Big Bang everywhere! ヽ(´▽`)/ , “B.U.T” dance version + SM’s new way of world domination? xD

안넝 친구들!

I`m just done with writing my emial to my korean fandom friend! Always fun to write to her.
I mean: my first k-cassie contact! Photobucket
The mail for my aunt is also done! So now it`s the blog`s turn!

Before we begin with the news I want to share my latest k-dream! I totally forgot to post it with the last entry! *facepalms*

This time it was Borther`s turn again.
This time the dream was short and extremely blurry. Only from the middle on I can remember some things better.
I was walking along the streets somewhere in a city, dunno where, and it was evening. I wanted do find a location to eat dinner at. Then I past a restaurant and thought “oh, wait! I know that person.” and went inside. And look who I found! It was my brother-in-law Junho. =)
I greeted him and asked him if I can take a seat. Yeah, of course brother said yes. We started talking and after a while I somehow thought brother`s talk began to be a little strange. You maybe know the moment when you think this is starting to become nonesense? xD Oh yeah well, it wasn`t that worse, really. But I thought brother was a litte bit drunk now. ^^° Brothers evening seemed to be a bit too easy-going… ㄱ.ㄱ
I decided that it`s time for both of us to leave as he became more and more clingy & kept talking stuff about my clothes and I was only like “Photobucket yeah, it`s not like we met everyday. You don`t know about a lot of my clothes. Let`s go now.”. However, besides that it was a bit funny xD I also thought –Junsu, you owe me some! You`re not here AGAIN… Now I need to take care of your brother alone…– .
I took brother home (to HIS home, not mine) and told him he needs to sleep. What luck for me, he wanted to and went to bed. It`s not like I would have been able to force him. Brother is much stronger than I am. OTL.
Althought it was indeed cute because Junho became so clingy and stuff (hehe… cutie! Photobucket ) it was a good thing he agreed on going to sleep. It was for the better.
I wonder why I dream stuff like that? I haven`t had dinner in the end and the only thing I´ve done was taking care of Junho… and anyway! I wonder how I knew where his apartment was…???!! Photobucket I cannot remember that I would have been there before. It`s the same mystery as with how I got Siwon`s phone number in my other dream xD
K-dreams are mystrious!

I really wanted to meet Junsu or Junho again but… really… not when brother enjoyed his evening too much xD
and: WHERE IN DA WORLD IS JUNSU!?? My hubby is too busy to visit me in my k-dreams. *pouts* well, I demand a appearance of Junsu soon! (or else my stalker will return soon xDD OMG SIWON! He always appears!)

And talking about dreams: ELFi dreamed about attending Super Show 4 for the second time.
@Patricia: YAH! Wae u no dream that I attend with you? ME WANTS TO! >.<
But wait! Let me think about it… instead of dreaming about attending SS4 I got hugged by Siwon, helped brother and already had a k-drama-like scene with Junsu ≧◡ ≦ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~
I like my dreams! MUAHAHAHA!
(compared to dreams about attending concert I prefer it that way!)

Now listen up, listen up!

All what the k-pop media says since “Blue” MV came out is “Big Bang! Big Bang!” xD ㅋㅋㅋ oh yeah, they truely made a BIG BANG with their comeback/upcoming comeback! And all what every k-pop fan, regardless from what fandom, says is “Big Bang! Big Bang!” LOOOL
Everyone is talking about Big Bang these days! As if it would be the only topic on earth! It`s soooo funny and awesome at the same time! It´s like BB are the center of k-pop!
I got myself their “Alive” album yest! (yeah, it was out yest -> midnight korean time, 4pm german time).
It`s sooo awesome! I love Big Bang and I waited soooo for them to come back!
Too bad that I have to watch my money right now. More than ever. Somehow I`m only paying bills these days oO It`s like I do nothing else! ㅠ~ㅠ so I dunno when I will be able to buy the CD from korea.

