Shinhwa released their MV for “Venus” + k-dream, *cough* Siwon (≥///≤) & Cassie thoughts

안녕 여러분! v^^.

IT`S BEEN A WHILE! OMG! I haven`t blogged for 5 days! Photobucket HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! How was this possible?!?
Ok, I know: because I was soooo sleepy the whole week due to silly daylight saving time changes…. *sighs* I hate it.
Well, however: I´m ready to make myself some enemies again xD Oh yeah, I have one or two topics I want to talk about today and I think this will most likely end in a little rant! #justsaying (or more like: warning you xD )

But now, let`s take a look at my latest little k-dream first!
Emmy will probably envy me now because… I had a k-dream and Shinhwa were involved!

I really dunno why I dream about this but it was somehow fun!
It all started with the news that Big Bang will come to germany. Everyone was like “Yaaaaay!!!!”. It was rumored that they will come to airpiort XY (dunno the name) and I decided to go with mom there.
When we arrived there it was the same Airport where we had the Cassie/Bigeast fanmeeting FAIL with SME xDD
BUT there was something wrong: There were huuuundreds of ppl but… oO all in orange shirts… WHAT DA HELL! I was like “heeey, you got the wrong… number color! o.o”. One thing was for sure: This won`t be Big Bang who will arrive at that airport! Area outside of the airport was flooded whith orange and I told mom that we won`t see Big Bang but since we are here we will wait with those ppl to see Shinhwa ^^
While we waited I explained to mom that these are Shinhwa Changjo and no VIP, then ppl started to be all cray because Shinhwa were walking out of the airport, waving to their fans and then getting into a minivan. The place was so extremely crowded that the minivan could only leave the place very slow – which made the whole horde of Shinhwa Changjo walking with the van ^^
Mom and I went with the crowd to see where this will go and I started to wonder if Emmy was here too. But how in da world should I find her? Too many ppl.

I woke up then and the dream ended. Okay, for me it wasn`t a big event since I´m no Shinhwa Changjo but the massice amound of ppl on orange was impressive to see! (even though it was only a dream)
…I bet this was all because I was watching Shinhwa`s “Venus” MV yesterday!

This makes it very suitable for the Shinhwa news to enter the scene HERE AND NOW:
Shinhwa’s “Venus” music video released!
It´s cool! But while I was watching and… lookit at where those women were touching them I was like “Photobucket… WOAHW! WAIT! … what? … Okay, Emmy will be so dead!” hahaha!
Shinhwa returns with ’2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return’ concert!
…and half of korean idols were at the concert to watch the show! Photobucket
Girls’ Generation, DBSK, SHINee, 2PM, and more watch Shinhwa’s comeback concert
➤ This is interesteing! Now that they mentioned it, I see it too ^^
Shinhwa and 2PM gain interest for having many similarities
➤ Well…
Shinhwa’s Eric felt grateful towards Lee Soo Man after leaving SM Entertainment
…like I already said: I bet this man (Lee SooMan) has his good sides too but… he was also heartless to ppl I love and didn`t cared about their health or if they are feeling well in general. I cannot forgive him, who had the power to change it to their wellbeing, just because he has some good sides and can get along well with his ex-artists (like Eric here and Brian).
It`s like with my work ajeossi: sometimes he can be nice but this won`t erase the bad he has done and how he treated me in the past. So I just won`t forgive him. (YES! I`M RESENTLFUL! OTL )
Shinhwa backstage at ‘M! Countdown’ + Update on Shin Hye Sung’s condition
EH?! Quote: “I cannot become a burden to Shinhwa’s activities.
Shin Hyesung! Don`t worry your fans! And if you ruin your knee in the end fans will be 4ever sad! (now that Shinhwa just returned to the business… aigoo, aigoo *shakes head*) Emmy will not be happy to hear this!
➤ ^^°° this is…
Eric and Andy’s part in possible debut song was just 2 seconds?
“It’s like sharing one bean.” was the best statement to this xD
Legendary idol group Shinhwa returns with “Venus” on ‘Music Bank’!
WOW! They are great! It´s so cool that I can watch them now. I mean… I never thought that I would be able to watch this legend called Shinhwa on Music Bank. I`m not long enough into k-pop to know them from their past active times. The red light in the background is the BEST during “Hurt” :3 Pretty, cassie-red light.
eeeh??? WHY ISN`T THIS IN HD EITHER?!?!? DAMN! … Totally ruins the fun for all of us but still! They are such an amazing band! And Shinhwa Changjo waited so long for them to come back ^^ Be happy Shinhwa Changjo. One day it will be US, Cassiopeia and Bigeast, who are happy. And we will be even more happy!
Because when our boys return, it will be an even bigger party (because we all endured so much hardships).

