HanGeng reached 12 million followers on Sina WEIBO, b-kids nonesense xD & Shinhwa released dance version of “Venus”!

안녕! Photobucket *giggles*

I`m in a very happy and amused mood today! haha! I really cannot even! LOL My ELFi will be so mad xDDD

But before I start with a session of spazzful laughing xD please LOOK AT THIS BABIES!!!
URI GENG has OVER 12 MILLION FOLLOWERS on Sina WEIBO now! CONGRATS GEEEEENG~Photobucket *strows confetti*
Oh, Chinas King of Popularity, I see! I see very clear! ;D
(Damn… need to create a Weibo Account as well so that I can follow him too!)

But there are even more good HanGeng news!
On April the 8th, 2 days ago, HanGeng won the “Most Popular Male Singer” award at Meng Niu Charts Event! COOOOONGRAAAATS GENG!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) *hyper fangirl joy* here`s HanGeng with the Award!
oooh~ *.* This thing looks cool!
HanGeng`s acceptance speech ㅠ___ㅠ oh really, you! *sniff* I KNOW RIGHT! Love you for that.
➤ This was at the beginning of the event: HanGeng at 12th Annual Meng Niu Music Charts Grand Ceremony, red carpet pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4 & ^^ 5
WOW! *O* I love this jacket! Geng`s style just rocks! He really looked so awesome-cool! And cute as always! ^3^ OMO! *faints*
➤ Video of HanGeng`s red carpet appearance:
*fangirl squee* So many Geng Fans! =D
buuut: …. Photobucket I´m not the only one who hears a part of “Galjeung (A Man In Love)” by SuJu in repeat as background music, right? … *blinks*
➤ Pictures of HanGeng`s performance at Meng Niu Music Charts Event (he did the opening of the ceremony):
1, 2, 3 & *cough* 4 … ppl love to photograph his backview xD ooooooh, I wonder waee????? kekeke xD (I only say “SO so sexy! wooh!” — damn Siwon! Why did you need to teach me that sentence? xD I almost said this at work by accident a few days ago!) … btw: Geng can be such a stage BEAST! #justsaying)

➤ Hangen`s Xtep Endorsment
➤ HanGeng at Xtep 10th Anniversary Award Ceremony in Xiamen
Geng, you look like you would be on a wedding *.* (Because of the rose)… maybe your own wedding? *imagines beautiful HanGeng wedding* *fangirl imaginations running wild now* … errr! Oh sorry! >< *shakes head* me is off topic too much now! Let`s move on!
➤ More Xtep pics:
1, 2 & 3

HanGeng Mom had b-day! It was on April the 8th!
His mom is such a heartwarming person! How nice that he won Meng Niu award for “Most Popular Male Singer” on her b-day! Mom is surely even poruder than we GengFan`s are!
➤ It`s a bit old but still: interview with Geng`s mom
T^T You guys! I cry with you any second! they are so cute and lovely! *cries*
➤ quote: “In more ways than one, there would be no Han Geng without Han Mama.
♥~Happy Birthday Han Mama! April 8th~♥
“Son, jia you!”
aww! HanGeng, you mom is awesome!
HanGeng and Mom~~ Photobucket They are soooo cute!

Okay now xD *hahaha* now the funny part! I`m really sorry because I can only laugh about this!
@Patricia: please don`t kill them right away ^^”’ eh hehe…
The following was posted/RTed into my tl by other cassies who found this xD

B-kiddos obviously GOT  SOMETHING WRONG THERE because… oh well, look at this beautiful blue ocean, famous and known unter the name of…


OH MY GAWD! *rofl like there`s no tomorrow* Oh yeah, I´m going to cry too xD This isn`t true! no, this is not real life xD hahaha

WHAT DA HELL, b-kids, what da hell! xDDD *LOL* b-kids FAIL! haha! xD How can anyone of them think that this is bievers concert? hello? since when do you guys use blue lightsticks! AS IF! Dream on!
It`s not enough that they use the asian heart-sing-with-hands-thing and totally copy our fandoms with doing it, no, now they even try to steal our pride and glory?
Photobucket hahahahaha!
Nice try but, like my ELFi would say: NO WAY IN HELL!
Get your facts right” is truely the sentence of the day about this! xD

How on earth did they even hit on that?! I mean… since WHEN are international music artists (respectively their fans) using lightsticks, EH?! JUST SINCE WHEN?! And even if they would start now this only means they copy k-pop!
It already annoys da hell outa me that their fans start with fanclubnames now. Ts! Copycats! Dirt off my shoulder ppl, dirt of my shoulder *makes -wipes dust off shoulder- move*

So what do SuJu say about all this?
(What a coincidence that this was supposed to be the “SiChul of the day” today!)
NOTE: Look at the two in the backgrond ^^ ㅎㅎㅎ Hyukjae & Geng❤

Serious note: regardless if this is really true or partially fake… it`s definitely worhty a amused laugh! Oh my, poor ELFs xD But since I know standom and b-kids I believe every sh*t of stupidity is possible so: take it with a grain of salt, but take it xD *haha*

Okay, now the other news!

