TVXQ successfully ends TONE Tour, HanGeng in Taiwan & WGM special episodes? ㅋ :P

안녕 다들! v^^.

I know, I`m not blogging to often these days. But anyone of you ever moved twice within a year? And anyone moved into a completely new house with all the stuff you have & need to organize first?
If yes, you know what I´m talking about.
Moving stress is no joke again… -.- It`s like I would have a second fulltime job! I come home after work and then run after house matters with mom… It´s exhausting. My feet hurt and my legs too.
When I woke up friday morning to go to work I already felt as if I already would have been at work for 10 hours… Photobucket

And because I have no time the news I wanted to post are waiting in line like crazy! I have tons of news today again so be prepared!

HoMin News!
➤ This is so cool!
TVXQ Staff Report – Kyocera Dome Day 2
All Bigeast?!? OMO! how cool is that! *haha* I like you! *clicks -like-* Photobucket
➤ *dances* HoMin korean Album OTL!!!!! :3 great!
TVXQ to make their Korean comeback during the second half of the year
This will be a great year! JYJ solo albums, new HoMin album & new SuJu album. OMG SUN! I dunno… I think I´m in heaven! =D
[Pic] 120424 TVXQ Kakaotalk SMTown
…the stage and everything looks awesome but I really wonder what this KakaoTalk thingy is. A blog? A message service where you can post pics? what is this? oO *blinks*
[Trans] Interview with Tohoshinki before the Final Concert of the ~ TONE ~ tour
Yunho quote: “We even asked our Japanese staff member if us two attracting over 500,000 people was a big deal. But they all said it was.
T.T *cries* OF COURSE IT IS, you bapo Leader씨! Of course it is! This means you two are stil here like we are and because of each other we can exist. This goes for Bigeast as well as for Cassiopeia.
Once again I´m so proud: JYJ filling Tokyo Dome, HoMin filling Tokyo Dome. They are still here, we are still here. Let`s keep this up!
➤ They always do❤
[Trans] Tohoshinki sing their hearts out during the Finale of their Nationwide Tour
[Trans] How does TVXQ overcome loneliness?
Okay, Hea Unni hates this but… I feel sorry for them that they have no one at home who waits for them. I understand them very well. If I would be all alone at home, even without my dog, I would feel lonely too. I mean once you leave work what is there? A Empty apartment and you can talk to no one about your day or how you feel. That must be hard. (and you cannot constantly phone your friends in the middel of the night)
I wish that they will have someone who makes them feel less lonely one day or… at least live together in a dorm again =) Would also solve the problem.
➤ Yunho Quote: “The fans know their true heart” (it`s because we WANT TO undstand their hearts and so we try our best!)
TVXQ`s Yunho has some advice for his Junior artists

JYJ news~
JYJ Junsu releases teaser video for upcoming solo album
I`m curious! This looks like a mix of Elisabeth and… oO Donghae`s one outfit from Skip Beat (the feathery one OTL) I`m completely okay with this and everything but the red lipstick is irritating me ^^° eh hehe… OMG SUN! But since Junsu is Junsu he knows what he`s doing. 😉
➤ Junsu, when will you come to marry me?
[Trans] Kim Junsu’s ideal type of woman?
Junsu quote: “Looks aren’t important to me, but I like woman who are gentle and respect the elderly.
Thank god. Because I´m a pretty normal person ^^ I can clean up the house well, take care of the cats and dogs, I´m a normal looking person, not a “OMG, I cannot do this. My nails will be ruined!”-girl, I respect the elderly the way my mom taught me, I am a gentle person, I have manners and I insist on others to act mannerly too. I hate ppl without manners and without respect for older ppl.
So when will you come to marry me Junsu? On top of that I`m a gamer, I`m a bit crazy and I will be entertaining with my weirdness! =D LOL Can someone please introduce Junsu to me?? (note to herself: Need to buy ticket to travel to Korea… *writes on to-do list*)
➤ We know right! =D He`s awesome because he`s our Junsu!
Famous U.S. choreographer praises JYJ’s Kim Junsu
➤ Who`da thunk it in the past…
JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoo Hwan might make history at the ’48th Paeksang Arts Awards’
…that the two Park brothers would attend an acting award event thingy together?
JYJ’s Park Yoochun receives ‘Popularity Award’ at the 48th annual Paeksang Arts Awards + Full List of Winners
➤ Uri pretty Chunnie!
[Pic] Yoochun at the Baeksang Awards – more photos
➤ Very nice pictures!
[Pic] New photos of JYJ for NII
OMO! Junsu in red jacket?! Perfect color to contrast his blonde hair! *dies*
and ㅋㅋ Junsu in Xiahtic-Pose! Have you seen it?
➤ Ah haha xD The old discussion again!
JYJ’s Yoochun reveals he sleeps in only his underwear
Yeah ppl. So what? Is this something special? He`s a guy after all. When kids are all like “OMO *dies*” now then you know they never had a boyfriend. I don`t get why but some how it`s in most guys` nature to throw everything besides their underwear away when they sleep.
➤ TIO ice ice teeeeea~
[Vid] Yoochun – New TIO CF