➤ uhm… talking about Shinhwa Changjo: I´m not sure what this was/is…
[A Letter To Cassiopeia From Shinhwa Changjo]
Yeah, yeah. Don´t gimme this ‘”WTH do you mean?”-look on you faces. It`s a letter. I know that. But… the first part seems so be about being a sasaeng ‘fan’ and annoying idol managers because you are acting like a stupid brat, blocking their way or something.
What and what? *blinks* Photobucket Why?
Woman, what do you want to say with all this talk?? I thought you wanted to tell us that we should keep the faith? hm.

And then it`s like “being sasaeng is bad” or what? OTL BUT WE ALREADY KNOW THAT! I´m sure everyone who is not completely crazy knows that sasaeng ppl are the WORST! So what`s the point here?
Eerrr… I don`t really get the first half of it but I`m a fan of two sentences in that letter:
1.) “Don’t forget that every word you say, every little movement you make, makes an impression on what Cassiopeia and DBSK are defined as by the public.
2.) “DBSK is Cassiopeia and Cassiopeia is DBSK. Those two, are the same as one. It’s a relationship where if one grows, the other does too, and if one dies, the other dies too.

But I have to disagree with the writer of this letter: I`m absolutely sure not everyone can be a great fan.
– Sasaeng ppl are the worst crap of a human existence which dares to calls itself a ‘fan’. They can never be great fans because they are only crazy stalkers and REALLY need professional help ➜ results in hopeless case/FAIL FAN!
– Then we have kids who simply lost it! They maybe aren`t sasaeng ppl but they lost themselve in that “on-stage pictures of perfection” the boys show us and they don`t think about the humans they are because they have forgotten that the boys are humans. Clear case of➜ FAIL FAN!
– THEN we have the fans who have this massive hate against the managers or bother them with their childish sh*t which is not even relevant in any way oO… those kids are selfish and don`t think about anything at all (and I think they have no idea what it means to have a stressful job like the one of a manager). If they don`t mature fast they will never be good fans or give the public a good impression on Cassiopeia. Results in ➜ FAIL FAN!
– *sighs* and on top of all we have a whole bunch of ppl calling themselves “Cassiopeia” without even understanding what it means to be Cassiopeia… oO results in ➜ FAIL FAN!

Let`s just not think about it! It makes my head explode everytime I try to understand the ppl who think they are part of our fandom.

This letter is really nice try to cheer us up and at some points the person is absolutely right, but it`s easy to talk for Shinhwa Changjo, u know? *raises eyebrows* Especially now.
They don`t have stans. Their group is not split in two. There was NEVER so much hate like it is around in Cassiopeia since two years and don`t even let`s start a talk about ex-cassiopeia members!
The situation is the most complicated of all fandoms in k-pop.
I mean… which other fandom has stans? OMG SUN! WAE? WAE US? It`s so annoying!
*shots standom* Photobucket STANDOM

Kids should learn some things from this letter: You don`t know the mangers ‘pain’, don`t be a f*cking sasaeng person, trust our boys, don`t allow yourself to be broken, mind your actions in public/behave like a human, not like a crazy animal & please, for gods sake PLEASE, don`t lose grip on reality!
…I always tell you guys! They way you behave as their fans is what the public sees. For the love of crap! Look at the b-kids! They behave so immature and inappropriate that it HURTS!
Yeah, and now look at what our impression of them is? It`s exactly that! They are a bunch of little kids who are really disgusting perverts and they are hysteric to the max.


