Big Bang reveals preview for “Fantastic Baby” MV! =D , K-dreams & heeeere we go with Standom again! xD oh my!

안녕 여러분!

Gaming day 9:
OMGZ! Moooooore Chocobos! I catched 2 more!
A normal one and a red one. Red one is named “Zoe” now :3. My yellow Chocobo got the name “Isabell” and you may remember that I named my purple one “Sonia”.
Oh, and we fought a huge dragon-like beast today! I was like “oO we are supposed to fight THAT?!?!?!?” but in the end it wasn`t so dangerous. I got 5 of 5 stars for this battle & got the extra after battle!
Yup, we are still in the grassland of Grand Pulse where the hutners and their chocobos live. It´s somehow awesome there because the area (map) is huuuuuge! I still have some parts I haven`t explored yet.
We fought the battle with the dragon because the dragon was connected to the time paradox and kept transfering a lot of little puddings (I call them ‘little tomatoes’) to Sunleth – where they join the biiiig evil tomato to become even bigger ><
So we stopped the dragon by defeating it. After the battle Noel said to Serah they should go back to Sunleth now before Snow get`s himselfe in even more danger. *haha* aha! listen to this! Serah teasingly asked if he`s worried about Snow now xD Noel said -no- and said he was just thinking that Serah may wants to see her beloved Snow again soon.
Serah told him that she`s not afraid Snow could be in danger because he`s as “strong like a Behemoth”. ^^ Serah! What a comparison! She also said that it`s okay when they go their own ways right now. Noel then said he couldn`t live like the two of them (Snow & Serah). Being apart for so long when they are in love. He then told her that every moment counts, that she can never know what could happen and ppl she loves can taken away very quickly. =((( NOEL… SO SAD! (well, he lost everyone, he was the last child of a dying folk… and in the end he was all alone Photobucket so sad!)
Serah turned around to him and I said exactly the same that moment when she said: “Noel…” with a surprised face and sad voice. =(( aigoo, he can be so sad! I wonder what happened!
I will run around in Grand Pulse a while longer. I want to explore the area longer before I go back to grand pulse and finish that dammit gigant tomato off xD ㅋㅋㅋ

News now!

➤ Maybe not really new anymore but: EUNHAE!
My, my ^^ I can only say: Eunhae, what da hell are you doing? and… poor Siwon ^^°°°

➤ Hm. I thought this was interesting to take a look at:
Netizen reports the average height of K-pop girl groups
Netizen posts the average heights of K-pop boy groups

➤ Aigoo…
Brother of deceased motorcyclist in Daesung controversy sits down with ‘Star In’
Ppl love to make it even more complicated and hard for him, huh?

Netizens once again impressed with Jay Park’s polite manners
That`s true! Lately everyone praises him for his manners. *nods* even I noticed that.

JYJ featured in Vietnamese teen magazine
I wonder if my baby Linh saw this! Maybe she reads that magazine? I`ve send it to her and ask her but since she`s not online very often it could take a loong time till I get my answer.

[Trans] 120229 JYJ’s First Concert In Peru Expected To Be A Big Hit
You guys will surely rock with JYJ! hwaiting!
But, what I don`t understand is: Wae is everyone still like “OMGZ! all the VIP tickets were sold out so fast!” When it was exactly the same in germany… oO Our ticket site crashed totally even before the start of the ticket selling and then they needed to re-arrange the seating to have more VIP tickets to sell because the request was so big.
The only difference is that everyone ignored what happened in europe when JYJ were here. So no one knew. Well, not only to speak of our media which totally and completely ignored JYJ… ㄱ-ㄱ I mean, fandom in general was very ignorant. Sad, sad. So it happened that no one ever knew about the craziness here.

➤ German asian music charts ^.^ February 2012
BRIAN IS ON #8! Photobucket YAY! Makes me happy!
MBLAQ are on the first rank! and xD they kicked themselves from first place with their new song? how cool is that! I like both songs! ELFi will maybe happy to see B.A.P in second place. Personally I love the fact that “Tick Tack” is third! I just loooove that song!
Here`s the list from the YouTube description in case you are too lazy to watch the vid:

1. (new) MBLAQ – This is war
2. (new) B.A.P – Warrior
3. (3) U-KISS – Tick Tack
4. (1) MBLAQ – Mona Lisa
5. (4) BEAST – Fiction
6. (new) Teen Top – Crazy
7. (new) T-ara – Lovey Dovey
8. (new) Brian Joo – Let This Die (feat. Tiger JK)
9. (new) BEAST – I knew it
10. (new) Clazzi – LOVE&HATE (feat. Yi Sung Yol & MYK)

