Playing FF 13-2… SHEEP!!!! =D + HoMin “Still” short version video & Skip Beast OST is out!!!!

안녕 다들! v^^.

YAY! I was gaming again! Playing with my FF 13-2 game!

Gamind day 8:
OMO! Today a lot of things happened while I was playing yesterday. I wanted to fight some more Behemoth`s in the Yáshàs area and then go to Oerba. But I ended up running around, fighting more monsters, going back to Sunleth Waterscapes, leave there and going back to Bresha in the time of the monsterhunt and then it happened! We ran into a violet Chocobo! =D OMG! The first time we fought it we weren`t that good so we didn`t get the monster crystal. As we came along the way for the second time my party ROCKED and we got the crystal!
WOOHOOO! ┗(^o^ )┓ *dances to the left* WE ROCKED! ⎛( ^o^)⎠ *dances to the right*
OMG! Violet Chocobo can be used in the role of the Synergist. They work magic very quick. I named my violet Chocobo “Sonia”! I like that name since “Underworld” Movie *hahaha* xD #FinalFantasyFAIL → me thinks about that movie.
In the future-Bresha we also ran into 2 Tonberry D:<< OMG! I HATE TONBERRIES! >___< They are too strong! Well, we lost both times but I didn`t exprected it to turn out any other way… ㄱ_ㄱ
However, I entered the grasslands of Grand Pulse today! I saw a lot of SHEEP! =D SHEEEEEEP! Yes! The sheep we already met during Final Fantasy 13 in Natilus and Grand Pulse. And now again! So many cute sheep in Grand Pulse! Photobucket I was totally spazzing over them! I was amused-hyper and ran around them in circles while spazzing xDD Must have looked so stupid! #SpazzingIdiotAtWork But they are just so cute! I needed to do this! I was happy that there were the FF13 sheep! Photobucket

Sheep in FF13, in Nautilus – with baby Chocobo flying around x3

I also did a mission before where I had to get wool from them. Yeah, that meant pretty much runnin after those big sheep (hard to catch >< ) and fight random enemies on my run.
Sheep Mission:
So it happened that my party ran into another Chocobo! We successfully fought it and got ourselves a yellow(normal) Chocobo! It can be used for the role “Commando”. I have no name for my new Chocobo yet. I will give a name to it the next time I play. b^^d
But it`s really sooooo cool! I managed to get two monster crystals of Chocobos today! HOW EPIC! I always wanted to have them!
Oh yes and party is making good progress. Noel & Serah grow well in their roles. I´m satisfied with the progress. Neol is already over 3000 TP and we we are in chapter 3 of the game. Sera is around 2500 TP. I hope I can run around in Grand Pulse (“Archylte Steppe” in der deutschen Version) a little longer. Doing some missions, fight monsters, let my party become stronger. The next fight is a Boss fight with our dear Caius Ballad OTL
I´m overly curious what happens when Caius & Noel met. Maybe we will learn more about what kind of relation those two have. One thing is for sure: they have some issue going on! The question is: Why?

The news! Today is video Blog day for sure! ;D

➤ Our little Henry uploaded a new vid lately! OMO! It´s perfect! WATCH!

YAY! This was awesome! =D

[Trans] JYJ’s “appearance” on “Ojakyo Brothers:” Just saying their name creates a hot topic

Big Bang dominates music charts with “Blue”
NO, this wasn`t sarcasm. I mean it. There is nothing to wonder about this because BB are awesome!
(off comment: But I like Seungri`s hair to be longer!)

➤ I happened to have a little #JYJinBerlin reminiscence 2 days ago. And now I want to show what I found! Because it wasn`t shared too often since many ppl ignored europe concerts… oO I wonder wae is that?
Anyways: There you go!
“In Heaven” and fan`s chanting -JYJ!- in Berlin:

Fan`s chanting -JYJ- & -saranghae!- + “Get Out” performance in Berlin:

➤ Very funny talk during #JYJinSpain:
xD so cool. I laughed so hard! Mom came in and asked me if everything is alright xDDD
Yeah sorry for my fangirling mom! OTL

JYJ’s Junsu poses for Singles magazine
*sigh* I would love it if my worries wouldn`t be more relevant. I cannot approve Junsu being that thin. I CAN`T! OKEH?!

The reality of EXO…[PIC]
Ah hahaha! Photobucket The funny thing is: We really did this! We really said that and now XDD HAHAHA! Look how many teasers SM has released
Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

SBS reveals still cuts of Park Yoochun & Han Jimin’s ‘Rooftop Prince’ poster shoot

HanGeng for Yishion
I just loooooove him with longer hair but…. look at his hair now! It´s suddenly so short! Wow… that was a bit of a shock but still: I love you GeGe! Photobucket Not even my hair crazyness has the might to stop me (respectively my love ㅎㅎ)!

➤ A bunch of cray/funny/amazing things *click* Mr. Egg tweeted yesterday!
YAH! What`s that “Haus Rizzi – Germany” thing?!? I never knew about that!
Anyways: I will show these pictures to mom later!

Super Junior’s Siwon and Ryeowook graduate from Inha University
Congratulation sweeties! *hugs them* Such hard working ppl… *.*

14 year old Jung Hyun Ho receives 10 million Won on ‘Hello’
eeeh? What kind of show is that? the person with the hardest hardship gets money? oO hm.

