EXO-K & EXO-M release MV for “History”, JJ wasn`t able to attend Mr. Park`s burial & Big Bang keep winning everything (charts, YouTube medals…)

안녕 다들! ^^

Yeah, I´m in relatively good mood. Still a little sad after what I heard about Jaejoong reagarding Chunnie dad`s death… He collapsed. Poor JJ!
But it won`t get better with our crying. This is something they need to cry about themselves. Sometimes it just sucks that we cannot do much to make them feel better. unfair world is unfair. *sighs*

➤ Aigoo…
Still coping with father’s death, Yoochun to return to work?
T^T this sucks. No time for him to really deal with the death of his father in peace.
➤ It`s in this article where it was said that JJ was unable to attend the burial:
JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan lay their father to rest
I won`t say “be strong boys” because this is a matter where even the strongest one breaks down. I say: cry as much as you think you need to cry. Let it out and it will get better… someday.
➤ Yoochun`s & Yoohwan`s dad had suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. Stephi Unni found this article on HanCinema site:
JYJ’s Park Mourns Father’s Passing After South American Tour
*sniff* never knew what he had before. But dosen´t change a thing. So sad when one of your parents dies!

Since I won`t come up with another emo wave now let`s quickly look at the other news so I have no time to think about it! OTL (or I will start to cry!)

KARA becomes the first girl group to be made into figure dolls
First thought of mine when I saw this: Wow! Detailed! but… a bit scary… OO
Some comments on that post said:
– “… I don’t think I would want to meet anybody who will have these dolls or any other dolls made from idols.” (OO …same…)
– “……… freaky man they r so scary!!
– “that’s actually pretty creepy” (somehow it really is! °_° )
– “wow congrats to them. but ahjushi fans… needs to have an age restriction. haha” (Don`t make me imagine things! (;゚д゚) creepy pervy ppl are everywhere! *runs away*)
– “I hope these are targeted for young girls lol. I’m a Kamilia, but this is just too much.
( xD It`s really strange! I wouldn`t want to buy dolls of our boys, to be honest… it`s just too creepy!)

Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” MV earns two gold medals on YouTube
GOGO OUR BB BOYS! *throws confetti over them* They will be even more successful in future! You all will see! Photobucket
Boys, show the international music scene who are the kings here!
…btw: I`m still waiting for my copy of “Alive” album *pouts*
Big Bang wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from March 16th!
OTL winning without even being at the show ^^
Big Bang prepares a ‘world class’ stage with a foreign band for ‘You & I’
Sounds really interesting! I can`t wait!

➤ GeGe shows us countless times that he`s such a good person!
HanGeng is goodwill ambassador for the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation’s Care Package Project to help schoolchildren in poverty-stricken areas.

➤ Ailee was singing “Heaven” at KBS`s Music Bank on friday, March the 16th:
SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY! Her voice is so powerful! WOW! I just love Ailee! She really has a lot of talent!
➤ Another vid of Ailee: She was also singing “Heaven” at MBC`s Music Core today:
Ailee is the most sexy woman for me these days ^^ I like her figure. Wish I would have a figure like her`s! ^^°°° *confession here*
(the rest of the Music Core performances: Performances from March 17th’s ‘Music Core’! )

➤ I still don`t get why ppl photographed Junho playing Baseball but now we know that brother is a very sportive person *hehe*
Junho in japanese PATI PATI magazine

