K-dream feat. stalker story o0 *blinks in disbelieve*, “Rooftop Prince” aired today & CassELF love in the air~❤

안녕 여러분! v^^.

2 things before I start: Beware of the spazzzzzz~ and many news!

Two days ago, I had a short k-dream.
For at least half of the dream it wasn`t exactly fun. But read for yourself:
This dream was a short one again.
Somehow I found myself with Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Leeteuk & Donghae… who was like their kid and they all were Appa/Umma to him xD It was like everyoe was babysitting Hae! LMAO It was a very funny scene! Well, whatever boys, whatever. xD HAHA!
But: WHAT DO YOU NEED ME IN YOUR GROUP FOR? I had SO no idea wae I was with them. I was just… with them for a unknows reason. We were about to go somewhere (dunno where) when a weird woman appeard and always tried to steal Hae. AISH! >< It was really getting annoying after a while! She just didn`t stop trying! The weirdest thing was: She was an Ajumma! o.o …. But with all the Appa`s & Umma`s of Hae around + me who was getting angry by now -.-” she had no chance. She was like a freaky stalker!… nothing to say about this… ㄱ-ㄱ After some time, and it was way too long for my taste, she finally gave up. I found this was quite suspicous and while the boys wanted to go to the mall I told them to go without me and began stalking that weird woman. I found her soon. She saw me, came over and started to argue with me. Of course I asked her what kind of weird stalker-person she is, who she thinks she is with always trying to steal Hae and such things. But woman won`t admit any fail in her behaviour which only made me rage at her more. (yeah, that`s what I get for hearing all the stalker stories lately: strange stalkers in my dreams *facepalm*). So I got even more annoyed, starting to have a longer argument with her then. At some point of the conversation it was just too silly for me. I told her to never show up around us again and walked away. When I turned around and walked away guess who I saw somewhat ahead of me standing on the sidewalk? =) ooooh yes, right! SIWON! Exactly him. Of course him. My good friend Siwon, always there ^^ I was still totally annoyed & stressed because of that woman when I arrived where he was standing. Woman even yelled something after me while I was walking (dunno what she said, I didn`t listen to her). Me let out a heavy sigh and hid behind Siwon frustrated. Siwon gave the whole scenario a weird look and I only said “Oppa, put her away… she`s so annoying >< ” and Siwon said “No, I can`t do this.”. What he actually meant was that we cannot be disrespectful to an Ajumma woman. I was like –my, my…*sigh*– in my thoughts and said “well, whatever. Let`s go.”, pushing Siwon down the streets. ^^ I had no idea why he was there or where he wanted to go but one thing was for sure: I was going with him and therefore faaaar away from that stupid Ajumma! AAAH! That woman!

The dream ended then and I really wondered… such mixed up stuff in that dream! *irritated* … 0-o
I`ve met Siwon again and it`s always good to meet my friend Siwon~ Photobucket

btw.: Siwon→ SuJu→ Concert→ Paris→ ELFi!
She said she will bring a surprise for me from SS4 in Paris. I really cannot imagine what she has in mind. It´s hard to tell the evil`s thouhgts, you know xD I will lean back and await the unexepected Photobucket
I know, she wanted to make me dead curious about it but actually I wonder more about what photo she will bring back for me than I wonder about the surprise.

음… yeah, but thanks to Skip Beat I cannot think straight anymore anyway.
OMONA! Yesterday was a pure fangirl episode again!
First, it`s too unberable epic! Always these previews, wanting to see the next episode SO BAD and then we still have to wait one week. Second, Siwon! I´m dead! The first episodes were super worse, then I kinda got used to it but the latest few episodes were THE WORST again! Super fangirling attacks coming along every 2 minutes! Most perfect comment of one of the subbers on the last parts of this week`s episode was: “There go my ovaries. Thanks, Siwon.” ➜ no kidding! °.° so true! LE ME DIED! (because of fangirling over Siwon) & Third, the cuteness between Gong Xi & Lian kills me! KYAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) So cute! I hope they become a couple! Photobucket
I was soooo screaming/fangirling when Lian finally admitted to himself that he loves Gong Xi! tssss…. it was about time Lian! Finally you were honest to yourself. *haha* xD My luck that my mom wasn`t at home! She would have probably thought I`m completely insane. All in all I fangirled like a master yesterday although my voice still isn`t made for fangirling since I´m still a bit sick! But I couldn`t help myself! It just happened! *hahaha*
LOLs and the thing with the chicken costume LOOOL xD When Lian almost wrecked it and almost found out that it`s Gong Xi in it LOOOOOOOL I was LOLing 4ever! SO ROLLING AROUND on my bank at the living room table! LOL I really died! I swear, this was soooooo funny! The funniest thing I´ve ever seen/heard! LMFAO Photobucket I DIED LAUGHING!
And Manager Du! OMG! I love him! He`s the most adorable, cutest manager ever! I love his weirdo thoughts/imaginations LOOOL and I love it when he has his shipper face on! SO EPIC! This manager ROCKS! Too ardorable and always plotting how he can get Lian & Gong Xi together! ㅋㅋㅋ I love this man!
This drama it so great, I cannot even!
Too bad that there is only one more episode left! So sad that this drama is about to end! WE NEED SKIP BEAT SEASON 2!

