Yunho wins Best Male Dancer voting, a new k-dream & Open World Ent. CEO`s case goes on…

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Aaah, many many news today. I don`t even dare to look at twitter D: because I maybe find even more news! I will write this blog entry first and then check twitter.

Well, but besides tons of news I have some things to announce:
1.) #random: The battery of my phone is LOW (SO low!) since yesterday morning and I was too lazy to power-connect it up to now ^^° eh hehe… *embarrassed laugh*
2.) Guess what I brought home on Tuesday! =D
Photobucket … BABY MICE! ^.^
Me became mice mommy again and that 3 weeks too early and… it was totally NOT planned at all!
3.) Since yesterday night my babies finally have names. They are named Deneh (like in “Danny”), Holly, Sunny & Jina now.
4.) I had a short k-dream again! ^^

It was so cool! =D
I was bored, went to visit some friends. We walked around outside and talked but when we had walked for a while our way was blocked by a huuuuge crowd of ppl. There was an open air concert and I really wondered because I didn`t knew about it beforehand. Oh yeah, and this in our area… ts! Who would come here?
We walked closer and then I heard it: There was “Fantastic Baby” playing! Friends gave each other weird looks, asking what song this is and what band, while I was like “OH! Listen! Photobucket Listen! Now! *already hyper*” because it was the part when they would say “What?! Fantstic Baby!” like at their live performances on tv. I was totally hyper-happy and scremed exactly that with the crowd! OMGZ! How cool was that?! Big Bang in concert & k-pop fans everywhere! I found a way closer to the stage and someone said there must be 20 000 ppl here today. (oh, this is surely much but it was a dream! So who cares! xD )
Aah~~, it was so cool! =) BIG BANG CONCERT! Photobucket
Somehow I lost my friends in the crowd but I didn`t care *haha* I didn`t even know if they wanted to stay here but I wanted to stay. I did until the concert was over and then my dream ended.
I couldn`t see Big Bang well but I heard them well!

In fact was this the second dream regarding Big Bang in a short period of time now. I had a really short dream before where I heard “Blue” playing on the radio! While other ppl wondered what song this was I was singing along xD *haha* I really wait for such a moment!
The moment an k-pop song starts playing on the radio and while everyone is like “oO WTH?” I sing the song Photobucket would be so fun!

And… a little addition to the dream where I was filming a drama with HanGeng: Shortly before the director said “action” for the scene in the bookstore there were 3 seconds or so where we were standind all ready for the scene and waiting. In that short time we were exchanging glances with super fast silent convo in which me was like “Omo! So excited to film a drama with you! =D ” and Han like “This will be fun! Great that we met again! =D “. Well, this was the meaning. You know, it`s a little hard to transform a silent convo in exact words ^^

I still wonder why da hell I was filming a Drama and that with Geng but oh well. It`s not like I get to see him too often. I always got stalked by this Pastor who cannot controle his strength when he`s squish-hugging me xD
I would love to know what Emmy is thinking about my HanGeng dreams… *looks at Emmy* I think I need to write a Mail!

and I have to say: thankfully my HanGeng dreams came back to normal °.° … I mean, my new years dream was no joke! I`m still fainting only by thinking about it! *dies*