➤ aww! How adorable!
HanGeng & SunLe in Taiwan
And theeere we go again with a new episode “Gend and kids” ^^ it`s like “Siwon and kids”: A never ending story. :3
➤ Look how the kid is looking at HanGeng! Photobucket
(120422) Han Geng, Sun Le, Cathy (FanFan’s manager), and her niece.
Adorable, isn`t it? all 4 of them *haha*
Fan Fan… wasn`t that the wife of Blackie Chen, if I remember right? So at first I thought it`s their kid ^^° (dunni if they have kids or not, I´m not familiar with those two)
➤ Geng & EXO-M? fuckyeah!HanGeng! blog quote:

Anonymous asked: It is possible that Super Junior M or M EXO during their cross Hangeng activitées in China is not it?

Are you asking whether or not it’s possible that SJ-M or EXO-M might cross paths with Han Geng while doing their activities in China? ^^;

EXO-M and Geng have technically already crossed paths, since they were both at the Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards (EXO-M debuted, and Geng was the opening performance), and Geng was sitting right behind them when he received his award.

As for SJ-M and Geng….I really don’t know. There is always a possibility, but there may be a lot of things that go on behind-the-scenes that we don’t know about.

This is what I was talking about! So SM only keeps the SuJu boys away from him? Great. =_= that`s a realization I wantend to have… hrr… *annoyes sigh*
➤ LOL xD What`s with that look Geng?
Cathy & Geng
The fish is already dead, he won`t bite =)
I think they were all togehter because of LoveLife event. I forgot if Fan Fan was part of this too but Blackie Chen & Geng are.
➤ Our of the studio:
(120425) Recording for his new album in Taipei.
I`m starting to get hyper more and more. OMO! I´m so curious about it after all he said. :3
➤ ah, this is cute!

sujuisprettierthanyou asked: I

Thank you! It helps that Han Geng is a super awesome person who does super awesome things and has a bunch of super awesome fans!

That`s true. It`s the reason why I always have something to read. Awesome ppl give you enough inspiration to write.
*haha* and the comment “Han Geng is a super awesome person who does super awesome things” is really cute!
➤ In frame of LoveLive activity:
Geng, Blackie Chen and others with the kids
(beautifulhangeng Quote: “For Han Geng’s recent Love Life activity in Taiwan, he went to the Taipei Arena to watch an SBL match with children from the No. 93 hospital ward (for those with cancer and terminal illnesses) and their parents.
➤ HAHA! oh cute!
Funny spazz with Geng

➤ eh hehe… ^^°
Shinhwa’s Andy tells Eric to work hard
xD Must have been such a funny scene! LOL I laughed only by looking at the pics!
And: Never knew they have STellar under management too! I knew about Teen Top & Shinhwa but okeh~
This pretty much results out of my ignorance for other groups xD But I don`t care!
but I could blame someome… *looks at Emmy* @ Emmy: YOU NEVER TOLD ME! It`s your fault that I dont`s know! 😛 ㅋㅋㅋ
(…blaming other ppl like that: I spend too much time with my ELFi, I see. I see that very clear ^^° )
➤ Really classy gentlemen!
Shinhwa members transform into classy gentlemen for Cosmopolitan

SuJu news!
➤ I still feel massive frustration regarding me not attending Super Show 4… -.-
Super Junior to hold a ‘Super Show 4′ encore concert in Seoul next month
Super Junior’s short PV for “Opera” released
OMO! Vampire-Ninja Siwon! OTL
Yesung`s pretty hair, Hyukjae really awesome and anyway! All of them really beautiful in this short MV!
Too bad that it´s blocked in Germany so I cannot show the interested ppl from germany a vid on the blog here. you need to find a friend who re-uploads it to you or sends it to you. Damn video restriction in Germany… some vids with a certain code always get blocked, no matter what their content is.
BUT THE POINT IS: 1.) vampire-ninja siwon in all black! Photobucket , 2.) cannot wait for the whole MV to be released! & 3.) SHINee called, they want their room back (the one from “Sherlock” MV ^^°°° eh hehe… SM only changed it a little. Their money-saving mode was definitely ON again! ooooh yes SME, I saw it! I clearly saw it! You can hide nothing from me! ;P )
➤ ㅠ~ㅠ Such a sad story! Never knew it was that worse for him!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk becomes emotional talking about his parents
No wonder he never talked about it. That`s very sad! *pats Teukie* But now everything will be good. Members and ELF are with you.
➤ ah yeah! Those were great backstage pictures! They look so young!
Super Junior’s Ryeowook shares pictures from backstage of ‘Super Show 4′
btw: My Indonesian ELF friend expressed massive frustration that she cannot go see SuJu… :/ aww, baby, I`m so sorry for you!
➤ Aww! Sungmin♡
120427 MBC Special – Sungmin: “10 years after… My wish is to be with Super Junior, even thought we will have different lives; I hope that Super Junior, this group will be together regardless when… even when we become older…”
Trans by @castushearts
If you work hard, and you always do, this won`t be a problem. You can be together in future too!
LG Electronics selects Super Junior to endorse new series of smart phones
➤ Song is okay.
[Updated] SM Entertainment releases “Dear My Family” track + MV for ‘I Am’ OST
The thing I like most in it are HoMin Photobucket

