HanGeng news, YouTube frustration… AGAIN! >< & ‘CassELF love’ in my new bedroom

안녕 친구들….

YouTube just pissed me off but let`s do the news one by one!

HANGENG NEWS! =D HanGeng news always good!
Hankyungs new pictorial photos unveiled; to embark on Asian Tour soon – From 120228
the mysterious veil over Han Geng’s second album will be unveiled simultaneously with the opening of Han Geng’s 2012 Asian Tour Concert.”
OMONA! GeGe let me hear your new work now! >< Can`t wait any longer. AI! So cruel! I want to listen to it NOW!
Music Billboards – Coverage of Han Geng in Milan, Italy
HEY! There are the fans he meet at the station in italy! ^^ So that`s why they filmed them? ^^ (maybe someone remebers this story)
Music Billboards – Short Film Preview

➤ That`s great!
Big Bang reveals “Fantastic Baby” MV
there`s only one snag: YouTube says that this video is “not available in my land”… Photobucket OR COURSE! WHAT ELSE?! It´s always like that!
ts. BURN, YouTube, BURN! *sets YouTube on fire – literally! AAAAISH!!!!! >__< *
For those who can watch: Lucky you! Enjoy it.
I need to wait untill someone re-uploads it *siiiiiighs* FML.
‘Big Bang Comeback Show’ to air this Friday!
This is cool. Would be even more cool if it would be on my tv xD

➤ Some ppl started to talk crazy shit after this… oO
Shinhwa’s Eric thanks Lee Soo Man for creating Shinhwa
oh yeah, keep cool kids! It was only one single, short sentence. Not even a full praise! Wae can`t they thank their creator? As you heard he thanks Lee SooMan for bringing them together.
Yeah, yeah. ppl these days. Cray about everything and everytime about the wrong things. *shakes head*

➤ HEY! Oppa has a OST SONG! =D
Brian Joo’s “The Prince Who Fell Off A White Horse” for ‘Twelve Men In a Year’ OST released
the song is actually good! but… the hors is god damn annoying! >.< (sorry horse)
and… the drama is kida… weird and wild to me. Don`t really like the video. Seems not to be the kind of drama I usually watch.

➤ I just saw on AllKPop aht Pledis Entertainment comes around with teasers for their new band/the members of their new band too… ㄱ.ㄱ

*facepalm* LOOK WHAT YOU`VE DONE, SME! Now we have to endure another wave of teasers! Aigoo! >_>

➤ Yeah, and since I´m easily annoyed after the YouTube crap again: Something happened in cassiopeian fandom again and now half of tl is like “OMG, so sad :(( ” and all angry again. BUT I DON`T EVEN WANT TO KNOW! I don`t want to know what happened.
1.) it`s everyday the SAME CHILDISH CRAP!
2.) I´m fed up with it, okeh?!
3.) I`m also fed up with the stupid little kids in our fandom… Photobucket GROW DA HELL UP!
4.) I had no proper rest today. I went to our new house with mom and there were things to solve about the invetory and such. then we went to choose the flooring today… And I come online and unclear things are RTed INTO MY FACE!
I just want to rest. And since the fandom crap about immature kids and rumors who are never true annoy da hell outa me like… NEOMU MUCHO!!!! … I don`t even want to know what it was about today. As long as no one of our boys is physically hurt I don`t want to hear it, ARA?! ==””’ *eyes fandom annoyed*
YES, I`m ignorant like that because… I`M JUST IGNORANT LIKE THAT TODAY! + I´m out of all this crap.
okay, standom is maybe funny, really funny, in the meantime. But all the other crap: I will ignore. I´m tired and need to rest. I`m not interested in crap immature kids brought up. THANK YOU FANDOM!

*siii~~gh* Sorry for the little rant session, but I ONLY WANT TO ENJOY MY EVENING IN PEACE!

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun releases “Sweet Everyday” for ‘Sunshine Girl’ OST
AH! Now HyungJoon`s drama seems to be more like one I would watch ^^ He`s so cute and the drama seems funny! And I would really love to know how SS501`s “Baby” is doing ^____^

JYJ heads to South America
o(*゚▽゚*)o I SEE YOOSU! ^^ *haha* of course I do. I hope they will have a save trip and enjoy their time!

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” featured on Conan O’Brien Show
*is in tears because of laughing* Sorry Sorry`s waves now arrived in USA xD LOL and those 3 hosts had no idea what the sorry dance of Da Peng ppl was about! xD Makes it even more funny! LOOOOL
But the way the american host`s danced! HAHAHAHAHA! HILARIOUS!

Uhm, okay, not that many news since it was only of 2 days xD
And my mood is better now too. All thanks to the rant (yes, yes! It needs to be out!).

Okay, what now? How about doing the couple series?

“YeWook of the day”
^^ YeWook so cute! aw!
OTL the next episode will feature the last YeWook picture… :/ We will continue with SPAZZ & Macros to fill YeWooks place.

So YeWook are having fun. I wonder what SiChul are doing?
“SiChul of the day”:
SuJu Full House! =D Wait a little longer and we will see the gif of that scene!
I remember when I when I first saw that scene. When I begun to learn about SuJu full house pictures were one of the first things. By accident, but still ^^ It was fun and I became even mooore interested in them!
SiChul here are so cute!

Okay, so what are my SiHan lovelies doing?
“SiHan of the day”:
Awwww! Siwon so cute! ^^ GeGe so cute! ^^ SiHan lovelies so lovely! Photobucket CUTIES YOU!
(is is only me or was Siwon often like a kid when around HanGeng?)

☆✭☆Couple Special, today: The SiHan skinship~☆✭☆
Siwon`s skinship with HanGeng
Photobucket Aren`t they just so adorable!? SiHan always melts my heart!Photobucket

Okay, so that the blog entry won`t be so shameless short ^^°:

You know what I will do in my bedroom in our new house?
I mean the thing with the k-pop wall. I will create a k-pop wall. Photos of our boys, concert pics of JYJ in Berlin, SuJu, Brian, Brother… and cassie friends who close to me!
Oh sorry! ELF too!
I`m thinking about my little ELF Baby Maknae and my ELFi!
I want to celebrate the CassELF love~~ Photobucket
And I want to do something with blue and red. You know, the thing with our fandoms must be expressed to the max! I will paint something but… dunno what I will paint. I need to think about it. But I will definitely do something. Photobucket
I already saved that one nice pic of my ELFi from facebook recently where she looked so damn pretty.
@ Patricia: Since I really like that pic (the bathroom one ^^) and I was really impressed by your pretty pic, so I will put that one up!
@ Emmy: I think I need a bigger version of your pic! >< or your pic will be way too tiny! >.< Well, you know, the one you send to Natali and me? You still have it?

Yeah well, fandom…, SHOT ME for the CassELF love. It´s not our fault if some ppl love to argue instead to love. At least ELFi and I decided to spread the love!

and now I need to watch a special something ELFi sent me! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) and then make dinner!
Blog entry was kinda short but I reached my “at least 1000 words”-goal nonetheless! b^^d

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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