11. (9) Donghae & Eunhyuk – Oppa Oppa
12. (12) JYJ – In Heaven
13. (2) Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker
14. (15) Tablo – Tomorrow (feat. Taeyang)
15. (18) Se7en – Somebody Else
16. (new) Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song
17. (14) Girls’ Generation – The Boys
18. (5) Tablo – Bad (feat. Jinsil)
19. (new) Soul Fish – What we do (with HI-LITE)
20. (new) Koda Kumi – Boom Boom Boys

Song at the beginning: Red Hair Ann – 청춘불패 (Invincible Youth)

➤ Gege is now on board for “Meng Niu” commercial: 蒙牛果蔬酸酸乳新TVC廣告 :
via fuckyeahhangeng: Mengniu fruits and vegetables and sour milk TVC advertising
I´ve never heard about such a drink before but I´m curious how it would taste. Too bad, I cannot buy something like that here :/ sucks.

➤ Haha! For real? They really do this?
quote: “2PM will be teaching Korean to Japanese viewers on Japan’s NHK channel!”
2PM to teach Korean on Japanese TV channel NHK
OMGZ! awesome! Can you guys teach us korean on german tv too? Photobucket
➤ awww! You guys~Photobucket
2PM plans on enlisting in the Korean military together
oh, but let`s hope they will not be gone after military. Of course, it´s their choice and if they would feel better when they don`t renew their contract. But it would be such a pity for k-pop music when they would disappear!

➤ hehe ;D JJ and his male fans!
[Trans] 120301 Kim Jaejoong, The Devilish Guy Who Attracted Male Fans‏
I always love those ajeossi`s who are like “Hey! It`s JJ! *takes photo*” Photobucket

➤ (^。^) no surprise!
Big Bang takes #1 on Billboard’s ‘K-Pop Hot 100′ chart
I looked at the box (yes, A BOX!) of Alive album on ebay! Woooah!!! *o* such a cool thingy! Aigoo, I need to have it T.T But poor me is too poor to buy it!
➤ BB`s Leader has spoken!
Big Bang’s G-Dragon reveals thoughts on group’s comeback
Big Bang officially kicks off their ’2012 BIG SHOW / BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR’
➤ 어머나! THIS IS TOO AWESOME! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *gets hyper* “Fantastic Baby” MV preview!?!?!? FOR REALZ?!?! *watches*
Big Bang Reveals Brand New Preview for “Fantastic Baby” MV
AAAAH! I WILL LOVE THIS MV! I already love this song without MV! =D BIG BANG ARE SO JJANG!
hehehe xD Seungri, you PIMP! ;P BB`s baby (he`s the maknae) pimping here!
Well, Seungri, hate me for that but: You will always be the ‘baby’ of the group in my eyes. Maybe you can grow up and mature but you cannot get rid of the fact that you are Big Bang`s maknae ^^
Big Bang wraps up ‘2012 BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR’ in Seoul
ooooh *.* … Daesung really had wings! WOW! *.* LUCKY PPL WHO ATTENDED THE AWESOME CONCERT! OTL

➤ HanGeng`s Bloopers/Behind the scenes from that movie channel show’s recording!
KYAAAAH!!!! Photobucket GeGe you`re so suuuuuper duper adorable! I CANNOT EVEN!!!!
See the “behind the scenes” video HERE *click*
OMG! You adorable little something! You shquishy-dorky little Geng! Photobucket
HAHAHA! HanGeng even makes a NG sooo to something so god damn adorable!
fuckyeah!HanGeng! said: “It is full of derpy/squishy awesomeness.” (ˆㅅˆ) aww yes, it is!
HanGeng = the most adorable person on earth!
➤ Somehow, this picture is really epic! *click* (of course, it`s a HanGeng picture ;D )

➤ Some days ago Shindong posted the following vid:
LOOOL OMG SUN! Leeteuk?!? GAIS! *imitating Emmy* what da hell was that?!? xD I was like “OMONA! hahaha! Aigoo, Oppas! This was so funny xD Leeteuki-ssi, are you alright? ^^°” (tweeted in korean to them: “어머나! 하하하!!!!! 아이고, 오빠들! xD WTH? LOL 그렇게 재밌다고! 대박! … 이특이씨, 괜찬아요? ^^°”)
It really MADE MY DAY! Sooo hilarious! How on earth did they hit on that? I don`t even know, but it was funny as hell! Ah haha! *amused laugh* SuJu dorks!