Yeah. Big Bang.
Since I am no exception all I talk about it also Big Bang xD let`s look at the news:
➤ Their latest MV for “Bad Boy”:
I like “Blue” MV & Song better but this song is still cool! Uhm… aaand… I cannot get used to GD`s hair >< GD, please! Too much! Get a hair cut! (no harm meant VIP`s but that`s how I ‘feel’ about his hair ^^°°)
OTL We should give half of GD`s hair to Seungri and we would be totally fine! Because Seungri`s hair is too short for my taste ^^°°° *is a lover of longer hair* Daesung looks hot!
Big Bang’s ‘Blue’ MV draws 8 million views, wins 2 Youtube gold medals
Well, these news are already a bit old. When you look at “Blue” today on YouTube you will see that we are already at over 10 000 000 views Photobucket
Big Bang first to archieve “Perfect All Kill” in 2012
Wow! that`s pretty cool, isn`t it? ^^
(Updated) Big Bang reveals teaser for “Ain’t No Fun”
➤ OTL that *nods*:
Big Bang, 2AM, Shinhwa, and more to make highly-anticipated March comebacks
I`m not really interested in 2AM but I´m overly curious about Shinhwa! =D And you know I loooove Big Bang ^^ one of the view bands I can actually tell the members apart from each other most of the time without being in their fandom! (OTL I`m no VIP, simply a person who likes their music!)
Big Bang’s album ‘ALIVE’ receives 260,000 pre-orders
Nothing more to say about that. They are 짱!
Big Bang’s 5th mini album ‘ALIVE’ released!
➤ Since realla EVERYONE was hyper about them and all cray cray: YES THEY DO! ^^d
Big Bang dominating with ‘ALIVE’ on various online music charts
➤ And it was only released for half of a day by that time!
Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ ranks #7 and #4 on iTunes + sweeps domestic charts

➤ (shared by @ onedaymicky on twitter)
“(Blacksmith fanacc) YC: Whoa~ you are so tall~
Fan: ahhh… yeah…
YC: How tall are you?
Fan: 172 (cm)
YC: ahhh not as tall as i thought. so it’s because of those heels. ㅋㅋㅋ

No chunnie, it`s really not that tall. For example, it`s normal height for a woman in europe ^^°° (and I HATE IT! I would love to be 10 cm shorter! Women shouldn`t be too tall T.T I`m the same as that fan! 170 cm tall!)

➤ This is just WHAT DA FACK!
[Vid] JYJ in Peru – TV commercial
WHAT DA HELL! TV COMMERCIAL!?!?!? … ㅠ﹏ㅠ we will never have something like this! Photobucket *runs away crying*

➤ 어머! Super cute interview with our boys! LOOOOOOK AT THEM!
Photobucket OMG SUN! They are all so adorable-cute to the max!

➤ Yoohwan news:
Yoochun’s brother Yoohwan transforms into band leader
hehe… put him into EXO an no one would notice a difference! b^^d (but please Yoohwan, never join SME! D: THIS IS A JOKE! – yes, I still think there`s a reason why Yoochun had nothing against yoohwan joining cjes! OTL)

➤ You even ask?!
[Spazz] Who wore it better? Yunjae vs. model
YUNJAE! YUNJAE!!!! F*CK YEAH YUNJAE! hahaha! *spazzes*

➤ Hea unni just tweeted this: HoMin`s “B.U.T” as dance version!!
*o* HoMin`s dance is… hypnotic! I love the dance version!

and she also tweeted this: “Duet” MV:

➤ The only CD I could buy this month with my last poor money ><
120223 Skip Beat OST Album Preview with Donghae & Siwon
The Skip Beat OST.

