Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ Ppl at Tian Tian Xiang Shang went a little bit overboard, TOP & Se7en very cute + my new k-dreams

안녕 친구들! v^^.

I was hanging around all lazy and useless (like always) but then the realization of TONS OF NEWS WAITING FOR THE BLOG hit me like a hammer! Photobucket
So I will do the news now!

➤ Big Bang news!
THE MOST IMPORTANT! in these Big Bang news: [Article] Big Bang are nominated for award at “MTV Italy TRL Awards 2012″! You can Vote for BIG BANG ➜here←! Please go to the site and vote in the category “BEST FAN” for them!
➤ I think there are aready tons of covers out there and now… there will be even more! ^^
Big Bang announces ‘Fantastic Baby’ cover competition for domestic fans
You can also go to see it on YG`s official site:
Global Event II : Big Bang Dance Cover Contest
Big Bang wins #1! + Performances from March 22nd’s ‘M! Countdown’
“Fantastic Baby” on M! Coutndown ^^v

➤ hahaha! They are so awesome, I cannot even!
Big Bang combined views for “Blue”, “Bad Boy”, and “Fantastic Baby” on YouTube surpasses 30 million
➤ Aw! this is sooo cute! Look at them! LOOK AT THEM! Photobucket
Big Bang’s T.O.P and Se7en show their dangerous(?) friendship on ‘Strong Heart’
Wae do ppl say “Don`t touch so much” or “Hands off”?? Are you crazy? This is cute! Please touch lots you two! LOOOL xD
My Fav comment of ppl on that article was: “xD I wonder if Se7en’s girlfriend approves”
ME WONDERS TOO! xDD Maybe his girlfriend is a shipper of the two? hehehe… fangirls always approve!
btw…. THIS is the scene the article metioned:
KYAAAAAAAHH!!!!! Photobucket YOU CUTIES! LET ME DIE! BEST 41 SECONDS EVER!!!!!! OMG! THEY ARE SO CUTE! *fangirl squee* (((o(≧∇≦)o))) OMONA! THEY DIDN’T! *looks again* Oh yes, they did! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) HAHAHAHA!
LE ME JUST DIED BECAUSE OF CUTENESS AND SWEETNESS OF THOSE TWO! GOSH, boys! This was too adorable! *pinches them*
My fav comment I`ve read on YouTube about this: “…now kiss” Photobucket MUHAHAHA! Someone spoke all the fangirls minds!
➤ Big Bang at 인기가요 (Inkigayo) today!
Big Bang wins ‘Inkigayo’ triple crown + performances from March 25th!
“Blue” *o*

& “Fantastic Baby” *o*

THIS WAS A PERFORMANCE COMPLETELY ON CONCERT-LEVEL! Not tv show-level! CONCERT-LEVEL! *O* Hope we can see them live here one day *prays*

➤ Ailee at M! Countdown:

➤ Now GeGe`s news: What happened during the recording of Tian Tian Xiang Shang:
Background information about what happened + Sunle’s official statement about Tian Tian Xiang Shang recording from 21.02.2012
errr…. WHAT DA HECK! Someone went overboard with things LIKE HELL at Tian Tian Xiang Shang!
Asking things like that! … *speechless* If this is really true and it happened that way: How could you ppl?! Who approved of this, just to begin with? Aigoo… -.-
This is what PoketoStars said about it (you need to scroll down a bit, because the first 2 translations are the same like on FuckYeah!HanGeng!): Tian Tian Xiang Shang issue
Why can`t ppl respect that he dosen`t want to talk all this out in public? Would they want to reveal everything on tv? Photobucket
Yang Mi & HanGeng at Pepsi event
*o* that woman is really pretty… but, when you look at all the pictures of her she kinda looks strange at times. like… strangely not real oO… Cannot explain well, but she surely is pretty!

➤ And theeere we go with another enlistment and… HOLY! It`s really soon! o.o
TRAX’s Jay to enlist in the army this month
waaaaait! This would make him be in army like… now! o.o today! In korea it`s the 26th already!
I think TRAX fans will be a little relieved because he will do it the same way as Heenim: 4 weeks and then public service.
My ELFi and I already talkes about the army matter today. Kangin is comming back! :3 Very soon he will come back! Aaaah! I wait for him to be back!
But fate is cruel so it makes us letting go of Teukie some months later & JJ will be gone as well *sigh*
And to be honest: slowly I see our hopes to see the boys again this year fading away. I mean: The time to have another worldtour withing this few months is… errr… a bit short (carefully said).

