My Don’t Don CD, Open World Ent. CEO issue… ==” & SME ==” AISH! that company!

안녕 다들!

First thing: The most weird k-dream EVER! This time for real!

I`m not sure if this was a real k-dream but since Siwon appeared in it it should count.
Another girl and me where at a house and there were a lot of strange and scary guys. Somehow we were running away and they chased us. Just when our situation looked completely hopeless because we arrived at a dead end and it looked like they would get us now Siwon appeard from out of nowhere to rescue us from those guys… o.o
What da hell!? Wae was Siwon like some kind of “super agent” and what da hell was wrong with those weirdo guys who chased us?!
This was definitely the most strange, shortest and most messed up k-dream I ever had! Dream was really a complete mess and blurry like hell so I cannot even tell you what all this was about or where we were… I can only remember that we were chased and Siwon saved us.
Oh my god… now I start to believe that watching ‘Poseidon’ had no good influence on me and/or my thoughts xD

But really… -.- it wasn`t even cool although Siwon saved us… ><

Now, everybody, look at my 2nd “Don’t Don” CD.
Yes, you heard right, it`s the second. I just realized today I never shared a pic of it. I have the Don’t Don Repackage and this one:
Photobucket Han~~
Back then I decided on buying this version as well because I really love the Don’t Don album and so I wanted to have this awesome version as well.
I always knew there were all cover pictures of all the boys inisde but I only wanted to buy it when I could find the CD which has naturally HanGeng on the cover for sale right from the start ❤
CD means much more to me now as when I would change the cover from another member to HanGeng later.

Yes, I already said it on twitter: The weirdo ways of mine to buy a CD but I loooove it! Love HanGeng *____*

Now the news. well… first the bad ones.

➤ =_=” The thing with the Open World Entertainment CEO is getting “better and bette”!
Police investigate reports of Open World CEO allegedly forcing male idol group members to sexually harass female trainees
Open World CEO admits to some of the accusations against him + female victims total 6
WHAT DA–!! == hope he gets the punishment he deserves. Mom said he totally misused his position he had. YES HE DID! >< Abusing ppl like that… using his power over them like that… this is the complete opposite of what a CEO should do!

➤ ==”’ oooh, how could you SME!
Look at this: In the new promotional video for SM Academy… Photobucket JJ was in it and is introduce as 동방신기 영웅재중…
HOW DARE YOU SME! JUST HOW?!? You want to turn JYJ`s life into hell, you do everything to hinder them but you are NOT afraid and you still got the nerve to “use” them for your SM Academy like you would still own then. Oh, and for your information: You never owned them in the first place! >_<
“§%)”/$%=OUFSJFEW!!!!! WHAT AND WHAT?!? They are not even ashamed to do this openly! This company… really! It´s really getting “better and better” with them as well!

WHAT CRAP! Open World CEO is such a bad example for a human existence and SME just cannot behave at all *sigh* Aigoo!
Now the rest of the news:

Big Bang news!
Big Bang greeted by 1,200 fans on their first visit to Taiwan
Big Bang welcomed by over 2000 fans at Ho Chi Minh Airport, Vietnam
➤ *o* I wonder! I wonder what…
Big Bang preparing for another Music Video shoot for new track
…what song will it be? They filmed MVs for every song on their mini album except for Daesungs “Wings”. But… since it will be an Big Bang all-member MV for a NEW song… what will it be? I´m curious!
➤ YAY! ヽ(´▽`)/
Big Bang’s mini-album ‘ALIVE’ surpasses the 250,000 sales mark
➤ xDD *haha* this!
Teen Top covers Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” for Big Bang Cover Contest?
*hahaha* xD Oh my! I laughed during the whole vid! The kids doing Fantastic Baby. SO amusing! Seungri`s part! LOOOOL WHAT DA HELL! xDD
➤ And YG saw it too!
YG Entertainment sends a special shout out to idol group TEEN TOP in response to their cover of Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby”
Big Bang’s G-Dragon would like to collaborate with Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai
➤ This is cute and very accurate ^^
Caricatures of Big Bang from ‘You & I’ captures the attention of fans

JYJ news! (other than as that SME is using JJ for their own promo ( ̄ー ̄) )
➤ Oh yes, it was fun! So glad Rooftop Prince Cast is having fun! Chunnie really needs it!
JYJ Twitter update
➤ OMO! This was at #JYJinPeru?!? O:
“JYJ! Cassiopeia is here!”