Newstime now! Hope this won`t take me the whole day ^^°

JYJ news!
➤ Aww, Chunnie posted us such a nice pic of himself!
He tweeted: “~^^”
^3^ oh boys, why so cute?! This pic is great! I will put it on my wall in my bedroom to the other photos!
but… isn`t it still a bit too cold to sit around like this? YAH! Chunnie! You wear a jacket! You will catch a cold! *throws jacket at him*
➤ THIS! haha! this!
[Pic] JYJ – NII Summer Collection
Funny and awesome pics! JJ looks just greeeeat in that red jacket! Chunnie looks really refreshing and cute & Junsu… HAHA! LOL xD THIS SUNGLASSES ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME! It think this pic looks cool but also… very funny to me because it`s Junsu ㅋㅋㅋ
➤ We are so proud of you, Junsu!
[Info] 120418 JYJ JUNSU THE 1st ASIA TOUR IN BANGKOK [The 1st Album Live Show]
Unlike this other Junsu-fan in my twitter timeline ^^. *looks at Natali* I can deal well with Junsu concerts. I really have no emo feelings at all about this! I think it`s just such a pity that I cannot see him, okay, but there is no concert emoness. I´m just happy that our dream will come true. A JUNSU ALBUM! Is this real or a dream? HELLO? =D we were wishing for that to happen since a long time! *excited*
JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun captures the world through ‘Rooftop Prince’
YESSSH, Chunnie! Capture the world! Get world domination! Others… *cough* SM! *cough*… try to gain world domination with buying other companies and others go to capture the world right away. AND I TOLD YOU PPL! It`s not SM who will get world domination! It`s either our boys or HanGeng!
➤ WOW! this is… this was… *fangirl squee* I fangirled over the results!
allkpop Fan Tournament – Best Male Dancer Results!
IT`S YUNHO?!? OMGZ! Cassiopeia really did it! I tried to vote more often but it was only telling me all the time that my vote was already counted… but still! Photobucket MY LEADER씨 WON! *faints* And that although in that poll all the seniors won! I thought rain would win since Rain was first close to Yunho`s votes and then even ahead! And to be honest: Rain is really an awesome dancer! If Yunho wouldn`t be my Leader씨 it would have turned out as a “I dunno who to vote for” situation for me!
I mean Rain is reeeally awesome. Leader씨 as well. But… sorry rain, my Leader씨 is my father and family always comes first. I would everytime vote for Yunho again!
➤ More Junsu Concert news!
JYJ Kim Junsu concert’s ticketing starts today (April 19), phone line of ticket selling company already down
*hehe* yes c-jes, prais my hubby`s popularity *hehe* Noona likes to hear this! Speak on, speak on. I will listen :3
… but…. WHAT DA HECK! Oversea ppl! YOU ALL GOT TOO MUCH MONEY! I always wonder about ppl who can fly around the half world just like THAT! YAH! If you have too much money give it to me! I want to fly to Seol! (…not only to see Junsu but… also… *confesses now* to kidnap squishy1 to bring him to China for reunion with squishy2! =D I`m talking about SiHan squishies of course! #CompletelyOffTopicNow)
➤ Eh?! Junsu and Flowsik?!
[Pic] Junsu – Flowsik Twitter update
So… dies this mean Junsu worked with Flowsik for his new album? I wonder what his album sounds like then! I always thought Flowsik and Brian are just perfect to work together but Junsu now too? I wonder how this goes together! My mind cannot picture this. I`m curious.
➤ JYJ/HoMin mix news but still!
DBSK/JYJ are The Most Favorite Kpop Groups in Vietnam
This is where my little Linh lives! ^^ And there are many cassies in vietnam! I`m not surprised by that!

