#CassiopeiaDay: Some thoughts on Cassiopeia`s b-day , SuJu Army plan & my crazy day *dies*

안녕 여러분! v^^.

Mice news are: Sickness stopped going worse. It`s actually a little better. Have new (“fresh”) meds and after the next 10 days we will know if I can fully cure the babies. Aigoo… I hope so! It`s too early to say if they will be completely healthy again or not.

Now: My day today was a little carzy.
It was my first working day after my vacation. After I got home I ate and the I was away with mom. We went to get some things and paint for my artistic work in my new bedroom. Then we got a new lamp since one of the old ones was broken. Then we went to the house and prepared some things. I brought the first things for the mice and now my bedroom here already looks less chaotic!
Well, after we were back home I greeted the crying doggie (she was very, very sad – because she was away for almost the whole day today when mom was away during the forenoon and we both left then right after lunch again) & then looked after the mice. They were sleeping but I had no choice. Waking them up and giving them the med. Mice were not amused, btw. I gave them something to eat they like to comfort them afterwards. ^^ so that I won`t do only bad things with them. The whole process of giving them meds, throwing my old meds away and cleaning my accessories took longer as I thought. *sighs*
Then I turned around and thought: “GOSH! My room looks like a mess! Doggie`s hair everywhere and… I wanted to clean the mice anyway! *goes to get stuff for cleaning everything up*”
So I started to sweep up doggies hair first. Then I cleaned the older mice and swept up again. THEN I thought the glass roof of the Terra looks really dirty too and… oh, doggies place is full of hair too! So far so good. I went to get the vacuum cleaner. On my way to get that thing I thought that the hallway of our apartment looks also messy. So I cleaned up there first, then cleaned my room with the vacuum cleaner. Doggie`s place/pillow was the last thing and took me the most time. I cleaned all the little spaces of the pillow`s surrounding/edge where a lot of hair was. It`s like when you… lift the pillows on a couch after along time: It`s a complete mess under it! >< So this took me a whole bunch of time too!
Well, since mom was already away again with sister sis` car I needed to put my car into the garage. Doggie wanted to go downstairs to the garden so we went downstairs. I told her to sit and wait while I put my car in it`s place, then I was in the garden with doggie and finally sat down to rest around half past 5…
oh my… I got up at 03:00 am and ran around till 05:30pm… my feet and legs still hurt right now… -__-

Could someone be so nice and SHOOT ME?!
I have no idea why da hell I had this “cleaning everything up”-flash all of a sudden! This somehow reminded me of Brian and that he said he wants to have a date cleaning each others houses. Oh well, you see: I`m prepared. Let`s clean our houses! I was up since over 12 hours already and started cleaning everything then… craaaaay!
When I finally sat down mom came back. Yes, it was already THAT late… *faints*

Big Bang news!
➤ Oh…
Big Bang’s T.O.P was a rebel as a young child
TOP really has some “hidden stories” for us, huh?
➤ ^^
Big Bang’s T.O.P talks about his kiss with Lee Hyori on ‘Go Show’
It`s kinda mean to lat-minute-change the kiss on the forehead to a kiss on the lips, don`t ya think? It`s like they only said it`s a kiss on the forehead before to not scare away those two! ^^° eh hehe… But he thinking “It`s showtime!” xD haha how funny!
➤ First saving everything, then buying everything…
Big Bang’s Taeyang is a frugal spender
…looks like Taeyang has a kinds fangirl-like way of life? xD
➤ He`s somehow really suspicious of human beings, isn`t he?
Big Bang’s T.O.P reveals the qualities in a woman he dislikes the most
Oh well, it`s okay to keep it formally. I don`t like it when ppl are too fast forward when I don`t really know them either. to “get to know them from the distance” is good!
➤ Wae are we like that?
G-Dragon reveals his dating jinx on ‘Go Show’
*nods* I understand that very well. Even when everything was on good term I kept thinking about if that person really likes me and if he means all what he says the way he said it. I think many ppl are like this. *parts GD* You`re not alone =)
➤ Teach me all your tactics, Daesung-sensei~~
Big Bang’s Daesung on his special skin care method
The “Go-Dae facewash method” sounds so PRO somehow! ^^
Big Bang’s Seungri confesses his love for Go Hyun Jung on ‘Go Show’?
So he could act something with his fav actress? That`s cool! It`s like when you can sing with your fav singer!
➤ Some of these parodies look scary… °-°
Who did the best parody of G-Dragon’s ‘seaweed’ hairstyle?
well, Shindong did a parody too and xD his parody was less scary. But LOL! The comparison with “The Ring”?! Well, I see some little smilarities ^^°