T~T OH MY! GAIS! I`m about to cry! *sniff*
Red is not just a color…
No. red is not just a color. It`s us. It´s for the boys. They only have us. That`s why I could never leave Cassiopeia. JYJYC, there is a Picture Of You in my heart that cannot be removed anymore. You guys saved my life. The least what I can do is to Stand By You and Hope to the end. 믿어요 4ever! My Heart, Mind and Soul. You have my love 4ever.
➤ JYJ`s japanese Homepaga is a huge success!
JYJ: Overflowing of fan’s attentions in Japan
hehe… and it`s so funny that the JYJ membership think still has no name :3 It`s named “Member Fanclub”. YES, because they already have Cassiopeia & Bigeast. Dosen`t matter that they cannot call out our names anymore, it changes nothing!
➤ AAAAAARGGGHHH!!!!!!! Photobucket Can`t believe it! SME!!!!!! *rages*
[INFO] Why JYJ’s Korean goods are limited?
…. you hateful company which cannot show a greater love: Be damned for all eternity! Photobucket
I… I CANNOT EVEN! NO WORDS! AISH! AND WHAT DA HELL!? Other companies are joining the party too?!?? WHY ARE ALL OF YOU DOING THIS?! You have no and never had before any business with JYJ!
Photobucket =-=”’seriously! FU then! (sorry for my language but this is TOO MUCH!)
But: I`m way more proud of them now! They get banned in so many ways, ppl try to destroy them but they are still here and successful. But it`s so sad and laughable that Cjes and JYJ practically would needs to open up their own goods factory because no one wants to work for them… WHAT IS THIS?!
And I told you, I always told you: SME is a butthurt bish which just cannot show love and let the ppl go. I mean they only can`t do a thing about HanGeng because he`s out of reach! So they concentrate all their hate on JYJ or what?
… AISH! THAT COMPANY! >____<”’
(a bit off topic now: Althought the thing what Open World CEO did is much worse and bad compared to what SME is doin but… PLEASE! SME is such a two faced company! And only because there`s someone who is even more rotten and evil inside dosen`t mean that this makes SME turn into an agel now! I JUDGE YOU COMPANIES! If it`s necessary I will judge you all 4ever! Photobucket )
➤ At least JYJ still have some friends left: I love you for that BEAST!
[Trans + Pic] Junsu – Beast Twitter update
These days I`m almost willing to love everyone who still supports JYJ. Even stans in case WHEN they still would be able to love then when they would reunite with HoMin to be TVXQ of 5 again.
➤ oooh yes~ praaaaaise him! Praise him!
Sweet appearance and praiseworthy acting – Micky Yoochun
That`s what my cassie heart loves to hear!

HoMin news!
➤ *throws Cassiopeia shaped, red W-confetti over HoMin* ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ゜゚・ ← confetti #justsaying
Tohoshinki’s Japanese single “Still” certified Gold

➤ Tokyo Dome… *o* you awesome area you!
TVXQ’s second Tokyo Dome solo concert, 150,000 is expected for three days
Bigeast, you are damn lucky, do you know?! And my unni will be there too *dies*
Tohoshinki’s messages for Tokyo Dome
➤ Cute! She`s a Changmin fan! ^^
Japanese actress Miyama Karen (15) wants to meet Tohoshinki
➤ HNGH! >_< THE GOODS! *dies* too awesome!
Details on “TONE” Tour New Dome Goods
If I could pic one out of this I would want to have the photobook!
➤ T.T *cries because of joy* Looks like Yunho will win! VOTE, Cassiopeia & friends, VOTE!
allkpop Fan Tournament – Best Male Dancer (Finals)
I`m really sorry Rain! I know you`re awesome too but… this is my father, my Leader씨! I cannot vote for you! I only know Yunho OTL what is everything else? Since Hyukjae is out of this already what to vote but Leader씨? Don`t judge me! I just love Yunho`s movements! He`s awesome! … I just love our Leader씨, regardless of whether he`s dancing or not. The one I respect and love is Leader씨! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) #TheCassieHasSpoken