HoMin news!
➤ I`m so happy that HoMin rocked the Tokyo Dome and that they received so much love!
[Vid+Trans] 120417 Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ Concert in Tokyo Dome (JIJIPRESS)
TVXQ’s Changmin models in Armani for ‘Dazed & Confused’
eh hehe… ^^°° what kind of name is this for a magazine?
and the second pic xD eerr… no, magazine, that`s not minnie for me like I see him in my deepest thoughts but well ^^ it`s only a photo.
Yeah, hair seems to be cut. ppl are right. All in all those photos suit the Dark Lord very well (well the second one below, it`s a little weird conbination of things ^^° )
[Scans] Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 Official Photobook Part 2
WAE? Wae are you ppl showing me this now?! Me has no money to buy it and… I NEED THIS PHOTOBOOK! DAMN! ><
[Trans] Tohoshinki performs at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 3 years, “No anxiety”: Event for 100,000 fans decided
*dreams* and one day I will and then I will see not only HoMin in there, no, I will go to reunion concert of the 5 in Tokyo Dome.
➤ YAY! GO, OUR MINNIE, GO! *haha*
TVXQ’s Changmin voted as the most charismatic boy group ‘maknae’
The list of the rankings in that article is interesting! I mean… after Big Bang you don`t need to read further because the little % of votes is not a matter to talk about anymore ^^° oh, I feel kinda sorry for the rest of the other bands Maknae`s!
For those of you who cannot read Korean I will list up the first 6 ranks for you. They listed the number of ppl who voted for the persons and the %`s:
1. Choikang Changmin (Dong Bang Shin Ki) 13.485 ppl (66,3%)
2. Kim Junsu (JYJ) __________________3.200 ppl (15,7%)
3. Taemin (SHINee) ___________________797 ppl (_3,9%)
4. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) ______________ 725 ppl (_3,6%)
5. Andy (Shinhwa) ____________________681 ppl (_3,3%)
6. Seungri (Big Bang) _________________ .509 ppl (_2,5%)
Yeah well, then we have a dramatic gap of ppl who voted and it goes down to 181. From 509 to 181.
I will not list up the rest and… I don`t really know all of the rest in the first place! ^^
hm, since I´m not that familiar with Shinhwa I never knew that Andy is their Maknae but oh well, now I know!

Big Bang news!
➤ I wonder…
Big Bang selects Japanese comedienne Watanabe Naomi as their ideal type
…if this is really true! Big Bang, you would give all the fangirls out there so much hope who`s figure isn`t model-like to believe that ther is nothing that wrong with them!
I really wonder if they really mean it. o.o (and I need to agree with some commenters: this photo of that woman is… somehow scary at first!)
➤ Here come the lucky ones!
YG Entertainment announces the winners for ‘Global Cover Event – Blue/Bad Boy’ contest
And… I still think an YG office tour could be super interesting!
GD&TOP, Girls’ Generation, and miss A to hold collaborative performances with the top 3 finalists on ‘K-Pop Star’
so… this is a talent show like the stupid ones on our tv just better? I always wondered what this “K-Pop Star” thingie is about. I never watched a bit of it.
➤ THIS is the MOST LAUGHABLE thing…
T.O.P’s “Turn it Up” Plagiarized by ALABAMA?
SOOOO RIDICULOUS! If that`s not plagiarized stuff then I don`t know what is!
Just listen to TOP`s “Turn It Up” (since it´s blocked in that article – at least for germany)
sounds familiar? oh noooo, this spanish guy totall didn`t copy TOP`s song! NOOOOO!
ALABAMA-GUY! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST COPYCAT OUT THERE! HOW DARE YOU?! This is even more a copy like when this US guy stole that part from SHINee`s “Ready Or Not”!
NO ONE CAN DENY IT! Besides the language it sounds almost 100% similar! PFFT! Who do they want to fool? I hope YG sues them soon… I didn`t heard a word that YG would have given permission to copy TOP`s song!
Shameless. How shameless some ppl are these days. I mean the thing with SHINee`s song was already shameless but THAT!
What are they thinking?! Are they like “oh, it`s from South Korea, that`s so far away, nobody will notice?” or what? oO
Once again we arrived at the point that many ppl are just not aware of the K-Pop movement these days and that there are thousands of fans around the globe. Did they really think nobody would notice? I mean: I immediately noticed the thing with SHINee`s Song and they only stole some lines from it. Now they copy a whole song and are still so shameless. UNBELIEVABLE!
I mean everything is about copyright, even for us fangirls. We need to take care about this as well, give credits to the right ppl when uploading a vid or even audio! And then we have ppl who think they can steal everything just like that? PLEASE! Fair dos! I`m curious. Maybe YG already took action and we just don`t know. We don`t know about everything the lables have going on.
➤ OMO! Wonder if our Mtv will air this too?
Big Bang to greet their fans in 160 countries through MTV’s ‘World Stage’
I mean, even IF they will air it: I cannot watch it since it became PayTV here but still! Big Bang on german Mtv?! Would be so great! They are really so awesome live!
➤ LOL @ TOP! xD
Big Bang members to unveil their supernatural powers on ‘Go Show’
*haha* this: quote “He was proving that he had special powers with which he could effortlessly move the hearts of his noona fans.”
xD Causing noona fans to faint because you jump on their lap all of a sudden is no special ability to ‘move their hearts’, TOP! It`s rather that you kill them with this ‘attack’! LOL THAT GUYS! Really so funny! Maybe he should try to give us noona fans a rose as present, tell us that we look pretty today… this would move our hearts ^^ Killing ppl who like you with jumping on their laps it not to move their hearts xD Big Bang so funny!

