Tears of sadness/major emoness T^T, JYJ sasaeng ‘fans’ incident, HanGeng & Junho

안녕 친구들.
This is a “multiple days” entry. I will set the dates~

➤ First the good news!
Big Bang`s “Fantastic Baby” is now re-uploaded by some ppl with subs and… in HD! O(∩_∩)O
MV with english subs:

– MV with german subs:
oh wow! German subs? something you don`t see everyday and: Actually it dosen`t sounds bad! Sometimes the trans from korean to english is weird enough but then the trans from english to german is the weirdest thing in the world. But this is totally fine!
➤ More BB: Japanese media showing high interest in Big Bang’s comeback + World Tour info

EXO-K and EXO-M to release second prologue single, “History”!
ㄱ-ㄱ *looks critically at EXO. BRING IT UP! We will see if you kids are good or not. I`m no EXO fan, I`m only monitoring everything interested ^^

Super Junior to hold ‘Super Show 4′ in France on April 6th!
-.- is this even real life?

first: *big sigh*
second: I cannot believe it!

Super Show 4 will be in Paris at April the 6th. [sarcasm]Great. Just great.[/sarcasm end]
The date was released today. Yeah. Isn`t that kinda ironic?
Wae? Because my vacation takes places 2 weeks too late. Yes. I have vacation for one week but 2 weeks too late in april.
What to say? I cannot even! I would love to go emo-ing for a week.
Seriously, wae? Wae does it need always so complicate to impissible?
So this was my last chance to see SuJu? I wouldn`t call this a chance at all. I`m not even able to try!
This is really too much…
It`s not only that I always live far away, no, even when I have vacation I have it at the wrong time and yeah, not to speak of the money. (but for SuJu I would have dealed with being broke afterwards because this is the last chance to see them – I don`t even know if there will be another concert anytime soon. o-o You know, the military thing and such! *waves around with arms*)

I have 2 days of my year`s vacation left. It was planned like this: One day for SuJu concert, one day for JYJ concert (IF they even come back… sometime… °-° … who knows.).
Now let`s say ajeossi would let me go I would at least need these two days to attend SS4. Well, but that`s already not really enough to have the concert day and the day before concert day off. I would have needed to travel to paris so 3 days would be more like it *facepalm*
And here comes the problem again: I only have 2 days for all the concerts I want to attend + I cannot take these 2 days and hope that JYJ concert will be at a good date and I wouldn`t need a day of vacation IF they come back.
BTW: there are already 2 ppl on vacation during that week! It`s a mission impossible for me!

It`s too bad. I`m really sad I cannot go see SuJu. But even if I COULD GO on vacatiopn I absolutely cannot put JYJ concert at risk. Yeah, it`s not certain that they come back and even IF they come here again it`s also not certain that we will get tickets. but please! I need to plan ahead a bit.
It would be really helpful when tour dates would be announced at least 4 month before the concert takes place! I would have planned my vacation according to that date in hope I will get a ticket and everything would have been fine. Yeah, but that`s a dream that will never come true. This… this is what I call last minute announcement…. one month before concert? Please, how should I be able to handle the situation? Our vacation plan is made at the beginning of the year….

Bye bye my dream of Super Show 4 with ELFi & Vicky. It will never happen.

*siiiii~~~~~~~gh* #butthurt
The life as a k-pop fan is so hard. I cannot even. Wae can`t it be okay just for one time? Wae must there be ALWAYS something to destroy my already very limited opportunities?
What did I do to fate that it always must be so cruel to me? #MelodramaticNow
Cruel fate is cruel and unfair.
I will do what all women do when they are too sad: Go shopping. (well, dog`s food but hey: a shop is a shop! OTL)
I will go shopping and cry my tears of sadness while I shop #PerfectEmoness Photobucket

➤ Still so sad!
My ELF heart keeps breaking into a million pieces! #DramaQueen I cannot even! I´m emo-sad! T~T
I swear, if I cannot got o JYJ concert (if they come back) either I will skip work to cry all day long. My biggest fear is that all concerts I want to go to will turn into FAIL plans.

*sighs* But let`s look at the news of today…

Short PV of JUNO’s 3rd Japanese single “Everything” revealed
At least brother is able to raise my mood. So that was what he was filming when he fond that heart-shaped stone back then! ^^
aaah, I like that song!