SuJu news!
➤ #SuJuInParis
Super Junior serenades 7,000 fans at ‘Super Show 4′ in Paris
OTL including ELFi and Vicky!
➤ Teukie posted this about Indonesian ELF
Jakarta/Indonesia online article~ *click here*
It`s so mean that ppl who bought the max of tickets resell them later for the doubled price! It´s so unfair because some fans who wanted to go cannot go then because of the high price! But it`s really a “what to do?” kind of situation. Even if you WOULD ask each person if they plan to resell the tickets they can still say -no- and do it anyway later.
Poor ticketless ppl, I feel your pain!
my heart is still aching in deep sadness! #dramatic I`m still not ready to watch fancams.
Photobucket My poor heart, plese stop crying, will ya?
Super Junior’s “Bra Treatment” in Paris receive attention
*sighs* I already told you in twitter what I think about this. IT`S COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE!
The person who did this has first, like sis said, not enough education & secondly no understanding for cultural differences.
This is NOT how k-pop fans are supposed to behave. Congrats person, this is a way to embarrass the whole k-pop community. THIS ISN`T A CONCERT OF THE B-KID OR A HIP HOP ARTIST! This is not supposed to happen at a k-pop concert! Althought the boys handled it with humor it was still unnecessary and inappropriate to the MAX!
*Facepalms and sighs* I will pray for your sin to be forgiven *goes with the PastorWon`s way*. OH PLEASE! If I would be an ELF now, I would feel ashamed. What image is this supposed to show to the boys? And why was there a person who thought it would be a good idea to do this in the first place? …. oO *blinks* Kids mind your actions! OTL
➤ The next thing that wasn`t nice ><
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon chased by fans in Hong Kong airport
Yeah well, like I told my ELFi: the thing I was shocked about wasn`t the fans who followed him. Oh please, AllKPop, when is Siwon not followed by fans at an Airport?? Even though they could be at least a little LESS crazy and… stalking… >___< and they are too close, leaving him no space to breath. PLEASE! ppl stay away at least 50 cm…. *rolleyes* that he needs to run to his van is already enough.
But what catched my attention way more was this D:< (quote) ➜Many fans surrounded the star and offered him their gifts that they had prepared. One of the gifts unfortunately poked him in the left eye (…)
AND YOU CAN EVEN SEE IT IN THE CHINESE REPORT VID! (((;゚д゚))) WAAAAAH! You ppl, stay away with your spiky things from my Pastor!? D:<<< HIS EYE?! Are you kidding me, kids?! THAT`S NOT FUNNY! >___<
*pats Siwon* hope your eye dosen`t hurt! :/ *worried*
➤ Let`s stick with Siwon matters: yes, that`s right. He did it again recently ^^°
Super Junior’s Siwon says thank you and reveals his nude body
…and what was with the bed-photo and the “good morning, I shaved”-photo from London… *lists up*
-:¦:-Another day Siwon posted another photo-:¦:-
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon shares a chubby photo of himself
first: Even if you would look like that, you`re still cute ^^ Cute ppl will aways be cute becasue personality won`t change. 😉
second: My workmakte Oppa I`m friends with is really not a person with a model figure *cough* let`s just put it that way. Neither he`s rich, nor famous, nor he has some super special abilities.
third: Siwon, you don`t really ask me that question? Le me feels offended! *joke* ^^ I´m not that type of a shallow person. OF COURSE I WOULD STILL BE ABLE TO LOVE YOU! Dunno what the others would do, but I won`t let a friend down because he/she gains weight or loses his/her job or anything similar.
btw: basically good idea siwon, you could eat a bit more ^^ Who said he has the feeling that you don`t eat enough? Wasn`t it you? ;D
Back to topic: Like Stephi Unni said “I love who I love, that dosen`t changes from one day to another.”
Just let me say one thing: The reason why I began to really like Siwon was not because of his looks. I know SuJu for 2 years now and he SO wasn`t the person who catched my attention first. I think the “roof of all” was SiHan-ness. They are both so adorable, cutie, dorky gentlemen ^^ awww!
➤ ^^ Awww!!!
Cutie Siwon!
➤ And while we`re talking about Siwon right now, let me tell you a story: On WEIBO he recently posted “Dear fans! Goodnight! See you in your dreams 🙂 ” Photobucket YOU TROLL! *hits Siwons shoulter* WE SEE US OFTEN! NO NEED TO TELL ME!
xDDD Everyone of my friends who knows my k-dreams will understand! *haha* Aigoo, Siwon, you will make me go nuts one day… your troll-ness is almost too much to stand *haha* oh boy… *leaves the room amused*