HanGeng news! =D
➤ OMO! *runs around in circles* OMO! OMO! OMO!
Han Geng began to record his new album.
KYAAAAAHH!!!!!!! *fangirl scream* Photobucket I`M SO EXCITED!!!!! He finally started recording it! OMG SUN! OMONAAAAA!!!! *runs around like a crazy chicken*
➤ Yishion posted this on WEIBO!
New pic!
I like that shirt! The pants not that much, but shirt looks good! =)

SuJu news!
➤ Kangin`s return ^^ this is such good fancam!

Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 4′ in Australia cancelled due to director’s injury
That`s all? Because the director is injured?! If I would be a australian ELF I would go crazy!
Why does this guy needs to get hurt at THAT time, out of all times? Why now?
This is surely so frustrating for australian ELF!
Super Junior’s Kangin shares some thoughts after being discharged from the military
…I just hope SM dosen`t dare to exclude him from the next album! Would be so mean! == *eyes SM*
➤ WAAAAH! I DIED! =D awesome!
Skip Beat intro SuJu version!

all the bunnies xD oh, will this be a KyuMin drama? *haha* I would SO watch this! Please someone makes a SuJu drama in Skip Beat style! OMG! Drama industry surely dosen`t know what they are missing!
… … and I MISS SKIP BEAT so f*cking much! I CANNOT EVEN! AAAAH! My fangirling mondays! I miss them! Skip Beat was the perfect drama for fangirls to die and to fangirl! OMO! I never died as often as during Skip Beat! I always was so noisy that my Mom and my sister sis were highly annoyed by me xD
*shrugs* a real fangirl isn`t ashamed of it`s fangirling when it comes fromt he heart LOL PLEASE! they need to deal with me!
➤ So happy that they can rock the Tokyo Dome! :3
Tickets for Super Junior’s ‘SS4′ Tokyo Dome performance sold out

➤ Latest EXO news:
EXO-K & EXO-M receiving an explosive response from Japan a week after debut
this is surely interesting since there is no word in japanese of them in any of their songs. But… I would be more interested about EXO-M news regarding HanGeng and such.
I mean, it was rumored that the already said something about them but nobody knew if this was true or a made up rumor. Okay, it sounded like Geng because the rumor said Geng was like that he`s impressed by their skills and such. Well, we never expected jdging comments from him or… disliking them only because they come from SME.
But I would just love to hear about how they are doing over there on China and if HanGeng really said something about them.
EXO-K and EXO-M have the same choreographer as Usher?
Those choreographer guys are surely working around the globe, huh?

The other news~
➤ This is interesting
SM artists height
JYP Entertainment files lawsuit against netizen behind malicious Twitter account
I still wonder if ppl think that they won`t be discovered or catched when they attack someone via i-net. I mean there ARE ways to find out where you are and who you are. ts… hateful ppl.
What`s the point in tweting hate to the ppl you dislike nonestop? I say it again: I don`t like “that person”. I still dislike her for the way she used out boys but I never tweeted a word to her. This is something you just don`t do when you have at least a bit education and it`s also not worth my energy and time for a person I don`t like.
When you don`t like, don`t look. There is absolutely no reason to attack ppl with hate-tweets.

