SS4 in Paris…., I judge you fandom & EXO released “Mama”

안녕 다들!

now the aftermath of SuperShow 4 in paris comes! I need to endure spazzing audiences of my t-list… *biiiig sigh*

Although I`m really proud of myself that I was able to not cry again yesterday, for realz… it`s still hard today.
Yeah, I know. Most of cassiopeian ppl cannot know or understand the pain you feel when you can`t attend SuJu concert even though you wanted to attend it so bad.
(actually most of our ppl dislike or ignore SuJu anyway & you are some kind of “traitor” when you like them… (?・ω・) weird but fine, then call me traitor please~~)
My damn work, u know… Carnival, easter and christmas is the complete FAIL TIME to set a concert for me. That`s the time when we have the most work to do. (and even if it would be on another date: it`s still no guarantee for me getting vacation at that date.)
And now the spazz of the others. I IGNORE!
It`s just that my love for SuJu is to 80% (at the minimum) the same as my love for our boys so my ELF heart still cries pearl red, bloody tears of sadness #DramaQueen (of course pearl red, it beats inside a Cassie and next to my Cassie heart).

and ELFi taking about that Teukie said they will come back isn`t helpful either.
What does this mean in the first place? We know that it can take a looooong time for them to come back (with Super Show of course, I only say: army for one after another of them now). And since Europe isn`t on the list for SM Town worldtour this year either he maybe meant next year then.
Oh yeah, if this is the case: I would only go when HoMin are coming. For them I would go. Thinking about it, basically… I mean… SM Town is… nah, I would only go for HoMin and SuJu, that`s for sure. I´m basically not even interested in the rest (for some it`s more like “not anymore”). So I would pay a lot of money for maybe 20 minutes I like…. hm. This is what I would call a waste of money. I mean: I have a bothersome journey and the journey alone, without ticket or hotel, costs me a loooot of money so SM Town would be a no-go concert for me. I really want to see HoMin but I´m just a poor little person.
So I´m not interested in SM Town concert! >< If it would be nearer to me than Paris, yeah, ok then. But I won`t go to Paris for 10 minutes HoMin, 10 minutes SuJu and then 1 1/2 hours of the rest I´m basically not interested. oO this is insane. I´m a fangirl and this means I have to watch my money! Hello? I´m not rich, you know?!
(I have no idea if the 10 minutes thing is really the actuall time but please… it`s a fact that I would sit around like “why da hell am I here again?” at this concert because the ppl I´m interested in have already performed).
So back to what Teukie said: Two options now: Either he was talking about SM Town Tour in Paris (which I won`t go to) or a future SuperShow in… what do I know how many years. Sadly it`s always like I either can`t attend or I get no vacation, that it will be yeeeears later or that he was talking about a SM Town Tour.
All 3 points are… errr.. let`s call it inconvenient.

But since my SuJu lightstick glowed for 3 hours yesterday I can at least say this thing had a job to fulfil for one night.
and… I think my cassie lightstick starts to lack now… the glow of it went less bright yesterday (((;゚д゚))) nuuuu! You thingie! You can`t die! You are my JYJ concert lightstick! You need to glow 4ever with the same batteries! D:<<< (okay, this is completely insane and won`t work at all… >.> )
As addition I should explain: I let the SuJu lightstick and the TVXQ lightstick glow together yesterday. They are pretty together, btw.

So what did I do yesterday to prevent myself from getting lost in emoness completely?
I had a random Junsu pic at hand and started to make a frame for it. My first version was almost perfect but then my dear paintbrush program…. just DELETED it! AISH! >.<”
I was like Photobucket “NOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!! WHAT DA HECK!?”
… ==”” really, this paint thingie! SO EVIL!
Well, since I had time and don`t wanted to think about Paris I listened to Big Bang and started to re-do all this.
The result was this! *click*!
Junsu from Singles Magazine shooting! OTL
Only looking at it makes me forget my emoness… Photobucket
i made this whole frame by myself with the special characters I have on my Mac! There are so many nice characters in the Mac, I just had to use them!
And like I said: Paint made me fight and the second try became even more beautiful than the first!

And looking at the picture: blonde hair… I think it`s really okay on Junsu. I mean other hair colors maybe suit him better but blonde is still good. But our second blonde person, JJ… I really don`t know! I cannot shake off the feeling that blonde dosen`t suit him so well.
Oh, I know very well that whole t-list was spazzing about how great his hair is. But I disagree because it`s my opinion. That dosen`t means that I don`t like him, it means that I´m honest and I kinda dislike this color on him.
Most of the ppl… *shakes head* if JJ would cut his hair completely like… military style you would still spazz about it, right? *raises eyebrows* I judge you fandom, yes, I judge you right now.
It´s a fact that fandom always only likes everything. Ppl are like silly sheep, blindly follow the motto “I´m their fan, I must find everything just perfect” or they are like “I ignore their problems and I only want to spazz about them,no matter what”. oh yeah, I see… ㄱ_ㄱ
It`s not about JJ hair now. It´s about everything. I don`t know why they are like this. A sample: They spazzed about him during Protect the Boss times when this PressCon took place… and he really looked horrible back then! Much too thin!
They spazz about Junsu in Elisabeth how “hot” he looks. Yeah, if he woud have at least 8kg more on his rips I would say this too. But he just is way too thin! *facepalm*
And so it goes on with every matter. Also regarding stalker pics. Although the whole story with the sasaeng ppl came to light now some just don´t care and keep spazzing about pics where the boys obviously look annoyed… Well. No comment!
These are the moments where I don`t get fandom. Photobucket Some of the ppl behave like 10 years old kiddo fans of Justin Biever (no, that`s NO typo! >< ) instead to show a greater love and understanding for the boys.

