The ‘hair-voting’ storyㅋㅋㅋ V-DAY! ; HoMin`s Missha CF is out! & HanGeng news spam!!!

안녕 친구들! Photobucket ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ *gleeful laugh*

Ooooh how wonderful! A wonderful k-pop day today!
I mean you can still help to make it more awesome!
Vote for G-Dragon on Popdust’s ‘The Great Boy Band Hair-Off’
You can still vote for GD!

HECK YES! HAIR COMPETITION!!! *runs around in circles hyper* I LOVE IT!

Just look at the results up to now:

MUHAHAHAHA!!!!! *gleeful laugh*
Obvious, isn`t it? ㅋㅋㅋ And when you go on the site you will find MASSIVE AMOUNT of k-popper comments and some butthurt comments from fans of this other guys. Princeton. Oh well, whoever he is! I don`t know and I don`t care.
The thing I care about it that GD so wins this competition! xD LOOL
and the butthurt comments of the non-k-poppers are so hilarious! I`m very amused!
I mean, to lose a voting is one thing but to say (quote!) “U CAN GO SOMEWHERE WIT THAT GD OR WHATEVER LEADER STUFF, I KNO PRINCETON WILL” when the battle is already lost is another. *raises eyebrows* One shoult know when the battle is over.

Nonetheless: K-POP V-DAY!!! Photobucket *proud k-popper*

Maybe I shouldn`t be so gleeful but… IT`S REALLY FUNNY, U KNOW?!?!
All the time ppl like them laugh about us, say that we are stupid, insane or whatever else and that no one listens to k-pop. Ooooh, but look who can laugh now?
The powerless k-pop community showed them #LikeABoss who`s the boss here! ㅋㅋㅋ
They should stop saying that other guy “will lose”. He ALREADY LOST!
If k-pop would be so powerless then the comments would be full of things like “who`s GD? oO” and “never heard about the other guy”. BUT THEY ARE NOT!
Bow to the power of k-pop gaissss!!!!! Bow to us and worship us! Worship GD!!! MUHAHAHAHA! *world domination laugh followed by an evil laugh like Junsu laughs in Elisabeth*

Was this too much? ^^°°° oh, I`m sorry! I`m sorry! Photobucket
The moment ppl realize that the power of something they never knew it exists is THAT strong is just too hilarious!
And I´m gleeful like this because we k-poppers always get insulted and laughed at. But when it comes to vote we are just 대to the박 and show them that we are MAAAANY!

Oh I love it to celebrate small victories!
and… OH PLEASE! Now the fans of the other guy start to insult GD… uhu… ㄱ_ㄱ I see what you are doing, ppl, I see!
And what`t with that “He`s goint to lose”??? HE ALREADY LOST! Face it with some dignity and not with delusion!

AND WHAT DA HELL MEANS THE COMMENT THAT SAID “(…) He’s Loosing To A Pedophile Look Alike”?!?!!? Wh— WHAT..?! Photobucket *gasps in offense* YOU SAID…. WHAT?!?!?!? like… WHAAAAAAT????? Like… WHAT AND WHAT????
Okay! Stop! YOU LEAVE NOW! Photobucket This was too much!
NOW YOU START INSULTING HIM BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE WORKS?!? You guys are far from dignity right now! And posting 15 times in 10 minutes to vote for the other guy *looks at THAT ONE user* won`t help either, u know? You ppl are already defeated so FACE THE F*CKING TRUTH!
Either your fan circle is connected and larg enough to compete with us or GTFO! Photobucket *highkicks them* But insulting GD now is a no go!