➤ This brings up 2 very opposing feelings inside of me…
JYJ reveal official videos from South American Tour
1.) THIS IS AWESOME! gooood, some of the banners of ppl at the airport were actually “a bit” embarrassing >< but nonetheless!
2.) I feel massive regret that we don`t have cities big enough to gather such an amount of k-pop fans. Our ppl have to come from everywhere to the concert location, many ppl from outside of the land where the concerts will take place and this makes such things… nearly impossible. Photobucket *cries 4ever because we can never show the boys a stronger support*
[Trans] 120321 JYJ’s Junsu, Musical “Elisabeth” Has Attracted 200,000 People So Far
Park Yoochun receives praise for his acting in ‘Rooftop Prince’
I think Chunnies new drama could be really interesteing. But first we have to end Skip Beat and… there are so many other dramas I want to see as well! >< so not fair! Why can`t I have one year vacation to watch all the dramas I want to see, eh?
➤ … (≥///≤) YooSu gif …
“Come and do it.”
C-jes releases statement, “JYJ World Tour ended successfully”
Key sentence is: “This is the reason to anticipate a world tour next year.” uhm… if it`s really true that JJ will join the army THIS year… how can they do a world tour NEXT YEAR? Photobucket
C-jes, now I`m confused… oO *blinks*
➤ When JJ re-appeared on twitter this week… T.T
120323 Jaejoong Twitter Update
➤ This is cool!
Jaejoong and Yoochun’s pictures spotted on Yoohwan’s drama
And even “Mission” was played in one of the episodes? oooh! *.* cool!
➤ OMO! =D
[Info] Jaejoong and Yoochun are nominated for “Male Popularity Award” in the 48th Baeksang Awards/

➤ At this festival were a lot of YunJae banners ㅋㅋㅋ
[Pic] TVXQ at Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival
Is it just me or is Minnies hair extremely long right now? *thinks of other pictures* no, it isn`t just me. His hair is really long indeed!
➤ Leader씨 so sweet!
[Pic] 120323 Yunho wearing fangift
➤ Very pretty pics if HoMin!
[Pic] TVXQ featured in Men’s Club – More Pictures

➤ Haha! I see! xD
Battle between the rookies in Korea for the month of April as top idol groups concentrate on World Tours
The kids want to take advantage of the situation. I see what you are doing kids, I see! They thinks they can make fans switch camps? well, good luck then~

➤ That`s a loooot of money!
2PM’s successful ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’ brought in $53 million

➤ As expected: The Legend is really back!
Shinhwa dominates on real time charts with “Venus”
This reminds that I could listen to “Venus” now ^^ *starts playing it*

Leeteuk expresses his hope for Super Junior to follow in-Shinhwa’s footsteps
I think SuJu could be like Shinhwa! And one day, maybe one day, Cassie will shout “돈방신기 다시시작!” (DBSK restart!) when all 5 of our boys return together ㅠ~ㅠ

➤ EMMY! Do you need to make us more emo after I`ve said this just now?
Confessions of a Cassiopeia #42
BUT NO! We need no time machine! Live dosen`t always goes the way we want it to go! So we need to overcome difficult times to be stronger afterwards!
Like Hea Unni said: You shouldn`t allow yourself to be broken! It makes nothing easier! Pain is okay but the pain shouldn`t define or break you, or else you will be lost in emoness OTL