Big Bang news!
➤ You see, BB are super famous and work with super famous ppl OTL (this time it was a photographer)
Big Bang’s photo shoot taken by Terry Richardson to be released through their official fan club and YG official app
VIPs trend Big Bang’s Daesung on Twitter for his birthday
…and come to talk of it: I missed some ohter important trends too… AISH! I hate moving! >< It not only wears me out, no, it takes my little joys away too like trending on twitter! NOOOOO! Photobucket Moving is so cruel!
➤ ㅋㅋㅋ hell yes, they do!
YG Entertainment artists dominating the online video market
but: EH?! Why was “Bad Boy” ranked so much lower in the views? Don`t ppl like this song? It`s great! I have this song in my head often when I´m at work and I don`t even know wae!
➤ This article is kinda weird, ALLKPOP! *looks at them critically*
Big Bang’s T.O.P can’t take his eyes off of miss A’s Suzy?
Okay, when you first looking at it it`s like he`s staring at her but: He gave her the award and wouldn`t it be weird when he ignores her and looks away? oO seriously… this AllKPop article are too much sometimes.
➤ ^^d
Big Bang’s staying power, “Fantastic Baby” in Top 10 on music charts for 10 consecutive weeks
-staying power-, you say? Cassiopeia owns it too! ;D HA!

Ailee is sexy and innocent for ‘Fast’ magazine
Ailee impresses on April 28th’s ‘Immortal Song 2′
haha! xD Ailee so awesome! what I´m laughing about? The guys! Look at the guys` expressions on their faces! They are all like “*jaw drop* O: … wow…” ㅋㅋ

U-Kiss news:
U-KISS releases 6th mini album ‘DORADORA’!
Somehow… I expected I would like it like… really like it. But no, it`s nothing special for me. I`m no KissMe but I like some U-Kiss songs. Their new songs aren`t bad but oh well… *shrugs* they didn`t get me with this.
➤ this is fun!
U-KISS member Eli asks President Obama to download ‘DORADORA’
➤ “Dora Dora” MV

I like their dancing. They dance well. The song isn`t bad but gave me no blast either ㄱ-ㄱ I`m really way to spoiled regarding music. Since I became cassiopeia my standards were raised up to impossible heights ^^°

➤ This is surely nice! I hope he sees this, even though he´s in the army.
Fans celebrate Rain’s 10th anniversary with a subway advertisement

Girls’ Generation Tiffany reveals she gets stressed over airport fashion
I totally understand. I personally think there`s way too much hype about “Aitport fashion”. ppl should wear what they are comfortable with and they shouldn`t always have to think about “OMO! I must look gorgeous!”. That`s cray. Sometimes they had a long journey so they should really wear something comfortable.
So what if they don`t always look like “glitter under the stage lights”? I still think too many ppl forget that they are only human too. I see it when airport styles get criticized… WHAT`S THERE TO CRITICIZE? It`s not like they are on stage or at a show… Aigoo. I don`t get some ppl.

➤ ah how cool! Lady GaGa was in South Korea? I really wonder that she was allowed to hold a concert there because we all know Lady Gaga and her show, her songs, her outfits… that`s something… eh hehe ^^° even the western ppl already complained about it several times. ^^°°°
Rainbow has a blast at Lady Gaga’s concert!
Best sentence: “Lady Gaga unni” … HAHA! OMO! Sounds weird! Sorry, but it really does! It`s funny to call her that. ^^
I`m happy for them that they could relax. It´s good.

