New k-dreams, the couple series and… Siwon issue on Sina WEIBO??? oO WTF…

안녕 여러분!

After sharing my endless emoness pain with you guys and so many bad stories about sasaeng ppl and such I will come up with something more fun today.
Althought my poor little ELF heart is still breaking insinde (*sniff* it hurts… *sniff*) I try to suppress the emoness now. ><

First I want to thank all of my readers! You guys are awesome! Everyday the blog has more than 40 views now! WOW! Other ppl maybe don`t consider this much, but for me it is!
So I want to thank you guys for bearing with me and reading my blog! *bows*

So let`s start now!

Dream of thursday night:
GOD! If my ELFi would have been with me I dunno if she would have killed me ^^°° But it really wasn`t my fault!

The dream I had started in our new house. We were already living in it.
I had a day off and just found out why my dog became so fat after we moved there: The neighbour ladie`s were feeding her sausage every morning D:< WAE, neighbour ladies, WAE? You want my dog do explode one day?
After I`ve spend some time outside explaining to the neighbours that they cannot feed my dog such things I came back inside and… our house was relatively crowded. Yeah, guess what? Half of SuJu in our living room, being noisy and waiting for me!
I had no idea what they were doing at our new house all of a sudden. oO It was really a long time no see! It has been aaaages since I saw an other person of SuJu as Siwon. *haha* too weird. Really no idea what this invasion was about.
Leeteuk, Heenim, Donghae, Hyukjae, Yesung and I think Sungmin was around too. I`m not sure who the last person was, but maybe Sungmin. I was a bit surprised that my stalker (Siwon xD ) wasn`t around but well, it wasn`t like I had much time to think about anything. Leeteuk announced we would play a new game. It was called “the acting game” and I thought -…okay?! oO WTH…- and it goes like this: There is a song and the lyrics are the story of it. Leetuek said it`s a bit like one-shot filming the MV for that song. Two ppl need to act according to the song`s story. Yeah, this was already weird enough and… WHY DA HELL DO YOU GUYS NEED TO PLAY THIS IN MY LIVING ROOM?!?! D:< *scared*
Aigoo… -.- guess what happened then… I cannot believe it. The others chossed Donghae and me to do the first song. I was like “Photobucket WHAAAT!?????”. It´s not that we ever would have been friends. We only met by chance 2 times! This was going to be so weird… but maybe that was why the others have chosen us. YOU EVIL SUJU BEINGS! ;P
So what was the song`s story about? It was about two frieds. Their friendship slowly changes slowly, they are somehow irritated when they notice it but in the end they become a couple. Okay. After a little time of thinking about how to do this we started while song was playing. It turned out not to be as difficult as I thought. We started the story/the game outside in the garden and ended it in the living room, sitting on the couch. It was pretty easy to do with Donghae and not that difficult to “act” for me. (you know, when you lived a life like mine in the past you surely know how to put up an act for other ppl… + I did a lot of roleplay when I was little/younger)
The other had fun but Donghae & I said we won`t do that again! ^^°° because in the end it was “A BIT” embarrassing nonetheless.
A little later: SuJu still had no intentions to leave our house xDD No problem, since mom herself let them in in the first place there shouldn`t be a problem. Leeteuk & Heenim explained to me that they came to check by to celebrate that we moved into our new house and they did a silly dance for celebration then xD *hahaha* DORKS! I still don`t get why they came… okay, they explained but… why? It´s not that we would be so close. Well, whatever.
Other boys were either hanging or fooling around while some music was playing. I noticed that Donghae was missing and went looking for him. I found him in the hallway with his laptop and wearing headphones. He was checking his twitter ㅋㅋ & was listening to his music. I ask him what he was listening to and he handed me his headphones. Somehow I recognized that song (I really did! It was so strange! o.o how should I know?) and I immediately said a chinese name because it was a song of a female chinese singer. I really have no idea why on eath that name was on my mind! oO But I just said it. Donghae noded and told me the name of the song. I said I once heard it on tv. oO weirdness through the roof but it was cool too!