SBS, KBS, & MBC to restrict Block B’s appearance on music programs
…I think someone (*coughs* Block B! *coughs*) learns a lesson the hard way right now + facing the consequences of their behaviour. ㄱ_ㄱ
The only think I wonder about is: Did they notice that they were wrong by themselves or was is the company/manager who said “OMG SUN! You cannot say this! D: disaster!!!!”. Ooooor was it maybe only because of the bad/shocked/negative reaction of the public? This is the one thing I would really want to know. Because this question would be really interesting to be answered, don`t ya think?
The only thing they can do now, after it was already said and broadcasted *facepalm*, is to now make the same mistage twice. ts… kids these days… *shakes head* All of them over 18 years old and behaved like some 10 years old… aigoo, aigoo.

➤ JYJ`s Movie “The Day” was/is very successful!
JYJ’s ‘THE DAY’ tops the box office
[Trans] 120224 JYJ’s Daily-Life Documentary “The Day” Attracts Crowd Of Over 4,000 People To Its Premiere… “Satisfies All Five Senses”

➤ Something not k-pop releated I saw yesterday: Okay, maybe a little late for me to watch this but it`s still cool ^^ Final Fantasy Agito XIII for PSP. Here`s the trailer:

Shinhwa to Live Stream Comeback Event in 200 Countries
Hey, this is Shinhwa! Even I`m interested although I don`t know a thing about them and barely know any music of them. My two reasons to be interested in them is 1.) they are a k-pop legend & 2.) Emmy is a fan of them. Photobucket

➤ My ELFi RTed this into my timeline on Twitter (≥///≤)
Photobucket OMG SUN SIWON! O:< Can you please stop making our relationship go “worse”, will ya?? (≥///≤) I… I cannot even! *runs away*

(Note to myself: This will SO become a part of my k-pop wall in my future bedroom! >//< What a beautiful photo! LET ME DIE!)

➤ The next is… omo! omo! … WE WAITED SINCE THE DRAMA HAS STARTED! =D
Finally! wooohooo! Photobucket *dances around the room*
120224 Official Skip Beat (EC) OST
EVERYBODY REJOICE!!!!! THIS OST IS AWESOME! Mify`s song is just awesome!
I will go search ebay for this OST later on ebay! Maybe it is already online? Who knows! I just MUST check it!

Ah~, and Zhoumi`s song is so nice!
ㅋㅋㅋ I`m sure my chinese dragon plushie likes it too! (and he really came from china OTL). Né, Zhao? *talks to dragon plushie* You like it? *hahaha* Oh, I´m so sorry Zhao, I cannot talk to you in chinese. I`m lacking that abilitiy a “bit”… eh hehe… Photobucket
Yes, Zhao had to learn german when he became my plushie xD #WeirdoMe

Donghae and Eunhyuk to hold a special event to celebrate the release of ‘Oppa Oppa’
Note to myself: Need to move to japan or anywhere near to it! DAMMIT! >o<

➤ Ailee @ Music Core, performing her “Heaven”!

And the rest of the performances from February 25th’s ‘Music Core’!

➤ EunHae video with Piano version of “This Is Love” from Skip Beat OST~❤

Nothing to say besides: SUITS THEM WELL! + I looooove the Piano Version!

Forbes Korea ranks the ‘Top 40 Celebrities’ of Korea
Big Bang, IU, KARA, B2ST, 2PM, JYJ, TVXQ, Super Junior and T-ARA! All of them are in the top 20 of that list! #justsaying

➤ And now… KYAAAAAAH! O(≧∇≦)O Best always comes last, né?
Tohoshinki/HoMin “Still” short version! OMO! OMO! Is there no normal-length MV?!??!

*fangirl squee* LEADER씨!!!!!!! 넌 너무 너무 귀엽다!!! 정윤호… 진심으로! 너무 귀여은! Photobucket 아이고 진짜! *pinches Leader씨* Don`t use that adorable puppy look on me with that cute hair of yours! WAAAAAH! *squeaks* (((o(≧∇≦)o)))
AND LOOK AT MINNIES HAIR! Just like a adorable little Changminnie! ❤。◕‿◕。❤ EMMY WILL LOVE IT!

You know what time it is?! Yes, yes, it`s always -Return of the King- and -Yunho time-.
But on the blog it`s coupel time! =D

“YeWook of the day”:
ah haha! Yesung! Ryeowook is trying to work and Yesungie is doing… well… whatever he`s doing xD ㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* hugging Wookie for no reason? I have no idea, but it`s cute!

Let`s visit the SiChul couple!
“SiChul of the day”:
OMG!!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Aren`t they just sooooo cute?!?!? And Heechul with that wig!! Aaaah!!! I love him! =D

Now I`m highly interested in what SiHan do today! *takes a look*
“SiHan of the day”:
ah! wait! I remember this! The MC was asking what Geng is doing to wake the other members up. He said he hits them on the butt xD He asked where he`s hitting Siwon.
Siwon: *pointing at his cheek*
Han: “The cheek *touches*”
Photobucket ai! The sworn brothers!

☆✭☆ “Couple Special”, today: Siwon and Han Geng. What’s their problem? ☆✭☆
hahaha! ^____^ No problem. SiHan only love to touch and cuddle for no reason at all. xD ㅋㅋㅋ LOVE THEM!

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