They can start shooting it right after they are done with shooting Poseidon Season 2 ^^° I mean: PLEASE! Something like Dream High got a second season too! Why not make season 2 for dramas which are way mooooore epic? Would be too cool~~ *dreams of season 2*

Well then, and so I am supposed to be think properly about ELFi`s surprise?
I think about the thing with the Skip Beat photobook day and night! 1.) is it really true? Is there one? & 2.) If yes, WHERE can I get it? *o* I will give my last cents for this! This drama is just too epic!
Because I`ve read on a blog that the pics which were posted in the entry are from ‘Skip Beat Photobook’. I was like “eeeh? never heard about something like that!”.
And so I´m on the hunt for it since 2 weeks now, but not a single trace to be found about it. Aigoo. *sighs* #AFangirlsPain

On top of that: What to watch next? I can never decide because I have too many dramas on my mind to watch. Maybe ELFi knows what we will watch next!
Because watching dramas together is like watching it together for real *・゜゚・*:.。..。♡.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.♡。. .。.:*・゜゚・*♡

While we are talking about my ELFi, yeah, MY ELFi *emphasises* #justsaying m-y .
=.= *eyes everyone* you know the meaning of -my-? Like in… “it`s mine and you can`t have it”.

… *cough* eerrr… what I wanted to say: I will make a surprise for her. But have to make a plan what and how to do first. Then I will make it and send it to her (⌒▽⌒)

We already talked about it on twitter but I want to rewind the conversation and repeat it here: My ELFi is a valued friend of mine. This is real CassELF love story~Photobucket
For my ELFi I would fight everything and everyone. Even ppl of my own party if it`s necessary. I know that ppl in cassiopeian fandom are judging ELF, talking and thinking bad about them. BUT ME DOSEN`T CARE! I`m friends with ELF *shrugs* shoot me. ;P

Maybe I will do it similar to when I made my “Loveless” thing… only writing it myself and being creative a bit. Sounds like a good start for my project.
wow! I had no idea some minutes before but now! hehe… maybe I will come up with some lines from ‘Loveless’ in while doing this! :3 sounds good! I should think about a concept soon!

Recently ELFi said she dosen`t even know how she was able to live without me before Photobucket *moved*

okie, now the news. *sigh* my list is long, so be prepared! ^^

➤ First of all: My activity as a blogger has it`s 7th Anniversary on March the 17th! OTL
I just noticed this 2 days ago.
7 years of active blogging for me. A little bit over a year for blogging completely everything in english out of these 7. I enjoy it a lot and I improved (and still improve day by day).
What else do I have to say about all this?
I already received two awards from Emmy: One as “Most dedicated blog mommy” and one for the “Longest and most detailed blog entry”!
@Emmy: OMONA, Emmy, you didn`t?! You didn`t really gave me those awards? It´s too awesome! ^^
Long years of blogging and it became not only a hobby for me, it became a part of my life! in the meantime each of my blog entries take me 4ever to write. I say: 4 hours isn`t long enough sometimes ^^° Maybe I´m slow? Or I have too much news, like today! eh hehe…. ^^° *embarrassed laugh*

