You know what time it is today?!?
This is the return of… (no, not the king this time)


Shinhwa drops their long-awaited 10th album, ‘The Return’!

Their 10th album, celebrating their 14th anniversary! This is the worlds longest lasting idol group. THIS IS SHINHWA!
O(∩_∩)O 신화 화이팅!

신화 (Shinhwa) – 10집 THE RETURN
Release Date : 2012.03.22
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance Pop, Ballad

Track List:
01 On The Road
02 Hurts
03 Venus
04 Red Carpet
05 Move With Me
06 Let It Go
07 Stay
08 Welcome
09 Be My Love
10 Re-Love
11 Breathin’

I listened to their album. The first time ever I listen to Shinhwa and it`s all because of that one crazy Shinhwa fan I know xD *looks at EMMY!*
But the album is 대to the박! Really a great one!
Since I don`t know much about them I cannot tell if it`s better than the albums before. This is up to the Shinhwa fans to decide. I only know this one and I like it a lot! Photobucket

Some more Shinhwa news!
➤ ^^ They are cute!
Shinhwa releases video footage of their first dance practice in 4 years
➤ aww! The member love~
Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo received financial aid from his fellow members

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