This reminds me of that one hater who tweeted some shit to me because I defended Teukie. Hater said “haha you`re stupid like your ugly idol”.
1.) I don`t know you, so what`s your business with ME? Just to begin with.
2.) You don`t know me. Teukie isn`t my idol, he`s my second Leader. That`s a huge difference.
3.) You don`t know Teukie so STFU in this discussion.
Aigoo… if there is a way to make me go mad then when the little kids talk and bash with all others without knowing if that what they talk about even happened in the first place. And the best thing is still when they really don`t know the person they talk about. I would love to know how much of these little cassiopeian brats who ranted about Teukie back then really know about his personality to an extend where they could judge what he would say and what not.
For me the case back then was clear. I heard what it was rumored he said and I was like “oO ah. Are you sure? That dosen`t sound like him a bit.” *facepalm*
Oh yeah, this was a chase of I JUDGE YOU FANDOM again! Every fandom has it`s little brats. Cassiopeia too. I dislike these kids, no matter to what fandom they belong.
I was also not interested in the following story that was like “but they said first that our leader… blablabla” and the other party was like “but you guys said that our leader…blablabla” PLEASE!
Are we in playschool or what!? HOW OLD ARE YOU?! o____O So what? There was somewhere a point where one had no arguments anymore and then came up with the great idea to insult the leader of the other party – out of helplessness. So what? Just let them talk and lable the discussion under “case closed”! It dosen`t always need to go that far to the point where the Leaders involved in this childish sh*t get hate messages from ppl and they don`t even know what is going on right now oO… this is what I call weirdness!

oh… Now I already talked too much again! I didn`t wanted to talk myself away like this ^^° mianhae!
Let`s continue with the news!

➤ I know why they all picked Taeminnie xD
SHINee’s Taemin voted as the idol most wanted by other idol groups
…because Changmin & Kyu are just too evil! LOL no one wants to deal with them! They are way too good in their Photobucket-mode!
➤ I also know why in that chase!
‘Strong Heart’ declines in viewer ratings
*pouts* no wonder… Lee SeungGi was just cool and cute. I like him better!
➤ WAAAAH! D: You say what?!
Choi Min Soo reveals he lived with ghosts for two years
I already said it on Twitter: This is like a mixture of “The Grudge” and Gong Xi`s Grudge Sprits… I mean: HOW FREAKING SCARY IS THAT?!?
Is he really serious with that? I mean, I`m afraid of ghosts… they are really scary! ><
Shinhwa wins #1! + Performances from April 19th’s ‘M! Countdown’
➤ My soulmate posted this:
The Most Frustrating Things In The World
GAAAH! SO TRUE! >< I hate all of this! It`s really so frustrating!
➤ Ah! I`ve almost forgotten about this!
Bruce Willis sings the praises of his ‘G.I. Joe 2′ co-star, Lee Byung Hun
Yeah, they were filming together ^^

➤ oh… this… I have no words for it anymore!
Police investigate reports of another singer willingly participating in alleged abuse of Open World trainees
Hope they catch all of the evil ppl who were involved in this!
Okay, I have to agree with some of the commenters: It`s surely not the only person who absuese his trainees but please! When one of them get`s caught then it`s good!
It´s like you would say “okay, one murderer is caught by the plolice but please! what`s all this ruckus about? there are many more around in the world”. So what? It´s not good that one get caught then?
I only partially understand these ppl who cannot understand that ppl are shocked about what comes to light. Like always with those things: Many ppl knew about it. But also many were just not in the position or were afraid of the CEO`s power in some ways to say something.
I don`t even want to play the expert in this case here but it`s good that CEO got caught!
➤ Isn`t that Karam`s group? I really don`t know about the young groups!
Open World Entertainment’s ‘The Boss’ new album release cancelled

WOW! freaking loooooong news today! But I told you, it`s much! Now let`s check on twitter, maybe we have some more news to share which pretty much emans: TIMELINE BLOGGING NOW! =)
Haven`t done this in a long time!