➤ Yesterday the EXO bands (K & M) released their new MVs.
➜ Watch EXO-K`s MV here if you like:
EXO-K “History” MV
This song is really good! I like it. Although I´m not their fan (not to speak of being their fanrils *laughs* … *gets serious again* no.) I like their songs so far. I will never be all hyper about them but the songs are good so far. MV also looks cool.
*giggles* but what a coincidence! How convenient for SME to have groups with the same name & same MV`s! They can use the sets/rooms for the MV twice xD Saves money, huh? #trollolol Photobucket
➜ You can also watch EXO-M version of this there:
EXO-M “History” MV
Actually I have to say: I like the EXO-M version a bit better.
btw: SuJu-M called, they want their room back xD LOLs
PLEASE! looks like SME just painted the roof in a lighter color *haha* funny! Look at SuJu-M`s “Perfection” MV and you will maybe see what I mean!
Maybe it`s just me, but the light colored room with the shiny trinagles just reminded me of that one room in SuJu-M MV. And the rooms really look a bit alike! Not completely but still.
ㅋㅋㅋ I just couldn`t hold it! I needed to troll a bit! Sorry~
➤ I searched for a translation of this song. Dunno if the version of EXO-K means the same but here are german subs on EXO-M`s History MV:

— aaaah, wait! there it is! English trans on EXO-K lyrics of “Histroy” (meaning is pretty similar to EXO-M version):

➤ Related stuff to EXO:
[Trans] DBSK & Yunho mentioned in EXO-K interview with High Cut Magazine + NU’EST interview in Pledis Boys Magazine
Although I think it`s a bit awkward to see EXO in High Cut magazine… Photobucket I mean as a knew group, not even really debuted… I think it´s SME`s power who brings them in there. But oh well, I won´t talk bad about them. I have no reason for doing so. Let these kids be. Ihave no problem with their existece. I like that they respect our Leader ^^

➤ …HoMin *o*
[Pic] HoMin`s advertisement for Glico ice cream
It looks like… magic! HoMin can make ice cream fly! *wants that ice cream now* #CommercialVictimBecauseOfHoMin
TVXQ’s “Still” chosen as the CM song for ‘Glico’ ice cream

Mnet reveals 30 second teaser of SHINee’s “Sherlock”
This song really sounds like SHINee all over! Very SHINee-like!
But I have to admit: I`m no longer that interested in them like I was at the beginning of my k-pop times. Maybe it´s because I found where I belong to now. I cannot even tell you.
And: These teaser pics we had before: there is too much wrong with it for me. (additionally to the fact that the boys are too thin) *shrugs*

➤ How can he rock that style like this? Minnie just sooo unbelievable!
Super Junior’s Sungmin is “Marilyn Mingro”?
HAHA! yes he is!

➤ Shindong keeps killing his members, huh? xD

One comment was very true on YouTube: “I thought Teukkie died already. Did he come back from the dead just to warn Eunhyuk??? LOL (…)”
THAT`S RIGHT! Teukie was already dead… basically. Photobucket this is too funny! DORKS!

Talking about the rocket video of SuJu… rocket→ bomb→ Hea Unni!

She surely dropped THE BOMB yesterday by saying she can read german! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! There are really german classes in norwegian schools! Photobucket *faints*
She said becaus of tourism and such. oooh! Photobucket really?! I never knew that!

Okie, Unni said it`s not much but hey! That`s already more than most of my t-listers can!
…does this mean I have to be careful what I`m saying now? xD

You maybe already waiting for the return of… no, not the king!… the spazz!
Gooood, heeeere we go:

“SiChul of the day”:
*cough* well… one of the most famous scenarios. uhm… what to say. SiChul… just rocked the couple show today! (and the list of ppl Heechul kissed is getting longer and longer xD)

“SiHan of the day”:
KYAAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *gets hyper* So adorable-cute! SiHan were always going with the cute concept for their couple Photobucket ME . LIKES ! *pinches SiHan lovelies*
You two were having silent conversation, huh? cute! (๑´▿`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧

✧✦[FUN] today: SiHan lovelies, I see! I see it!✦✧
Sihan lovelies….The art of being together.
ah haha! that`s right! I noticed that too! It`s really somehow ridiculous, but also cute! *pinches my SiHan lovelies*

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] today: HanGeng→ ” ᕦ(⌒▽⌒ˇ)ᕤ ” ☆✭☆
HanGeng on Meng Niu Website
aww! :3 haha! GeGe~ this is… really so funny-cute!
(and the person in the comments is right! The admin of this site has an emoticon for eeeverything! It´s amazing!)


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