➤ With concerts in South America JYJ`s worldtour finally REALLY ended. *haha* funny thing is worldtour actually already ended 3 times!
the first time in Korea in… was it Pusan? *cannot remember anymore*, second time in Berlin within the frame of european tour & now for real in Peru/Lima.
Facts to that tour: “JYJ concerts attracted 210,000 fans, achieved high sales of more than 80% on average, set tickets sales record and sold out in 12 cities.”
➤ Let`s stick with JYJ.
Recently the video of the report about JYJ around the world on KBS was broadcasted.
[Vid] 120317 JYJ in South America – KBS
I watched this and was like “Is it just me or do I hear -kpop, k-pop- all the time? KBS, there is not band named K-pop. This is JYJ, you don`t know?”
So I watched and watched, the whole report and near the end “THERE! He said -JYJ- once! OMGZ! So proud of you KBS! You finally remmebered!” but then they only said k-pop 100 times again and I was like: okay, I got it. *facepalm*
Ts. I see, KBS, I see.
Comment from Twitter: “And btw kbs … They are not called kpop.. They are called JYJ … The 3 Members of tvxq …….. U forgot?”
In fact it was a little bit funny because they said -k-pop didiculously often xD aigoo! KBS… *shakes head*
➤ Miss Ripley photbook!
[Pic] Miss Ripley Official Photobook
[Pic] Miss Ripley Official Photobook Part 2
Photobucket Stephi Unni will like it! Cute Chunnie! *pinches*
btw… I hope they are getting better, the Park family & JJ… :/ I worry about them. I also dislike that Chunnie went back to work so early. Couldn`t they give him some more time to come back to himself? hello?? His father just died! Aigoo, aigoo… -.-
[Vid] JYJ Junsu’s Elisabeth musical TV commercial
엘리자벳! It´s so weird hear/see german words on korean tv spots/posters. But I feel honored somehow ^^
Oh yeah and Junsu: I´m stll angry because you lost weight. I won`t spazz! *refuses* ME CAN`T!
➤ “Like a storm” is a very good description for all this! OTL Junsu so right!
JYJ’s Junsu encourages Yoochun and Jaejoong in his recent tweets
I once tweeted it to them back then and I will say it again now: Hold together boys! Everything will become okay again when you hold together! *sends best wishes & power to them*
➤ T.T oh boys!
JYJ’s Park Yoochun encourages his brother Yoohwan
Park brother`s love~ so sweet!
Photobucket and heartbreaking at the same time! *sends strength to them*
➤ Junsu, 엘리자벳 and the “hair story”…
[Trans] 120321 Junsu’s Tweets‏
xD I love this comment: “Oh, I felt it too. In that case, how about styling up half and letting half down??!! As Death is neutral!! kekeke so sorry…”
LOL Imagine Junsu wearing THAT hair style on stage! HAHAHA!
➤ Cute comic! Awww~♡
*YunJae* Jaejoong`s diary
➤ You know, today was the day that the first episode of Chunnies next drama “Rooftop Prince” was aired. Here are the first caps from SYC Team!
[Cap] Yoochun – Rooftop Prince

Super Junior Donghae’s photoshoot and interview for Elle Girl
Super Junior successfully holds ‘Super Show 4′ in Thailand
Blue Ocean so awesome! *.* but… but… *sniff* ㅠ~ㅠ *suffers in silence because of Paris* *runs away crying*
Super Junior Eunhyuk & Donghae’s “Oppa Oppa” short PV released
Hyukjae looks epic, don`t ja think! ^^d Donghae too of course!
and… *laughs* Shindong and Sungminnie? *haha* epic as well! + THEY LOOK LIKE VAMPIRES SOMEHOW! (at least I think so)

SM Entertainment releases official teaser poster for upcoming film, ‘I Am’
Ok. Basically this is okay. But don`t gimme the “It will be the real story behind SM Town like never seen before.” thing. The real -real story- would be something way more “ugly” and I bet many fans wouldn`t even want to see the “real story” behind SM because they want to continue living in their “carefree-pink clouds-everything is fine”-world. ㄱ_ㄱ
so much for the -real story- thing. *cough*
Revenue for Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee, and f(x) revealed

➤ Brian Oppa is in Canada/Toronto right now.
He was shopping today, met fans and other k-pop ppl. He left them behind like “OMO! I´m Brian fan now” xD *haha* they loved him! Photobucket hehehe… Oppa showed them the amazing lovely person he is and I bet he has a lot of new fangirls now!
Oppa, success!! Photobucket

When Changmin and Leader씨 Yunho first met…➜ Q. When you two first met, what was your impression like?
➤ ooooh! *o* RED OCEAN! Biiiiig red ocean!
[Pic] Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Saitama
➤ HoMin`s CF for Glico ice cream:
xD this is kinda funny! They look like they see icecream for the first time!
Who scripted this CF? YAH! Don`t you make HoMin look like…. *no words* that again ^^° I´m sure glico will sell their stuff like hell but this CF… I don`t really like it ^^°° although HoMin are cute as always but the CF in itself… yeah, uhm… I don`t have the right words to express myself so I will stop here ^^°°° Anyways: HoMin hwaiting!
➤ YAY for Minnie!
[Trans] 120321 Choikang Changmin, 4-Dimensional Star With The Most Charisma
➤ This is cool! WOW! HoMin are awesome!
VXQ sets a new record in Oricon’s 45-year history
Photobucket *proud of HoMin*