I try to buy JYJ`s COO since 2 moth now and I still CANNOT buy it because I has no money! OTL I think you need to gimme 3 more month, then we can maybe talk about it again… T~T

➤ (credita to:
Korean → Chinese trans cr: @yuki最爱赫J澈 の weibo~❤
Chinese → Englist trans cr: dancingbunnyclouds @ tumblr)
24/02/2012 – Kim Heechul’s Seongdong Cafe (Radio Show) – Calling Siwon
HeeDJ: Hello~
Siwon: Hello~
HeeDJ: Introduce yourself a bit~
HeeDJ: Haha.
Siwon: Ah, hello everybody, I am Choi Siwon.
HeeDJ: Ah~It’s our sculpture-like pretty guy Choi Siwon.
Siwon: Heechul-ssi’s radio show, I’m not a sculpture-like pretty guy, I have many more nicknames~
HeeDJ: So you have many more other nicknames~Choi Siwon-ssi, what exactly did you call me when you rang me up just now?
Siwon: I called you “dear”~
HeeDJ: You called me your “dear”.
Siwon: Yes I did.
HeeDJ: Choi Siwon-ssi, you graduated from Uni today right~
Siwon: Yes, I’m so thankful to everybody……
HeeDJ: Congratulations~
Siwon: Thank you.
HeeDJ: It seems like you’ve became even more handsome~
Siwon: (we) Cut the cat’s fur……
HeeDJ: We did cut the cat’s fur together~
HeeDJ: Choi Siwon-ssi, a while back, you had a concert overseas, in Singapore~
Siwon: Yes, it was in Singapore.
HeeDJ: You saved the fans in Singapore~!
Siwon: Was it in Singapore?
HeeDJ: Wasn’t it in Singapore when you stopped the barrier from toppling over?
Siwon: I’m sorry but that was in Seoul……
HeeDJ: Ah……It was in Seoul~?
HeeDJ: Choi Siwon-ssi, who knows, one day I might just get married.
Siwon: Who?
HeeDJ: Kim Heechul~! Your hyung Kim Heechul~! Your DEAR~!
Siwon: ……
HeeDJ: If I get married, you will congratulate me, won’t you?
Siwon: I’m actually more worried……
HeeDJ: Looks like it’s time for me to hang up~
Siwon: AH it’s not like that~ In our past concerts where you were Lady Heehee, I received messages stating that you were very pretty(??), hence I feel worried……
HeeDJ: Please don’t say that again~! PLEASE~!
HeeDJ: Siwon-ssi has a busy schedule, it’s time we hung up~
Siwon: It’s not what you think~
HeeDJ: Siwon-ssi, I’m going to hang up now~I’ll call you later~
Siwon: Yes DEAR~X3
*HAHA* they are cute!
And in case you wonder what they were talking about: It was this incident ➜ [NEWS] Choi Siwon comes to the rescue of fans at the ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’
Any questions left why Siwon wears the -superman- costume in SS4?? *raises eyebrows* I don`t think so.
:3 Siwon, you are one of my heroes from now on!

➤ xDDD poor PoketFullOfStars admin!
The search terms that lead people to my blog…( ̄A ̄|||)
OMG SUN! LOOOOL Photobucket I know! I know right!
The search terms say so much and can be so weird! I know that very well! I sometimes wonder what kind of things ppl type in the serach box of my blog too! xD

➤ I always told you: They want world domination! Now they even have their hands in the tourism industry? oO
SM Entertainment to start a travel agency business
NUUU! I won`t travel with you SME! (・_・;) You will make me travel with you for 13 years! OTL! [ #trolllolol ]

➤ HoMin MISSHA CF preview!
Photobucket HNGGGG! HoMin so freakin’ cool!

JYJ’s documentary, 24,000 people “rush” to cinemas within first 4 days
Want to see that film too! >< unfair world is unfair!