Suddenly I´m glad to be Cassiopeia. *facepalm* I mean with all our sh*t. Let`s have stans and all this crap. It`s still better as when we would be like the b-kids!
And this is really embarrassing/sad…. FOR THE B-KIDS OF COURSE!!!!!!!

I mean, okeh, at some point every fangirl is somehow perverted. Some more, some less. But the difference from us to the B-kids is: We don`t trend our childish silly thoughts!

Yeah and this woman was talking about to be an awesome fan for them.
*raises one eyebrow* excuse me woman, we are awesome since 2 years. We are still here. We are OT5. WE ARE FREKIN’ CASSIOPEIA! We are the Cassiopeia ELF are proud of! We are the Cassiopeia who hold together with BIGEAST for all 5 of our boys although we faced and are still facing so many hate, difficulties and heartbreaks.
Don`t you think we are already awesome enough?
HAHAHA! Photobucket If we get any more awesome we will explode because of awesomeness! *proud cassie is proud*

HECK YES! I´m proud to be OT5! Although sasaeng ppl are a complete shame to our fandom and the stans too of course we still keep Cassiopeia alive because we are not broken yet!
But I have to say, that Shinhwa Changjo woman is right with another thing: Crying is of no use. Constantly crying about the past is not helpful now. I know, there are some super emos on my Twitter timeline who cry every day about the past. Okay, deep down inside we are all heartbroken about what happened, but don`t you think it`s more helpful to work on our strength as on our emoness?
We all can be emo very well because we love our boys so much, but becoming stronger is the real trick in this fandom to survive 😉

I want to follow Leader씨`s sample and be strong. What are you guys doing? I want to make Leader씨 proud as the Cassie I am!
I came along of a way with crappy happenings to end up in Cassiopeia. Other ppl couldn`t break me in the past. Other ppl couldn`t change who I am in the past and now nobody can either! If stans, b-kids, sasaeng ppl, a childish AVEX CEO or SME. LET THEM BRING IT ON! Anything! Everything! Everyone! I can take it all! *is ready to fight for the sake of our boys & Cassiopeia*
Photobucket HWAITING!

Before we start with the news now: Don`t forget to VOTE FOR BIG BANG for the Mtv TRL Awards 2012 in BEST FAN catagory! You can vote on daily basis and I really hipe BB will get another Mtv award in europe!
Photobucket *is full of hope*
I mean, how awesome would THAT be? The day of JYJ concert last year in Berlin (11-11-06) was the day Big Bang got their first Mtv european music award and it would be such a success if they get another awards now! :3
GAIS!!!! *imitating Emmy* I want to have a reason for another v-day, so help us to vote for them! ( ˆ ω ˆ )

Now the news!

➤ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Oppaaa~~~PhotobucketPhotobucket

Brian Joo is the top K-pop act selected by experts in this week’s ‘KPOPULOUS’!

❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡・*:.♡。. .。.:*・゜゚・*♡
Brian~ (๑´▿`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♡♥ *BFF heart is madly in love* I just love him!