➤ O-M-G! The sasaeng fans issue again! ><
Top Star News shares their thoughts on Sasaeng fans & the JYJ controversy
FIRST! Sasaeng “fans” are NOT fans like we like to think of them! Sasaeng ppl are mentally ill! They are extreme stalkers and they shouldn`t even dare to call themselves “fans”. They should get themselves a own life & seek professional help.
Now to the rest of the article:
Alone the quote No matter how severe the situation, it is wrong to swear at and physically hit a fan make me feel raaaaage! SO MUCH RAAAGE!
So these ppl think it`s okay when you have extreme stalkers who break into your house at night when you are asleep, wander around when you aren`t at home and search through your personal things, stalk you EVERY second EVERY day for 8 YEARS? oooh yes, I seee!
*facepalm* To be honest: I would beaten the sh*t out of those ppl after a year! Photobucket
ts. hit a ‘fan’? WHAT fan? I see no fans among sasaeng ppl!
And they even stalk their phones!? How in da world can ppl find out about their phone number?! And when the boys change their number, how can they find out about their new number?WHAT DA EFFIN’ HELL!!!!!!???????
Article quote: If this were happening to you, how long would you have been able to put up with it before exploding?
And those ppl do even more horrible things! HOW CAN THEY?!! Like Hea Unni said: Do they ever think about what they are doing to the boys?
The boys also need a life that belongs to them, they need their personal space, they need room to breath, they need fans who really love them and not things like sasaeng ppl!
Comments on that article:
“These sasaeng fans need to get mental help. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or minors or whatever, if you think that it’s okay to act like that and do the things they do, at ANY stage if your life, you have serious issues.”
“i feel sry for jyj. evry1 says oh they were bad idols for hitting their fans but look at all the shit they have to deal with… and srsly how can these people call themselves fans. they’re making the boys feel horrible and getting them bad publicity”
“it doesn’t matter if the idol are JYJ or HoMin or SNSD or Big Bang etc, i’m still against these sasaeng fans! if you love them,why would you stalk them 24/7? and is it wrong for them to hit back / cuss?they’re NORMAL ppl like us! if you were being stalk and hit,are you gonna stand-still like a stone?”
THANK GOD! THERE ARE STILL SANE PPL ON EARTH! IT`S DAMN RIGHT WHAT THEY SAID! Fandom rages! Many ppl rages at sasaeng ppl.
They turn idol`s lives into a bad horro movie and they are the main cast 24/7/365 a year! Dosen`t matter if it`s JYJ or someone else. They are normal ppl like us so they react like normal ppl!
➤ This… this is creepy as hell! Is this the newest zombie movie with starring JYJ???
Photo of JYJ Junsu’s Sasaeng fans shock netizens
Photobucket This is scary sh*t! They look like the Ju-On woman!
➤ Sick ppl are SICK!
JYJ’s Sasaeng fans copy keys of houses and causes car accidents?  March 8th, 2012 § Leave a Comment  JYJ’s Sasaeng fans copy keys of houses and causes car accidents?
I can`t say anything. This is just too cray. sick ppl. so sick. Can someone lock them away 4ever please? They boys even beg them to stay away and they still ignore it. [sarcasm] yeah kids… that`s “love”. I wish you have someone who “loves” you like that for the rest of your life too”. [sarcasm end]
I mean… ➜➜ Video of JYJ’s Park Yoochun being assaulted by a Sasaeng fan revealed online THIS? It`s not new that they bring the boys in seriously dangerous situations but that they go and even SLAP them in public to make them remember them… I SWEAR! If I would have been there… I wouldn`t have been staring and standing still.
I would have catched that bish and ask her what da heck was that for!
Photobucket and god knows, if she would have given me the sh*t about “I want him to remember me” I would make HER remember ME FIRST! When one gets his hands on my boys for nothing killer-mode starts!
It´s like…. “This is Sparta!!!!”-mode, like… “would you like to be dead or dead”-mode, like… “die or die”-mode, like… “you just digged your own grave”-mode!!!!!!!
Ts, let her call the police afterwards, I wouldn`t mind. Someone needs to tell those kids that it`s not okay what they are doing! It´s just so horrible that the police can do nothing becaue the majority of sasaeng ppl are minors. They should change the law for stalking issues!
It`s really like one of the AllKPop comments said: No matter how young or old they are! Wrong is wrong!
ELFi and I got into hunting mood right after reading that! THIS IS A NO-GO! A EPIC FAIL! THE GREATEST EPIC FAIL! >____<
➤ This sh*t was even reporten in Malaysian Sinchew newspaper: http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/33186
Jing Yee tweeted this today.

ATTENTION!!!!! Please sign this petition. Well, maybe it will get nowhere but ELF started to spread this after they heard about what happened to Yoochun!
Stop “sasaeng fans” now.

*siiiiii~~~~~gh* So much for sasaeng ppl! Lets move on with the rest of the news for today:

➤ Big Bang news!
Big Bang talks about their comeback + YG’s new diet on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’
–  videos are blocked ==” but…
Big Bang reveals Japanese short versions of “Blue” and “Bad Boy”
…I searched for it on YouTube for “Blue”…

…and “Bad Boy”

– hey! =) Big Bang wins #1! + Performances from March 8th’s ‘M! Countdown’
Big Bang takes over Billboard charts
– Still waiting for my copy! OTL
[Review] Big Bang ‘Alive’
Since I was frustrated because of SuperShow 4 I ordered that album. It wasn`t that expensive, so it should be okay. (it sucks that I cannot spend as much on k-pop as I want to… my family`s situation is… yeah, I need to help mom pay her things – don´t forget that we are still building our new house, but it`s almost ready to move in!)
➤ JJ D:<< Don`t!
I think that I’m ugly. The reason why I haven’t said this till now though I have an honest personality is because I’d feel bad to the fans who like me when I myself think that I’m ugly. But I can say these things with ease now. I think only a minority of my fans will say they like me because of my looks since most of them probably like me because of my personality.
He`s always thinking too much, thinking too bad of himself… and he isn`t a bad person at all. aigoo, Oppa!