➤ Beautiful couple in front of beautiful scenery!
Yoochun shares a ‘couple photo’ with Han Ji Min
I was online when he tweeted this. I love the comment “They should go to WGM after Rooftop Prince. LMAO XD“! LOL SO TRUE! They are just perfect together!+
Hey, what about a WGM JYJ/HoMin edition? Chunnie will go with Han JiMin to WGM, Hea Unni with Yunho, soulmate sis with JJ, *cough* myself with Junsu *double cough* & Emmy with Changmin! Will become best WGM Episodes EVER! Photobucket
(oh… I think Stephi Unni will shoot me now because I didn`t paired her up with Chunnie… ^^°°°°°°° *million drops* SORRY UNNI! I wasn`t thinking! *facepalms herself*)

➤ Aigoo, aigoo! (^。^) What a cute voting idea!
Kim Hyun Joong the #1 ‘healing idol’?
The comment “Both my eyes and heart are healed by him.” is just Photobucket
That`s what I feel when I look at our boys. Both my eyes and my heart are healed by them. And even my broken soul was healed by them*:.♡。. .。.:*・゜゚・*♡
➤ Not only that!
Kim Hyun Joong would go back in time to arrest John F. Kennedy’s assassinator?
Hyun Joong… that guy is surely really interesting. Never thought that he has such thoughts!
And: Hyun Joong, why do you look like a statue? no, even better than a statue? Aigoo, no wonder the girls get shy *giggles* ghnihihi. He`s so cute! Photobucket

LA Times: “K-pop enters American pop consciousness”
oooh. And they only come to know this now? Welcome to reality LA Times! You are… some years too late ;P MUAHAHAHA!
But one person had a really good point: we all can only hope that the artist don`t try too hard to be known in america. If their music style changes to an american-like pop style it´s just shit. The reason because we like k-pop is because it`s different and how it is now. I hope the artist won`t change only to fit the mainstream pop in US because… uhm… mainstream pop really sucks. In europe equally much as in USA.

aigoo…. *looks at news list* I told you! Too much! Way too much news while I was mega busy with moving things.

Let`s do the couple series now. I need some cuteness here!

Do you still remember who has returned the last time? ^^ It`s EunHae!
“EunHae of the day”:
xD oh that! EunHae were imitating Teukie & Kang Sora *haha* So fun! And Hyukjae wanted to do it with Kyu first ^^°°° errr… NO WAY! Because Donghae is near! 😛 oh, how could you Hyukie!?

“SiHan of the day”:
KYAAAH! CUTENESS!!! SiHan, you have a kid? oh no, I´m sorry. Question has to be like: You kidnapped a kid again? kekeke
When I remember right I read that this was the kid of Geng`s former classmate. I wonder if she knew that she will never get her kid back when she give it to SiHan xD (because they will carry it around all day)

☆✭☆[Couple Special] today, SiHan: The never ending…☆✭☆
…SHOWER STORY! xD (the infamous “SO so sexy… wooh!” shower story)
OTL I can only agree! Little did I know! But now I know =D and I love SiHan shower stories! Best comment to the first pic is definitely “I don’t know what’s going on, but I wanna be part of it. 🙂 ” xD oh yes, that`s true! Looks fun. Somehow pervy but fun. What did you say for how many ppl is that game? eh hehe… ^//^°

short status of the current happenings: I began to paint my purple line in my room. It´s a freaking silly job to do so I won`t make a second purple line ^^° eh hehe… I originally planned to have a second one but… HELL NO! Photobucket
And I`m running out of time anyway.
At least I put my tv corner together with mom today. I have two little cupboards as the basic & the tv table on top of them. Well, I still need to buy a tv… eh hehe… ^^°°° *embarrassed laugh* but I will do later. No money for TV yet! I need to finish my purple Line the next week. Since there is an official holiday day & I will have a day off because I need to work on saturday ( >< btw! DO NOT WANT! 😐 ). I want to spend one afternoon painting and I will bring doggie with me so she`s not alone for hours. She already was today and she was not amused.
I had to greet the crying dog when I came home today. (yes, she always cries for mommy then to show me that the poor little doggie was alone and hated it Photobucket ). Right now we are at the point again where she follows me everywhere, even when I only move an inch because she thinks we will let her alone for hours again. I feel sorry for my dog but OTTOKE?! We need to fix house matters and since it`s hot the last days she really cannot come with us. It`s too stressful for her in the car and then all our running around in different shops… nothing where a doggie should be in the party.

Regarding the mice and that they kept fighting the last days: I remoded their cork plate & house. I also took out some of their litter so that they cannot make little “caves” becaue they need to sleep together. and to give them the only “house” for them to sleep I gave them a hand ful of hay. They quickly bild their nest under it together.
Aish! It`s only too bad that I need to open their nest every day, wake them up by doing this and give them their meds! It`s something I really don`t like to do because their nest is a place they feel save and when I need to get them out of there it`s so bad. I hate it to disturb them like that and kinda destroying their save place like that but OTTOKE THE SECOND?! How to get the mice out there? It´s not that they come by themselves.
I will monitor them this evening to see if they still fight. I hope it`s getting better soon. I want to give them things to play and I cannot do this when they even fight with just a few things in their home.

Yes, yes. The troubles of a mice mommy. =)

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