The special show of Strong Heart with the YG family brought many interesting things to light:
YG artists to clarify the “three misconceptions about YG Entertainment” on Strong Heart YG Special
➤ Isn`t that cute?
Seungri introduced Dara to a handsome and caring male celebrity?
He wanted to find a man for Dara! ^^
➤ …but it seems like Seungri didn`t found the right man and…
Seungri reveals Dara stepped on the hearts of three guys
…with the last one she was afraid that guy wouldn`t like her? eeeh, excuse me Dara but since you never tried if this would work with him you can never know now Photobucket YOU SHOULD HAVE TRIED!
Maybe that man sees the show and calls her? ^^ *making up romantic story in her head now*
➤ woooh! GD and Top! ㅋㅋ
G-Dragon thinks T.O.P’s body looks erotic?
It`s so cute that Top is so shy hehe…
➤ Lucky girl? ^^
2NE1′s CL admits she once saw Big Bang’s T.O.P undressing
Dara confesses 2NE1 has a phobia of variety and talk shows
➤ *haha* What a wife!
Tablo’s wife wants him to be more like Psy
➤ hoooh?
Big Bang’s T.O.P confesses he has a short temper
Big Bang’s T.O.P tried to run off set during recent shoot for ‘Strong Heart’
haha xD Top, you`re so cool! I swear!

➤ And talking about Top: Here we have Top and Taeyang, somewhere in the mountains of New Zealand… eating snow! Photobucket

More Big Bang news:
Big Bang collaborates with ‘Gmarket’ for limited edition cellphone cases + charity project

GMarket… GD!!! OMO! ME ONLY SEES GD! I just watched this spot for…. 5 or 6 times! KYAHHH!!! I always told you that I really like BB`s leader but… in this clip he`s just… *has no words* *waves around with arms wildly* EVERYTHING! (≥///≤) Is it the changed hair? I don`t even know!!!! …and I don`t care! GD simply ROCKS!
(btw: if I only had an iPhone! >< my phone is old! My phone cannot have cool cases! DAMN… T^T )
Big Bang & Lee Seung Chul rank high on music charts despite fierce competition
Big Bang performs “Fantastic Baby (Japanese Version)” on Happy Music

➤ Oh… this is rather sad. Another father passed away.
Tablo’s father passes away

JYJ news!
➤ Chunnies drama “Rooftop Prince” is doing well!
With Park Yoochun’s acting in ‘Rooftop Prince,’ ratings are two digit numbers
➤ This was… extremel scary! D:<<
JYJ’s Junsu shocks fans with a spooky photo
THIS ISN`’T FUNNY AT ALL! (((;゚д゚)))
Junsu, you look horrible! Sorry for saying this so bluntly but… it`s true. Way too thin.
Why has nobody forbidden that boy to lose so much way? Do I need to do everything? okeh them, Junsu: I forbid you! >____< Don`t you dare to do this ever again! And now go and eat tons of food!
➤ The first two pictures: xD I only see hair! HAIR I SAY! Photobucket
[Cap] Yoochun – Rooftop Prince Part 2
➤ ^^ It´s amazing how he basically didn`t changed at all, isn`t it!?
[News] 120326 Park Yoochun’s graduation photo sparks talk among fans
➤ Chunnie: acting #LikeABoss ;P
Why is Park Yoo Chun’s nickname the “Script Genius?”
➤ *poud* Photobucket
[News] JYJ performs for the First Ladies of the world at the ‘Blue House’
( [TRANS] 120327 JYJ, Performs At A Special Event Of The Nuclear Security Summit )
➤ Junsu, don`t be like me okay ^^°°° It´s no good!
[Trans] 120322 Junho’s Interview Mentioning Junsu‏
I´m very similar to this and… errr… I don`t think it`s good because most of ppl don`t understand. ^^°°°
btw: Nice photos of brother! very nice.
➤ Still a bit too thin but also nice pictures:
[Pic] Yoochun – JUNIOR Magazine 12/04
➤ tssss….. ㄱ_ㄱ after the COMPLETE FAIL of the last time now the experts finally came back to their sense!
Music professionals once again select JYJ’s Junsu as the Best Male Vocalist
➤ JJ please eat a looooot!
[Trans] 120328 Jaejoong Twitter/
A lot like in…. a lot-lot-lot-lots! U know?!
And… I want to be honest and say now: blonde hair is okay, but it`s not the best for JJ. Something a bit more dark looks better on him.
➤ Junsu SPAZZ! xDD
Junsu gif *click*
LMFAO!!! Photobucket HAHAHA!!!!!! How he`s walking to the elevator and pressed the button xDD OH MY JUNSU! YOU ARE TOO COOL!
LOOOL! and then the picture from Rooftop Prince + Junsu running away! This is so funny! xD
➤ Yoohwan hwaiting!
Actor Park Yoohwan talks about his new role in ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ and his brother, Park Yoochun
aigoo… both of the Park brothers returned to work so quick! well, maybe that`s better than to be sad at home… :/ sometimes work can be of more help than rest.
➤ So shameful that is has to be like that!
[Trans] JYJ, who cannot be heard in “Inkigayo” can be heard in “Rooftop Prince”/