➤ hahahaha! Silly girl, poor Jay xD …
Jay Park offers to marry a fan but gets rejected
Girl, wae u no take the chance! Jay probalby didn`t know what he was doing you should have just taken your chance! Well, now it`s too late. Silly girl! How can you like your hair better than marrying Jay Park? xD
I don`t understand the today`s kids anymore ^^°°°

JYJ’s Jaejoong wins Shorty Award for most popular celebrity 2 years in a row

➤ Neat freak Oppa was at work again ;P
Brian comments on his ideal girl on ‘Beautiful Concert’
ooooh! If that`s all: YOU COME HERE TO MARRY ME BRIAN RIGHT AWAY! I`m a neat freak, I`m kinda obsessed about cleanliness and having things hygenically + I have several compulsion neuroses regarding order/tidiness… eh hehe… ^^° Some ppl call me a complete freak but now that it makes me someone you like I feel way better! Photobucket
OMGZ! Having a date cleaning our houses sounds so cute! Better as having a date going somwhere. Brian, watch out! *o* this kind of dating could become my new weird fav form of dating xD #WeirdoMe4EverSuperWeird

➤ Sis found that one yesterday:
[SPAZZ] Jaejoong’s Beloved Fanboys!!
Oh my! JJ and this fanboys! Look, fandom, there they are! THE FANBOYS WE RARELY SEE!

KARA スピードアップ (Speed Up) MV
The song is okay, but not really what I like. (but I loved “Step”!) I only wanted to share this to say: They look so pretty! errr… but the pants of the girl walking around (dunno her name, I`m not that of a big KARA fan) at the beginning of the MV are… a bit too short oO at least for my taste. #justsaying

➤ Aaaand: oh how suitable! Directly after the KARA MV for japan heeere we go with that guy!
Oricon Charts president: “Too many K-Pop artists are rushing to the Japanese market”

➤ ^______^ HanGeng, wae so adorable?
➤ I slowly get used to his short hair!
That necklace we can see in pic 1 and 3… isn`t that the one JJ has too? They look very similar!
+ *hihihi* he look looks like a young boy even with that short hair! ( ˆ ω ˆ )
Althought I´m such a long hair supporter… I can really get used to his new short hair style!
➤ [HanGeng SPAZZ]: You call me ‘Oppa’?
hahaha! hahahahaha! oh my! hahaha! xD

NO WAY! That`s creepy somehow! D:<

Siwon and HanGeng in europe compilation
good god! all I say about this is OMG SUN! o(*゚▽゚*)o

Couple time!

“YeWook of the day”
eh hehe… ^^° what are you staring at each other? It`s kinda creepy… eeeeh, I will leave! *leaves for the next couple*

Hope they are not creepy! (but I really don`t think so)
“SiChul of the day:”
aw! cuddle while filming a show? You two are such sweeties! SiChul~♡

Like always I`m on fire to know what SiHan are doing today!
“SiHan of the day”:
*jaw drops* …. …. O: … … YOU TWO SURELY BRING THE SHOW TODAY!
uhm… but one question: Wae are you dancing like that with each other? oO *lefts every other comment unsaid* Classic SiHan, no doubt guys. No doubt.

☆✭☆ SPAZZ!, today: The moment Zhoumi & HanGeng met for the first time ☆✭☆
(credit to !)
Zhou Mi’s first meeting with Han Geng

Xie Na: How did you feel when you first saw Han Geng?

Zhou Mi: I first met him in the dormitory because we lived in the same dormitory. Wow, it was so familiar. The first Chinese person I saw in Korea.

Xie Na: What did you say first? ‘Have you eaten?’

Zhou Mi: No, the first sentence he said was whether I wanted to shop or go to the park. He was really considerate at that time.

[080505 Sina Interview // Translations by khyy127]


What probably happened:

(Zhou Mi arrives in Korea and runs into Han Geng for the first time)

Zhou Mi: Ah, ni hao. My name is Zhou Mi.

Han Geng: ⊙﹏⊙


What Han Geng says: Have you explored the area yet? Let’s go shopping sometime. There’s a really nice park near here that I can show you as well. Let me know if you encounter any problems. (っˆ‿ˆ)っ

Zhou Mi: What a kind and considerate person. ヽ(´‿`)/

Too funny! I love that tumblr blog!

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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