Seriously, Geng news usually make me so… chill~~ Photobucket Becaue I see and I can feel that he`s doing well and that he`s having fun. That he`s well makes me feel like chillaxin’!
Now what are the news?
Recently, a longer version of Geng`s performance of the chinese New Year`s Eve story + 20 extra seconds at the end. The last part was NOT aired back then!
So this is the full version of the legend of the New Year’s Eve at the Spring Festival Gala:

*O* awesome! I will never get tired of this! Wachted it multible times already and I say it again: Gege`s performance was amazing, I love what he`s wearing and the end is just soooooo cute! awwwww! *melts* too cute! Photobucket WHY WASN`T THE LAST PART AIRED AS WELL? What a pity! It´s cuuuuute!
➤ KYAAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) HanGeng! You little adorable something! *pinches*
[Trends Health] 1 minute of happiness with Han Geng
I CANNOT EVEN! this is truely one minute of happiness! He can be so cute, LET ME DIE! *faints because of too much cuteness*
➤ The next one… *cough* well, let`s just say: I guess Pepsi will sell a whole BUNCH of pepsi in China…
HanGeng: Pepsi Endorsment
O: *still stares as if it would be the first time* OH… MY… GOD! … (≥///≤) … This is the other side of our Geng. Pepsi… you… (≥///≤) aigoo! *hides embarrassed*
(btw: this spacy outfit is somehow cool! Wonder who came up with it, that person is a genius! ^^ the other guy for Pepsi cannot look cool besides Gege a bit! but the woman in red was pretty.)
➤ HanGeng recording for Tian Tian Xiang Shang:
Short hair already grew a little “longer” again^^
Performing…. his Song “My Logo” at Tian Tian Xiang Shang =)
– Cuuuuute! OMO! Wings! =D
How suitable! and… someone gimme that jacket! It´s so cute! I´m in love with it~Photobucket
Everyone had fun? good then! ( ˆ ω ˆ )

➤ Latest Big Bang news:
Big Bang wins ‘Inkigayo’ mutizen + performances from March 18th!
Big Bang’s Seungri posts a tutorial for the ‘Wiper Dance’!
Big Bang’s forbidden pictures revealed on ‘You & I’
*haha* funny! but: in the end these pictures cannot be that forbidden because they were revealed now ;D
➤ What is this here?what? G-Dragon looks cute with his hair tucked behind his earr
IT`S NOT ABOUT THE TOPIC OF THE ARTICLE! We all know GD is cute. It´s about the pictures in that article. I hope this isn`t a stalker pic…
➤ Awww! Seungri gets all the love of his Hyungs Photobucket
Seungri feels the love from his fellow Big Bang members
➤ OTL actually it`s “Bad Boy” AND “Blue” now:
Big Bang presents “Bad Boy” special ‘Alive’ stage for ‘YG On Air – Big Bang ALIVE’
Ok, just ignore the Viet subs, at least it`s HD ^^d


➤ Shinhwa news!
Shinhwa releases MV teaser for “Venus”
I think they will make a strong comeback! So many ppl are waiting for them to return and some ppl, like me, got curious a while ago because of a Shinhwa fan who`s their friend ^^ *looks at EMMY*
I really like the teaser! Hope the song will be daebak!
➤ Nice photos!
Shinhwa reveals comeback teaser photos for Eric & Kim Dong Wan
➤ Uhm… °.° oops! boys, what was that back then ^^°°°
Shinhwa and H.O.T’s Psychological war

➤ WOW! This is big!
South Korea: Three Major TV Stations Protest for Fair Journalism
Respect. The rebellion if the tv stations! OTL

Wow! How many news! *dies* This was really a looooot! But these days a lot happens and I already left out some things.

But not it`s time for a bit SPAZZ to end today`s entry!!!! Couples will come next time again. We will go for 3 part-spazz today!

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] today: Royal Wind spot: Never thought about it that way… ☆✭☆
Rpyal Wind Shampoo CF
HAHAHAHA! xD I dunno who of you guys saw this spot back then. I saw it but I`ve never thought about it that way! I was completely flashed by the flower pental thing and HanGeng ^^ but this is true! Women will maybe have problems getting up Photobucket
➜ I LOVE CHINESE MAGAZINES! They have large HanChul articles and magazines with SiHan lovelies on the cover under headlines like “A Life of Wrongful Love”
Photobucket KYAAAH!
(they picked great pictures btw)
➜ Kangin come back soon!
…Teuk in A-Cha MV…
oooh, hey! ^^ this is a little bit heartbreaking, isn`t it? but seriously, never noticed YeWook couple in A-Cha mv… o.O WOAHW! How could I miss that?!

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