➤ HoMin:
[Trans] TV Guide 16th March Issue: Still… I Love You

Shindong parodies G-Dragon’s hairstyle on me2day
➤ …. O: ….. *jaw drops*
120205 SS4 Taiwan with Siwon [8P]
(≥///≤) OMG SUN! SIWON! Is Skip Beat not enough?!? MY POOR HEART! (oh well, not to speak of my poor ovaries… they suffer a lot during Skip Beat! >///< I only say: White pants were back… Photobucket OMGZ! WAAAAAEEE???? WAE, SIWON? WAE OH WAE?)
… *dies*
➤ And while we are talking about Siwon…
120328 Siwon Twitter Update: good morning
*writes letter* Dear Siwon, stop stealing my Mac! Sincerely, Noona.
➤ I bet his niece will have a lot of fun with it ^^
Siwon`s gift for his niece
120326 Siwon open a sina weibo account that reported from Singtao newspaper, HK [1P]
➤ hehe… was this supposed to be breaking news? …
SM Entertainment artists to become SM Entertainment shareholders
…because we already knew about this shareholder thing for MONTHS! All thanks to leaked info and because we are #CoolLikeThat ㅋㅋㅋ So: SME, tell me something new!
And I wonder if this is really to (quote) “increase represents a strengthening partnership between the company and its artists“. Isn`t this more like: I give you something of my might so you hopefully won`t sue us? ^^° eh hehe… at least this is what came to my mind.
➤ ㅋㅋㅋ SuJu keep being amazing! b^^d
Which current K-Pop male group surpassed 40 million views on YouTube?
But really…. ==” … THIS➜ (quote) “TVXQ (Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu), would have previously ranked as the highest viewed group, but their view counts were lost with videos becoming deleted and then reuploaded.
THANK YOU SME! Photobucket So our boys cannot have a little victory again, because YOU needed to start fan competition we all don`t even need! *facepalm* BISH!
(I appreciate that Mr. Simple is the video with the most views, but I also want our boys to have a little success again! *pouts*)
➤ YAY! For SuJu leader!!!!! *throws confetti over Teukie*
Super Junior’s Leeteuk wants to start working out again & surpasses 1 million followers on Twitter
YAAAAY! YAAAY! *thorws more confetti* Teukie surpassed 1 million followers! Congrats, my second Leader! Photobucket
And he has plans or working out again. hehe… Teukie, admit it! You saw Siwon`s photo (THAT one, u know…) and you got jealous xD
Btw: this is a beautiful photo of SuJu leader! Like it!
➤ Song is good~
Super Junior’s Sungmin releases “Oh Wa” for ‘I Need A Fairy’ OST
➤ eeeh? Shindong, really? o.o
Super Junior’s Shindong vows to lose 11 kg for ‘Beatles Code 2′
I`m not sure if I will be able to recognize him anymore then but okeh… *irritated* Just don`t overdo it Shindong OTL

➤ I was like… “RAIN?!? oO Are you kidding me?”
Rain performs at the ’2012 Seoul Peace Music Festival’
but then I was like “Ah! He had a break! ^^”. He looks good! Army seems to be good for him.