My dream ended then but I was somehow cool! Weird but cool! ^^d
Okay, as expected my ELFi was (is still?) eyeing me because of Donghae, but… please! @Patricia: Nothing happened to your Hae, ELFi. No need to be like that~ I did nothing~❤ (OTL BLAME LEETEUK! It was his stupid idea ^^° )

Dream of friday night (yesterday):
In that dream found myself in a place where already some ppl were waiting and talking. Older ppl, younger ppl, even some kids. It was mixed. Oh yes, and there were dogs too! Many ppl brought their dogs with them. It appeard that this was an event for/about chinese cultur and some german organization was celebrating it`s friendship with a chinese partner organisation. Okay so far.
There were tables, chairs and at the side some kind of big couches to sit for the ppl. But everyone was standing and talking with the each other. I knew some ppl who were there with their dogs and played with the dogs.
This event was kinda half open air and a little further away was a crowded place. On the big screen over there you could see BEAST and the Beauties before it were already in fangirl mode xDD *haha* they held a lot of colorful banners! Then BEAST appeard on a small stage and their party was surely starting now. Looked like some kind of open air fanmeeting or something.
I thought –hm, maybe I should check out what`s going on there later-. But for now I meet some k-pop ppl at the event I was. One was also from germany, the other were from other european countries. In the end we were 5 k-poppers. I wondered why they were here, but since they were here it was fine by me!
Anyways, the event started. The organisers were around and on a big flatscreen a video about the event was playing. So we listened to the speech of the organisers and watched that vid. We fangirls then realized someone appearing in the crowd: HanGeng! OMGZ! He was accompanied by his Manager and one friend. We fangirls wondered why he was here all of a sudden! But the organisers greeted him then and introduced him as the special guest of today`s event!
FANGIRLS WERE HAPPY! :3 Other ppl had no idea about him but we had! Photobucket
After HanGeng was introduced to the guest the organisers kept talking for a little time longer and… *giggles* while they talked HanGeng and I were having silent conversation through looking at each other, smiling and me slightly shaking my head at him in amused disbelieve. It was like –I cannot believe you appeared here just like that!– and Han was like –yeah, you can never know 😛– LOL funny silent conversations! (like my dongsaeng and me at work xD )
So this was how I was supposed to met him again? At a chinese cultural event of a german organisation… ^^ (how weird, but never mind! At least we met again!)
After the organisers were done with their opening ppl begun to take their places at the tables and such. HanGeng, who knew that the group of our 5 were all fangirls signaled us to sit with him. Oh of course all of us did! We would have never moved to his place on our own but since he offered us the empty space… ;D OH WELL, WHY NOT?! WHO WOULDN`T? (only a cray person wouldn`t!)
He was friendly, shy and oh so adorable to the fangirls(‐^▽^‐)KYAH! GeGe live, babies! He had a short conversation in short english sentences with the 3 from the other countries & then even shared something to eat with all of us so fangirls were happy again! Photobucket
Later the 3 left the event to join the BEAST event nearby. Other german k-popper and me stayed with HanGeng to have a little more fun. Since the other 3 were gone we moved to where they were sitting before and sat closer to him then. We talked with him and in the end it indeed was better that we stayed and ignored BEAST event nearby, because GeGe noticed that there was something behind the couch and starte to do nonsense xD OMGZ! We were laughing a lot! xD It was really, really fun!

My dream ended then. Maybe a bit too early but it was fun nonetheless.
I mean: Wasn`t I talking about that I want to see HanGeng again lately? *talking to myself* There you go, me! This was HanGeng for you! Photobucket

Okay, let`s take a look at our couples now.

ATTENTION! This is the last show for YeWook in this series and… *giggles* see for yourself!
“YeWook of the day”:
BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but this was in a japanese magazine! Photobucket
awww! What a great way to say goodbye to us!

So what are our SiChul up to today?
“SiChul of the day”:
ghnihihi (●ˆ ω ˆ●) SiChul are still hugging! YAH! you guys! Will you do something else on the couple series or will this be a endless series of hugging? xD
Oh yeah, fine by me you cuties! ;D

And what are my SiHan lovelies doing?
“SiHan of the day”:
singing and kinda hugging? Don`t tell me you had to play the “acting game” as well … (^_^;)

✧✦[FUN] Special fun, today: “Siwon, what did you do?”✦✧
This must have been around Siwon`s b-day a month ago (with Skip Beat cast)
HAHAHA! I love that blog so much! The comments of the admin are too epic! LMAO

okay, some short little latest news now!
We had crazy news yesterday and so we have today.