➤ Ah Junsu, you`re so cute, but seriously, I`m not in spazzing mood after all the sasaeng sh*t and the concer FAIL…
When our producer heard that I was studying English, he said that we should converse in English fro ten minutes. It’s harder than the actual rehearsal itself. though I don’t completely understand what he’s saying, I always pretend that I do. It’s torture.

Shinhwa chosen as the #1 role model amongst junior idols
➤ Shinhwa`s Andy about TVXQ: When Shinhwa make our comeback next year, we want to stand together with TVXQ. I really want TVXQ to make their comeback as 5” ❤❤ aw, how nice of him! So nice!

➤ Does this mean HanGeng will film his 3rd movie? OMGZ!
Han Geng will be the male lead in “To Our Eventually Lost Youth” (致我们终将逝去的青春)
What the story of “To Our Eventually Lost Youth” movie is about
Oooh, how nice! Sounds good! Sounds a bit like a romantic drama…? I`m curious.
Han Geng’s Company Invests in Vicky Zhao’s Movie, His Manager Deny Dating Rumor 
oO… does saying “We will not warrant such malicious marketing tactics with any replies.” count as a -no, that´s wrong!- ? like… for real? Does this count as a -it`s all false rumor- statement?

➤ This is so wrong! Soooo much wrongness here!
JYJ issues official apology + discusses their South American concerts
They apologize for…? yeah, for what? For being normal human beings? For exploding after years, yeeears and yeeeaaaars of suffering in a horrible nightmare caused by those sasaeng ppl?
This is so wrong. I don´t understand. Why do they need to apologize when they aren`t at fault?
Quote JJ: I’m sorry for my wrong doings in the past… I’m sorry that many fans have been heart-sick due to this issue. From now on, no matter how mentally hard, or how far beyond the limit the situation is, we will think about all the people who love us, and for them we will not falter and fulfill our responsibility as public figures.
NUUUU JJ! ㅠ﹏ㅠ 하지마!!!!! Don`t say that! You guys are human like we are! You did nothing wrong! The ppl who harassed you all day and night are at fault! You stalkers should apologizes a thousand times and then vanish into thin air!

btw: The boys look damn tired out, exhausted and totally not okay. :/ sucks. I hope they can forget about their worries for a while when they will hold their concert tonight.

➤ Big Bang news of today:
– What a pity: Big Bang’s Seungri drops out of college due to busy schedule
Maybe he can continue sometime later?
– First good news today!
Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ charts on the Billboard 200
THIS RAISED MY MOOD AGAIN! Because… ㅋㅋㅋ look at rank two! So much for the power of biever kids and the biever kid himself xD LOL Dear b-kiddos, we just beat your holy b-kiddo! sincerely, the k-pop community!
Photobucket HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! Makes me so proud! I´m so proud of Big Bang! I´m not even a VIP, but I like them very much and I was already so proud when they won the Mtv european music award but this is so much cooler!
I mean, how epic is THAT? Big Bang no.1 on US charts? So much for their “we own the world and we rule everything” attitude *giggles*
Oh, I`m way too gleeful, but: biever kids act arrogant and yeah well, THAT`S WHAT YOU GET!
➤ Woahw… o.o That`s what I call a story!
Big Bang’s Seungri admits the members didn’t get along
So glad they get along well by now. Would have been such a waste of their talent as a group when they would go each their seperate ways.

➤ Brian had his goodbye stage for Reborn Part_1 promos in Music Bank today:

nice~~~ I like the background! very nice!

Okay, now I´m done for today. Aigoo, these days I´m between fun, complete sadness and sasaeng mess.
oh. sounds like a normal day in a cassiopeia`s life. oO errr.. I say oops!
I`m hungry now. I will go make dinner. bye ppl~~

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. Eunbyeol Lu says:

    I am a Exo stan,I am very shocked by their crazy things like picking stray hairs of Exo and cutting themselves,there is even a rumour that Exo will dis band in 2014 be cause of Sasaengs.they are really bad to Exo s Sunbaes,I am very worried about the Sasaengs will get more in the year 2014.

    • Sangmi says:

      Hello Eunbyeol,

      I don’t think EXO will disband. these rumors are always to… I would say 98% nonsense. You could technically add the name of every second group to the sentence “there’s a rumor …. will disband in …. *add next year*”. This happens a lot so don’t worry. ^^

      yeah… the sasaengs. == they are a serious problem. And the thins we hear about are only the tip of the iceberg. they are insane, have no manners and no life.
      All in all a very bad combination, no matter what group/artist they are after.
      Psychotic like them… this is not how a person should act while claiming to “love” someone.

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