➤ So the EXO kids are really about to debute now, huh?
ECO to hold showcases in Korea and China announces April debut
Well, we should say: Finally! Not -finally- because I wait for them to debut like a mad woman. Finally because we had 1938895000000 teasers & two MV`s already. This is clearly the tactics SME is working today: Trying to build a fanbase for the new band even before their debute. It will speed up the process for selling CDs and *cough* therefore make more money out of those boys in a shorter time.
Oh… now I get it!
SME came up with a better method to kinda suck the blood out of young ppl. o.O isn`t it like that? OTL I told you! I`m monitoring to find out what they (SM) want to do and now it looks like I found out about it. Of course, the topic of “coming up with a band to fill the gap SuJu hiatus will cause because of army” is still in the room/air. *raises eyebrows* I WON`T FALL FOR YOUR CHEAP TRICKS SME! Maybe some ppl think ppl who are in more fandoms aren`t loyal. But I tell you: I`m loyal to my fandoms and EXO can definitely not get me. Not because I want to destory SME`s nice plan. It´s because my love for my fandoms is too big. Even if I would have to wait 100 years for my boys: I won`t switch to EXO camp! >< (sorry EXO fans, but that`s my opinion – EXO are actually okay but I won`t be their fan.)

➤ This was a cool photo! ^^ Yesungs brother is so cute ^^ What a nice family!
Super Junior’s Yesung shows off his family members

Who is currently the hottest celebrity
YAH, you experts! *pouts* WHERE IS SIWON IN THAT LIST?!? ARE YOU BLIND OR WHAT??? *searches list up and down for the 3rd time already* No, there`s really no Siwon there! *pouts more*
Well… at least Chunnie is in the list… -.-”
BUT STILL! We know Siwon is cute but no one can deny that he should be at least on the “handsome” list! D:< Experts have no clue! What kind of experts are you??? O: *speechless*

➤ ah, Taeminnie! Still the cute baby ^^°
SHINee’s Taemin brags about his pretty boy looks

➤ News of brother!
Junho was in a magazine called… “Wave in Tokyo”?… if I got that right – person who posted this said he was on 4 pages! =D
「韓流in TOKYO (한류 in TOKYO)
➤ Brother drew THIS:
Dragon *.*
WOW! This is cool! I dunno about Dragon Ball, I… I really don´t like it! >< but the dragon is cool!

Okay, now let`s take a look at my latest k-dreams!

Dream 1:
I had this dream shortly before I got up for work. It was short and in fact it was my alarm clock which destroyed the dream! >< ARGH!
It all began when I found myself in a place where many ppl were. ELF were gathering at a bus station further afar, on the other side of the street. There was an event they wanted to attend, maybe a fanmeeting or so. Anyways, the whole place was covered with ppl who wear blue shirts. =) I dunno why all of a sudden but somehow I thought I just saw my ex walking around over there at the busstation so I decided to go inside the public building nearby so he won`t see me. I really have no nerve for that guy anymore!
It was such a pity that I couldn`t stay to watch the ELF but I needed to avoid that bapo called my ex! BUT, as it appeared shortly after entering the building, it was a FAIL to be inside the building as well. While I was looking around a weird guy suddenly popped up in front of my face and started to talk to me. I thought -no, not again. Why do I only meet weirdos???-. AND WHAT KIND OF FAIL WAS THAT?!? Outside my ex, inside this weirdo?? On top of all I thought this guy was kinda scary so I walked away but he kept following me. While I was still thinking about how to get rid of this scary weirdo, thinking if slapping him when he comes to near would help, somebody practically jumped on me out of nowhere. Photobucket I almost tripped because I was jumped on and I was totally taken aback by this “attack”. I had barely a second to recognizethat it was Siwon because I already got squished (once again *sigh* … this guy needs to controle his strength better) and was hugged tightly. Scary weirdo was looking like –WTF?? oO– while I was thinking
WTF?? oO– .

I couldn`t even say one word. Not only that I got squished by Siwon once again, no, he even talked nonstop. He asked where I have been, that he was looking for me, what I´m doing here, that it`s time for us to go and such stuff, then I got him! He was acting as my boyfriend to save me from the weirdo guy! Thank god I have a stalker with good ideas! Or should I say: Thank god that Shisus is watching over me? xDD
Siwon totally was my lifesaver! That was actually the second time already! Nonetheless, very knightly.
yeah, ^^° eh hehe… but the moment he said “Have you forgotten? You, me, date, later? :3 *typical Siwon-sweetness-puppy-face* “._ OMONA! (≥///≤) Siwon, that`s… you`re… you`re too much, really. (≥///≤)

Maybe it was good that my alarm clock rang then… *cough* because he really cannot do this! He cannot squish-hug me and talking stuff like that. If it`s to save me or not, it embarrasses me >//<
Aigoo, that Pastor Choi!
On the other hand: The weirdo guy`s wtf-face was epic! ^^d It would have been interesting to see what happened after this.