Fandom still has to learn a lot – and it`s a shame that I need to say this with my only 2 little years in fandom now. Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ
Good. That`s it so far. Enough with the emo/serious talk now!

It`s news tiiiiime~~~!

➤ My beloved SiHan blog blogged this:
Happy 27th Siwon❤
Nothing more to say. This was a perfect speech!

Performances from April 7th’s ‘Music Core’ with 2 special MCs!
Shinhwa~~ ^^
and I watched SHINee`s performance of “Sherlock” for the first time. Oh yes, it`s good but I`m still not crazy about this song or the mini album. Completely passes me by.

➤ This was really funny xD
[Vid] 120404 MBC every1 ‘President of Idols’ Jaejoong
THE WORLDMAP! XDD LMFAO JJ has world domination! Just forget it SME, JJ already gained the world domination *haha* no need to try anymore.

➤ What da–?! oO *blinks*
Sandara Park upset that 2NE1′s dating ban will not be lifted after all and reveals that she’s interested in…
Dating ban?! *blinks* really, oh wow… thats kinda mean. o.o

Big Bang news:
Big Bang’s T.O.P’s first kiss was in front of his mom?
HAHA! xD What da hell, Top! No wonder your girlfriend was hiding xD oh my… this is a bit weird but yet so cute, really.
Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ goes Double Platinum in Taiwan
➤ b^^d
Big Bang, JYJ, 2PM, and more take over the advertisement market with ‘CM songs’

Super Junior voted as the #1 Hallyu star to teach Korean to foreigners
ah yes, SuJu can teach korean to me too. Many teachers in that band, should be good.

➤ Ah yes, so…. ARGH! ><
[Trans] JYJ to hold the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’ in June
Waaae do fanmeeting 4 days long?! This almost causes fanmeeting pain! aaah, be happy ppl who can attend!
An international fan`s life is surely so hard. *sighs*
JYJ to hold Fan Exposition, “Made possible by JYJ’s popularity worldwide and fan power”
➤ JYJ on twitter ^^
[Trans] 120406 JYJ’s Twitter Update
JJ was so fun and YooSu too Photobucket

➤ Seriously? xD
B2ST to release “bodyART™” DVD
I have no idea what da hell this is but I already see fangirls buying that DVD xD (you know what I mean)

➤ ?? heart about this for the first time!
New details surface regarding T-ara’s member changes
So they want to add 2 members. okay.
Like I already ask on twitter: Will T-ara fans hate on the new members like some ELF hate on HenMi?

I totally had to think of those two when I`ve read that.
I mean why hate on Henry and Zhoumi? Why hate on new members of a group? And they aren`t official members yet, but some ppl keep hating on them or at least try to ignore them away.
I`m really interested to know if it will be the same with new T-ara members or if it`s only that worse for HenMi because SuJu was the band they were added to.
btw: It`s interesting to see that fanbase first hated on Kyuhuyn too but then quickly acceptet him. Why can`t they accept Henry & Zhoumi then? Is it because SuJu already last for “too” long so that some fans already have this ‘absolute picture’ of SuJu in their heads that dosen`t allow them to add those two to it? Although they see that the other members love them and Leeteuk even said they think of them as members of SuJu but some ELF still cannot accept.
I pity ppl who have a heart small like that. ㄱ_ㄱ

➤ This is what I call many friends O:
Lee Min Ho crowned “Facebook King” with 5 million Facebook friends
Anyone out there who can beat this? that`s SICKNESS MAN! *imitating Brian*

➤ They really seem to love Yoona…
Yoona and IU. *nods to herself* Those two.

➤ Looks like someone digged deeeeeep in the special effects box OTL is there anything that was real int his MV? looks like this is the Exo style SM wants to go with. °.°?
EXO-K and EXO-M release “MAMA” Music Video!

EXO-K, “Mama”

EXO-M, “Mama”

My reaction: Someone said “seriously the intro is unnecessary..” xD yes, I kinda don`t get it. I get that it somehow should point out the EXO-K & EXO-M thing of being two different groups but somehow still one nonetheless. But what`s the story with the tree of life? oO it`s too weird for me. oh yeah and this rock-like part at the end is okay but waaaae do they need such horrible make up? suddenly the scary make up of HoMin in KYHD photobook looks like heaven to me! OTL
AND: Once again I like EXO-M version better.
Like Jing Yee and I said: all the young groups, we don`t know about then. It´s something for the little kids. Different generation, different groups.
+ I´m still not interested to learn about all their names. I only think that one guy… that martial arts guy is cool. But since Geng can do this too: YOU`RE NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH TO ME TO GET LOVELY FEELINGS FROM NOONA xD I´m pretty sorry, sorry, sorry *sings SuJu song*
And their dress at the beginning is somehow creepy but I like this song.

Couple seriessssss!

What are SiChul doing today?
“SiChul of the day”:
ooooh! o(*゚▽゚*)o I LIKE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!
ARE THEY CUTE OR ARE THEY CUTE! Photobucket awwww!

And what`s going on with SiHan today?
“SiHan of the day”:
… what kind of game is this and… Siwon, what are you supposed to do once you and Geng have left this… fighting place? o。O but… xD whatever you are doing, it looks wild xD poor Geng! #justsaying no fair siwon, no fair! ;P

☆✭☆ [FUN] Couple special, today: Hyukjae and the name of his child…☆✭☆
“What name would you choose for your child?”
HAHA xD seriously Hyukjae? LOL oh, I see. I see very clear now. thank you. ㅋㅋㅋ


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