➤ I mean… WHAT DA HELL! This isn`t normal! oO Has everyone lost it again? Now even ppl who try to help others in need get attacked?
➜➜ Fans have been bashing Siwon on Sina Weibo for asking others to sign a petition to save North Korean refugees
errr… HELLO? Why blame him for that?! Those ppl`s lives are in China`s hands right now! What da hell is there to bash him for? You guys are cray, just cray! ><
No one was offending China here and, oh please! as if Siwon would ever offend china! Hellooohooo? It`s Siwon? You forgot? HE WOULDN`T DO SUCH A THING!
*reads on in article* oh, look, look… Admin of pocketostars is saying the same. Surprise, surprise! ㄱ_ㄱ
GOD DAMMIT! IT IS REALLY SIWON! IT`S TRUE! Who thinks that he meant something bad with this clearly knows nothing about him! This is soooo WHAT DA FACK!
Quote admin: I can’t see how anyone, fan or not, who knows anything about him, could imagine that he meant anything by promoting these petitions other than to try and save innocent lives.
*nods, nods* right. Damn right.
I will stick with what I said: cray ppl are cray. Only because the word ‘China’ was involved in the petitions text and Siwon tweeted it ppl are making that an issue and totally went wild? They clearly understood nothing. *facepalm*
Sad. Very sad. And I pity those heartless beings. Fan or not: THINK AT LEAST A LITTLE BEFORE YOU GO WILD! AISH! >.<

➤ Let`s stick with Siwon but with a completely different topics:
120301-04 Siwon and his dad at the 21st Baby Fair
oh! First time for me that I see his dad. ^^ (btw: his mom is such a pretty woman! *o* )
➤ Oh! randomly crosses my way again but: This one! *haha* this one! It was cute! :
Siwon in Tokyo
Photobucket no further comment. I agree! (with the admin)
➤ Siwon in the last Skip Beat episode: Admin: “Well, okay then”
>////< *embarrassed like hell* *cough* yeah, I said “yeah, well…” when I saw this again just now. Pretty similar reactions of Siwon fangirls *cough* °///° I need to go! *runs away*

(OTL: I should really stop going through this SiHan blog, or this entry will end as a complete SiHan entry! Photobucket )

[News] ‘Entertainment Relay’ to interview JYJ’s sasaeng fans + reveal new audio clip
Quote: “(…) what being a sasaeng fan actually means.”
I can tell you without even seeing them what being a sasaeng person means: being mentally ill to the max on a really craaaaaay-scray level, being a annoying brat without a own life + with too much money. Period.

➤ YouTube frustration is comming back with this one… ==”
Check out Big Bang’s live performances of “Blue”, “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”
Yeah, AllKPop, I WOULD watch them but it`s blocked in germany. I can only wait untill someone re-uploads this. I cannot watch this. But I would have been highly interested to do it, just for the record!

➤ Oppa~ T.T *whines*
Brian Joo, G.Na, Teen Top, and A-Pink headline 2K12 Korea Night concert in Canada!
Thanks AllKPop! You had to remind me of that again, huh? Yeah, be my guest AllKPop, rub salt into my wounds! *is overly sensitive these days because of the broken ELF heart inside*
I SO wish to see Brian too and most likely it will never happen! *runs away crying* Photobucket

➤ THIS IS JYJ IN PERU FOR YOU! ;D (or more: their fans ^^)
Over 3,000 Peruvian Fans Welcome JYJ to Peru

Yeah, that`s it for today. Dammit, I´m hungry… and ELFi start to talk about cake?! WHAT DA HELL ELFi!!! omo! …. *starts to drool*(¯﹃¯)I want cake now!

^^° I guess this means I have to think about what to eat for dinner!

p.s.: Hope my peruvian friend survives JYJ concert… She`s alredy like a sleepless zombie… o.0

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