviour is unberable then I pity you. Would be the biggest shame for me if our boys or SuJu would have done such a thing ><

➤ Somthing more positive:
[News] 120220 JYJ’s ‘The Day’ ticket orders crash website server
*massiv regret because I cannot go to see it* #emo
[Pic] JYJ ‘The Day’ documentary poster

[Trans] Xiah Junsu’s charm… 99% of the audience of the musical “Elisabeth” are females
ㅋㅋㅋ of course they are! It`s Junsu after all! and… LOL the restroom story! xD OMG, poor theater ppl. ^^ I kinda feel a bit bad for them.

[Pic] Junsu for Singles Magazine March issue
Nice photos, really. But… these days I cannot think of another thing as the fact that Junsu needs to eat more/gain weight again ㅠ~ㅠ *worried noona*

JYJ’s Jaejoong to star alongside Song Seung Hun in new drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’
I can only say: The chances that I don`t watch this drama are REALLY HIGH. Not because I dislike JJ, oh no!, it`s just that I cannot watch every drama I want to watch and my “drama waiting list” is already that long D:<<

➤ oh yeah, and while we were talking about Junsu: Xiah “Death” MACROOOS!
xDD Love the ones with Yoochun & the haters! LOL

➤ This is interesting! and: I KNEW IT! =D SuJu are taking over the world these days ;D good, good. If not our boys are first I want SuJu to be first!
German “K-Pop fav band Voting”

➤ AAAAND one thing we cannot forget: Big Bang are BACK! Check it out.

What are cute YeWook doing today?
“YeWook of the day”:
Everyone, I´m sorry for my many fangirl-outbursts but… I just love these dramas and
o(*゚▽゚*)o they are so cute!

And what are SiChul doing today?
“SiChul of the day”:
Still in cuddling mood? You two are relatives of my soulmate today? ^^ but sweet! really sweet! Sweet young SuJu members hugging! :3

Now my fav couple these days, what are they doing today?
“SiHan of the day”:
Photobucket I see! Today everyone is in hugging/cuddling mood! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) My, my… you cutie sworn brothers! *pinches them*

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: When SiHan have a quarrel! ☆✭☆
Sworn Brothers Siwon and Hankyung`s quarrel – ROUND 1
Sworn Brothers Siwon and Hankyung`s quarrel – ROUND 2
Photobucket *pinches SiHan* aaaah, so cute! Sworn Brothers so cute! If this is how they fight then I want to see more of it Photobucket

So now, all because of this blog entry I haven`t played FF 13-2 a bit! And tomorrow is the day of the BEAST report on german tv! =D Bigeast unni already congratulated us for the start of our k-pop movement!
@Unni-sama: Thank you a lot (again)! Right now we rarely have k-pop reports. Hope more GOOD reports will come in future!
When I come home early I can play before 05:00 PM!

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