➤ I love U-Kiss!
U-KISS’s new single & album reaches #2 and #6 on the Oricon!
Their songs are good! I looove “Tick Tack” *hehe* (yeah, I already said this a couple of times)

➤ MBC: Performances from March 3rd’s ‘Music Core’!
I only say: Brian! *throws glitter* Ailee! *throws glitter* (‐^▽^‐)

Shinhwa to have their own TV program, ‘Shinhwa Show’
Shinhwa Company, Shinwa Show… Shinhwa everything! ^^ they slowly starting to have their own empire! OTL

➤ interview with Brian!
Awww! He`s so cute! Such a cutie Oppa! He totally made this interview adorable!
Funniest question was defintely: “Will you marry me? ^^” LOOL And Brian`s answer was really good too: “I believe in love at first sight, but not in love at first question” hahahaha! Photobucket sooo fun!
And I totally love him more and more each day. Brian~Photobucket

➤ Those two are somehow adorable!
Leeteuk asks Kang Sora for permission to kiss her
Aigoo, Leeteuk ^^ I think Sora is right ;P
Somehow… all the couples in WGM are at the “kiss topic” right now. Is it scripted like that? For all of them around the same time? ME WONDERS! (I have no idea, I don`t watch that show)

FUN! 2PM fun! v^^.
I AM TOTALLY THAT WOMAN! COULD BE ME! I only know 2 of 2PM`s names and could only really intentify one of them xD errr… oops!
Yeah well, sorry Wooyoung! I`m no Hottest, so I should be excused!

Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae featured in Thailand’s 12 Plus CF
OMO! THIS WOMAN IS LUCKY AS HELL! To film a CF with Donghae & Siwon *dies*
(and commenters are right: Is that ‘Prince Manager’ in the background? o.o *wonders*)
Oh yeah and the headline picture is cute xD But SiHae have a fail heart! #justsaying

➤ JYJ for NII
I don`t understand what they were talking about but they are so cute! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) Today is cuteness day with the news! =D
And, of course, Junsu`s laugh at the end CRACKED ME UP! PWAHAHA! xD I love it! Eu kyang kyang! OTL

➤ == stipid ppl are stupid…
[Trans] Junsu Twitter update
How dare this person to speak in the name of ‘Junsu fans’??? And in general: This person sounded like a anti. ts. What da hell! As if it would be JYJ`s choice not to appear in tv *facepalm*

➤ This was very cute today!
JYJ’s Jaejoong shows his love for fellow members
JJ you stalker! xD but: spread the love!

➤ Eh? °.° SYC Team is still not done with the JYJ collection cards topic?
[Pic] JYJ Collection Card part 11
OMG SUN! JUNSU SOOOOO CUTE! Photobucket awww! sooo cute! awwwww! I`m dying because of his cuteness!
And JJ… HOLY! This is one hell of an awesome pictures! He sitting on that chair because HE`S COOL LIKE THAT and wearing those WHITE PANTS! *faints*
And very pretty pictures of Yoochun! I really like them!
Well, to the pics where all three of them are on that mattress *cough* you know what happened xD YooSu ‘soft porn’! You all remember that gif? OMG! I´m still dying! ^///^

➤ JUNHOOOOO! =D Brother! OMO! This is so cool! I´m so proud of him!
Junho at a Korea-Japan friendship charity event to support earthquake victims:
Poweful dance at the opening in that report! He also talkes during the interview time and he`s to be seen at the end of the video as well!
Funny fact when I watched this today: Brother is always the tallest person far and wide xD Always taller by a head ㅋㅋㅋ There`s just no way you can overlook him! He`s always outstanding even when he`s doing nothing Photobucket
btw: HE`S SO CUTE! *pinches brother* Today is truely the day of cute boys!

➤ And while we are at the news this can be counted as news too: THE STANDOM!
Enough said? xD Yeah, now you can already assume that they were at it again and by that I mean: Being Stupid. They were at being stupid again!
You can also say they released a new episode of the new famous drama called “Standom drama”!
Marta Unni lately quoted THIS all of a sudden into my TL: standom said –appa Jae and umma Boochun–
and then she was like: *choking on my soda* …boo… chun.. O_O haven’t stans said they ship them as brothers? and that JJ is not gay?
HECK YES! They said exactly that! xD *haha* this is too funny!
Always completely worked up about ppl who ‘dare’ to pair JJ up with another guy and then? They go all the way with that topic in their own!
I couldn`t help my self but burst into laughter ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *is extremely amused* I KNEW IT! I knew that standom would embarrass themselves without someone`s help soon enough. And as if we weren`t talking about it (*looks at Hea unni* né? we were talking about standom a day before that ^^) and then the standom DROPS DA BOMB again! xD
unni was shocked about so much stupidity and I was only laughing! Seriously this is sooo Photobucket!