BTW, SHORT MESSAGE FOR YOU: Such things are not a joking matter! #justsaying

oooh yeah, and that one VIP said we shouldn`t say silly/bad things to the others. Oh, we didn`t! We were only amused! And to say that they are butthurt or that they should just give up isn`t “bad”, because they ARE butthurt and they really should just give up. If someone would have insulted them, yes. That what I call bad and disrespectful (*cough* just like what the other party did just now: insulting GD).

and… since I`m not on that voting site but on my very own blog I can say that… >< this other guy with his fuzzy bush on his head isn`t an worthy opponent!
It`s about special hair, isn`t it? Who has the best special hair, am I right? Only having an Afro isn`t special! Many ppl have that!
G-Dragon`s hair is art! Period!
Other party: Stop insulting him like you did! You are soooo low! I´m just gleeful and amused but YOU ARE LOW!

And becuase I´m not the same low level as the others I only spazzed and ranted all by myself here, didn`t posted anything in the comments OR insulted their Band.
In the end at least one person faced the truth: “straight out we have to lehh them win”.
Oh, don`t talk of -let us win-! You never had a choice! 😛 but: Better than the comment before!

ㅋㅋㅋ and because they insulted GD I have the right to say: Jiyong will beat your party anytime! Remeber that! ;D

OKEH! Spazz about this voting aside! Now the Geng news!

*starts with HanGeng news spam*
➤ Yishion Summer Collection:
1 (other guy looks somehow weird >< GeGe is cool!), 2 (MY POOR HEART! Photobucket HE`S WEARING PURPLE!!!!),
➤ Filming Pepsi CF:
➤ Tian Tian Xiang Shang matters:
at Tian Tian Xiang Shang (Wings~~)
awww! *pinches* Adorable Geng!
➤ Tian Tian Xiang Shang Issue: The AFTERMATH:

Quote from
– The TTXS team said there was no apology from Geng. (While there are fancams that show clearly Geng apologising, lol.)

– When Sunle was asked he said the apology was to the audience and staff at the scene who didn’t know what was going on, not to TTXS because TTXS has acted unethically. They won’t be going on TTXS ever again.

– TTXS team admitted they didn’t tell Geng about this extra segment about the scandals.

That pretty much spells ‘case closed’ to me. Now to focus on good things, like Pepsi endorsement press con. Have a good day~

Way for the TTXS team to make asses of themselves…
(read more HERE!)

➤ Yishion summer collection photoshoot: behind the scenes
1 (last two pictures! >//< let me die when he`s smiling! LET ME DIE!), 2 (^^ #4everrepeatingmyself he`s so cute!!!), 3 (Yishion model woman, MIND WHERE YOU ARE TOUCHING! You`re not Siwon, u know?!?- or GeGe`s wife/girlfriend… =.= *eyes her* *don`t even listent to her weak protest* No toughing like that! I´m the police, I don`t care if it`s a photoshoot! *stares* =。= not because I´m a immature fangirl, I`m only watching over GeGe! and… YAH! (;゚д゚) second woman! please mind your actions too! >< but in the end: I love Yishion pics~~), 4 (SO ADORABLE! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) )
➤ Purple again…
Geng in Purple~❤
➤ Yishion Summer Photoshooting Video!

*fangirls* KYAAAAH!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) HanGeng so cute!!!!

Good, enough with my spazz with GeGe here ^^ We have a lot of other news too:

Legendary idol group Shinhwa returns with “Venus” on ‘Music Core’!
No doubt, they rocked!
Hea unni and I decided to go on “Mission Shinhwa” asap! Once I have time I need to to find all their previous albums and listen to them! “Mission make it”-Shinhwa can commence!
Shinhwa’s Andy hides his pain to prevent the other members from worrying
Those Shinhwa boys… are they all hurt in any way? oo … me wonders!
And… did I ever tell you that those woman who dance with them in “Venus” wear their masks for a reason? xD at least I think so! After I`ve seen a bunch of crying and kinda shocked Shinhwa Changjo xDD … … … *cough* So much for that.
➤ This was so funny!
Shinhwa shares hilarious selca
xD OH MY GOD! I thought “OMG! What happened to them?! xD ” *haha* Emmy said they were being their true selves. Oh well, so if this is the true self of Shinhwa… ME LIKES IT! Photobucket

➤ Ailee at Music Core on Saturday:

➤ Ailee at Inkigayo *click*
SOOOO PRETTY! *O* is it just me or do her outfits get prettier with each time we see her?