➤ THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING! I mean… who will be the winner? PLEASE VOTE FOR Leader씨 Yunho & Hyukjae! THANK YOU!
allkpop Fan Tournament – Best Male Dancer (Round 1)
….can I choose ‘Option -C-‘ too and just make HanGeng become the winner right away? *reiceives death glares by at least one fanbase* eh hehe… ^^°°°° OKAY! No need to be like this~ *votes for Leader씨 and Hyukjae then*

EXO’s 1st EP “MAMA” is out!
The album is good. I listened to it. But that one trach featuring Key… errr… it`s weird. At least to me ><

➤ The boys opened their official site in japan!
[Pic] JYJ Official Japan Website opens
Very nice pics. basically. … YOU THREE! EAT MORE! >< and we will make the sasaeng ppl ‘vanish’ in the meantime….*cough* yes. We will. == *glares at them creepy* v-a-n-i-s-h. OTL
➤ NII update!
[Pic] JYJ Endorsement for NII
aww! Junsuuu~~Photobucket
➤ oh! Yummy! *.* I want to eat things made by JJ! bet they taste really awesome!
[Trans + Pic] Jaejoong’s sister, Kim Sukjin, tweets about Jaejoong

@Hea Unni: ah! unni-ya, this post was so cool! ^____^
[Pic] More Dong Bang GIFs and pictures ^^
I mean… I love the boys! xD and of course the gifs! Second one made me wave at Yunho in front of my comp! :3
haha xD The story minnie tells! *laughs* yeah, sounds like Leader씨 xD but the best thing was my real imagination while I`ve read that: I one corner Siwon with his english economy newspaper because he`s cool like that & in the other corner Yunho who dosen`t dare to peek at the newspaper that`s not even in english because he`s cute like that! xD CHANGMIN STOP THIS! My imaginatuions are like OMG! *haha* too funny!

➤ Will be fun! =D
Big Bang’s Daesung and Seungri to emcee this week’s ‘Inkigayo’ with IU
Details of Big Bang’s childhoods revealed in ‘Good Morning’
This is cute! Look at them ^^ aigoo! TOP surely changed but still!
➤ Funny story: Today we got another trainee for a week. When I woked with her I found out that some of her hair, which was tied back, was hanging down and xDDD I SWEAR! I look like GD`s current hairstyle! xD I SO had to suppress the laughter! It suddenly looked so similar!(not regarding the color of course) LOL OMG SUN! WAE ME? WAAAAEEEE???? Trainee wouldn`t understand when I start to laugh at her and then think I would make fun of her for no reason! But I thought this was so amusing! =) My, my… world, Wae are you like this? Wae are you doing this to me? xD
➤ Big Bang at 인기가요(Inkigayo) on Apris the 8th!
“Fantastic Baby” & “Bad Boy”
OMGZ! Look at them! THEY ARE THE POWER RANGERS!!!!! O: but… in a cute Big Bang version! *love it* OMO! where can I buy this clothing? would be perfect to hang around on the couch and just to be #CoolLikeThat *LOL*

I love their clothes in this one! and… I cannot get this song out of my head lately! I even sing it at work! Big Bang, why are you messing with my mind? ^^

Ailee performs cover of B2ST’s “Rainy Days” on ‘You & I’
I couldn`t see the vid because… ==”” it`s blocked in germany (oooh, surprise, surprise! *sarcasm*) but I bet she was awesome! Ailee can sing so well! GO AILEE! ^^d

➤ Another article about JYJ!
[Trans] The madness continues in Chile, JYJ in the magazine 13/20 April edition
AAAAHH! They really said they will always include them in their worldtours? Oh my, you lucky ones! I`m even happy when I can see them a second time in my life ㅠ~ㅠ … and this without guarantee of vacation and promise from anyone *runs away crying* (well mostly because of my damn vacation problem! >< )

➤ This is cool!
Shinhwa releases dance version for “Venus” MV!

I loooove the dance version! Somehow… they are even more awesome in the dance version! *.*
@Emmy: EMMYYYYY! Do you see this! :3 You know betther than anyone else that it`s awesome!

phew! Now I´m finally throug with all news! It was a whole bunch again! almost too much!

But I need to say some things:
– yes, it HAS a reason why emmy`s mention is in orange xD (Shinhwa orange)
– Maybe, out of my crisis ^^°, I will become an ELF sooner? Dunno, was just thinking about if this could be the right hour, who knows. I don`t… eh hehe…
– Siwon talking about meeting in dreams… yeah, my stalker hasn`t stalked me for a relatively long time. I´m bored! Some k-person please come visit me in my dreams, I`m really bored! O: help! (my dreams are neither fun nor do they make any sense lately… it`s really so annyoing!)
– Since it`s already late and I should sleep I will cut the couple series stuff now. >< aaah, I cannot spazz properly anymore on top ot that! It´s really too late by now, brain will be in hiatus soon. HNGH! damn time!

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