Dream 2:
Okay this dream was kind like… blurry from beginning to end! But I could get at least some things! (the most important ^^)
Somehow I managed to visit JYJ. I haven`t seen them in a long time! The only trouble was that they were busy. They had to do two interviews, photoshooting and… ah, I dunno what else! I only knew their schedule was full!
But since I was already there I ask them if it would be very inconvenient if I accompany them. JJ said they don`t really have time for me but it`s okay to come with them. So it happened that I was creeping around the area when they were doing their first interview. It was some kind of hotel or so and JYJ staff members were around too. They were discussing the next things to do for the days schedule. I was watching over the boys (literally) from the top of the stairway where you could see the whole hotel lobby below. I thought to myself that this place looks somehw expensive. I mean: The inventory looked like it would say ‘don`t touch me, I was too expensive’ o.o …
I waited till the interview was over and the reporter has left. Staff members were also leaving the building with Chunnie and JJ to discuss something outside. Junsu was staying and I went downstairs to talk to him.
T^T Aigoo, it was such a long time since I´ve seen him! Junsu apologizes that they are so busy, but I said it`s no big deal because it´s their job. I also told him that I´m happy when I can run around with them, that`s at least something. Then Junsu said he planned to go to a restaurant with me when I come to visit but it looks like that I have to go on my own now because he has no time. Me was like “nuuu, I only want to go with you :/ “. Then we had a little couple emo-convo regarding the time problem (*cough* while holding hands (ˆ///ˆ) eh hehe… couple ^///^° eh hehe… ), with much regret that there isn`t more time, till a staff member came inside and told us that we will leave now.
Ok. So we all went to the next location. It was time for the photoshooting. Boys were doing their thing while I was sitting around and waiting. Once again I was monitoring the staff and what they do. One of the staff ladies came to talked to me for a while. She wanted to know who I am and how it comes that I´m with the boys. Uhm… a bit embarrassing to tell her the story ^///^° *shy*, but since she was busy she left after I`ve answered her questions.
After that we were leaving to another location but I cannot say where to. Dream was too blurry and ended then.

Really not long enough that dream! Meh. sucks… :/
Well, at least I saw Junsu! *thinks positive*

okeh! *Junsu style* It`s time to have the couples around again, don`t ya think?! I feel like we didn`t have the couples heare for too long!

So what are SiChul doing?
“SiChul of the day”:
AAAAH! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) THIS IS CUTE! hehehe… Siwon, what`s that? At first he`s like “Ok, I will do it” and then he`s like “OMGZ I CAN`T! xD” LOL oh my, SiChul… ^^ *amused*

What`s up with SiHan today?
“SiHan of the day”:
awww!Photobucket You two! #swornbrotherhug ^^

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] today: In the dorm…☆✭☆
The 11th floor dorm xD
LOL fake subs 4ever and HAHAHA! xD just funny spazz!
(btw: this creepy dad-person with the Oppa sign… I remember watching this show with ppl from US, Germany, Thailand and… dunno from where else in korea and bringing on some k-pop stuff and SuJu were there but… I never really noticed that guy untill I saw him again there xD )

– The famous ‘infamous “SO SO Sexy” shower scene’ xD
SiHan lovelies live in Changsha ^^
Everytime I think about this I have to laugh xD Best comment to these pictures was “I don`t know what`s going on but I wanna be part if it. =)” HAHA! GURL! true~ ^^d
…and: what SiHan lovelies did while showering is really interesting… too bad that we can never know all their stories! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but I would love too! I mean: the “SO so sexy” story was so… so… *fangirl scream* “OMONA THEY DIDN`T!?” but they DID! O(≧∇≦)O

okay, now I need to find a little bit to eat ^^ it`s late enough already and… oh, I hear Kangin because SuJu is playing on my VLC player!! =D I`m so happy that the will return soon!(‐^▽^‐)Missed himmmm!!!!!

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