SuJu news!
➤ I´m sure you all remember the pic I posted in the previous entry? The one of the blue ELF ocean and the biever fans who thought it`s their b-kiddo`s concert… Oh, I´m basically still laughing. But it`s a “I pitty you so much you stupid beings”-laugh.
Well, however, ELF and other k-poppers were not happy about beliebers caliming it`s justin concert…
But oh please! Who would be happy about such a nonsense? I only had a spazzful laughing session about this because it`s so unbelievable! I did some research and it seems that this was really legit!
I even searched for the blog where this was originally posted. I saw a whole bunch of BISH photos of the admin she took herself… errr…. *irritated* she really love herself very much… oO *blinks* so arrogant and b*tchy!
But the point is: The pic wasn`t there to be found, maybe -anymore-?. Maybe she removed it. But we saw the screenshots where the name of the blog was on it and she IS a biever fan. I saw a whooooole wall full of b-kiddo`s posters/photos in her room. (⊙▂⊙) It was really scary!
But thinking about everything again it`s really an super awkward moment when you see biever fans who can`t even recognize their own fandom of the idol they claim to “love” so much… errr…. FAIL! Fan FAIL! *facepalms*
Kangin to rejoin Super Junior after 3 years
Oh yes… he will be back so soon…. Photobucket I missed that raccon!
Would be so great if he rejoins SuJu right away! Can`t wait for this! And he should tell us about the army, if he liked it, if or how it changed him and stuff. :3
Kangin-ah~~~ come back faster! ^^
➤ …and here we go again! SME wants to ruin our fangirl excitement…
SM Entertainment, “there hasn’t been anything confirmed regarding Kangin’s comeback”
SME! At least let us dream about it! There`s no way you can exclude him from SuJu for long so don`t be so mysterious! Maybe he can`t come and join Super Show 4 but he will return soon nonetheless! Photobucket
➤ This teaser is awesome!
Super Junior’s official Japanese “Opera” music video teaser revealed
Can`t wait for the MV! OMO! They look great! *o* only one question: will there be no korean version of “Opera” MV? (?・ω・) I wonder!
➤ I´m happy and proud of them!
Super Junior sets record with their album sales
Mr. Simple is such an awesome album! They deserve everything they won with it!
➤ Powerful dance!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & EXO-K member Kai release new dance rehearsal video
➤ OH!? YiXiah was there? #SuJuinShanghai
120414 Lou Yi Xiao Weibo Update:you are the best!
How they stand there, kinda awkwardly ^^° oh, I already hear a certain ELFi of mine complaining! *reads twitter* eeeh, yes, here she goes again ^^° Evil wifey is not amused OTL

HanGeng news!
➤ *nods* true story!
These clothing lines could make a fortune just selling the posters they put up in their stores…
…and all GengFan`s would be happy!
btw: *O* GENG! *faints*
➤ HanGeng at Meng Niu Event: 1 & 2 (he looked tensed at that moment on the red carpet >< cannot shake of this feeling) LOOK AT THE SECOND PIC! IT`S 庚天使/천사한경/AngelGeng! *dies* Background of Meng Niu Event, WAYLT?!?!? …even the background idealizes him ^^d
➤ Dunno what this “Moko!” is but… *faints*
1, 2 & 3 the second pic: SQUISHYYYYY~~~~ ^^ I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine! And he shall be my squishy! Come here squishy! *plays Dory from “Finding Nemo”* *LOL* hahahha, I´m sorry xD but HanGeng reallyis my squishy! v^^.
➤ You remember the teaser of this? well here`s the complete film.
Short film presented at the 12th Annual Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Grand Ceremony
It´s a cool little film. HanGeng dancing a bit, HanGeng in Italy (OMG HE`S SO COOL! *ω* I CANNOT EVEN! *dies*) and… HanGeng playing the piano.
Photobucket I immediately had teary eyes when he started playing “Wings of Love”. Sometimes I think it`s good that I will never attend a Geng concert. I would cry when this song starts playing! T^T