It`s funny how standom think shipping JaeChun is okay while shipping YunJae is totally against all the laws of the world. and then there is the “gay topic”: so this means when he`s shipped with Yoochun they are Appa and Umma without being gay and when he`s shipped with Yunho the he`s gay and they go wold.

Okay. Pretty interesting theory. [sarcasm] this totally dosen`t show their stan-ness and hate on Yunho only, noooo! It totally dosen`t! Neeeeever![/sarcasm end]
OH MY GOD STANDOM! Now they look at things how they are pleased with. Okay, they always did but this is a whole new level! Each day a new “course” in their way of thinking. Yeah, some ppl would cann this inconstant I call it “OMG SUN! YOU ARE SO STUPID! YOU CAN`T EVEN STICK TO YOUR OWN MINDSET?!? HOW PITIFUL ARE YOU??!” !

This means standom makes up new rules in their way of existing every day now. No wonder many stans feel pressured by their own fanbase and tend to even make thinks up to appear in a good light.
Standom, I don`t get you! oO

But they weren`t done after that! Unni further quoted: “everyone knows China is JaeChun Heaven”
Since when is that? I personally never heard about that! Since I came to this fandom the following things were always the same:
– the main couples in DB5K are YunJae, YooSu & MinFood.
– China is one hell of a YunJae shipper land.
– Almost the all ppl on earth are YunJae shippers, even when they are not from cassiopeian fandom.
So what da heck is it with that claim here????
Sure, there are more ships you can board and more couple combinations possible, but please! We know what the main couples, who are usually shipped, are called.

Like this one person once said: We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people. ^^

To end this: someone said “I report JYJ stans cause their stupidity might be contagious..I warned you! >.> “ LOL Sadly that`s too true! xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
hahahaha! Standom sucks so much, I cannot even! This stupidity is most likely really contagious! Everyone should watch out and be careful when stans are around! Maybe you get contaminated… ㄱ.ㄱ OTL

➤ I wanted to share this since a long time but somehow I lost it and now it was found again!
JYJ in a magazine and… look at the title!
” JYJ – Tone in Heaven “
The didn`t knew what they are writing, right? I mean, this would be too much of trolling for a magazine. ^^
Too awesome! Tone in heaven! OTL THAT!
Uhm… yeah. What more to say? Jungminnie, would you be so kind please?

Yes, hates gonna hate but: this is cool! For Cassiopeia this is a all mixed up title in a cool way!

And now that we have Jungminnie as our new guest star for “haters gonna hate”-moments here I proudly can tell you: I practised and I learned! Now I can tell all the SS501 members apart without always mixing 2 of them up and forgetting about Yeongsaeng`s name! b^^d
I really love their songs so I thought it was about time to learn about their names properly. It only took me one evening to complete my mission. I always thought it`s such a shame that I always mix 2 of them up and even forget about one member`s name!

And because of that: Readers meet SS501 now!

This is Double-S!
left to right: Kim HyungJoon (the Maknae), Heo YeongSaeng, Park JungMin (in the middle), Kim HyunJoong (the leader) & Kim KyuJong.
… btw: HYUNGJOON! Wae do you remind me of WuChun sometimes? o.o? I wonder! Maybe it´s just me, as the confused person I am, and there is really no resemblance between those two. But really! Somtimes I cannot help myself! *thinks* …maybe it´s really just me!

Cuties! They formed a star! :3
I really like this picture of them! It`s so nice~~

HAHAH! You guys! You know what? This reaminds me of SHINee SOOOO MUCH! (you know what I mean!)
…but since actually SHINee is the younger band means SHINee… copied SS501 then??? (?・ω・)

Really such a pity that they are on hiatus right now! :/ They are a really amazing group!

Okay, now blog entry grew really long and so the last thing I want to do is a little SPAZZ!

❀✿Random Spazz:✿❀
“90% people at some point in their life have tried to close the fridge slowly to see when the light goes out.”
OMG! How did you know?! I already did this several times in my life! I mean, who dosen`t?! It`s totally useless but… as if one could resist doing that!
It`s mysterious!
I don´t even know why I`m randomly doing this again and again but yeah. I do it! Photobucket

Some more spazz comes in form of my latest k-dreams:

Dream 1:
Another weird and short dream!
The first half was totally unrecognizable – again! == *annoyed* I cannot remember a thing. In fact, the first thing I can clearly remember is that Mom took Sister Sis and me with her to some ppl she knew. Yeah, well, I didn`t knew them! >< ppl I´ve never even seen once in my life! And the worst thing was that there was a tv show I wanted to watch! I asked the weird ppl if I could use their tv to watch it. They said yes so I happily went to watch it.
With that the funny part begun! Photobucket
The show I wanted to watch was on german tv ㅋㅋㅋ and guess what? SiHan lovelies were on that show! OMGZ! Siwon and HanGeng on german tv? Yes, pretty unreal and unlikely but I was so excited! This was such a OMG-moment! I mean: SiHan on german tv! And that for realz babies! THIS IS AWESOME!
When I turned on the tv the host was just ready with introducing them to the viewers and HanGeng started to talk. So I still came in time! Phew! I already thought I would miss half of their appearance. I cannot remember what GeGe talked about. I only know that I was very amused because it was something really funny! xD and behind him you could see Siwon laugh himself away LOL It was really too much fun watching them! SiHan lovelies were really hilarious! They perform together after the talk. I think they sang a song… o.o but I cannot remember that part so clearly. The only thing I know is that I was totally excited about it! :3 #fangirl + I thought ‘I know these two hehehe ;D ‘. (meeting HanGeng twice & Siwon is something like my best -stalker- friend by now xD )
Mom then called me to have lunch with her weird friends so I went back to the other room. These ppl even had a son and that guy wanted to talk to me the whole time. Hrrr… *annoyed sigh* Photobucket WAE ME? WAE IS IT ALWAYS ME?
First, I didn`t like him. Second, I was annoyed that he even tried to talk to me & third, my mind was still in spazz mode! Ts. I didn`t knew that guy! Why da heck is he talking to me? Can`t he just leave me alone? I was soooo NOT interested!
So since that guy started talking I had to talk back to him ㅋㅋ and all I did was fangirling about this tv show from earlier. As the guy tried to tell me that there is nothing interesting about SiHan I totally talked myself away about how he could know, that he has no idea and how exciting SiHan`s performance was. Photobucket Guy ended up frustrated and he surrendered in the end xD
Problem with that guy was solved!

Dream 2:
This one dream was also completely useless in it`s first half. I only have super duper blurry and confusing dreams lately! ><
The first thing I can remember is that I was searching for my ticket like a mad person. Somehow a person I don`t know at my old school found the ticket and gave it back to me… oO okaaay. So much for that. It was a ticket for a fanmeeting. I somehow had a ticket for JYJ fanmeeting and they wouldn`t have a normal fanmeeting, it was a promotional fanmeeting for NII. At least I think so. Dream was too blurry!
I arrived very early and there was a shopping mall so I decided to walk through the stores. I bought a shirt and then I went to the place where the fanmeeting would start soon. 10 ppl already waited in line before the entrance and you could see maaaany, maaany ppl more all walking towards that building from the area around. The security started to let ppl in and judging from the inside of the bulding I think it was another shopping mall. We went up the stairs and there was a big hall on the first floor. To make this weird dream completely weird I met 2 old classmates (the only 2 I actually don`t hate >< ) and I was really susprised to see them there. They said they came to see JJ xD

Good, since we were among the first ppl to arrive we walked towards that small stage and took some of the first row places. Directly in front of our barrier was a long table with 3 plates on it. Like a frame that contains squares in different sizes and each square had a cap. These things were weird and we wondered what this was about. Maybe for a game the boys would play with us? As the curious fanirls we are we shamelessly checked it out, touched it, even lifted the caps xDD Well, the WTF-moment was complete when we saw there were chinese symbold written on the squares when you lift the cap. oO We were like “Eeeh????? What is that?!? oO *blink*”
More ppl were coming fast and it started to be crowded. Lucky us! We arrived early enough to get places in the first row! ㅋㅋㅋ ;P
While we were waiting I started texting my soulmate that I now arrived at the fanmeeting (wait: why da hell wasn`t she with me? oO ) and I told her about what I`ve bought. Other ppl were busy with their phones too. So some minutes passed and then our boys appeared. JJ was the first to greet us. He even came down from stage to shake hands with ppl from the first row ㅋㅋ (●`∀´●) Did I already mention that we were the lucky ones of first row? MUAHAHAHA!
We were like -YAY! JJ! =D *practically throwing our phones away/ignoring phones from now on* Photobucket
Since there were still ppl to come JJ said we will wait for everybody to arrive and so we waited together. JJ was chatting with fans and YooSu were doing some nonsense with the stage decoration xD LOL we took photos!
Too bad that my dream ended then. But it was cool nonetheless.

^^ So although my weekend was really short because if night shift I had two little k-dreams! I wasn`t completely satisfied with them but at least what I got was better than nothing!

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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