➤ OF COURSE HE WON! And his speech is really lovely!
2PM’s Nichkhun awarded “Most Influential Person” at Thailand’s Kerd Awards!

MISSHA reveals fragrance commercial film featuring TVXQ

YUNHO!!! LEADER씨!! HAIR!!!! Photobucket
AND CHANGMIN! Walking in #LikeABoss because he`s #CoolLikeThat! *O* OH MY, MISSHA! My poor fangirl heart!!!!!

➤ Reunion Teaser of our 5… *LE DIES*

My heart started to beat so fast when I heard Cassiopeia chanting “Dong Bang Shin Ki”! The day this is about to become real I will cry and die because of heart attack. On the one hand because of too much happiness and on the other hand because of too much pain – because so much happiness will HURT LIKE HELL! ><

SuJu news!
Super Junior’s Heechul shares a childhood photo of him with his older sister
The pictures is so cute xD His sister is totall not paying attention to the little Heenim!
➤ TeukSora xD *hahaha* Teukie!
Leeteuk expresses his jealousy of 2AM’s Jinwoon on ‘We Got Married’

➤ This happens to all dog owners and their dogs…
Lee Hyori and her pet Soonshim slowly starting to look alike?
THEY TOTALLY LOOK ALIKE! Mrs. Lee Hyori, please don`t wonder! This is completely normal for the owner and the dog!

➤ *dies because of last 2 gifs*
[Cap] Yoochun – Rooftop Prince Part 4
I only say: OMO! HAIR! *o* & OMO Chunnie!

➤ this. Do you know what I think?
SMTOWN releases official footage from EXO’s showcase, to officially debut on April 9th with “MAMA”
The showcase seems to be cool. BUT: Which SM group had such a stage at their debute and… I mean, debuting in the Seoul Olympic Hall…
I see your plan is woking SME! I see it!
Too bad that they couldn`t get me with their sly plan! Ah kekeke! ;P
➤ I`m posting this because the comment of AllKPop was “let the FF writing commence~” xD LOL
EXO K’s Baekhyun and Chanyeol like to shower together?
and… #justsaying: I´m not worried a bit about one of these groups regarding my ppl. And with my ppl I mean our boys, SuJu and Geng. New SM group… so what? tsssss~~~~ *walks away without caring*

➤ Chunnie on twiter…
[Pic + Trans] Yoochun Twitter update
ㅠ~ㅠ Chunnie! Wae are you like this?! okeh, I know why but… T.T so heartbreaking!
Talking about my heart… I had a heart attack when he suddenly started to tweet in whole sentences again today! (((;゚д゚))) I was like “HOLY JSKWUZEIROU293ÖJKFHLI!!!!!!! HNGH! >____< oh my! that boy can talk (again)!”
I still feel so sorry for him, he and Yoohwan must be unbelievably sad!

➤ This was somehow funny! ^^
[OP-ED] Confessions of an Uncle Fan
It must be weird for the artist when they meet an uncle fan… like “oh, this man could be my father!” ^^°°° but hey! They can be fans too! It`s maybe sometimes a bit weird but we also have ajumma fans in fandom, so why not?!

SHINee wins ‘Inkigayo’ mutizen + performances from April 1st!

➤ Big Bang at Inkigayo! (“Bad Boy” & “Fantastic Baby”)


Newbie group EXO, “Most thankful to seniors Lee Teuk and Uknow Yunho”
*nods* good kid! Worship the Leaders! OTL WORSHIP THEM! == *eyes EXO kids* well, and basically not only them… they have members, u knwo?! worship them too!

now… some thoughts of mine.
About our soon-to-be moving.