HanGeng news!
➤ HanGeng in Jmen Magazine [April 2012 Issue]!
1, 2, 3 & 4.
[Pic] Royal Wind Endorsment
This picture… Photobucket I looooove this whole Royal Wind Endorsment he`s doing! The pictures/tv sports with the red-leaved trees is THE BEST! *dies*
Yishion 2012 Summer Casual Collection (1600 x 2399)
(((o(≧∇≦)o))) OH MY! I LOVE YISHION PICTURES!!!!!!

➤ Ailee…
Ailee reveals her actual weight on ‘Immortal Song 2′
…how tall is that woman? o.o I mean Ailee always looked really healthy to me. I mean: not too thin. How tall is she? Just to know the relation of weight and height. But… isn`t it A BIT too fast forward to ask her that on tv so bluntly HALMONI?! (dunnot he other woman, but she looks old xD)
➤ Talking about Ailee; She performed “Heaven” on Music Bank today *O* SHE HAS SUCH A PRETTY STAGE OUTFIT!
:3 still such a great song! And Ailee looks so pretty! :3

➤ Really? ELFi was surely happy about this!
U-KISS prepares for their first Korean comeback in seven months
Since I like them I will isten to their comeback when it`s time ^^

➤ HOW MEAN! -.-” they were at it again…
Who’s the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ couple of Korea?
Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon again!? WHAT DA HELL PPL! WHAT DA HELL?!? You`ve already talked anough trash abou them!
1.) it`s none of your business
3.) Can`t you just let those two be?!
아이고, 진짜! Photobucket I HATE it when ppl are like that! What`s wrong with that guy in their eyes? To be honest he looks normal so where`s the problem? And who came up with a shit like this in the first place?
There was one comment to that article that was the best:
to the one who create this poll: are you that pretty/handsome enough ?? just straight to the point ! you are discriminating/insulting people… loving a person is not based on its outlook it is based on its personality.. and the important one is they love one another …

➤ This is more funny:
2PM & 2AM spotted filming their new variety show
I always thought that it`s funny that two groups exist who have the AM/PM name xD And now they are filming togehter? Even more funny to me!

➤ THIS IS SO COOL! Obama in Seoul: He mentioned the Hallyu Wave!!!!! :3
LA Times: “President Obama seems to have caught the Korean Wave”
Photobucket Obama President씨, I always knew you are cool! =D

➤ Hallyu Wave in europe GoGo!
SHINee is introduced on French TV
Only one question: when will I see such a thing in Germany? :/ *still disappointed about our Media*
➤ T.T I want to see it here too! *pouts more*
Big Bang’s “BLUE” appears on MTV Czech Republic + YG On Air shares “Bad Boy ver.2″

➤ Aww!
Se7en and Park Han Byul celebrate their 10th anniversary
their relationship already last so long?! WOW! It`s so nice to see that there are happy stories in some celebrities` lifes! And: Park Han Byul is soooo pretty! *o* I cannot even!

➤ *cough* I only see HoMin & Siwon (OTL) ^^°
[Trans] Poster for SM Movie “I AM” revealed, stars offstage appearances “builds anticipation!”

wow. OoO these news were faaar longer as exprected! Let`s do the two couples now and then I really need something to eat ^^

“SiChul of the day”:
aw! Young SiChul posing for us today! ^^ aren`t they cute?! :3

What are my SiHan lovelies doing today?
“SiHan of the day”:
(-# ’ ▽ ’ )/ HanGeng, where are you touchung ^^ ← where are they touching… I ask that myself a lot when I look at SiHan lovelies ㅋㅋㅋ soooooo cute!!!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o)))
It`s so funny ^^ look at GeGe! GeGe all natural and Siwon is like “(⌒-⌒❀) ” ❤❤ SiHan loveliiiiies~~~♡

☆✭☆[FUN] today: SiHan lovelies being lovely! o(*゚▽゚*)o ☆✭☆
Zhang Li Yin’s Timeless MV – Behind the Scenes

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