HoMin news~~
[Changmin’s interview @ DAZED]
Q: “If you were given a chance to reborn, would you want to be TVXQ again?”
Changmin: “To be honest, my answer in the past was no. i wouldn’t want to live this hateful life again because i had already experienced it once, this was my thought. But lately i felt that this was actually not a bad idea, i think i would want to continue singing and dancing, and be TVXQ again.”
cr: 小昕_夏以为晴
This is surely a tough question. As much as they want to be together and make music and dance… well, there are many negative aspects too. Sasaeng ppl, haters, busy schedules to the max… They cannot life a normal life anymore.
… *facepalm* and then we have Tokyo Hotel boys who whined about that they cannot go to the cinema anymore because ppl recognize them and blabla… oh well, those kids were on german tv lately and I just thought: ‘PLEASE! The life of our boys was and still is harder than yours and they are not as arrogant as YOU guys.’ I was on the edge to hit my tv… ==”
➤ This is so nice! Chinese cassies hwaiting!
[News] TVXQ Yunho’s fans build a library in China in his name
➤ This is so cool!
[Trans] 120421 Bigeast Staff Report : Kyocera Dome Day 1
What to do to kill the wait-time backstage? Doing HoMin puzzle! This is so cute!
➤ SOMEONE GIMME THIS PHOTOBOOK!!!! GAAAAH! OMO! It`s too awesome! >< *wants photobook but is moneyless*
[Pic] Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ Book

SuJu News
➤ …Photobucket yeah…
Preview of MBC Special “Super Junior Paris Concert Documentary” revealed
…let alone the sentence “For those who couldn’t attend this epic concert(…)”! I KNOW, ALLKPOP, I KNOW RIGHT! LE ME WASN`T THERE, LE ME MISSED THE LAST CHANCE, LE ME KNOWS THAT IT WAS AWESOME! LE ME IS EMO BECAUE OF THAT! Waaaaeeee *changmin* щ(゚Д゚щ) in da world does everybody needs to rub salt into my wounds? Cruel world is cruel. *pouts*
➤ Thank you boys! My pleasure! Photobucket
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk thanks fans for ‘Mr.Simple’ album sales
Can`t wait for 6집!
The next time it will be an overload of awesomeness. SuJu prepare for 6집, HanGeng is recording his second album, Junsu solo album is comming soon… OMO!
But right now, the thing I wait for the most is really HanGengs second album. I already wait for it since he said he started working on it last year around that time. Sure, there was not much time because he had several acting jobs ^^ and I`m so happy he had because it`s something he really wanted to do and he always dreamed of. but not it`s time for his passion no.2! The music! I`m really curious and… I totally went #CompletelyOffTopic again… eh hehe… Photobucket
【INFO】SJ Army plan: 2012 Leeteuk,Yesung (Kangin discharge) 2013 Shindong (Heechul discharge) 2014 Sungmin,Donghae,Eunhyuk and Siwon(Leeteuk and Yesung discharged 2015 Ryeowook and Kibum (Shindong discharge) 2016 Kyuhyun (cr: Teenage magazine via: MintCafeMocha)
*sighs* We got the raccoon back and need to leg go of all the others. I will miss all of them so badly T^T (not even to start with our boys! *runs away crying* )

➤ I just realized that I`ve never seen Ailee`s musicvideo to “Heaven” and so I wanted to watch it and share it of course.
에일리 – “Heaven” MV
interesting MV. And I still like this song ^^

I REALLY appreciate that they used KYHD as the Teaser song! :3

➤ After all we´ve heard this fanmeeting was fun!