➤ Is this another round of lawsuits with companies?! My Jungminnie, were they bad to you? T.T
SS501′s Park Jung Min applies to nullify contract with CNR Media
*eyes CNR* You are better not bad to that boy =.= *eyes them more*
Somehow this sounds too damn familiar to me >< poor Jungminnie! Has to go through such a thing… aigoo!
SS501′s Park Jung Min apologizes to fans after news of trouble with former agency
*sighs* No, Jungminnie, you are not at fault. So there`s no need to apologize to us! It`s all CNR`s fault! >< I really hate it when ppl apologize for the fault of others!
It there wouldn`t have been something to argue about then they wouldn`t have had to solve this at the court!
It looks like you REALLY have to be careful in choosing your lable these days… you can never know if it was a good choice untill you know how they really will treat you or untill you want to part ways with them!

And I can only say it again: Companies cannot be trusted! >< And Korea should really do something for the artists rights. The whole system always protects the companies, not their artists. There should be a lobby for the rights of the artists or something like that. Thank good the courts decide in favour of the artists most of the time

➤ OMO! Emmy will DIE!
Shinhwa to bare all on a special documentary broadcast
yup. *nods at article* Emmy will definitely NOT survive watching this documentary.

➤ Another person who`s never afraid to show his friendship with JYJ openly: Hyun Joong!
JYJ’s Jaejoong makes an appearance on MBC’s ‘K-Pop Star Captivating the World’
I love their friendship! It`s still lasting! awww, and they wrote encouraging letter for each other? That`s really nice! Everyone needs a friend who gives you strength during tough times!
([Cap] 120415 Jaejoong in Kim Hyun Joong’s MBC K-Pop Star Documentary)

So. Pretty long k-pop news again!
So what elese is new?

I`m on vacation! YAAAAY MEEEE!!!!
I carried super heavy stuff, tiles and things you need to fix them for the new house, with mom yesterday so I´m really dead. Still.
It was a damn hard day and really exhausting because after work I only was home to quickly eat something and walk the dog as fast as I could. The I was off to our new house with mom. At first nobody was there and we wasted a lot of time with silly and useless waiting. Then we went to solve our other things and came back. Finally the guy who brought the tiles was there too and we could carried our stuff down into the basement. Damn… my poor arms! T~T Arms still hurt!
This week we have more house matter on schedule. Such as buying paint for my painting activities.
And talking about paint: Mom visited the house again today and said the painter was at work and all the walls we wanted to have colored were already colored for the first time! OMO! Now we finally have progress with our walls! On monday they will do the second round of painting and then our colored walls are ready for everything what`s coming.
=D hey, that means I can finally take a photo of my purple wall!

Okay, couple series now!

“SiChul of the day”:
Ah! do you remember this? The day before Heenim entered his 4 weeks of training in the army. So glad they were together before that.

“SiHan of the day”:
WAAAAAAH! (((;゚д゚))) my SiHan lovelies! WAYLT?!
This was the show where Siwon appeared as surprise guest and where he told Han that he understands that he had a hard time the past years and that everything will gradually get better now ㅠ﹏ㅠ
SiHan cried, le me cried. Evening was ruined by crying and at the same time made by SiHan friendship *runs away crying again now*

☆✭☆[FACT] today: How? *amazed*☆✭☆
SiHan same-ness
It`s always just so amazing. The SiHan same-ness has the level of YunJae same-ness, maybe it`s an even higher same-ness! This was just the same-ness of a little detail but there are major cases in same-ness of those two! And this althought they are miiiiiles apart. *.* My SiHan lovelies are just so amazing! Wonder if they plan this out or so ^^ How are things like this possible again and again? It´s really amazing!

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