— *greets t-list first* *goes to read tl*
— *gets surprised* *dies* *faints… and whatever else* OMG LINH! MY BABY! T.T I wanted to write you today too.. aaaah! Same-ness! And I thought school already killed her! aaaah! so good she`s still alive!
— need to scroll down more… this wasn`t the end of my tl, let`s see what we have at the end… *scrolls*
Oppaaaa~~ *whines* ㅠ﹏ㅠ stop being so drama! *sniff*
Brian: “About to head out for the airport to go to Jersey~ I’m coming back home Justin, I’m coming back home… R.I.P.”
His little cousin died and he`s flying to the states for the funeral. *cries* ah, dammit! Why am I crying? It`s not my cousing but… Brian is so sad… makes me want to cry for him! Photobucket
— *wipes tears* ah! Standom… STFU! ==
Quote Emmy: stan reaction to jj and hc following each other, i quote ‘I’m confused’ ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WTF R U CONFUSED ABOUT.
…standom always manages to ruin the mood. good or sad mood, dosen`t matter. They always ruin it. BAPOS! What`s there to be confused about, eh?! Emmy is right! OTL
Ailee throws the opening pitch at Nexen Heroes baseball game
Ailee, you`re so cute! I really like her! and her laugh at 4:26 xD so cute! *pinches her*
— eh hehe… ^^° Emmy, what`s with this weird comments to Changmins Photos for this Magazine with the weird name? aigoo, Emmy and her changmin comments makes me smile although I had to cry moments ago. aigoo, fandoms, what are you doing with me?
— oh well for knowing this in advance you don`t need to be a furtune teller:
[News] 120420 All tickets for Jun Su (of JYJ)’s concert are sold out
The photo is kinda cute but… Junsu still too thin ><
— WOAHW! WHAT? o.o
JYJ’s Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo cast for comedy film, ‘Jackal is Coming’
this is cool! It`s like a C-jes family film then! =) and… LOL @ the plot! xD *haha* this movie could be funny! oh well, I guess JJ won`t play a policeman in that movie hehe… he will be the singer that is kidnapped!
— aww! Junsu/Junho mom & Xiahki & with Charlie ^^ the little one. Cute!
— oh! Brother is at Gimpo airport. and… xD he`s hyper *haha* *reads on in tl* ah, he`s going back to Japan now. Okeh~ this was a relatively long stay in Korea copared to his usual standards.
— aww, yes, Leader씨 just love kids. And he`s good with little girls ^^
[News] 120420 TVXQ’s Yunho smiles at a little girl like a father
— Talking about Rooftop Prince before… wow!
[News] 120420 ‘Rooftop Prince’ sold to Japan, “Earns 200,000 dollars per episode”
— oh hey! I`m almost through my tl! never noticed! Was a very interesting and all-kinds-of-emotions read today! *continues reading*
— oh… oops! ^^° I just randomly yelled at ELFi and threw a blanket at her so she will lay down to rest Photobucket
Today is definitely the day where I throw things at ppl xD
— ah, ELFi is hyper now (because she`s too exhausted from her final today, I guess) and don`t wants to rest. FINE! Then be hyper! >.<
— haha xD I just threw a blanket at Jing Yee via twitter xD she`s tired too! I TOLD YOU! today I randomly throw things at ppl…

Okay, I`m through now. And I feel like doing some spazzing to end this super mega long blog entry of today.
☆✭☆[Couple Special] today: I believe in…☆✭☆
We Forever/Sworn Brothers!
Of course I do! T^T I stubbornly do! Sworn brothers 4ever! F*ck u SM! I only know Sworn brothers. Boarded this ship 4ever. Couple-ness. Sworn brother-ness. Squishy-ness. SiHan-ness. I LOVE MY SQUISHIES!!!! MY SIHAN LOVELIES! *hugs them 4ever*
In all their ways, I just love them & I believe in their friendship Photobucket

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