Korean Blog Review: Why in the world does the Crown Prince fall into the rooftop?

➤ *haha* This was seriously so cute!
Butterfly Nichkhun wants fans to “BEE happy!”

➤ °.° … what da….?
Kangta to star in his own cooking show, ‘Kangta’s Pasta e Basta’
HAHA! xD Seriously? Kangta will have a cooking show? Oh man, I wish I could watch this! Not because I´m Kangta fan (I don`t really know anything about him) but just because I´m curious how this will turn out.
But come to think about it: Idol cooking show? …. …. … YAH! TV PPL! WAE ISN`T JJ A HOST OF A COOKING SHOW THEN?!? Wae u no know the best cook in cassiopeian family?

It was from a magazine interview for Skip Beat..
SIWON: I remember when Kyuhyun just joined us, he wasn’t close to all the members, but Sungmin supported him since the start. Their relationship only intensified throughout the year, didn’t fade away, it’s like they can be LIFE-LONG friends… They are there for each other even outside out schedules, I feel really touched just by looking at them!
[SOURCE: -Yalin-]
awww~~ KyuMin!❤

➤ And now….
▂▂▂▂▂▂ Cassiopeia Day ▂▂▂▂▂▂
▔╚╝╩╚╚╝╚╝╩╚╝╩░╩╝╩╩╚░╩╝╩╚╚╝▔ #CassiopeiaDay

Cassiopeia had b-day! According to korean time it already started yesterday (23th of April).

Some thoughts and Quotes:
➤ My thoughts: Cassiopeia, the place which will heal me completely. Cassiopeia, the place I only have because of our boys. We were named by our Min and since ever then we exist to be the “W”. We exist to support, protect and shine back at our 5 stars. Without all 5 of our boys, there wouldn`t be the “us” today, the Cassiopeia we are.
For the boys, who saved me in so many ways, I will keep the faith. I will always be Cassiopeia for their sake. To see their smiles when they come on stage, to encourage them and be there for them when they need us. Cassiopeia exists for 5 and not it`s the time for us to show how sincere our motives are. It means a lot of pain to be Cassiopeia these days, but it also means a lot of joy. JYJYC+Cassiopeia = one. When they come back I will be there and I will be proud and thankful. Because their home is our home and vice versa. It´s Cassiopeia.
Boys, “I will wait for you…”.

So beautiful and true~❤
➤ Letters from Cassiopeia to TVXQ: Letter #60 Until when will we.. (The love between Singers and Fans.) – Posted on 08/01/10
This letter is still so true! It´s a timeless letter!
➤ Letter from Cassiopeia to TVXQ: Letter #90 TVXQ, We are Cassiopeia – Posted on 07/02/10

Okeh! To end this entry: You know what time it is. yes, you know it.


And, oh look, it`s the return of the…
EUNHAE COUPLE!!!!!!! Photobucket *dances* (for a while at least!)
“EunHae of the day”:
We once had the gif in the couple series but here`s the pic. ^^ It´s so cute!

Okeh! What`s up with SiHan lovelies today?
“SiHan of the day”:
OMGZZZZZ!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) *fangirls squee* SIHAN LOVELIIIIIIEEES!!! YOU ARE SO CUTE! *hahaha*
Geng, like always, helping Siwon. Tsss~ but what is Siwon doing? Wants to kiss him? Aigoo! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) Siwon, you kinda shocked your GeGe *haha* xD cuties!
It`s very interesting to watch SiHan lovelies. Really.
Little did I know about whats going on between the sworn brothers OTL ^^

☆✭☆[Couple Special] today, SiHan: What SiHan lovelies always did~☆✭☆
Sihan lovelies….Sticking through thick and thin.
oh, somehow I forgot if we already had this or not but. SO TRUE! You need to watch SiHan closely when you can. Sworn brothers were always very natural with each other.

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