Seriously this apartment with the “living like in a dorm”-charm is fun for a while but since there occured more and more annoying things in here it`s so bothersome! AISH! >-<
My moving boxes everywhere really destroy ma last nerves! I have no closet, not even the smallest one and I cannot clean up properly! Do you know how annoying this is for a person like me!? The person who wants to go with Brian on “house cleaning dates”??!
But since we can start to move the first things soon I still have hope! :3

And on top of all: In… *thinks* 7 weeks the latest I will be mommy of new mice! Photobucket
As soon as we moved in that house I will start to fill my room with lively mice! *haha* in their own homes of course, not running around freely!
My 3 old ones will still be alive at that time, I think. But that`s no problem. You know I have enough mice homes. They don`t need to accept newbies, they can stick with themselves.
So this basically means in 7 weeks I will be mommy of babies again and this results in me being hyper! ^^

Just to warn you friends! ;D
I will post photos of my new mice when it`s about time! And before I can have them we need to move and then I need to go to the vet to get the medicine against mites for them – just to be careful I will put one drop of it on each of them, it`s standard handling of new mice so that they don`t bring parasites into their new home.
I just hope I will have healthy mice. I already had too many who were sick in some ways. It`s not nice when they are sick and die too early – even for mice with a rather short lifespan.
Well, whatever!
I believe it will be all great! But moving it the pain in the ass we need to to first! ><

I don`t even know if we will have internet connection from the first day in that house… oh noooooooo! Photobucket no internet would be so bad!
Means no contact to best friend (besides via SMS) and no contact to my beloved k-popper friends I need to badly! D:<<<

@T-listers: PRAY FOR ME T-LIST!!!!! U know, a fangirl without internet connection is like… a half dead existence!

okeh! Before I go to cook my dinner let`s spazzzz~~~~ HAHA! okie, I already had a lot of spazz today but no couple spazz! Let`s visit our couples!

“SiChul of the day”:
aaaah! seee!!! I TOLD YOU! This is the gif I was talking about! SiChul in Super Junior ‘Full House’ show! aww! WAE SO CUTE, SICHUL? WAAAEEEEEEEEEE~~????? *Changmin*

And what are my lovely SiHan lovelies doing today?
“SiHan of the day”:
ooooh! =D SiHan lovelies doing what they can do best: Hugging, touching, whispering (!!!! especially that!), being in their own world… Photobucket I looooove them!

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] today: The difference between the ‘couples’…☆✭☆
(are WuGeng a couple in that direct sense like SiHan anyway? oO I don`t think so but here we go!)
SiHan / WuGeng

☆✭☆[Behind The Story] Siwon & Geng: “…a memory I would never forget in my life.”☆✭☆
Behind the Sworn brother-ness~
Awwwwww! So much awwww! SWORN BROTHERS!!! *hugs SiHan lovelies/squishes them* I imagine them being so cute around each other even back then! No wonder Siwon kept clinging to HanGeng later…

This reminds me of the WEIBO story regarding SiHanChul being all in WEIBO now. Ppl keep telling them to follow each other. AISH! ><
HanGeng don`t even dares to phone all the members because he think this would create trouble for them and you tell them to show OPENLY their connection? SME would make some heads roll, u know… *raises eyebrows* Can`t you think for A BIT at least?
Aigoo… fangirl kids and their “I don`t need to think before I talk”-mentality is surely annoying.
SME was super butthurt because HanGeng won his lawsuit and you really think they would love it that they openly follow each other in WEIBO and maybe even have a convo? Don`t you think they would do it if it would be appropriate or possible for them?
Even the HyukSu convos vanished from twitter but at least we know now that they still have contact and are still cool friends with each other.
Don`t you think that it`s the same case for SiHanChul too? I think so. HanGeng himself said he he calls two of the members and you can guess now WHICH TWO he means! o(^▽^)o
Although the story is still a bit sad and I think it still hurts them to be appart but don`t think they have no contact at all. I REALLY believe that they have!

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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